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Enough. Stop. Basta.

Posted on: December 28, 2016


Does anyone else feel like we are living through The Rapture? The Chosen ones – David Bowie, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, etc., – are being carried off to a better place while the rest of us heathens stay behind to suffer Drumpf for all eternity. We can all agree 2016 has been literally the worst. I’m not sure saying goodbye to it will make anything better though. Just when you think things can’t get any worse – they can. Do we have any reason to think 2017 will be an improvement with Drumpf – aka. King Jesus – and Pence leading the way?


Over the last couple of weeks we’ve also had some bizarre murmurings about HRC’s loss from Obama and everyone’s apparently favorite uncle Joe Biden. (Nevermind that Biden is a gaffe machine who once said it was nice that Obama was so clean, among many other stunning pronouncements). Obama declared he definitely would have won if he ran against Trump (thanks Obama!) and Biden said Hillary never figured out how to run. This is from a guy who has run for President how many times and always dropped out with single digit support? Now Biden says he might run in 2020. Ok fantastic, good luck with that uncle Joe. With friends like these who needs friends? So how about Obama and Biden shut the hell up at this point? And while they’re at it, can they shut Bernie up too?

Speaking of Bernie, I’ve had it up the wazoo with Bernie and his Bros. We are still hearing them tell us how much we don’t understand the suffering of poor white men in the rust belt, and how we should not look down on them, and our condescension of their deplorableness is one big reason HRC lost the election (they don’t really care about the popular vote any more than Drumpf does.)

Ok look, this might sound harsh, but we don’t care about political correctness anymore, right? And these are tough guys, they’re men damn it, they can handle the truth.  So here goes: I have no doubt poor white men in the rust belt are suffering. But whose fault is it? Whose freaking fault is it? Apparently it’s HRC’s fault, and my fault and all of your fault Widdershins. We just don’t take care of them enough. Boohoo poor babies. Wahwahwahwahwah. My coal job is gone and I can’t get black lung disease anymore! And “fixing” Obamacare might get rid of my black lung health insurance!


Ok, you know what? I’m done being blamed for that shit. The world evolves and people must evolve with it. Once upon a time everybody was a farmer. Then the Industrial Revolution came and people had to evolve and adapt. So they lost their farming jobs anddinosaurs-missingark-jpg-w300h308 moved to the big cities and started working in factories. Now we are living in a post-Industrial world, we are in a technological age. Maybe these poor white men in the rust belt could turn off NASCAR and crack open a damned book and learn something? Maybe go to a community college and get a degree in something instead of longing for the golden age of coal mines? It’s just a suggestion. Stop mocking the coastal elites who work long hours in offices and who went to college and got college degrees and massive student debts. I have a friend who works full time at Teach For America and goes full time to the New School. He has asked me for small loans to buy food a few times because his entire salary is spent on school and rent (with roommates.) These are the choices he made and I’ve never heard him blame anyone for them. He chose to go to school to get a masters while working full time and living in Brooklyn. So how about these poor white men in the rust belt stop whining and demanding things from everyone, blaming coastal elites for their troubles, while accepting no responsibilities for their own choices and actions. And how about Bernie Bros stop patronizing them and treating them like little children who are apparently so stupid that after a two year Presidential campaign HRC was somehow unable to connect with them. Excuse me, are they complete idiots who are incapable of critical thinking? Well, I tend to think “Yes, they are.” These are the people who year after year vote against their won self interests. In 2016 they voted for Drumpf. Seems pretty stupid to me. But Bernie/Bros tell us to stop condescending to them. Ok fine, let’s stop condescending to them, let’s treat them like adults with a few still living brain cells and hold them accountable for their own actions. Stop blaming everyone for these people’s stupidity and maybe spread out some blame for our current predicament to these people themselves? I mean, go ahead and blame HRC for her failures (I’ll assign one: it was obviously a mistake to spend time, money and resources trying to flip Georgia blue.) But stop blaming HRC for these poor suffering white men’s own failures as well as her own. I think we are all tired of being everybody’s whipping boys/girls, no? Take some responsibility for your actions folks in the rust belt and Bernie Bros who love them. You voted for Trump because you don’t like women, because you get bored by policy, you never looked at HRC’s plans for job creation in your regions, you only watched Faux News and read Breitbart for your breaking news, you thought e-mails were a really big deal. Own it. Hmmkay thanx bye.


