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Lazy Weekend~New Year’s Eve/Day Music um, something

Posted on: December 31, 2016

mix-of-differenr-colors fireworks

Good Weekend Widdershins and Happy New Year!

Well here we are my friends…down to the last damn day before the New Year.  Oh whoop-de-doo!  Meanwhile, the Doomsday Clock continues its inexorable ticking down until the 20th of January.  On the bright side that falls on a Friday and we know that the orange talking yam is not really a workaholic so perhaps we have a few extra days before the damage starts.  But enough of that!  Let’s enjoy what we can while we can.


To that end let’s do a musical event today just as if this was a normal, Widdershin Weekend.  This new-years-baby-1weekend let’s take a look at some New Year’s Eve songs and concentrate on some happy, joyful things.  I mean, things might not be as bad as we think they’re going to be n’cest pas?  Okay, right.  Well we’ll just kid ourselves and enjoy it for a day or two.


I have my selections below and hope that you will consider adding some of your own in the comments.  C’mon…we can party hardy for a day or two!


(1) Celebration ~ Kool & the Gang

(2) Bringing In a Brand New Year ~ B B King

(3) Christmas Ain’t Christmas, New Year’s Ain’t New Year’s (without the one you love) The O’Jays

(4) Celtic New Year ~ Van Morrison

(5) ABBA ~ Happy New Year

(6) Ella Fitzgerald ~ What are you doing New Year’s Eve?


Okay Widdershins, put on those thinking caps and add some selections below!  Now Fredster is going to be in and out from the blog because…football bowl games.  However, that should not stop y’all from keeping the place jumpin’.



97 Responses to "Lazy Weekend~New Year’s Eve/Day Music um, something"

Happy new year all. Let’s get ready to rumble….

Congrats to my Tigers against the Heisman winner Louisville: 29-9. No touchdowns for the Cardinals, just three field goals!

I added a picture of Kellyanne Conway over on the right if y’all want to check it out.

Luna, I’m watching the Huskies playing the Red Tide when I’m not switching over to a Twilight Zone marathon. Go Huskies!

Fredster, my DH is over at his best bud’s house watching the Dawgs play — no TV here — I’m spinning and sewing and dancing to righteous folk ethnic music 🙂 ZOMG! It just started to snow here! Accumulation less than an inch predicted, so trivial but pretty.

@6: Oh that’s great that you spin and sew. What are you making?

One of the wx folks here said there was a slight chance of the white stuff here next week. But I don’t see how they can even make a call like that so far out.

This is something a bit different from The Eagles.

That is supposed to be U2 New Years Day – WTF?

@10: LOL I was wondering about that!!

Well this one will make you want to slap someone.

Well, I love spinning just for the magic of turning fluff into linear solidity and for the archaic nature of it — I use a spindle, so it’s small, lightweight, portable, and can make about any kind of yarn. A few minutes here, 10-15 minutes there, an hour when riding in the car on a long trip, and it adds up. Plus I can spin standing up — I sit down too much at work and even at home. It’s also a soothing, meditative activity, which is helpful in times like this. Gandhi recommended spinning daily. Spinning is a rather odd activity in that you makes something which is then made into something else. Many knit with their handspun, but I barely know how (and it’s not as fun for me as spinning) but I’ve tried weaving and that’s where I want to go. Tapestry weaving, too.

As for sewing, I’ve done that since a kid, making clothes, then fell away from it and now getting back into it. I like simple styles with good fabric, and the ready-made stuff is usually out of my budget. But right now I’m sewing sachets out of silk from thrift-store clothes to stuff with lavender from my garden, for friends. Hmm, one friend has cats — I’ll find some brown silk to stuff with dried catnip for her kitties.

What do other Widershinners do when they are not poli-blogging? It’ll be fun and interesting to hear from everyone! And a break from the looming 2017 which will be here soon.

Interesting take on a Peggy Lee song.

Luna said: Spinning is a rather odd activity in that you makes something which is then made into something else.

That’s an interesting way to think about it. You’ll have a useful skill when we’re reduced to the bartering economy after everything collapses when the Orange one is in charge.

