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Whoo boy, we are in for another crazy week. We’ve got the Georgia runoff on Tuesday, in which Georgians get to make the extremely difficult choice to vote for the sane, accomplished incumbent, or the guy who lives in Texas, rambles about werewolves, and thinks he is running for the House of Representatives.

Walker said he hasn’t seen any lack of enthusiasm from voters.

“They’re not [less motivated] because they know right now that the House will be even so they don’t want to understand what is happening right now. You get the House, you get the committees. You get all the committees even, they just stall things within there. So if we keep a check on Joe Biden, we just going to keep a check on him,” Walker said.

The House will be controlled by a narrow Republican majority next year and will not be evenly split between both parties.

I mean…this choice is almost impossible.

As if that were not enough, this weekend Der Drumpfenfuhrer openly called for the “termination” of the Constitution because nobody loves him any more. A deafening silence has issued from the QOP. We can only assume they agree with him because at this point, National Socialism (aka Nazism) is their platform. Just look at how anti-Semitism has been mainstreamed across their leaders. In 2022, we have to deal with wackadoos like Kanye West tweeting a Star of David with a swastika inside and praising Hitler! It’s both incredible and terrifying.

And speaking of Twitter, the platform has quickly degenerated into a place where all the dregs of humanity are now running rampant. Elon is floundering and mainstreaming Russian propaganda through disgraced ex-journalist Matt Taibbi.

My money’s on Elon’s Tesla board pulling him soon, and replacing him with someone who actually has a clue about how to attract advertisers and keep the platform working.

Drumpf’s legal troubles continue to mount. Last week, the 11th Circuit overturned the Special Master ruling in the stolen government documents case. This means Jack Smith, Special Counsel, can access all the documents he stole. Heaven knows what else is going to be discovered! The two cases against the Mango Moron in DC also had some activity last week, and Lindsey Graham was forced to testify in the Georgia election case. My only question now is, who will indict him first?

In Ukraine, the people continue to be resilient beyond any reasonable expectations, as they deal with a lack of power, water and heat.

KYIV, Ukraine — Russian airstrikes on Ukrainian cities Wednesday knocked out power and water service and caused at least six civilian deaths in the latest assault on the country’s struggling energy grid, Ukrainian authorities said.

Also, Ukraine intentionally disconnected three nuclear power plants from the national electricity grid as a precautionary measure in response to the Russian strikes, the energy company Ukrenergo said.

And in neighboring Moldova, which is connected to Ukraine’s power network, more than half the country lost power, Moldovan leaders said.

Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, the western city of Lviv and the southern city of Mykolaiv were among multiple areas reporting missile strikes.

At least six people were killed and more than 30 injured around the country, according to the national police.

Buckle up, Shinners – it’s going to be a crazy week!

I see treasonous people: Tucker Carlson enjoying a laugh with Marjorie Taylor Greene and Donald Trump in July 2022. Photograph: Seth Wenig/AP

The way Vladimir Putin and his FSB psyops crew have infiltrated the Republican Party and supporting media is quite disheartening and stupefying. But, the upside is, it makes it easy to identify traitors to the nation. The simple rule is, if you’re rootin’ for Putin, then you’re a traitor.

Some of these traitors have been misled by rightwing propaganda. I’ll share a story from my latest trip to San Francisco (which is steadily recovering from the pandemic) as an example. Walking to the Muni, I overheard two men talking on the street. One was white, one was East Asian. The white man said, “Don’t worry, Putin’s got this. This war will be over in six months.” The East Asian man replied, “But why has Putin been so soft on the Ukrainians? What is he waiting for?”

For those of us in the reality-based community, these statements sound insane. We know that Putin has invaded Ukraine merely because it exists as an independent nation, when he wants it to be fully incorporated into Russia. In the process, he has committed war crime upon war crime.