What’s on your minds Widdershins? This is an open thread.


95 Responses to "Enough. Stop. Basta."

Excellent rant, D. And let’s not forget that they blame people with extra .melanin in their skin as well. You know, “those people” who have taken their jobs. Oh, and uppity wimminz who don’t know their place.

Nope, I have ZERO interest in sympathizing with their woes. If they really wanted a President who would help them adapt to the modern world, they would have voted to Hillary. Instead they voted for a man who fed their narrative of faux victimization. Well, I hope they choke on it.

Wonderful essay, DWB. I really needed that.
Perhaps, someday I’ll reconnect with the empathetic, compassionate part of my soul*, but right now, there’s a stone cold peach pit where my heart used to be.
* I hope so because my mother used to say that bitterness always shows in the face.

Love this! I’ve had very similar thoughts about these idiot coal people and other rust belters. They fucked us all and aren’t getting any sympathy from me.

Not that we’ll ever know for sure- but I believe lots of Berniebros voted Trump just to take down Hillary, and if that’s too much of stretch, I bet alot of them voted third party or left it blank= vote for Trump. So I don’t want to hear anything they have to say. That’s goes triple for Obama(I would have won) and Biden.

Excellent post DYB.

The idea of”The Rapture” did indeed cross my mind these past few days.

@5 Maybe Obama was trolling the Don? I read another article saying the same thing, can’t find it now

DYB – loved it! Every word is true. These yoyo’s refuse to think for themselves. They turn on Rush or Hannity and absorb every word. I’m done trying to educate them – they refuse to be educated. I am your living proof that some of them CAN wake up and start paying attention & have the critical thinking skills to see the Repugs are selling us down s**t creek without a paddle. I’ve been arguing with several on my own page after sharing a lengthy article about his Russian connections. Not a single Repug responded about the article – it turned into a “quit being mean to me for voting for him” & “give him a chance” oh and “Hillary is evil” fight.

“Excuse me, are they complete idiots who are incapable of critical thinking? Well, I tend to think “Yes, they are.” These are the people who year after year vote against their own self interests.” Yep, I agree with you %100

@7> One interesting thing I read once… I think it may have been Noam Chomsky or someone like that. He said he listens to sports shows on radio and he keeps hearing people call in with very detailed strategies for winning and they know every statistic and every fact about players and who did what at what game and how fast and how many feet the ball was thrown, etc. Quite complex stuff. But these same people refuse to read a book or see that Rethugs won’t help them. So it’s not that they are literally incapable of doing the right thing and understanding what the right thing is. Their understanding of complex sports rules and plays and games shows they have the ability. They just choose to use their brain powers on things like that – and not on improving their own lives.

To continue: That’s one reason I just can not and will not sympathize with them and their troubles. They can do the right thing. They just choose not to.

Righteous rant, DYB! No need for a thanx at the end, IMNSHO.

And madamab:

If they really wanted a President who would help them adapt to the modern world, they would have voted to Hillary. Instead they voted for a man who fed their narrative of faux victimization. Well, I hope they choke on it.

Hell, yesssss!

Meanwhile, I hear that Hillary has been voted Most Admired woman again. 21 times. That’s more than anyone else, male or female. The disconnect stuns me.

For those interested and of a literary bent, Mr. Pundit is having his haiku contest. Check it out.

An example from Mr. Pundit himself:

Hillary was screwed
By Comey’s calamitous
Calumny. Fire him.

Meanwhile, I hear that Hillary has been voted Most Admired woman again. 21 times. That’s more than anyone else, male or female. The disconnect stuns me.

That feels like a cruel joke to me. Who needs her as Most Admired Woman 21 times? Where we need her is as president!

@13: Yep. Kind of a kick in the ass isn’t it?

@14, well at least it’s a half-kick in the ass to Putin. And #tRump.

