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gado.jpgSaturday Night Massacre is really a 2016-2020 Massacre in Trump years. It’s better for the ratings. The latest victim of our slow motion descent into chaos is National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster. He was one of Trump’s beloved Generals. His predecessor in the post was Michael Flynn. Flynn is trying not to get locked up and McMaster is probably looking to get his 4 stars and retire ASAP. Stories are that Trump thought McMaster was too serious and talked too much. That must have been especially galling, to talk more than Trump. What is Trump supposed to do when a National Security Advisor talks too much? Listen? LOL. McMaster’s replacement – who needs no confirmation from the Senate – is John Bolton. Dubya first put Bolton in power as a U.N. ambassador, even though Bolton detests the U.N. So never forget that no matter how bad Trump is, Dubya was awful, awful, awful. And it’s only fitting that Bolton get a fancy new job the week we celebrate the anniversary of the Iraq War! It’s a nice present to one of the architects of that catastrophe.

Speaking of great ratings being delivered by Trump: Jeff Zucker, head of CNN, had some harsh things to say about Fox News.

“What has happened to that network in the last 18 months, especially the last year, is that it has just turned itself into state-run TV,” Zucker said. “TASS has nothing on them,” he said in reference to the Russian news agency.


Zucker said that Fox has “a handful of good journalists but they get lost in the propaganda machine.”

“The idea that they are a news channel is really not accurate at all,” he said.

This is all hilarious because Jeff Zucker made a choice during the election: he chose to elevate and normalize Trump and everything Trump stands for. Hours of uninterrupted and unchallenged speeches by Trump aired live on CNN for months. And everybody missed the Russian story and, now we learn, Cambridge Analytica story; because of “her mails.” It’s not an exaggeration to say that Zucker is one big reason we have Trump. But that kind of self-awareness does not exist in the media. To date not a single reporter* has stepped forward and said: “Maybe her emails were less important than Trump/Russia.” Not only has no reporter done that much self-reflection, many have dug in and insist that they did nothing wrong. Some pick fights on twitter with anyone who even suggests that they might have spent too much time on unworthy subjects. Ken Vogel of the NY Times, who wrote extensively about the Clinton Foundation, and has tweeted extensively practically foaming at the mouth with rage that the Foundation is a sinister money laundering scheme, tweeted that Cambridge Analytica story is overblown. That the company is harmless. That’s the state of modern journalism.

*The only reporters who have made the point that the media covered the wrong story were already saying it in 2016. People like Soledad O’Brien, Josh Marshal, Charles Pierce and David Corn. I would give 1/2 point to Matthew Yglesias, but only 1/2 point because his Clinton Derangement Syndrome is otherwise rabid.

A final word about Facebook: the story of Cambridge Analytica harvesting profiles and data of 50,000,000 Facebook users is only beginning to hit the front pages. For most of us it’s not a new story. The name of that company has been discussed for a a couple of years and Hillary Clinton talked about it publicly as far back as Spring of last year. At the time she was trashed by every pundit and reporter for refusing to take enough (all) blame for her loss and instead blaming everyone else. Once again, however, we see that Clinton was ahead of everyone else. What she was saying wasn’t so much blame-shifting as warning. Warning that there are layers to the treachery that are still to be uncovered and explored. But the very smart people in the media let their CDS get in the way. That will never change, of course. If Hillary had won the electoral college in addition to theRelated image popular vote she would have been buried under countless Republican investigations (no doubt she would already have been impeached.) Jason Chaffetz would still be in Congress and Trey Gowdy wouldn’t be resigning either. HRC’s administration would have been testifying on something every day of the week and the media would still be blasting her emails on the front page, in addition to some new scandal Alex Jones made up. She would also have been crushed by Democrats, who are incapable of standing by their own. (Trump really did manage to build a wall: a wall of Republicans protecting his every sin.) The Left would have been screaming that Hillary hasn’t given them a unicorn yet and the Right would have been screaming that she is taking away their rocket launchers. Trump would be starting his own media empire accusing HRC of stealing his election and whipping up right-wing paranoia of astronomical proportions. (Ok, the last part happened anyway.) HRC’s life is far more peaceful not being in the White House. Except I know that Hillary Clinton wishes she was saving us from the Apocalypse, even if it burned her first.

