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Yup. It’s treason. It’s been treason. It’s ongoing treason. The Republicans know it. The Democrats know it. The 100-year-old hermit in the Himalayas knows it. Our allies and enemies know it.

Now what?

Well, we have to finally force the conversation that never should have been. Donald Trump should never have been the Republican candidate for President. The media should have destroyed his corrupt, treasonous ass in 2015. But alas, Hillary’s vagina dentata was more frightening than the prospect of a corrupt, treasonous foreign agent in the White House…and now we’re all paying the price.

We have to talk about things like, what is the next step if the Republicans decide that the only remedy we have for rogue Presidents, impeachment, is not going to happen?

We have to talk about the illegitimacy of the 2016 election, because the Republicans had the DNC’s analytics handed to them, by Russia; stole voter data from at least one state board of elections; and hacked into voter databases. They had a blueprint to sway impressionable voters, and if they didn’t sway enough, well, they’d just do the typical Republican thing and mess with the voting machines. It didn’t take much…just 70,000 people in three states, out of about 120 million eligible voters.


We have to talk about the fact that we have a President who is more loyal to Vladimir Putin than to our Constitution.

These conversations are unimaginable because they have never happened before. The difficulty we’re having in imagining them, however, does not excuse us from the duty to have them. As Americans who love our country and revere the Constitution, this is a crisis beyond anything we ever thought possible. We must absolutely speak of these things and we must address them, quickly.

What will Republicans do? This is the most important question of our time.

If the Republicans will not impeach Trump for treason, then we must get in the streets until they are forced to do so. We cannot wait until November to fix this mess. The fish has rotted from the head, and we must get rid of every stinking trace of it before we can clear the stench.

This is an open thread.


Courtesy of Michael Avenatti on Twitter

When fighting evil, the shortest, most powerful words are the most effective.

Like this.

Dear media: You epically failed to hold Drumpf accountable for his racism, starting in 2011 when he began building his cult with the bogus birther bullshit. You equivalated this fascist, raping, grifting traitor with the brilliant and kind woman who deserved to be President more than anyone in this country, the woman Americans WANTED to be President, because, #ButHerVagina.

You do not get to scold us now because we are doing your job, and much more effectively than you. No sir, and no ma’am.

You are kindly invited to go fuck yourselves with rusty chainsaws.

This is an open thread.

From New York Magazine, 06/18/18

[Note: There is a national day of protest against family separation on June 30th. Here’s the info.]

Hello from the West Coast, Widdershins! The good news is that Mr. MadamaB and I have managed to lug ourselves here successfully; the bad news is, our furniture hasn’t. We are drumming our fingers in a hotel waiting for the truck to be loaded and driven across country…and we just found out our delivery date is later than expected, so, shelling out more money than we wanted to. And, my first work day is Friday. SIGH. All part of the process, I guess.

While I have been fully preoccupied with all the logistics of The Big Move, our national Dumpster fire has been raging on the topic of the Mango Moron’s policy of ripping children from their parents at the border, and never returning them. (Yes, never, unless something changes.)

This has been a story that has stuck, like the Russia treason, the Stormy Daniels/Michael Cohen obstruction disaster, and Hillary Clinton’s Twitter vindication over her emails being nothing but an actual witch hunt. There is so much bad out there, it’s hard to know what will capture the country’s attention. I’m glad it has, and I believe this is worthy of our focus for two reasons:

  1. Because it’s such a strong signal that the Party of Drumpf truly is following the Nazi playbook by putting people it considers racially inferior into concentration camps; and
  2. Because it’s kids, FFS.

Now it’s hard out there for a Democrat, when you are the minority party and your opposing party is bought out/compromised by Russia and/or billionaire plutocrats like Sheldon Adelson, Paul Ryan’s master. For far too long, Democrats have been trying to work the old, pre-2000 Bush v. Gore, bi-partisan way. They have been trying to work with people of conscience in the GOP to make policy that benefits Americans. Unfortunately, they are only now just starting to realize that these Republicans have no consciences any more, and that Democrats need to work against them, not with them, in order to make progress.

What’s a Senator or Representative to do to show We the People that they truly care about this issue?

Well, how about not letting business as usual proceed, as the Republicans make a mockery of everything the Constitution stands for? Such as, due process, for example?

Today, the Democrats and female activists disrupted the 9,871,297,432th Republican hearing on Hillary Clinton’s emails. Yes, they actually roused themselves to protest during the hearing, and here’s what happened.

With the sound of a young child crying in the background, the top Democrat on the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, Jerrold Nadler, broke from traditional protocol and started reading from a statement, saying “these children are not animals.” His Republican colleagues tried to shout over him “Out of order!”