Contrask, added your site under our blogroll. 🙂

@16 Oh no – I might have to actually post something then, lol. You guys have the gift of writing – I still soaking up knowledge from your insights

@17: I was happy to add your blog to the blogroll. No pressure though. 🙂

Nope, nope, nope. Don’t wanna see it or here it. Debbie Reynolds.

When are these “reporters” going to ask Trump voters in coal areas what they had against Hillary’s plans for jobs? My guess is they would answer – like all the Bros – ‘well, I just didn’t believe her’. Yet they believed Trump. Bull. They liked his racist message even tho there’s probably not a scary brown person within a hundred miles of them.

Now Debbie Reynolds?!?!? My god. I feel like America is being punished for turning itself into Amerikkka. What a cruel, cruel year. I just hate it. We haven’t opened our gifts to each other, the three of us. We’re waiting til 2017. I’ve been so sad about Carrie, I wasn’t a friend, but I knew her in the late 70s and 80s and had several delightful encounters with her over the years in various places. She was kind and totally down-to-earth. I always hoped to see her again some day and introduce her to Laker, who has the greatest admiration for her.

Horrible, horrible year.

I am stunned about Debbie Reynolds now. Though I was thinking that those who have read or seen “Postcards From The Edge” might suspect that Carrie is really pissed about this!

@23: Oh DYB!! 😱

GAgal said: going to ask Trump voters in coal areas what they had against Hillary’s plans for jobs?

They weren’t and aren’t interested in any plans for jobs. They want their old jobs in the coal mines back.

Well apparently it was too much for Debbie Reynolds and she’s gone also. The last thing I saw was about the possible stroke.

Carrie Fisher watching Debbie Reynolds perform.

@27: And just think: still four more days to go till the end of 2016.

That’s Carrie Fisher watching Debbie Reynolds perform.

@27, its scary.

On another tack, I hope the Clintons don’t attend that evil inauguration. I feel like attending it is lending support to it.

@31, I agree. There should be no support for the Siberian Candidate, who is president-select only because of Putin and his trolls, and kompromat on Comey. And the effin’ MSM.

@28. Adorable. I met her at a party in the late 70s. She rescued me from a jerk that wouldn’t leave me alone, and I hung out with her after that. Then after, whenever I’d run into her, she’d invite me to join her and her friends. Once I was at one of those old fashioned big movie theaters with a boyfriend. I went to the Ladies Lounge (back in the day when Women’s restrooms had actual lounges) and I looked into the Lounge part and there was Carrie and a friend smoking a joint! She saw me and smiled and waved me in, “Come! Join us!” Always warm and friendly. So I hung out with them for about half an hour. The boyfriend was annoyed I was gone so long, but I told him he would have done the same thing if Carrie had invited him in, and he agreed.

@31: Oh Gawd forbid she/they go to that inaugural! 😲

Oh FF’sS!

House Republicans have proposed a new set of rules that would punish members for taking photos or video from the floor of Congress, six months after Democrats used social media to broadcast their sit-in protest from the chamber floor.

@32, Well said Luna.

@35, I saw that. There is no limit to their awfulness, no bottom at which they will stop sinking. The Dems need to stop pussyfooting around and FIGHT BACK.

@Luna: It appears that the Dems are going to challenge the constitutionality of it. See Charles Pierce here.

One thing they should do is release every dirty fact, or story they have on every rethug. Smear them. They must have lots of dirt on them.

@38, ah, thx. Hard to keep up with all the small-minded tricks those heartless Rethugs are up to these days.

@33> I love that! She seemed like a really amazing person.

It seems that Charlie Sheen has an idea of who he wants for the next celebrity death in 2016. 😵

@42 and I liked it and retweeted. I have no respect for Charlie Sheen, but I liked that tweet. But, can we give Trumps’ unused SS agents to Alec Baldwin?

@43: My thoughts exactly on Sheen. I thought “Eww! but…”. LOL!

Here is the Executive Order that Obama issued concerning the Russians and hacking.

Annex to the E.O. with names of individuals.

Ok, so Trump gets to undo all this in 23 days and reward his Russian buddies, no?

@47 I’m not sure. I read something that said the Repubs on the Hill are in favor of this so although tRump could weaken the sanctions he would have opposition to that from the Hill and especially from Graham and McCain.