At least 5,587 civilians have been killed and another 7,890 injured, according to the United Nations – likely a significant underestimate. Countless homes, schools, hospitals, and other civilian structures have been damaged or destroyed, many during apparently unlawful indiscriminate or disproportionate attacks, the vast majority by Russian forces. Often these attacks have used explosive weapons with wide area effects in populated areas, including some with widely banned cluster munitions. In areas that they have occupied, Russian forces have carried out deliberate attacks on civilians, including summary executions, enforced disappearances, torture, sexual violence, and arbitrary detentions. This violence and abuse has led 6.7 million Ukrainians to flee the country over the past six months, while internally displacing another 6.5 million.

Human Rights Watch, August 22, 2022

Unfortunately, these men, and so many others like them, have been listening to Putin’s propaganda. Whether it’s “soft” propaganda like slanting (a la Politico, aka “Drudgico”) or obvious fawning like Schmucker Carlson, you can find a lot of traitors out there today.

Shortly before Russia invaded in February, Carlson laid out a set of talking points that mirrored a speech made by Putin a few hours earlier attacking Nato.

“Their one and only goal is to hold back the development of Russia,” Putin had claimed. “They just do not need a big and independent country like Russia around.” Carlson parroted Putin’s claim that Ukraine wasn’t a real country and said that its government was a “puppet” of the west, “essentially managed by the [US] state department”.

Three months after the invasion, Carlson was still echoing Putin’s talking points with the added claim that the US was backing Ukraine as “payback for the 2016 election” won by Donald Trump and to exact “regime change” in Moscow.

The Guardian, October 2, 2022

These days, MAGA Republicanism includes Fascism, White Christian Male Supremacy, hatred of marginalized groups like women, LGBTQ+, Jews and people of color, and now, openly pro-Russia sentiment. That’s one stinky, lumpy sh*tpile of treason. The Cult of the Mango Moron attracts those who think America’s long experiment with representative democracy should be nearing the end of its lifetime, and brutal dictators like Putin are just what we need instead.

Many, many of those who participated in the coup on January 6, 2021 have been arrested and convicted. But we need to do much, much more. We need to be very clear that MAGA Republicans are traitors; that this movement is anti-American and anti-democratic; and that whenever we see a movement like this rising up (as we will continue to do until humans evolve beyond it), we need to call it out IMMEDIATELY and stop it in its tracks.

We must never allow traitors like this to gain power again. And we must put Donald Trump, Roger Stone, Mike Flynn, Rudy Giuliani and all the other traitors in the House and Senate, in prison for life.

Until that happens, and after, we’ll vote blue like our lives depend on it. Because they really, really do. We cannot let up for a single second, month, year or decade!

30 days till November 8, Widdershins! Let’s kick these traitors out of Congress!

Hello Widdershins! What a week, what a week. The Mango Moron and his MAGAt enablers are facing the consequences of their grifting, criminality and seditious conspiracy. Not to mention a bit of old-fashioned nuclear espionage thrown in to season the pot!

Reflecting on the charges of financial fraud that were filed this week (and referred to two separate criminal courts), I remember various pundits discussing why Der Drumpfenfuhrer didn’t want to release his tax returns during his run for President. Criminality was high on the list, but I think Timothy O’Brien, journalist and author of TrumpNation, nailed it six years ago.

O’Brien was sued by IQ45 for allegedly misreporting the extent of his wealth in that 2005 book. Of course, Drumpf lost that lawsuit. Later on, the Trumpologist said this to Politico in May of 2016:

He sued me around a claim that by offering lower estimates of his net worth I had libeled him, so he opened himself up to discovery on all of his financials. So we got his tax returns, his bank records, everything.