This is an open thread.


Good Tuesday, all! I hope those who can do so are joining the #MarchforOurLives this weekend. The kids need our support, and they really are making a difference. Just one example: did you see that the Rethug who slammed Emma Gonzales has now been shamed into dropping out of his 2018 race? Yeah baby, she’s too big for him to take down…and she’s a 17-year-old girl!

I’m afraid this is a bit of a rant today, Widdershins. I am so, so, SO TIRED of the utter lack of common sense that informs our political discourse! What is it about these (mostly white men) pundits that causes them to twist themselves into pretzels to avoid the clear and simple truth? Is it that hard to say one thing is right, and another is wrong?

Let’s take the big “mystery” about the Mango (F*cking) Moron’s motivations. The bloviators on my Teevee have adopted the frame that there are two possible explanations for our pResident’s outrageously anti-democratic behavior:

1) He’s innocent of collusion with Russia, and is melting down all over Twitter because he doesn’t like people looking into his money laundering, I mean, challenging his legitimacy as President; I mean, proving his cheating on Melania, I mean, delving into his “business;” or

2) He’s guilty as sh*t.

Let’s examine these options, shall we?

From a common sense perspective, option 1) is a complete non-starter. Yes, 45 is dirtier than a frat house after a hazing; in addition, all of his nefarious deeds are done so incompetently, it only takes a tiny scratch to uncover a mountain of doo-doo. (Stormy Daniels, anyone?) A stellar investigator like Robert Mueller can find enough to send him and his entire disgusting crime family to jail, without a single bead of sweat crossing his forehead.

But let’s use our common sense: just because Drumpf may not want Mueller to look into all those things, doesn’t mean he’s innocent of collusion. (And please, let’s not forget that he admitted to obstruction of justice on national Teevee. Come ON!)

More to the point, DOZENS of Trump’s staffers and appointees have deep ties to Russia. During the campaign, of course, there were even more, like Manafort, Flynn, Page and Papadopolous – now indicted and/or cooperating with Mueller.

What is the innocent explanation for all of these Russian connections? Has there ever been a single Presidential candidate, of any Party, in the last several decades, who had a single Russian-connected staffer or adviser? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Did you remember to phrase the answer in the form of a question? I was looking for, “What is OH HELL NO?”

Given that there is no chance #1 is viable, and that, in fact, we’ve known it ever since Flynn and Manafort joined the campaign in 2016…why is the media still pushing that flawed narrative? Why is anyone allowed on TeeVee to propagate the myth of victimized 45, the horribly maligned innocent who is “just” a lying, cheating, grifting, tantrum-throwing man-child being mercilessly targeted by the Deep State, ELEVEN?

I see this narrative taking shape. It’s been built over the past year, brick by brick, outrageous lie by outrageous lie; and it has weight and mass now. There are documents to support it, there are mountains of tweets, and there are repeated assertions by (formerly) respected Goopers like Chuck Grassley, that the real collusion was with Russia and Hillary Clinton. Drumpf spends all day on Twitter screaming “WITCH HUNT!” and yelling that the FBI is corrupt and full of mean Democrats who hate him. Most of the media is being led around by the nose, or is bought off, or is complicit. People like Kellyanne ConJob and other malevolent purveyors of “alternate facts” are repeatedly allowed to spew their corrosive fake news without ever being held to account. Why? What is so hard about saying “That’s a lie?”

Back over here in reality, there simply isn’t an innocent explanation for the feces-throwing baboon’s behavior. Therefore, Trump is guilty of conspiracy. He is a traitor who stole the election with the help of Russia and its puppet, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

I’m going to go a bit farther, and say that I fully believe the election of 2016 was illegitimate. The Russians were in the voting machines, but we’re supposed to believe they just squatted for months, then left? They were in our country hiring actresses to play Hillary in prison. We’re supposed to believe these spies did nothing else in America?