Nadler’s comments at the hearing, which was meant to be about the FBI’s handling of a probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails, were followed by protests from the audience, as women with young children stood and shouted “Families belong together!” before they were escorted out by the Capitol Police.

There are many people who suggest that Democrats just walk out of Congress and stop honoring this illegitimate pResident and the Party that enables him and his many crimes against the Constitution. I don’t agree with this, although I understand it, because I feel once the Democrats aren’t there, the Republicans will have no constraints whatsoever. They will complete the evisceration of the New Deal and the destruction of our status as the leader of the Free World in record time. The plutocrats and Russians will take over, and we will no longer recognize our country.

I support these tactics by the Democrats; they garner attention and get our message out there, without handing even more power to the GOP. I hope that Pelosi and Schumer are planning a similar disruption every single time the Republicans hold a hearing. It doesn’t matter what the hearing is about at this point; we must, finally, be done giving the Thugs the benefit of the doubt. We need to finally start calling the other side evil and be done with it.


This is an open thread.

Photo courtesy of CNN

Yes, Widdershins, I’m wading into I/P again. I can’t help it – what’s going on in the Middle East is so appalling and wrong, and since the Republican Party is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Russia, they’re all going along with it and letting the madness continue. It’s just insane that this oversized orange rhino is galumphing all over the world with his big giant feet, destroying everything he touches…and not a single peep from Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell! Do they not get that our enemies have nukes?! Christ on a cracker, as our beloved Chatblu used to say!

Now let me be clear: I completely believe Israel is as lawful a country as all the other countries in the world, and it was established with much more care, much more reason, and much less violence. (See: Native Americans and White Europeans Who Stole Their Country, 17th century to present.) The difference in the perception of Israel is, of course, that Israel is mostly Jewish. And the world, especially the white, European 1% who run it, doesn’t like us much. (See: Holocaust, The.) I also believe there is no such thing as a Palestinian. It’s a made-up word for a hodgepodge of people from the surrounding Arab countries who exited Israel after the Zionists bought it and moved in, during the war that followed. And yes, I say “exited” because, contrary to 70 years of propaganda, they weren’t all kicked out. I was surprised to see CNN’s story actually state this, instead of lazily repeating the usual bullsh*t. Here is another good story on the four sticking points causing the unending conflict…sadly, not much has changed since 2002.

Another point of disagreement: Israel is not “occupying” anything. Israel has as much right to Israel, including Jerusalem, as any of the random Jordanians, Lebanese, Egyptians, etc. who claim it. The very premise that this group is “right” and the Israelis are “wrong” is beyond absurd. Israel’s history (thousands of years of continuous living in the area), as well as the Balfour Declaration, proves the Jewish claim to the homeland. And besides, after the Holocaust, European Jews were rejected all over the world. No one wanted us. Israel was the only safe haven we had, and after what we had suffered at the hands of white Europeans, our survival depended on establishing that haven.

That being said…

The Mango Moron’s idea to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem was a truly terrible one, guaranteed to produce this result. I am quite sure that evangelicals, being prompted by Putin and Netanyahu behind the scenes, convinced Drumpf to do this to bring on the End Times. And while I don’t agree with the protesters, I do fervently support their right to protest, peacefully, and not get killed. Even if some threw rocks and burned tires, did the IDF really need to use live ammunition?! The barbarism of Bibi’s army is appalling.

Here in America, when we protest, we know that, while we may be arrested and/or tear gassed in some extreme cases, we won’t pay for our beliefs with our lives. At the Women’s March, the most that happened was some dyspepsia over the 12 idiotic pro-deathers who tried to make themselves relevant by standing at the end of Pennsylvania Avenue, forlornly draped in black. There was no military presence, no insistence that we not walk right in front of the President’s house and give him the collective middle finger. The First Amendment, protecting the freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly, is one of the many things that actually make this country great.

I know the two cases aren’t exactly similar. The protesters do not have to try to cross the border into Israel, or even come close enough to it to be fired upon. But their beliefs are strong, and they are brave, and they are willing to die for their right to express themselves. The cost of protest is high in the Middle East, and I applaud the courage of those who are willing to pay it.

I truly believe that nothing will improve in this troubled region until ignorant, hateful “leaders” like Mahmoud Abbas, Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump are removed from the world stage and put in the Hague where they belong. Perhaps then, like our wonderful American kids who are leading the #NeverAgain movement, young partners for peace will find their voices, and create a new, unified Middle East where all the bloodshed and hatred will be a distant memory.

Ken y’hi ratson. So may it be.

This is an open thread.