He didn’t want to give over his tax returns, which we’re seeing now in the election. And there’s reasons, I think, he doesn’t want to give up his tax returns. It’s because you see what his income actually is in those returns…

Drumpf has always been a fake billionaire, a fake “boss” and a fake alpha male. It’s amazing how long it’s taken to get the truth out there; but whatever narrative the media tries to sell you about his running in 2024 (oh how they want the clicks and eyeballs!), he’s done. His main value proposition was that he was a successful businessman and mogul, and it was all a lie. Republicans will continue their trend of deserting him and seeking a new “success” to worship.

And speaking of fake news…this is the state of media today. There is a persistent rumor that Xi Jinping, China’s leader, has been deposed in a coup by the PLA (a military group) and is under house arrest. Is it true? No one can tell for sure, and the Twitter accounts pushing the narrative are mostly anonymous.

Is Putin pushing social media propaganda, taking revenge on the Chinese President for being critical of his insane invasion of Ukraine? A disturbing combination of China’s insular secrecy and the lack of social media controls on bot accounts has made it possible to push this rumor across the world for hours, possibly days, without any validation or accountability.

Don’t believe everything you read, Widdershins! Well, except here on TW, of course.

Open thread as always – here are some pretty birds to uplift your weekend.

Hello Widdershins!

Ever since You Know Who became POTUS all of our lives have been an endless whirlwind of news (usually bad) and events. We all hoped You Know Who leaving office would finally let us catch up on some sleep, but alas. The devastation left in is wake is ongoing. Besides the stolen top secret documents he was hiding in his basement (Republican say it’s ok, he is a former President and it’s perfectly safe… but do you remember where Hillary’s secure email server was??? That’s right, in a basement of a former President), anyway, Trump is just yelling non-stop against every government agency he remembers. FBI, IRS, I’m not sure he even knows the difference. At least we are seeing some progress from Merrick Garland. Some people point out that as a prosecutor Garland had a 100% conviction rate. Still, fingers crossed the DOJ not only continues its investigation, but they do it quickly because we have no idea what the midterms will bring, and certainly don’t know what 2024 will bring.

CNN has “fired” its Reliable Sources anchor Brian Stelter. They are cancelling the show. On one hand, Stelter was a both-side hack who allowed Republicans on the show to spew lies while asking about Hillary’s emails. On the other hand, the new chief of CNN basically thinks Stelter is too liberal for CNN. We should be worried about what this means not for Stelter, but for us because I think we will see CNN take a very noticeable right turn in the near future.

Russian fascist/neo-Nazi Alexander Dugin

And on the front of Russia’s war on Ukraine – an interesting development overnight. Alexander Dugin is a Russian professor who is a dedicated fascist and white supremacist/nationalist. For years he has been calling for the extermination of Ukrainians (and many others) in the name of Holy Mother Russia. He is something of a spiritual guide to Vladimir Putin. Though officially Dugin is not welcome in polite Russian society, like David Duke and Steve Bannon, Dugin enjoys the notoriety, inspires numerous psychopaths, and enjoys a winking relationship with the Kremlin. Well, last night it seems someone tried to assassinate him. His car was blown up, although at the time it was driven by his daughter Darya. Now, before one feels sorry for Darya, she is neo-Nazi/fascist nationalist as much as her father is. Though not as famous as her dad, she was a loyal follower of his teachings, holds rallies and delivers lectures to spread the Dugin gospel. Who tried to kill Dugin and killed Darya remains to be seen. It could literally have been done by anyone, including Ukraine and Russia. But Ukraine makes no sense here. If they wanted to take out a Russian propagandist deep in the heart of Russia and in a place where people like Putin have a home, Dugin wouldn’t be the first choice. Russian TV people like RT head Margarita Simonyan would have been my first choice. Any of the hosts on Russian TV would be a close second. It’s possible the bombing was carried out by the Kremlin/Putin. Frankly, it could have been carried out by Dugin himself. There was a lecture by Dugin in which he discussed how people having daughters was destroying Russia, and that it was time to start sacrificing some of them. It’ll be interesting to watch how this plays out.

This is an open thread.

Fresh thread, come and get it!

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