I read a lot but my issue with that is the damned presbyopia and I do my reading with glasses off. Need to get new glasses but when they start talking about $600-700, I’ve put that off. Perhaps in the new year.

I prefer the Peggy Lee version of the song at 15.

I used to hand quilt, but ended up with carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists. I have horses and like to ride, but my trail buddies turned out to be mostly Trump supporters, so my horse is getting fat right now. My running buddies are all Hillary supporters, but sciatic nerve issues side-lined me from the half marathon I was training for, Now I’m home getting fat with the horse, lol. I guess I will walk the dogs and hope to find progressive riding friends in Oklahoma somewhere – and run 5K’s

@18: I was going to say perhaps some of the running folks might know some horse folks you could get together with. Or, they may know some folks who would like to get involved with horseback riding ?

(geez..typing while trying to watch the post-game show not a good combination for me!)

Okay I thought this was interesting. There is a Carnival Krewe in nola that’s called Chewbacchus and is sort of sci-fi oriented. Obviously Chew from Chewbacca and bacchus from a traditional mardi gras krewe of the same name.

So, they decided to have a parade in celebration of Carrie Fisher. They had a marching, dancing component they called the Leijorettes; sort of marching, dancing Princess Leijas.

Here’s the link to it.

And also bacchus from Bacchus.

Fredster, have you tried OTD readers? I didn’t get presbyopia until towards the end of the normal age curve for it. This year have I had to admit I can’t see anything up close! Fortunately, drugstore reading glasses are just as good as prescription glasses for up close and reading. I have a ways before I max out on the maximum OTC strength.

@24, sigh, that’s OTC, note OTC readers. (takes another sip of fine red)

@24: I’ve borrowed a pair from a friend one time to see how they are. The problem (for me at least) is that I also have myopia and astigmatism so I was always swapping the glasses back and forth. I found that irritating as hell to do.

Well, death had to get one more in before the end of the year, Father Mulcahy from MASH.

Fredster, that McGuire Sisters tune at @13 did make me want to slap someone. They are way too cheerful! Can’t say I’m anymore enthused about 2017 than I am 2016 but maybe I’ll be surprised.

Contrask, didn’t you say you started going to activist meetings? Maybe you can find someone to ride with you there.

Oh my contrask! I didn’t see that you covered the death of William Christopher. Sorreee!!!

@28: Yep. We could reenact that scene from Airplane.

Happy New Year everyone!

@31: Back at ya GAgal!

Happy, safe, resilient, New Year to all!

Fredster, love the Kellyann pic! Also, Hubs told me about the Tigers winning and we all send Congrats!

Tomorrow is finally my last day of work at my temp job. I thought last week was, but they begged me to stay another week, and the boss is nice so I did. Sooo tired. Am too old for this stuff.

I hope we get Prolix back soon, and Happy New Years Widdershins!

Change this line to “…bumpy year.”

Happy New Year my friends!!!

Did anyone watch ABC’s New Year show? I think the last fatality of 2016 was Mariah Carey. What a disaster. SAD! I actually can’t stand her. They should get her to sing at Drumpf’s inauguration.

@34: Thank ye! That was a good game and it shows that the Def. Coordinator they hired was a good choice. You do know who that is supposed to be, right?

@35: Happy, happy to you also DYB.

I got an email from Prolix and he’s beginning to feel a bit better. Maybe we’ll see him here this coming week.

Happy, safe and healthy New Year, everybody.

Hey Democratic leaders! This is what we see. What do you see and what are you going to do about it?

Here’s something terribly sad. The WSJ editor says the paper won’t call tRump’s “falsehoods” lies because…not nice.

because doing so would ascribe a “moral intent” to the statements

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest faces fracking threat

The latest battleground for the future of fracking in Britain looks set to be Sherwood Forest, the legendary home of folk hero Robin Hood and now the target of a seismic survey by Ineos.

The chemical multinational, which relocated its headquarters back to the UK last month, appears to have agreed terms with the Forestry commission to start burying charges and spend up to two years using “thumper trucks” or vibroseis machines to search for shale gas.

