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Hello Widdershins, happy Tuesday in this broke-down mess of a government we’re currently suffering under.

Last Saturday was the Women’s March. (Yes, something happened besides the playoffs!) Despite all the Farrakhan mishegoss, a smart young colleague of mine and I went and carried signs. There were some good and inspiring speakers, and being San Francisco, the inclusiveness was epic. We had speakers from the MMIW (we really need to talk more about the plight of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women – I was extremely touched by the powerful speakers and singers); high-level elected officials like California Representative Barbara Lee and mayor of SF London Breed; Muslim comics and first-time state representatives; Samoan poetesses and homeless advocates; a Jewish community organizer; and a great performance from the SF cast of “Come From Away.” All women, all powerful, loud and proud! Here are some pictures I took.







Now some questions for you to debate:

  1. Rudy Giuliani: Worst Lawyer Ever or Double Agent for the Good Guys?
  2. Will our next President be Kamala, Kirsten or Elizabeth? (Tulsi, we know, is a hard “NO”)
  3. Buzzfeed story about Cohen being directed to lie to Congress by Drumpf: Totally bogus or only slightly inaccurate?
  4. What’s your bet on what date the government will re-open, cause Pelosi?

This is an open thread. Hang in there everyone!



This Maccabee is really Santa! THE HORROR. Courtesy of The Forward.

Happy Tuesday, Widdershins. If you hear the rap version of “The Little Drummer Boy” playing faintly in the background, it’s because I am writing from the center of the War on Chanukkah, otherwise known as San Francisco, the “City by the Bay” “City Sans Oy Vey.”

As I promenade through the streets of downtown, I hear only Christmas music. I see only Christmas trees, presents and lights. Wherefore the miraculous menorah? Wherefore the light that burned for eight nights instead of just one, to protect the besieged Maccabees in their temple? It’s enough to make you meshuggeneh!

After so many years in Noo Yawk, where there are roughly as many Jews on the Upper West Side as there are in Israel, this blatant discrimination is a shock to my system. It shall not stand! I will plant my Chanukkah bush on this Widdershin ground, and share some fun holiday music with you. Maybe then all the goyim will realize we’re here, we’re eating schmears, and we’re not giving up till you sing the Dreidel song with us!

Oh by the way, I’m in such a good mood because…it’s #MuellerTime.

Enjoy the day! This is an open thread.




Widdershins, we did it! The election was two weeks ago, and it was indeed a blue tsunami. 40 House seats, holy banana pants! Not to mention all the governor’s races, state houses and other awesomeness we, as card-carrying members of #TheResistance, made happen. Yay, us! (And 60 million other people.)

We deserve a break. To me, the idea of getting together with friends and/or family and eating and drinking myself into oblivion sounds really, really good right now. And I am really thankful that I have this opportunity, not taking it for granted at all.

Food-wise, I am especially looking forward to the barbecued turkey my sister-in-law’s dad makes every year. It is really good (he makes it in a Weber charcoal grill). Oddly, I am also looking forward to the fresh green beans. They are my favorite vegetable. No casserole, just yummy beans sautéed in oil, garlic and a few herbs.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving, and what are you looking forward to the most? Are you preparing this?

In case you’ve never seen this creation before, meet the TurKracken: a turkey, stuffed with an octopus, garnished with crab’s legs and artistically striped with bacon. MMMMmmmmm!

Relax and build up your strength, O Resisters. 2020 will be here before you know it, and we’ve got a lot of work to do before then!

This is an open thread.

I’m going to repeat something that every Widdershin already knows: There is no significant voter fraud in America.

The Brennan Center’s seminal report “The Truth About Voter Fraud” conclusively demonstrated most allegations of fraud turn out to be baseless — and that of the few allegations remaining, most reveal election irregularities and other forms of election misconduct. And numerous other studies have reached the same conclusion. In a recent report, “Noncitizen Voting: The Missing Millions,” the Brennan Center debunked President Trump’s claim that millions improperly voted in the 2016 election.