A friend just posted and said she’ arguing with a rwnj who thinks Obama just did the sanctions to screw things up and stay in power. Let’s guess where this idea comes from….

“Stay in power”?

@50 Yep, it *is* funny. With Obama, it’s more like “In weakness.”

@51 Excellent point. That idea is about as ludicrous as Alex Jones saying the CIA is going to assassinate Trump. 🤔

How would the sanctions keep Obama in power? It makes no sense.

Charlie Sheen may be a scheeze, but he would make a better president than Trump. Maybe he could get some tips from his dad. 🙂

@54: Oh my…that’s asking a lot GAgal, except for the Dad part. 😟

@53: Don’t know how it pertains to this – sanctions, but one of the rwnj recurring themes for awhile was that Obama was going to try to find a way to declare martial law, a national emergency or something and try to stay in office. Of course, that was before the election.

contrask: Okie State is whopping up on those Buffaloes from Colorado. 😉

@46, 48, the wonder of it all is that even Ryan and Rubio support Obama’s actions. I thought they would follow along after the Usurper-select.

@53, rwnj arguments never, ever, make sense, IMO.

Ooops, 2 links in 1 comment there. I await moderation 😀

@59, ignore. That was fast!

@60: I guess it was the mystery moderator who freed your comment cuz it wasn’t me!

@58, Ryan is such a two faced jerk.

So, what’s next? Russia responds in kind? And why are the House rethugs agreeing with the sanctions? Did they issue a statement about Obama booting out the 35 spies?

Hopefully, Prolix or DYB will do a post on it. Is Prolix getting better, I hope? I miss his energy.

Fredster, are you looking forward to the Bowls? Do you think USC can beat Penn?

@62, I think most of the House and Senate Rethugs are not quite as crazy as Der Twitler.

Haha! Der Twitler is good!

Only two more days to go til this sucky year is over.

@65, not made up by me, alas (I forget where I got it), but so appropriate!

The only thing keeping me from saying “Good riddance!” and kicking 2016 down the trap door is anxiety about 2017.

@63: Oh annie I have been watching bowl games like crazy. They started on the 17th of Dec. I’ve had to do a lot of channel flipping because this week I was also watching the Breaking Bad marathon.

Although I haven’t looked at any Vegas odds things or at any of the sports writers columns, I believe USC has a good shot at beating Penn State. I mean…you guys are playing in your home stadium right? I think USC will need to be hitting on all cylinders but I think it’s definitely possible.

@62: Prolix has really been laid low by this bug he caught. He’s still feeling really puny and weak.

I can’t stand to watch my alma mater play! Glad they won, though. It was worse losing to OU – that’s always bad. BUT now with a daughter headed to OSU (like her mother) and a son at OU – very tough times in our house

@60> That was me, I’m the mystery moderator! 🙂

Well at least one person at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has decency.

“I only know I could never ‘throw roses to Hitler,’” Chamberlin wrote. “And I certainly could never sing for him.”

Mormons went for trump not McMullen (I think that was his name)? He was from Utah, not sure if he was a Mormon. Anyway, good for her! Last I heard (the other day), the only “big” names he has are the choir, the rockettes and that talent show winner whose record sales are “off the charts” since she announced that she would sing.

@73> That’s correct. Drumpf is not able to book any A-list talent. All the people they’ve asked – like Celine Dion and Elton John – have declined. They claim they rejected Andrea Boccelli (who cares?) All they currently have is Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

[…] via Enough. Stop. Basta. — The Widdershins […]

Poor Prolix! I wish I could make him my chicken soup. Prolix, sending Get Well vibes and hugs to you!

Fredster, well, the Rose Bowl is not exactly the Trojans home stadium (the L.A. Coliseum is) but they do play there a lot and it will be full of Trojan fans. Hubs and his friends thought about going but he says the tix are at least $650 now. Good grief. Also, its a nightmare getting into and out of that stadium due to lack of access roads. Oh, Hubs just said he saw that Chat’s Dawgs are playing Texas Christian. Makes me sad.