Nope, I don’t believe the Russians had access to our votes, but because they’re so trustworthy, they didn’t change any. I don’t believe Drumpf “won” by a suspiciously small amount of votes that “happened” to swing in just the right states. I don’t believe it’s okay for a campaign to steal personal data from a social media platform and weaponize it to mind-f*ck unsuspecting people into voting for a corrupt sexual predator, against all reason and logic. Why? Because I have common sense, and I don’t believe in ridiculous lies. Why won’t the media stop pretending that lies are an acceptable alternative to truth?

The kids from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas have common sense. They have standing, and they have nothing to lose, and they tell it like it is. That is why they are so powerful that nasty, lying politicians break against their strength, like porcelain shatters against granite.

The truth is unbreakable. And it’s coming for Drumpf and his Kremlin Kabal. May the media and Facebook also reap what they’ve sown.

This is an open thread.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day Widdershins
(note:  this is a repost of a post written by our chatblu for St. Patrick’s Day. )


 “I suffer from Irish-Catholic guilt. Guilt is a good reality check. It keeps that ‘do what makes you happy’ thing in check.”
– Irish American actor and director Edward Burns

Erin Go Bragh, Widdershins.  ‘Tis  St. Patrick’s Day, and time to get our playlist together.  Despite my iffy back, I will venture out to celebrate my maternal ancestry with those of the ilk, which pretty much includes everyone by 9 p.m.   So, load up on Bailey’s, Jameson’s and room temperature Guiness, and prepare to party.

Irish music is wild, sweet, and emotional – some bouncing and happy and others more than a little melancholy .  She has a troubled history,  and a terrible beauty.  26+6 =1 remains as much a political difficulty as it is a mathematical impossibility.  Truly, it is a nebulous concept at best. The ongoing upheaval is well reflected in Ireland’s traditional music.  Oddly, some of the songs sung lustily at Irish bars are word for word the same as those belted out at Highland games, with both sides vociferously claiming credit for the tune. Go figure, but since I had a parent from each line, I sang them loudly and proudly, as either way they are all mine.

Here’s my abbreviated list.  Add yours to it, please, as well as anything else that strikes your fancy in this open thread.

(1) Wild Rover – The Dubliners

(2) Whiskey in a Jar – The Dubliners

(3) Back Home in Derry –  The Young Wolfetones

(4) Wild Mountain Thyme = Don Williams and the Chieftains

(5) Molly Ban – Allison Krause and the Chieftains

(6) The Soldier’s Song – Irish National Anthem  (Try this one with a wee drap of Jameson’s and a Southern accent.)

(7) The Sick Note –  The Dubliners

Have a glorious day, and my Mother would have reminded you to pray for Ireland.


On Tuesday the 13th Democrats managed to flip another deep red seat. PA-18 was one of the most gerrymandered districts in the state. It’s one of the reasons PA Supreme Court ruled the state’s maps unconstitutional. For all intents and purposes, PA-18 as we know it – and as it was voted on Tuesday – no longer exists. But the special election ran on the old map. It’s a place Trump won by 20 points. Trump came to campaign for the Republican running there, holding one of his signature racist, sexist, xenophobic Nurnberg-style rallies. Democrats won the election, however. It came close, proving once again that every vote counts. But Conor Lamb pulled it off with just a few hundred votes. As someone pointed out, even if Lamb lost by a few hundred votes, Republicans would have lost 20 points ago. But, in a desperate attempt to spin their loss, Republicans have said all kinds of Republicany things. They declared that the Republican was a terrible candidate anyway. (They’re all terrible when they lose, yes?) They declared that PA is a race Democrats couldn’t replicate anywhere else (hello Alabama and dozens of deep red seats Democrats have flipped.) Finally they declared that Conor Lamb was really just a Republican, so that’s why he won. Conor Lamb, a former Marine and former federal prosecutor, is pro-choice, pro-union, pro-ACA, pro-trade, pro-immigrant, pro-gay rights. He’s wobbly on gun control (isn’t opposed to it, but essentially seems to have a “states’ rights” stance on it.) And he did say he wouldn’t support Nancy Pelosi for House Leader. It’s this latter point that Republicans (and Bernie’s alt-left) jumped on especially, but they also spent millions of dollars in the state trying to tie Lamb to Pelosi. The alt-left is demanding Pelosi resign because Lamb won. They also demanded she resign because Osoff lost. We’ll just have to get used to the fact that they really want Pelosi to reign, for all reasons. It’s all noise, however. Lamb’s win proves that a 20 point Trump win can turn into a loss. Someone pointed out Devin Nunes is in an 8 point Trump win area. The possibilities are endless. We can all collectively cross out fingers, toes and whatever we can – and start praying if we are the praying kind – that this blue wave continues to build. It’s still a long time between now and November midterms. We must not fuck it up. But the momentum is on our side. (We just have to survive Trump’s insanity and Putin’s increasing boldness.)