According to documents obtained under freedom of information request by Friends of the Earth, Ineos could be working within 200 metres of the Major Oak, a 1,000-year old tree that in folklore sheltered Robin Hood and his merry men.

@41: Well that tops my “terribly sad” by a large margin. 👿

Amazon has soe humor for us today

@40, In other words, Putin has something on the WSJ editors.

@43, ROFLOL!

Not only will this give Trump supporters everything they need to know about their leader, they won’t be hampered by long, confusing words like ‘and’, ‘the’, ‘Constitution’, etc.

Grab this book by the, um, paperback?

@44: It would seem that way, would it not?

Another review:

Whether you’re a creditor who lost money when he filed Chapter 11 the first time, an investor who lost money when he filed Chapter 11 the fourth time, a homeowner who lost your home when he foreclosed on you, or a woman who has had various body parts grabbed by him, this is your book.

More plot turns than “Where’s Waldo”, less words than “War and Peace”, and more “Notebooky” than “The Notebook.

Van Jones Urges Democrats To Move On From ‘The Clinton Days

How ’bout we move on from Van Jones?

Jones argued that if Democrats want any victories going forward, they’ll have to prove themselves to the working class and people of color.

I have a little bit of news for Van Jones: Those “working class” people I guess he’s talking about…the ones who flipped to Trump…like in WI, MI, and PA…if you try to reach out or “prove themselves” to those groups, it’s gonna have to be by “proving” to one group or the other.

@49 What Fredster said – yeah. Heretofore he shall be Mini-Van

@49: Fredster: I guess they are still not talking about voter suppression and how to counteract what was done to the VRA as well as ways to improve how we vote, where we vote and by a somewhat uniform, unhackable, methodology. I was appalled to read about broken machines, broken seals, damaged bags of ballots, uncounted provisional ballots and halted or worthless recounts. Our voting system is rife with problems and no one cares. I also wouldn’t be sad to see the electoral college go. So Van Jones and the Sanders wing of the party I am no longer a member of (after Nov 8) can just STFU and FO. I may be an old fart but I am still clinging to the “Clinton days” and what this country has truly lost. After four years of raping and pillaging, it might not be so hard to pull those raped and pillaged together into a cohesive voting bloc. And there’s always Chelsea….

Omg! Love the Amazon book! Is it really for sale? It would make an hilarious joke gift.

@49, So he wants to move on from Putin and voter suppression. I think he really has a probably with strong, smart women.

Hey folks — still alive am I. Nasty bout of it, whatever it was, had I. It seems to have caused me to talk like Yoda.

Seven wretched days of this — daylight and dark — no relief — temps spiking to 103 — irritability spiking to a bit meaner than Idi Amin, the real one not Forest Whitaker.

Thanks for all the get well wishes. I appreciate it.

It appears the skanky Scarboroughs partied last evening with President-to-be Baby Hands, no word yet on whether he was wearing the usual kangaroo scrotum or the holiday version. The reporting on this has #socklessdeadintern quite upset. He’s attacking the CBS reporter which has in turn led to everyone attacking #sockless. No word from #drunkMika, but she’s probably out lounging among the alligators trading skin care secrets.

I thought this was giggle-worthy. 2017 has to be better because I’m convinced it can’t get worse than 2016.


I hope this includes #socklessdeadintern’s reply.


@55: Because schmoe said this:

Anyone suggesting otherwise is a hypocrite who ignores what great journalists from Ben Bradlee to Tom Brokaw have done for years.

And really go over to twitter and read this, he is really getting his ass handed to him, and deservedly so.

@43 OMG Those Amazon reviews were great! I must have read 20 pages of them. I laughed at the link “I’d like to read this book on my Kindle”. Then, if that wasn’t enough, I scrolled down to recently viewed items. When I pull up Amazon, it goes to my sister’s account. Here’s what it showed on recently viewed which just seemed apropos somehow.

