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Happy Weekend Widdershins!

The weather upstate NY has been bananas. Over the last couple of days we got a few inches of snow. Then it melted overnight. Then it snowed again in the morning. And then rained in the afternoon. Before snowing again in the evening. Things are so crazy even Lindsey Graham says he now believes in climate change! Plot twist!

This past week we also saw the meteoric rise and fall of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s KKK caucus. They were so nuts even the Freedom Caucus said they wanted no part of it. The only person who joined were Paul Gossar and Matt Gaetz. Before Gossar said he changed his mind and then Greene said she never read the proposal her white-people-only caucus and the media just blew it all out of proportion. So back to the drawing table for the KKK.

How was your week everyone?

This is an open thread!

Here is Madonna with Rain (featuring her long-term back-up singers/dancers Nikki Harris and Donna DeLory) during “The Girlie Show” live from Australia. The choreography in the second half of the song is by Gene Kelly.

2016 New Yorker cartoon

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

We are in the midst of a Thanksgiving weekend, hopefully everyone was able to enjoy it even a little bit in these crazy times. The big Holidays are upon us. Soon Christmas and then New Year and then 2021. What will 2021 bring? Oh who knows. As someone pointed out, “Mad Max” takes place in 2021. So maybe it’ll be an apocalypse. Or maybe once Biden/Harris are in the White House things will begin to improve. It will be a slog and a lot depends on how Biden takes things: radically and with purpose or “can’t we all just get along?” Only time will tell…

Meanwhile, you may be wonder what exactly is Prisencolinensinainciusol. Well, it’s the name of the song below. In 1972 the legendary Italian singer and actor Adriano Celentano (a massive star in the USSR when I grew up) with another famous Italian performer Raffaella Carrà (singer, dancer, actor, talk-show host who became the first woman on Italian TV to show her bellybutton and drew a strong rebuke from the Pope) decided to prove a point: they argued that Italian audiences will love anything in English. So they wrote a song in a nonsensical language that sounds like English called Prisencolinensinainciusol and they were proven right: the song became a massive hit. Of course, having a sick beat, those incredible horns and a music video with stunning choreography obviously helped… Enjoy this blast from Italian past that kind of sounds like English which is also ironic because here we are in 2020 America that sort of sounds like America, but not really.

Photo courtesy Les Cunliffe


Good Weekend Widdershins

This post will be a brief one for me because of Marco and Laura.  No, not friends of mine but two tropical systems scheduled to head to the Gulf of Mexico.  Then today (Saturday) I’ve got to go to the grocery and pick up any needed items to get by for a, I hope, brief period without power.  Also, mb is going to be involved with moving this week so I’ll be covering that post too.  Now about that Wednesday post.  If I can write it ahead of time and have it scheduled, good.  OTOH, I may be driving or riding to who knows where to evacuate away from the messes in the Gulf.  All I can say is we’ll see.

So, the picture above.  Doesn’t it look pretty?  Doesn’t it give you thoughts of hope?  (Really I don’t expect a positive response to that because this is a tough crowd here)  Doubt anyone will say anything except “but it may give you a sunburn”.  But we’ll see.

So let’s look at a few songs about “hope”.  After the successful virtual convention the Democrats just held I feel hopeful.  I want Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be successful in the election and I believe they will be our new President and Vice President.

Let’s look at a couple of songs about hope.

* * * *

* * *

* * *

Shades of the Big Dawg!

* * *

* * * *

Okay Widdershins, gotta check my groceries and see what I’m in need of.  I’m sure crackers, spam and vienna sausage are going to be on that list along with another gallon or two of water.

Open thread and add something musical of your own if you wish.

Good Weekend Widdershins

So is it a good weekend so far?  For me, dunno yet.  I’m doing my best to ignore the pandemic at least for the weekend.  I’ve put the tv on one of the music channels tuned to “light classical”.  I just don’t want to hear anything more about Covid 19 or the blatherings of El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago nor his butt-kissing Surgeon General.  So let’s just enjoy some toe-tapping St. Paddy’s Day or other Irish songs.

* * * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * * *



Hello Widdershins!

Well here we are, another week down, several billion to go of this election. (And don’t forget, the next election starts the day after this one ends.) Although to be honest, if Trump wins there probably won’t be another election, so at least we would have THAT to look forward to!

We learned last night that Bernie Sanders has been accepting Russian help in his election for a full month. I say “has been accepting” because he was briefed on the fact that the Russians are helping him a month ago and he has said not one word about it. And when the news broke yesterday in Washington Post he got angry at WaPo for releasing the news just before the caucus in Nevada, blaming the “Democratic establishment” of trying to sabotage him. It is long past time for us to say and keep repeating: Bernie Sanders is Trump. There is very little separating them temperamentally. Now on policy yes, there are many differences. But temperamentally, Bernie is Trump. He is also a traitor. The fact that he has been silently accepting Russian help in the election for the past month is disqualifying. Period. Full stop.

Speaking of actual revolutionaries, the ones who changed the world: here’s something you may not know – this year marks the 250th birthday of our lord and savior Ludwig van Beethoven. There is lots of Beethoven being performed. I just heard the complete String Quartets and in the middle of a full Symphonies cycle. (It’s nice to have connections and score free tickets.) It’s going to be all Ludwig all the time for a year. And for the record, Beethoven would have been mortified by Trump. Remember when Beethoven wrote his blazing Symphony No. 3, the “Eroica,” he dedicated it to Napoleon. And then he heard that Napoleon had installed himself Emperor. Beethoven scratched out the dedication and wrote: “In memory of a great man.”

Beethoven’t music changed the direction of music: his compositions like Symphonies 3, 5 and 9, his Piano Sonatas and especially String Quartets, took the development of music into previously unimagined directions. Even people like Mozart could never have imagined it. So I’m going to post some Beethoven: Revolutionary and Poet. You post some other trail-blazing musicians who changed the world in some way. (I hope someone posts Madonna because she did!)

Here’s arguably the most famous piece of music ever written: Beethoven’s Fifth, played on original instruments (gut strings, hide timpani, valveless horns, etc.) This is the orchestra whose symphonies cycle I’m currently hearing at Carnegie Hall.

Here is the last piece of new music Beethoven is known to have completed: an alternative final movement to his String Quartet No. 13. (Though he completed 16 Quartets, after finishing the 16th he went back to revise the 13th, which included this new finale.) This is how a giant ended.

For anyone who only knows Beethoven as the deaf madman writing Earth-shaking music, this is the final movement of his last Piano Sonata, No. 32. There are no more beautiful, more perfect, more heart-rending compositions than this one (some may be equal, but none surpass it for me.) It starts off as one of the most lovely melodies ever composed, then gains steam into drama – and then what could be an early jazz/swing dance! It truly is the work of a madman.

Biden illustration: REBUILD WITH BIDEN

Nice picture of our gal

Madam Vice President

Our President


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