Meanwhile let’s keep an eye on Putin. After Putin poisoned a former spy and his daughter with a very deadly chemical in England, Prime Minister Teresa May is kicking out a bunch of Russian diplomats and suspending high level talks between the two countries. That doesn’t sound very serious to me. Does anyone think Putin is concerned about some diplomats getting kicked out or that UK canceled Sergei Lavrov’s visit? The problem is the Brits are very attached to Russian money being invested in the UK. The weakness of May’s response so far, and the taunting by the Russians, does not bode well for anyone. And with UK rejecting the European Union via Brexit, it’s unlikely that the UK can get much of the EU on board with major sanctions or anything. US stands apart from all of them now too. Putin is winning the war agains the US, UK and Europe.

MB In the Snow

Good morning, all. Here in the wilds of Noo Yawk, I am on my third week of big snowstorms, and I must say that I am rather over it. Everything is being disrupted, planning is difficult, power goes out.

Since it’s been such a crazy few weeks, I decided to do a newsday today. Here are just a few choice excerpts:

  • I’m bitching about days of power out…there are 185,000 people in Puerto Rico still without power.
  • Special election in #PA18 today, where a Democrat hasn’t won in over 20 years, and where Drumpf won by over 20 points. Looks like the Democrats could be flipping this one, too, even if people don’t turn out in droves as they have been.
    • The extra sweet parts about this potential victory:
      • Democrats forced Rethugs to spend over $10M on a losing candidate. We are competing everywhere again, instead of ceding ground to that out-of-control fascist organization formerly known as the Republican Party.
      • The steel tariffs did not materially impact the race. So much for making national policy to sway voters in one district, in one state. Who knew trade policy was so difficult? (eyeroll)
      • According to Politico, the tax cuts were **gasp** not resonating as a positive message with voters. Republicans have “abandoned” it.
    • So I’m confused. What are Congressional Republicans going to point to as an accomplishment in 2018?  And I’m not talking about being racist, fascist, corrupt thugs, which only appeals to their ever-diminishing base. I’m talking about actual policy, in the real world, not the fake one Fox pushes every night. The only thing they’ve done is that awful tax bill, which people clearly don’t like. Why should people vote Republican? Maybe the ever-negative media should ask THAT question instead of consistently hammering Democrats, claiming they have no message. Gee, for a Party with no message, we are certainly flipping a lot of f*cking seats.
  • And leaving the most explosive for last: Rexxon is out. Pompeo is in.
    • It’s clear to me that Tillerson was not on board with the general supine posture of the Administration towards Russia. Yesterday and today, he backed up Prime Minister May’s statements that Russia tried to kill defectors on British soil, and should be punished for it. When you’re Putin’s puppet, and tasked with ensuring Russia destroys everything good and democratic about our country, that’s not okay. Off with his head, says the Mango Meerkat!
    • What’s not clear to me is how Drumpf thinks Pompeo will be friendlier to his agenda. Pompeo has already called the Russians out on their cyber war on America’s democratic institutions, and has stated Putin will certainly strike again in the mid-terms. My guess is, our pResident is running out of useful idiots, and has been reduced to appointing anyone with an R next to his/her name, who hasn’t bashed him in public yet.

It’s going to be yet another interesting day. Everyone enjoy, and tawk amongst yerselves, while Seth Myers documents the recent insanity. It’s the most open of open threads.


Good Weekend Widdershins!