@72, I love that! I hope that more will be encouraged to refuse after his action. Frankly I think its hypocritical for any person that claims to be “moral” to support Dump in any way.

Cats, I looked up McMullen, and yes, he is Mormon. He worked for the CIA and as a staffer to some rethug. Agree that Utah should be embarrassed that their state went for Dump.

@17 Fredster, when you have time, go read my post – feedback is helpful. TY

We need Prolix to get well and come back soon!! We need him fighting, kicking, snarking and raising hell in general. Prolix, don’t let the turkeys get you down!

@DYB, thanks!

Prolix, sending you good-health wishes too! There’s a lot of this crud going around. But take the time you need to recover.

Gonna try to reply to several comments here. I’ve felt…well shitty…all day. I hate this damned weather where it’s up in the 70s/drops to 50s and then two day later highs in the 40s/drops to lower 30s. It plays havoc with me! Grrr!

Contrask – oh no! A house divided, like the Bamaians have with Bama/Auburn.

annie – now I knew the Coliseum was different than the Rose Bowl since it’s in Pasadena, but guess what I meant (who knows??) was that at least it was in your home town of L.A.

Contrask – will check out your post. Oh and I wasn’t absolutely sure you were an OSU alumna or not (did I read that somewhere?) However glad you are – we share Les Miles (lol) and now I can make fun of Bob Stoops with impunity.

DYB – thanks for being the mystery mod. LOL

Hey y’all, if you have a chance go check out contrask’s post on her blog. It’s concerning fake news and ways to fight it or disprove it. Excellent piece!

Thanks for the feedback, Fredster. The fake news issue isn’t going anywhere and our journalists and their profession is in for a rough ride, I’m afraid. This is a must read on the topic

I really, really hate these bastards.

These pollsters admit they screwed up, that they didn’t poll as much as previous elections and that their owners (in the case of at least one newspaper) said they had employee cuts and they didn’t have the people to conduct as many polls. Yet, when it comes to really admitting they screwed up, no it wasn’t them. It was Hillary.

Were it not for hacking, WikiLeaks, and the Comey letter, she would have won,” said EPIC-MRA’s Bernie Porn. “If she had stuck to the economic message instead the of all-attack-ad approach, based on Trump’s comments, she might have won. And if the Democrats had nominated anyone else, they probably would have won. Joe Biden would have won. Bernie would have won.”

Yeah, Bernie would have won. Sure. With the Repubs and all of their oppos research on him he would have been creamed. And then some repub-backed group would have pointed out Biden’s atrocious treatment of Anita Hill, plagiarism, and other things. So yeah, Biden or Bernie would have won.

@84, Oh FF’sS! Enough of this stupid shit! If Bernie Porn (is that really his name? fitting, if so.) bothered to read Hillary’s position statements and policies, he’d know better. Yeah, reading and thinking is such haaaard work for a brogressive, especially when stonnnned. To him I say:

@85: Yep apparently Bernie Porn is a real (?) name.

^ ^ Notice: All guys.

OMG how can “Bernie Porn” be a real name???? I mean, you can’t make that shit up if you tried!

And someone should direct Bernie Porn to the Vox article that entered every HRC speech (primary and election) into a word document and did a tally and economy and jobs was the single most discussed topic.

@88, DYB, Those of us who simply listened to what Hillary said know this. Apparently listening to a speech with complete sentences and descriptions of multi-step plans is too hard for some voters to comprehend.

@86, but being a guy doesn’t have to mean obtuseness! There’s definite proof right here on this blog!

@90: True dat Luna. However, unless they are four buds that started a business or something like that, I would have wanted to have a woman in there and not just as the receptionist or admin back office employee.

I am loving this post!

Hey speaking of the Rapture, I volunteer to stay behind and watch the possessions of the people who get snapped out of their shoes in the Twinkling of An Eye. For a small fee, I will take care of their homes, jewelry, bank accounts, petty cash, shit like that. I’ll even walk their dogs and feed their cats. And then if they ever come back, everything will be as they left it. Cutoff is 90 days. I also packed in case I get pulled up myself, but given my behaviors, it probably won’t happen. Just as well though. I don’t want to hang around with those assholes anyways.

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