Yet, the topic of voter fraud always seems to be at the tip of Republican tongues, whether they be mouth-breathing MAGAs or petulant white, male, wealthy underachievers outraged that uppity wimminz and minorities would dare to vote against them.

Here’s what Democrats should do every time a Republican shitbird starts talking about this long, long debunked fairy tale in which everyone loves him, he is married to June Cleaver, who vacuums in pearls and pumps, and no black people exist anywhere:

“It’s not voter fraud that’s the problem. It’s Republican election fraud.”

Then sit back and watch the exploding heads, because no. one. ever. calls. them. on. this.


The way I see it, we have not had an honest federal election in this country since 2000, when Gore won the popular vote by 500,000 votes, but still did not become President, because, Florida. Remember Florida, where Dubya’s paid operatives stormed down there in their Brooks Brothers shirts and demonstrated against the recount? And a Republican Secretary of State and Republican Supreme Court colluded to ensure that Bush won even though his margin was 537 votes?

Once that snarling weasel and his psychopathic VP took office, all bets were off. Electronic voting machines with no paper trails that switched votes to Bush from Kerry; gerrymandering and massive voter suppression became their M.O. And let’s not forget the Republican-controlled Supreme Court, which gutted a critical portion of the Voting Rights Act, opening the door to election fraud that was previously illegal, but now could be considered to fall into a grey area.

Shelby County v. Holder, 570 U.S. ___ (2013), is a landmark[1] United States Supreme Court case regarding the constitutionality of two provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965: Section 5, which requires certain states and local governments to obtain federal preclearance before implementing any changes to their voting laws or practices; and Section 4(b), which contains the coverage formula that determines which jurisdictions are subjected to preclearance based on their histories of discrimination in voting.[2][3]

On June 25, 2013, the Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that Section 4(b) is unconstitutional because the coverage formula is based on data over 40 years old, making it no longer responsive to current needs and therefore an impermissible burden on the constitutional principles of federalism and equal sovereignty of the states.[2][3] The Court did not strike down Section 5, but without Section 4(b), no jurisdiction will be subject to Section 5 preclearance unless Congress enacts a new coverage formula.[4]

Five years after the ruling, nearly a thousand polling places had been closed in the country, with many of the closed polling places in predominantly African-American counties. Research shows that the changing of voter locations and reduction in voting locations can reduce voter turnout.[5]

But even with all of the storied examples of Republican election fraud, all of which continued in 2018, our current pResident took it to a level never seen in American history when he conspired with a hostile foreign government to steal the Presidential election of 2016. Let’s face it, the Mango Moron did not win legitimately. Russia viciously attacked our election, influencing tens of millions of voters through fake news and bots on social media, hacking into Hillary’s and Podesta’s emails and leaking them for months, and invading voter databases, “not changing results.” Sure, if I were an evil tyrant roaming around voter databases for months uncaught, and I wanted one candidate to win, I absolutely would not change a thing!

So the Democrats should start talking about this, loudly and often. Perhaps some already are.

This is an open thread.


This little girl’s frustration has been yours, mine and ours…but today, it seems like she should be smiling. I’ll show you some numbers that will give you hope.

For decades, older voters have dominated the electorate in non-presidential years. But early and absentee voting among youth aged 18 to 29 has increased dramatically in several states with hotly contested races – including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada and Texas – compared to the 2014 midterm races.


More than 35 million Americans have already cast their midterm election ballots, a 75 percent increase over the roughly 20 million who cast ballots ahead of Election Day 2014.

Nationally, voters aged 18 to 39 have nearly tripled their early voting rate since 2014. That’s increased their share of the early vote by more than 3 percentage points.

The early voting share of voters aged 50 to 64, meanwhile, has fallen by more than 2.5 percentage points. The share of those 65 and older has fallen nearly 5 points.

In Georgia, where Democrat Stacey Abrams is looking to become the first black female governor in the nation’s history, youth voters cast nearly 215,000 ballots as of Saturday – a 362 percent increase over the same point in the 2014 election, according to TargetSmart, a Democratic political data services firm.