I’ve been thinking lately that maybe it’s time for me to stop watching cable news and stop listening to the media punditry, going back to my pre-2016, well-informed and only sometimes-outraged state. Honestly, Widdershins, I don’t think I can take it any more.

If you listen to the pundits, the Dunce Cap in Chief, crowing idiotically about the potential unification of the Korean peninsula, may deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. Well, I hate to be Debbie Downer, but South Korea and North Korea combined have a lot of military power, not to mention a nuclear arsenal, and a history of being allied with both Russia and China. Is this really a good thing, especially when Drumpf may cancel the Iranian nuclear deal (if Bibi has his way)? How many hostile nuclear countries is the Mango Moron going to create?

The pundits also claim shock and horror after comedian Michelle Wolf’s routine at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Really, pundits? She’s a comedian. She has zero power in this world…she’s just mouthing off. Somehow, pundits, you’re not horrified about the attacks the entire Trump “presidency” engages in daily, which are far more devastating: the attacks on reality, which as we know, has a liberal bias; the attacks on civilians like Khzir Khan and Stormy Daniels, who have no power against his bully pulpit; the attacks on our rule of law, as the Grifter-In-Chief continues to profit massively off his theft of the White House; the attacks on the poor and disenfranchised, as more and more of the New Deal gets rolled back; and the attacks on the liberal democratic world order, as America slips slowly into an autocracy that only a Blue Wave, and possibly Robert Mueller or the New York investigation of Michael Cohen, can stop? Why, I even watched Tweety tonight, who famously drooled over Erin Burnett’s looks and “joked” that he wanted to “Bill Cosby” Hillary before he interviewed her, pretend fauxrage that Ms. Wolf allegedly made fun of Sarah Slanders’ looks. She absolutely, positively did not…but even if she had, that misogynistic old fart is the last person on earth with any credibility in this area. And Meeeeeka! Oh, she was just SOOOO upset.

Funny, I don’t recall her uniting with Hillary all that often, do you?

I am down to only a couple of people I can stand watching, like Rachel Maddow, who is right now breaking the New York Times bombshell about Robert Mueller’s intention to ask the pResident four dozen questions about obstruction and Russian interference in the election. Now that sh*t MATTERS – and she’s got a smart lawyer on with her to explain it all factually, instead of entertaining a bunch of opinionated windbags who take predictably partisan positions on just about everything.

Maybe I should go on a diet from the empty carbs of the endlessly bloviating talking heads. Maybe that’s my activism today. Because if they still won’t admit how wrong they were to endlessly obsess and equivalate about #ButHerEmails, and they won’t take responsibility for the theft of the election which happened right under their noses, and they won’t admit that they missed all the Russian collusion that was right in the open, and papered over the massive corruption of the Trump Crime Family, and they won’t call out the GOP for being traitors to this country and committing total dereliction of duty, then what the hell good are they to me, or to anyone else?

This is an open thread…I’m going to take a little nap now.



Hello Widdershins! While the whirlwind of putrescence continues to swirl out of the White House, some good news is coming out of red states despite themselves. As has become the norm since #theResistance first formed, the day after Drumpf was illegally inaugurated after stealing the election from Our Girl and her 3 million-vote popular vote majority, it is women who are leading the charge.

Along with the wave of blue that is sweeping through the special elections this year, there is a wave of strikes by teachers in states where Republicans dominate the political landscape. As we at TW have discovered, Republicans hate any public programs that help the vast unwashed instead of their oligarch buddies in Russia.  Hence their obsession with destroying the New Deal, as well as any Democratic contributions which added to it (such as the Affordable Care Act). And there is no more effective way to erase artificial barriers of race, gender and class than to provide the public with a good, free education. Don’t believe me? Just ask ‘Enry ‘Iggins of “Pygmalion”/”My Fair Lady” fame.

Teachers have been striking quite a bit in the last few months. Even though it’s mostly uppity wimminz doing it, somehow, New York Magazine noticed all the activity.

Spurning a pay raise offer from Governor Doug Ducey as too narrow and inadequately funded, Arizona teachers voted to walk off the job on April 26. Of the 57,000 teachers and school employees who participated in a vote organized by the NEA affiliate (the Arizona Education Association) and the grassroots group Arizona Educators United, 78 percent voted to strike.

The planned action is the culmination of weeks of protests by teachers (under the rubric “#RedforEd,” as supporters were urged to wear red to show solidarity) who decried low pay and years of tax-cut-driven education funding cuts. As in states where earlier teacher protests and walkouts have occurred (West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma), the Arizona action is a direct response to the fiscal policies Republicans have pursued in states they firmly control.

