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There are so many ways to look at Drumpf’s lack of fitness for the job of POTUS. To name a few:

  1. His abuse of the office of President for his and his cabal’s personal gain, for which the Democrats have opened an impeachment investigation.
  2. His indebtedness to hostile foreign countries like Russia, China, North Korea and Saudi Arabia.
  3. His well-documented history of sexual assault and rape, including a long-time association with pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.
  4. His corruption of the Senate, the Justice Department and the Supreme Court.
  5. His racism, which infects and contaminates all his foreign and domestic policy decisions.

These are all ample reasons to declare that gob of orange goo unfit for office. But there’s one reason I don’t notice a lot of punditry talking about: he’s too emotional to be President.

It often strikes me how the language used to describe the Mango Moron is so very different from the language used to describe any other President. Here are just a few examples from the past few days.

Went rogue


Erratic, abnormal, bizarre, unhinged, off the rails

Toddler, temper tantrum

Angry, in a panic



This is not how any leader should act, much less the leader of the free world. Yet where are the judgments being passed on his lack of fitness for being President because of his overabundance of emotion? Where are covers like this?

Where’s all the condemnation of his endless tweeting about his own imaginary genius and “great and unmatched wisdom?” Why has the media ignored his acting like an insane person every day, in public? Why aren’t they constantly demanding his resignation?

My theory is that Drumpf is allowed to be emotionally unfit for office because the media doesn’t take him seriously as President. They think of him as a clown and an entertainer, so they just give him a pass on everything.

As we’ve seen, however, IQ45 is more than happy to exercise the powers, real and imagined, of the President of the United States. As unfit and clownish as he is, he really in charge of the military. He really has the nuclear codes. He really can make horrible deals with foreign countries that deeply damage our economy. He really can lift sanctions on Russia and expose allies, like Ukraine and Syrian Kurds, to death at the hands of his foreign masters.

The media had better get its sh*t together, and soon. I don’t think we’re going to make it past 2020 with this lunatic at the helm.

He’s just too emotional.

This is an open thread.


There’s only one story these days, and you know I’m going to talk about it. My angle was to be, “Let’s not forget WHY this is all happening – it’s all to benefit Russia!”; but the brilliant Rachel Maddow did it so beautifully last night, I won’t attempt to improve on perfection. Check out the first segment of her show if you haven’t seen it.

Instead, I will merely pose the question: Who comes up with this ****?

Who says to himself, “Hey, I’m the attorney general of the United States. Why don’t I just mosey over to Europe and try to blackmail our allies into saying it wasn’t Russia who interfered in our 2016 election?” Where does an idea like that come from? How devoid of any conscience or common sense do you have to be to first think this, then do this IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR BOSS’ IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY FOR DOING THE SAME F’ING THING?!!!!!!!!!

Ahem. Sorry for yelling, but I can’t seem to stop. I came home from work yelling. I will probably go to sleep yelling.


I honestly think the inability of normal people to understand the convoluted thought processes of these hideous, sick, corrupt Republicans is one of the barriers Democrats have had to overcome when getting the message of Drumpf’s impeachable offenses out to the public. We just can’t imagine that our electoral system is so broken, it would allow transparently, cartoonishly evil idiots to take everything over. The Senate, the Presidency, the Supreme Court; all are completely awash in a sea of Russian money, self-dealing and child sex trafficking. (No, we haven’t forgotten about Jeffrey Epstein.) And it’s all one single Party, which seems to have become a cesspool sucking in the worst effluence unimaginable.

I think we are also all stunned by Republicans’ inaction in the face of all these institutions’ obvious implosion. In reality, Democrats shouldn’t have to do a single thing more. After a bit more than a week of the official inquiry, there is enough out there for a clean sweep of the entire disgusting Administration. The Senate should be marching into the Mango Moron’s office and telling him he’s over and to take Pence with him. How can anyone think this is survivable? The American people are 55% in favor of the impeachment inquiry already – and that was before yesterday.

I will say it again…I don’t know what fevered dreams these Republicans are having that are causing them to think so far outside the bounds of reality. I don’t know how they think up new and horrible ways to destroy our country. I honestly don’t care much; I just hope we, as a country, can kick them out of power very soon.

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Welp, we’ve been having some very lively conversations here on TW about impeachment lately. Unless that Saudi Arabian Magic 8-Ball is wrong, it looks like we will very soon have enough votes for the full House to approve impeachment hearings. It’s pretty hard to ignore a President admitting to treason on the TeeVee, after all.

According to the WaPo, it’s all over but the shouting.

Pelosi, according to multiple senior House Democrats and congressional aides, has been gauging the mood of her caucus about whether they believe allegations that Trump pressured a Ukrainian leader to investigate a political foe is a tipping point. She was making calls as late as Monday night, and many leadership aides who once thought Trump’s impeachment was unlikely now say they think it’s almost inevitable.