Poo – Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray in a Pinch – 5 pack
What’s Your Poo Telling You?
Everybody Poops 410 lbs a Year
Laugh Out Loud Jokes For Kids
Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

I haven’t laughed so hard in a while.

@49 I’ve got news for mini-Van Jones – the Clintons will move on if and when they decide to and not a minute before. I also resent the hell out of this nonsense:

“You have to understand, I think, that the Clinton days are over,” he said. “This idea that we’re going to be this moderate party that’s going to move in this direction, that’s going to throw blacks under the bus for criminal justice reform or for prison expansion, that’s going to throw workers under the bus for NAFTA, those days are over.”

Someone needs to slap him out of the 90s. Hillary had comprehensive criminal justice and job expansion plans. Maybe she didn’t apologize for her husband enough. For all his supposed “enlightenment” (he’s a star now, ‘ya know) he’s sexist as all get out.

Welcome back Prolix! I wonder if the Scarboroughs paid $575 each to get in to the party. Unless they’re members. In which case it would only be $500 going into Trump’s pocket.

This post
was absolutely brilliant.
Sorry I didn’t notice it until now and it won’t let me leave comments there.
Absolutely excellent, DYB.

@60: What’s it doing Sophie? The comments are still open.

Prolix! Glad you’re on the mend. 103 temp is awful. Take care and don’t rush it.

I think Carrie Fischer is in this video at 1:45. Somebody check it out and tell me if I’m mistaken. It’s just a flash.

And HIll got more votes than any other man – historic. The hell we’ve moved on. She hasn’t said she’s done. I’m sick of dems acting like we’re whipped puppies and of people treating us that way.

Thanks Contrask. I don’t know who a lot of them are.



@66 GAgirl, I think we should get that fight song going strong. I loved it – thought it was very uplifting & I don’t think they used it in the campaign enough afterward. Of course, we rarely got to see any HRC rallies because they were busy covering the Orange.

@68 We saw Rogue 1 last night & I cried at the end tie in to the original Star Wars movie. Just too sad.
Prolix – I hope you are in fighting fettle soon. We need some new orange synonyms 🙂

The Amazon book was so great! According to the description, it is “full of blank pages, because we can’t find anything to say on this topic. Feel free to use it as a notebook.”

Prolix, so glad you are feeling better. Having a high fever is just so miserable. I think I am getting sick too. Ugh!!

@14, Luna, that sounds interesting. I know a woman that spins wool she buys from Oregon and I bought enough from her to crochet a scarf. She suffers from severe depression (suicidal) and it helps her a lot. I’ve been meaning to get back to crocheting which is comforting in the same way, and also been thinking about sewing my own clothes. Clothes are so crappy now, cheap material, horrible workmanship. I can’t believe fabric nowadays…silk that doesn’t have the shimmer or silky feel of silk, linen that looks flat, everything is polyester junk. I bought myself beautiful clothes in the 70s, 80s, and even 90s, and fortunately still have some of them. My Mom made beautiful clothes for herself and my sisters and I when we were young, and I made all of Laker’s Shakespeare costumes during his Community Theater years.

{{{Prolix}}} So sorry you are going though that, but its good to hear from you. Hope you feel better and better each day.

@69, Contrask, my kid took me to see it recently and I had the same reaction.

@56, Love that link! Hysterical!

Fredster, also, Congrats on the Tigers Bowl win! Hubs told me about it.

Fredster, whats the deal with Kiffin?

C’mon Trojans!

@75: Just saw something about that re-Kiffin. Have no idea. A local sports guy said that in essence, Saban fired him and so the drunk will now be offensive coordinator.

Watching the USC game now. Don’t mess up Trojans.

I haven’t gotten any emails from Prolix either yesterday or today. I hope he hasn’t had a setback with the flu/bug/crud that he has had.

@ 78, me too! This game is something.

Doing away with congressional ethics committee?

Congrats to the Trojans annie. That was a nail biter. And they did have a couple of very questionable calls against them.

Got an email from Prolix. He is still feeling bad from his flu bug. Still dealing with the congestion and some fever. I hope he just tries to rest up and take it easy for a few more days.