If the strike takes place on April 26th, it will be the third red-state teachers’ strike in 2018. And it’s only April!

As Fredster noted in comments a while back, there’s more. Teachers aren’t just putting themselves and their livelihoods at risk to gain a living wage. They’ve decided to try to make their red states just a bit more purple. D*mn those ladies and their scary parts!

The same spirit of activism that’s leading teachers to walk out in West Virginia and stage protests from Oklahoma to Arizona is driving many of them to run for office themselves. The debate over school shootings and whether to arm teachers or other personnel at schools has also put teachers near the center of political debate.

“I’ve always thought teachers make incredible candidates,” says Andrea Dew Steele, president of Emerge America, which trains Democratic female candidates. “Our women run because they want to impact their community, and teachers are innately driven to do that.”

I’m searching for good news a lot these days. These brave teachers and patriotic teachers seem to qualify.

There is so much to talk about that…of course this is an open thread.

It’s a wild and horrifying time in our country’s history. The Russian, GOP, Comey and media-installed traitor in the White House has been in the job about 13 and a half months, and he has truly realized that he owns the Republican Party. They have only drawn one red line: Do not, in any way, get Robert Mueller fired. Other than that, they appear to be all right with absolutely anything he wants to do.

This is not normal.

When he attacks private citizens on Twitter, it’s not normal. The GOP should have already impeached him.

When he fires people via Tweet, it’s not normal. The GOP should have already impeached him.

When he attacks the media for telling the truth about him and his corruption, and his incompetency, and his treason, it’s not normal. The GOP should have already impeached him.

When he attacks the FBI, it’s not normal. The GOP should have already impeached him.

When he attacks NFL players for kneeling during the National Anthem, it’s not normal. The GOP should have already impeached him.

When he nominates crooked, unqualified, idiotic crackpots to be Cabinet members, it’s not normal. The GOP shouldn’t have confirmed a single one of them.

When he causes the market to fluctuate wildly by starting ridiculous trade wars, or making up crazy lies about the Post Office and Amazon, it’s not normal. The GOP should have already impeached him.

When he goes golfing for about 1/3 of his Presidency, it’s not normal. The GOP should have already impeached him.

When he has Jared and Ivanka go to foreign countries without anyone from the State Department, to set up corrupt deals with heads of countries so he can further monetize the Presidency, it’s not normal. The GOP should have already impeached him.

Most of all, when he unilaterally decides to ignore every rule and norm of how to govern this country, and starts consolidating all the power into his own hands, it’s not normal.

What could be the reason for the GOP’s supine nature? Is it fear of their own base, now wholly owned by the Orange Blob oozing all over the lamé curtains in the Oval office?

No, I don’t think so. I think it’s fear of Russia.

Remember when I asked the question, a while back, “How long has Russia been in control of the Republican Party’s agenda?” I connected many dots, fully acknowledging that the proof was not yet quite there.

Now, it is. The missing piece is: The NRA.

You know all that money the NRA gives to only Republican candidates, starting in 2014? It comes from Russia.

However, the NRA reported spending a record $55 million on the 2016 elections, including $30 million to support Trump – triple what the group devoted to backing Republican Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race. Most of that was money was spent by an arm of the NRA that is not required to disclose its donors.

Two people with close connections to the powerful gun lobby said its total election spending actually approached or exceeded $70 million. The reporting gap could be explained by the fact that independent groups are not required to reveal how much they spend on Internet ads or field operations, including get-out-the-vote efforts.

And/or, it could be explained by the fact that they also gave money to Republican candidates and leaders to ensure their compliance when the election was stolen for their puppet.

Honestly, what other reason is there for their behavior? Trump isn’t doing anything for them. He certainly isn’t getting them re-elected. Yes, they barely passed the tax cuts, but gee, how will they spend their newfound riches when nuclear war annihilates us? John F*cking Bolton as SOS?! How in the world is this okay?

Are you seriously telling me none of these people care at all? You know some of them have to…and yet, they do nothing, they say nothing. Why, if not kompromat and terror of being Putin’s latest poisoning victim?

At the end of the post I linked to, I wrote,

“Let’s hope Mueller has a really, really big shovel. I think the dirt is a lot deeper than anyone suspected.”

Well, I’m seeing now that it’s both deep, and wide. I think we have not even begun to realize what has happened to our country while giant swaths of America elected Republican governors and legislators, who then gerrymandered their way into an almost permanent majority. Not only are Republicans profoundly lacking in any kind of moral character, and in the pockets of the wealthy; they’re also agents of a foreign power.

If Trump had never been “elected,” would we ever have found this out?

This. Is. Not. Normal. Always remember, and never stop asking why.

This is an open thread.

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