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Well, Widdershins, we’ve made it through another week.  This one began with much whispering about what Hillary would do if she suffered another “crushing” loss (of less than 2 points?) to Bernie Sanders.  Bill Curry busied himself writing article after article for Politico during which he huffs, puffs, and “catastrophizes” her (less than 2 point) Michigan loss into a total wipeout.  Bill has been quiet the past few days, but I’m fairly certain he’ll be back in a big way following Bernie’s first caucus victory.  He is undoubtedly putting this time to good use by mathematically calculating the delegates necessary for the convention to “feel the Bern”.

Back here in the less alternate reality, Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio fell to Hillary Clinton in a big way, with Illinois following along.  Finally, the hair’s breadth difference in Missouri has been awarded to her as well, depriving the Sanders campaign of even a moral victory.  The stretch next week will be less certain for her, although initial polling in Arizona looks good.  After that is a stretch of states will little or no diversity, and that may very well give Bernie a boost.  We wait, we see.

My fellow Floridian S/M proposed the “Rebel Girl” video as the inspiration for this week’s LW post.  It will be the lead vid, followed by anything that find inspirational about her stated in a title.  To wit:  strong, calm, etc.  Give it a whirl, it’s easier than you think.

Also the actual March Madness basketball games are going forward as well.  I like basketball, but really the only time I pay attention is during tournaments.  There are way too many games for me to even try to keep up, so I don’t even try.  Further, men’s bball at my alma has a reasonable dismal history.  We have retired exactly one jersey – Dominique Wilkins – in the entire history of UGA men’s basketball.  We had a better year than usual, and are going to the NIT.  For the Big Dance, I will watch UM men and UGA women.


Tomorrow I sail off on a week-long cruise to the Western Carribean, so fussing over voting is yours until I get back last Easter Sunday night.

This is an open thread – peace. out.

(1) Rebel Girl:

(2) What Doesn’t Kill You:  Kelly Clarkson

(3) A Woman’s Worth:  Alicia Keyes

(4) Run the World:  Beyonce

(5) Respect:  Aretha Franklin


Greetings, Widdershins.  It’s time for a weekend palate cleanser.

Last week brought a tremendous victory in Mississippi, as well as a hair-breadth loss of less than two points in Michigan.  The latter is, of course, being billed as a sign of Bernie’s inevitable victory. (“She’s ugly, her mother dresses her funny, and noooobody likes herrrrrr!”)

I plan to spend a lot of time making GOTV calls for Hillary this weekend, although I believe that FL should go well enough.  The Rust Belt has me a bit worried, though, and I need to chill out some prior to rocketing back into politics.  Therefore, I have gathered up some of my favorite relaxation music to share, and would be much obliged if you would post some for me as well.  Other than that, this is the usual wide-open thread.

Y’all have a great week-end, and make some calls for Hillary should you have the time to do so.


(1) Smooth – Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas

(2) Roll With the Changes – REO Speedwagon

(3) Old Time Rock and Roll – Bob Seeger

(4) Turn! Turn! Turn! – The Byrds

(5) Kokomo – The Beach Boys

(6) Atlantis – Donovan

Bonus:  Pachelbel’s Canon in D on a continuous loop.

Good Saturday, Widdershins.  In roughly thirty minutes the polls will close in South Carolina, and polling (the other kind) shows Hillary Clinton winning and winning huge.  Most polls (still the other kind) show her winning by 20+ points, and a recent one done by Clemson University shows the margin to be a whopping 50 points.

So, grab some snacks, pour the libation of your choice, and let’s watch the results.  This is the kickoff to the “SEC Primary”, and hopefully the first brick in a solid firewall that begins in South Carolina and ends in the convention hall in Philadelphia.  After that, with any luck whatsoever, the members of the Republican party who still possess critical thinking abilities will arrive at the same conclusion that Lindsay Graham did when he uttered those immortal words “……my party has gone bats*t crazy”, and will vote with us.

Widdershins,let’s settle in for what promises to be a great night.   Oh, and if anyone finds a source for those great “Vote Hillary, y’all!” tee shirts, please let me know.  I must have one.