But what is actually being voted on? I think the word “impeachment” is being used to discuss a multitude of processes.

For example, I do not support voting for a resolution to impeach the President at this time, because after that, it goes to the Senate. The Senate will then acquit, and then we will all be sitting with our thumbs up our asses till 2020. Moreover, people will blame the Democrats for not getting rid of him! No, that will not help anyone.

What would be more than fine with me is the way the Democrats did it with Tricky Dick. First, the whole House votes to give the Judiciary Committee the authority to begin impeachment investigations. That is what I hope the vote will be. After that, there will be more drip, drip, drip, as the hearings expose more and more of the Mango Moron’s high crimes and misdemeanors. The idea is that these hearings will bring the American people around, most of whom (as of the latest polls we have) do not support impeachment at this time.

Even as nearly two-thirds of Democratic members favor impeaching President Donald Trump or at least opening an impeachment inquiry, a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows they haven’t made the sale to voters. Only 37 percent support beginning impeachment proceedings, while half oppose it. Just 12 percent of voters are undecided.

This strategy worked for the Democrats against Nixon, who was at 67% popularity when they started, and after a year was at 24%. The hearings are what brought him down. As slow as it is, it’s the strategy I support, because it worked before, and I believe it will work again…just in time for the 2020 elections. And that’s why Nancy Pelosi is committed to following it.

Just to make sure I’m clear, I would so love for Drumpf to be removed tomorrow. I can’t believe he’s still in office. He is a horrorshow of a creature, along with the Party that enables him. Every day he squats like a feces-throwing orangutan in the Oval Office diminishes and endangers our country. But until Republicans are ready to desert him, he’s not going to be removed from office. It’s so sh*tty, but it’s true.

This is an open thread. Here’s a blast from Randy Rainbow’s past.

Hello Widdershins! It’s been a while since we had an actual Activist Tuesday. Given the flywheel o’crazy that is constantly churning in DC, we could use a few outlets for our frustration, tears and anger.

Here are some things you can do!


We the People March – September 21, 2019 (this Saturday!)


Official Donation Site for the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian


Onward Together – pick an organization!

That’s it for now folks. Tawk amongst yerselves – this is an open thread!



[Note: For those who want to help the people in the Bahamas post-Dorian, here are some resources for you.]

Last week, there was a development in the Mango Moron’s war on immigration that was almost impossible to believe. The participants in the Medical Deferred Action program, children who need serious medical help to live, were, without notice, told that their status was not going to be renewed and that they had 33 days to get out of the country. If they stayed past that deadline, they would be deported.

For many of these children, that would be a death sentence. The cruelty could not be borne, and the outrage swelled throughout the country. The cries were so loud that even that waxy-eared orangutan masquerading as President blinked, hooted and threw some Twitter feces, and then began to amend the policy.

Here was Rachel Maddow’s reaction when he did.

How did this unimaginable horror happen in the first place? For the answer, we need to look through the clarifying lens of white supremacy.

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Good morning, Widdershins. What a horrific weekend we all had in America, as the two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio created twin waves of terror both locally, and throughout the United States. We grieve desperately for the victims and their loved ones and, once again, our sense of safety “outside” is eroded bit by bit, day by day.

If only these were the first, or last, of these mass shootings in our country. According to CBS News, there have been more than one per day since January 1, 2019.

As of Sunday, which was the 216th day of the year, there have been 251 mass shootings in the U.S., according to data from the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive, which tracks every mass shooting in the country. The Gun Violence Archive defines a mass shooting as any incident in which at least four people were shot, excluding the shooter.

The toll of 251 mass shootings include five high-profile rampages in the past eight days, in which more than 100 people were shot [bolding mine]:

*A shooting in a historic district of Dayton, Ohio, with 9 people killed and 27 injured.

*A shooting at Walmart in El Paso, Texas, with 20 people killed and 26 wounded. It was the deadliest shooting of the year.

*A shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in the San Francisco Bay Area, with three people killed and 15 injured.

*A shooting at a Brooklyn block party, with one person killed and 11 injured.

*A shooting at a Walmart in Southaven, Mississippi, with two people killed and two injured.

As an ENTJ, I deal with my feelings through thinking. Figuring out how we can stop this from happening is my way of processing these senseless and terrible attacks. I hope, then, you will indulge me as I go step-by-step through the conclusions that led me to the title and point of my post.

Conclusion 1: White supremacy is now a national security threat, and white supremacists are terrorists. Since most shootings are carried out by white men with white supremacist views, we need to start treating white supremacy like other terrorist ideologies and organizations. This means not only prosecuting white supremacists as domestic terrorists, but also shutting down the forums where they organize online.