My new laptop is on the way – supposed to be delivered today. 

I have the drive on this laptop backed up and have instructions on how to restore the files to a new computer.  Again with the crossed fingers! 

However, I’m still writing this post on the old machine so it will be brief.

So who knew it might be a porn star named Stormy Daniels that might take down tRump and not the Russian ratfcking of the election?  Of course anything short of tRump’s resignation would have to involve the Republicans in the House and I seriously doubt that will happen.

In honor (?) of Ms. Daniels I’ve selected some songs revolving around storms, rain and the like.  Add your own choices in the comments below.

(1) I Can’t Stand The Rain~Tina Turner

(2) A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall~Bob Dylan

(3) Set Fire To The Rain~Adele

(4) Stormy Weather~Lena  Horne

Okay Widdershins, that’s it for me and my crippled laptop.  I hope by next week I have the new one set up with everything transferred over to it.

Finally, did you remember to set your clocks forward?

Open thread of course.


What a year this week has been! I’m going to try to run through some of the exciting developments.

Beto O’Rourke has won the Democratic primary in Texas and will now face Ted Cruz DXuu3JXXkAAAqwn.jpgin the election. While generally people think it’s still a long shot for a Democrat to win in Texas, we have seen some surprise elections and flips since Dump lost the popular vote. Democrats have flipped deep red seats which Dump won by  40 points. So who knows what will happen in November. We do know that Cruz immediately began blasting O’Rourke. Cruz’ first shot was a radio ad which said: “If you are going to run in Texas, you can’t be a liberal man. I remember reading stories, liberal Robert wanted to fit in. So he changed his name to Beto and hid it with a grin.” Ok fine, Rafael “Ted” Cruz. What’s your excuse for changing your name? When confronted with the hypocrisy, Rafael Cruz gave the most predictable answer you can imagine from a Republican today: “Satire! LOL!” Everybody’s a goddamned comedian.

Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress, is suing Donald Dump.

“Despite Mr. Trump’s failure to sign the Hush Agreement, Mr. Cohen proceeded to cause $130,000.00 to be wired to the trust account of Ms. Clifford’s attorney. He did so even though there was no legal agreement and thus no written nondisclosure agreement whereby Ms. Clifford was restricted from disclosing the truth about Mr. Trump,” the document states.

In her lawsuit Daniels also says that she has photographs and/or text messages from Donald Trump… which, lord help us, means there are dick pics. Which also is one step 180306203120-trump-stormy-daniels-split-medium-plus-169.jpgcloser to a pee tape. Sarah Huckleberry Sanders, when questioned about all this, said that there was no hush agreement, but that Ms. Daniels is in violation of one. Or something to that effect. Republicans in Congress are livid about all this and are demanding Trump resign. LOL, satire! I’m a comedian too. Nobody in the GOP cares. It’s almost as if decades of hunting and complaining about Bill Clinton cheating on his wife wasn’t a real moral outrage on their part. Because they are just fine with candidate Trump paying hush money to a porn actress a month before the election and demanding she sign a hush agreement after having an affair with her while his wife was pregnant. Perfectly normal, peak Trump-age.

Hope Hicks, the mute former White House Communications Director, told the House Intelligence Committee that her private email account was hacked. So, Hope Hicks was using a private email account. LOL, she’s a comedian too! And it was hacked. I’m just gonna leave it at that.

And finally, the New York Times, that putrid rotting corpse of the old grey lady, just demonstrated why it’s an irredeemable rag. They just promoted Patrick D. Healy to bepatrickhealynyt.jpeg.256x256_q100_crop-smart.jpg their Politics Editor. Healy is one of their leading Clinton Derangement Syndrome carriers. Healy is the one who came up with the “Clinton cackle” line to describe HRC’s laugh. Healy is the one who wrote their massive 2,000 word investigation into the how the Clintons spend their time together as a couple, going as far as suggesting that Bill was still having affairs. Healy’s writing history with the paper, documented here, is full of attacks on both Clintons and softness on Trump. It is further proof that the Times’ coverage of 2018 and 2020 is going to be just as catastrophic as their coverage of 2016 was. Brace for impact.

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