Happy Valentine’s Eve, Widdershins.  After another salty week of political fun, frolic, and frenzy, I think that we need a little rest, relaxation, and whatever passes for romance in our lives.   Whether that means a weekend getaway with your life partner, or just a quiet time to chill out and think happy thoughts, let’s remember love in the best possible way.

There are literally thousands of songs celebrating love, from every genre and every era – our selections reflect our age, preferences, and life experience.  I read an article whose author had actually counted and found 1127 songs with the word “love” in the title, so I know that you should have zero difficulty in finding tunes to post.  Of course, as this is the usual open thread, you can throw topic to the wind and do as you will, just as long as the usual rule of civility is followed.

Have a great weekend, Widdershins.

(1) Higher Love – Steve Winwood (1986)

(2) When I Fall in Love – The Lettermen (1961)

(3) I Can’t Stop Loving You – Ray Charles (1962)

(4) There Is Love (The Wedding Song) – Paul Stookey (1969)

(5) You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling – Righteous Brothers (1964)


Good Saturday, Widdershins.  Welcome to twilight.  Tomorrow is Superbowl 50, and then The Dark Times will fall for the next six months.   Some of us are serious fans of the sport, others not so much.  As I’m sure you know, I thoroughly enjoy football, and will happily watch a game between just about any two teams.  I don’t have a great attachment to either team, so I’ll go with my back-up team picking plan, which is by the number of alumni from my school on each team.  Yep, it’s the “number of ‘Dawgs in the fight”criteria, so Carolina (3 Bulldogs) beats Denver (1 Bulldog), paws down.  I kind of hate it, as I am not a fan of Cam Newton – he was famous for less than adherence to the rules while in college , but it is what it is, so go, Panthers.  Woof!

One thing that we can all agree upon is that the commercials are fabulous.  I actually know people who watch the game for the commercials.  So list your faves below, along with anything else that’s on your mind.  It’s been a tense week and we deserve a little R and R.

This is an open thread.

(1) Mean Joe Green (Coca-Cola), 1979

(2) The Force  (Volkswagon), 2011

(3) Out the Wazoo (E*Trade), 2000

(4) Terry Tate, Office Linebacker (Reebok), 2003

(5) Lost Dog (Budweiser), 2015


Good Saturday, Widdershins!  The Iowa caucus begins on Monday, thus beginning the dash to the nomination.   With any luck, we’ll get through the next four months or so and have a candidate we have waited for for eight long years.  We can hope, anyway.

With that I mind, I’ve created this post to honor songs of hope.  There are not a lot with “hope” in the title, but there are an abundance of great tunes that are hopeful in spirit, and I for one can use such a lift right now.  So post whichever songs fill you with hope, wonderment, or any other such feeling that will get you through the next three days, and onward to Iowa we go.

This is an otherwise open thread.

Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul.  Emily Dickinson.

This is an open thread.  Chatblu.

(1) Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

(2) Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow – Fleetwood Mac

(3) I Can See Clearly Now – Johnny Nash

(4) Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

(5) Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows  – Leslie Gore


Looks like Winter Storm Jonas is a nasty one, dumping 2 feet or so of fluffy white material liberally down the Eastern Seaboard from New York through North Carolina, hugging the Appalachians through to Kentucky and Northern Georgia.  As for those of us down here Where America Ends, we are, have been, and will be treading water,  It had rained and rained, followed by brief cold fronts of 36 hours or so, then it warms up and rains and rains and rains, add cold front and repeat.  Rain is atypical at this time in SoFla – El Niño has a muy picante sense of humor.

I’m certain that those Widdershins who are covered with snow would gladly trade place with the wet Widdershins to your South, and I can somewhat see why, but ask yourself if you would enjoy three weeks worth of virtually unremitting rains interspersed with wildly fluctuating temperatures.  At any rate, the weather appears to be miserable for all in a variety of torments, so we make the best of it.

I’ve found a lot of songs about Winter, and any number about rain.  For the most part I’ve found them in Classic Rock, but I’m good with that.  Post your tunes as well as anything else that might strike your fancy in this absolutely open thread. 

Stay warm and dry, Widdershins.


(1) Rhythm of the Rain – The Cascades

(2) Who’ll Stop the Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival

(3) Hazy Shade of Winter – Simon and Garfunkel

(4) A Winter’s Tale – Queen

(5) First Snow on Brooklyn – Jethro Tull




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