The big picture: In addition to the El Paso shooter, extremist killers from the deadly attacks on two mosques in New Zealand and a San Diego-area synagogue previewed their acts of terror on 8chan. “Once again a terrorist used 8chan to spread his message as he knew people would save it and spread it,” said founder Fredrick Brennan, who stopped working with the site’s current owners in December. “The board is a receptive audience for domestic terrorists.”

Many experts agree that domestic terrorism is inspired by white supremacy, including the head of the FBI, Christopher Wray – who, ironically, was appointed by the Nazi-in-Chief, Der Drumpfenfuhrer. And speaking of that feces-throwing orangutan squatting in the Oval Office…

Conclusion 2: With their racist words and constant talk of violence against immigrants and other people of color, Drumpf and the Republicans are encouraging white supremacy, and are therefore enabling domestic terrorism. As I wrote in October of 2018, after the attacks on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh:

I am writing today’s post with tears in my eyes and fury in my heart.  For over three years now, we’ve seen the horrific evil of the worst of America become ascendant, and the media deliberately turn a blind eye to it; in fact, we’ve seen them refuse to call it by its name.

Let’s be very, very clear. The modern Republican party, once home to noble public servants like Abraham Lincoln and Dwight D. Eisenhower, has become a refuge for the most deplorable sub-human creatures that ever crawled upon the surface of the earth.

There is no longer any difference between Republicans and Nazis.

It is taking a long time for the realization to percolate through our culture, but this weekend we are seeing the political world begin to focus its wrath on the people who deserve it. Writes the incomparable Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post:

For decades now, Republicans have insisted mass murders with semiautomatic weapons are not reflective of a gun problem. I can no longer comprehend how such a ludicrous assertion is remotely acceptable. But in one sense they are right: It’s not merely Republicans’ indulgence of the National Rifle Association that puts Americans’ lives in jeopardy; it is the support and enabling of a president that inspires white nationalist terrorists — and even denies white nationalism is a problem.


…we are awash in hate crimes and white nationalist-inspired mass murders. We have a president whose words inspire and bolster perpetrators of these heinous acts. That makes Trump not only a moral abomination, which no policy outcome can offset, but a threat to national security. Those encouraged by his words in recent years kill more Americans than Islamist terrorists. If that is not justification for bipartisan repudiation of this president and removal from office at the earliest possible moment I don’t know what is. Those who countenance and support this president for his white-grievance mongering are not merely “deplorable” but dangerous.

As I write this, Democrats have taken to the airwaves and Twitter to demand #MoscowMitch recall the Senate and put the gun control measures the House passed FIVE MONTHS AGO to a vote. (Note: McConnell has allegedly fractured his shoulder. If true, thoughts and prayers, Mitch.) For those who have been yelling at Nancy Pelosi for months saying she isn’t doing enough and her strategy sucks, she was right all along. This is EXACTLY how to win against the Rethugs and Drumpf. Show your priorities. Show that you keep your promises. And if you don’t get your way, show the contrast between your actions and those of the Rethugs. Which leads me to my final conclusion…

Conclusion 3: Spend your time on voter registration efforts before the 2020 election. For far too long, there has been a “bothsides” epidemic on gun control. The truth is, when Democrats are in charge, we get legislation like the assault weapons ban in 1994; when Republicans are in charge, we get the overturning of the assault weapons ban, the loosening of laws against mentally ill people getting access to guns, open carry laws…the list goes on and on. This obvious truth has been obscured by a psy-ops campaign against the American people, led by the NRA and its enablers (now including Russia, as we know!).

In 2020, we need to both keep the House, and take the Senate and the Presidency. The Republicans’ white supremacist-enabling inaction on gun control is literally killing hundreds of thousands of people, both at the border and here at home. Let’s do our best to make sure everyone votes blue next November. Our lives depend on it.

This is an open thread.

At long last, Widdershins, we will hear Robert Mueller’s words today. Here are some reactions across the mediaverse.

Vox states that Mueller will be asked about Attorney General Barr, and how he handled both the report and the investigation.

Al Franken has 19 choice questions he would ask Mueller. I still can’t believe how he got railroaded out of office. What an effective Senator he was…we miss you Al!

The LA Times thinks Mueller’s testimony should be a call to action for Congress. The twist? It’s not a call to impeach, but a call to legislate against the gross liberties Drumpf has taken with our democratic norms and conventions. That’s a ten-four from me…we need to make sure no one does this again, EVER.

Most people are united in saying that even if Mueller says absolutely nothing beyond what is in the report, he will be extremely impactful to those who haven’t read it.

What do YOU think? This is an open thread.


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