No one knows what will happen, but…that being said, the Republicans seem resigned to losing the House. There’s a reason for that: internal polling isn’t good, plus, Independents, some GOP defectors and those over 65 seem to be going hard blue.

And Steve Schmidt has just said on Brian Williams’ show that those thinking a wave will hit the House and not the Senate, are like people thinking a tsunami will hit the Coast and miss Oregon.

Stay positive, mes amis. Whatever happens, we’ll be here together.

As Our Girl said so well, and I believe she won the popular vote (and probably the electoral college) because of it:


This is an open thread.

Hello Widdershins, and happy Tuesday!

This is going to be a short one. Hang in there, all. Take care of yourselves, and eat your Wheaties. We’ve got voting and volunteering to do!

This is an open thread.

Hello Widdershins! This past Sunday, Mr. MadamaB and I went to an Indivisible GOTV event in San Francisco. I thought I’d share how it went with you.

The event was a postcard/letter writing party at a local bar. (It’s a fun place – Tommy’s Joynt.) It started out a bit rocky. We arrived on time, but as more and more people arrived, we were still waiting for the organizers. It turned out that there was a mix-up – we were supposed to have gone to another place (Standard Deviant – cute name, eh?), but never got the memo. As I quoted at the time, “I don’t belong to an organized political party – I’m a Democrat.”

Eventually we got in touch with one of the event’s leaders, and she came to Tommy’s with supplies in hand. She told us that while postcards are good, the data has shown, the letter is better!

The way it works is, you have a form letter with a few empty spots you fill in, for that personal touch. On Sunday, we were writing to registered Democrats in Florida who don’t typically vote in mid-term elections. (Yes, I know – Florida. These were residents of Miami and Miami Beach, so I think they had mailboxes – and houses.) At the bottom of each letter is a different addressee’s name and address, and we hand-addressed each salutation. The text of the letter is mostly filled in, and is encouraging and non-partisan.

It was up to us to write something personal after the sentence, “I vote in every election because…” and we couldn’t write things like, “I’m not a f*cking ingrate” or “I care what happens to this country, unlike you” or “You didn’t vote in 2016. The Mango Moron is your fault!” SIGH. They’re quashing my creativity! So I wrote two things, either “I am proud to live in a country where voting is my right and privilege” or “I want high-quality health care for everyone,” depending on my mood. Hubby wrote “the future of this nation is in our hands.”

At the bottom we signed our first names, and then we hand-addressed each envelope, hubby complaining all the way. (Yes, our hands got tired. Amazing how we’ve all gotten used to typing, right?)

I have to say, the whole experience was pretty great. We met some really nice people, including our tablemate who brought us a song to get us in the mood (she had written a version of “Swing Low” that went “Swing Left.”), and who told us she gets emails from conservative political operatives at Townhall, who are freaking out over the election. Another tablemate explained to us that she was originally from Missoula, Montana, and it’s a liberal place, and that Drumpf would NOT be welcome there. And she was right! He had to change the original location – hahahahaha.

The Bernie/Hillary divide did manifest itself a bit. There was a couple in their 30’s that came in and sat at a small table by themselves…eventually the woman started talking, and she said, “I think if everyone has a good education and health care, all our problems will be solved.”

Did I mention she and her husband were white and clearly well-off? And that they had self-identified earlier, in a shrugging and somewhat embarrassed way, as Bernie supporters?

When I heard that talking point, I couldn’t help weighing in. I mentioned that racism and sexism won’t be cured by the existence of universal health care (DUH), and that racism and sexism were key motivators for Trumpsters, and really, all Republicans now. Eventually the tension dissolved as I agreed with the point that early education, especially progressive education, can only help open peoples’ minds to other points of view. But man, these people can be thick!

Anyway, I can’t wait to do it again, and I highly recommend you go out and do something like it. It will really make you feel good, and it will do good too. We ended up, as a group, writing about 2500 letters in just a few hours. Not bad for a day’s work.

This is an open thread.

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