@81, Thanks Fredster! It was an exciting game. We went to a favorite BBQ/Steak place that has lots of tvs and the place was packed with fans. It was lots of fun and good food. The place went nuts when the Trojans won. Then we went home and finally opened our presents to each other! First day we’ve all been home together in a couple of weeks.

@82, I feel so bad for him, poor man. Also hope he rests til he is well.

Congressional Republicans vote to hobble the independent ethic committee charged with keeping an eye on them. THIS kind of stuff is what the media needs to be talking about.

Democrats pounced Monday on the Republicans’ move. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a statement that the GOP “has acted to weaken ethics and silence would-be whistleblowers” and that the proposed arrangement “would functionally destroy” the OCE.

“Republicans claim they want to drain the swamp, but the night before the new Congress gets sworn in, the House GOP has eliminated the only independent ethics oversight of their actions,” Pelosi said. “Evidently, ethics are the first casualty of the new Republican Congress.”

Hail the winners of the Rose Bowl!

80, 84: Despicable. I will pray daily for these asshole to be thrown out in ’18.

@71, annie, we need activities which are soothing and calming! It’s healthy for the mind and soul, and part of self-care.

Fiber arts and textile history gets short shrift because mostly it was women’s work, and doesn’t leave much evidence in the archeological record. Spinning has been around for probably 30,000 yrs, from the most recent evidence found. Without a way to turn non-stable material into something which could be woven, knitted, crocheted, knotted, etc., we wouldn’t have most of our clothing, or have sails, fishnets, and so forth. Uh…..I certainly can chatter on about it…. But a few ounces of silk fiber will give me joy for hours and hours of spinning thin, lustrous, um….silky yarn.

You’re so right about the crap that is most clothing these days. Not to mention the dubious labor practices that go into so much of it. I think having fewer but higher-quality items is the way to go. If I can sew some of my clothes and enjoy better fabric and construction, all the better. Besides, I have a feeling that with the Usurper-select in office all of us little people should get used to having and spending less money.

@86: Oh don’t go there. I still have info about her passing and stuff taped to my calendar. I just take it down and put it up on the next page. 😭

At least chat didn’t see the travesty of democracy that was Nov. 8th.

@88, I agree with everything you said. I would like to learn more about spinning and weaving.

@89, I understand and that’s sweet that you do that to honor her. I think she would be glad that we remember her and miss her.

@90: Yeah I don’t know how she would have handled that. She might have been tempted to borrow her son-in-law’s Yuge F350 and driven it up to Mar-a-lago to try to “fix things”. LOL!

@91: The last few years we got close enough (geez I knew her bff’s name) and knew about the the grandkids!) so anyway we exchanged small Christmas gifts. No biggies because we had to mail them to each other. Well, my wrapping skills were/afre not great. I do good to get the paper on there evenly and slap a bow on the thing. Chat’s otoh, were little works of art with the ribbons and bows. You could see that she took her time with them.

@90 I was thinking that about chat just the other day. All this time thinking Hillary would win, I was sad so many of her supporters were no longer here to see it .Now I think – at least they didn’t have to experience the horror of what done to Hillary through this shitstorm of an election season. Not to mention what’s coming up in the next 4 years.

@91, I wish we lived closer together and could meet in person and talk! I could show you how to spin.

You might want to take a look at Ravelry; it’s an online site with hundreds of different fiber arts interest forums/groups. Kinda like a specialty Facebook( but without fake news feeds). It started out for knitting and crochet but soon blossomed to other areas — spinning, weaving. Lots of photos of beautiful and fun things people make! And many groups have excellent lists of resources/links. I’m a moderator in the Spindlers group. You can PM me — Lunakin is my Rav name.

After a massive blow-back from the public, the Rethugs have backed off. Trump criticized the timing of their actions, not the actions themselves. Conway was on the boob tube today slamming the committee. But make no mistake about it, Drumpf and Friends will try to do this again in the future. They were just dumb to do it right now.

So apparently the Clintons and Dubya will attend Drumpf’s inauguration. I’m sad to hear that.

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