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Hello Widdershins, and a very good Tuesday to all of you. Today I want to make a statement about women and the Democratic Party.

We’re reclaiming our time.

Maxine Waters Doesn’t Take Your Crap, Bro

As we know, the “election” of Drumpf was a devastating blow to those of us who knew, just knew, that this time we’d get the President we wanted and deserved. Obama set off red flags in 2008 with his sexism and lack of qualifications, and we hated the obvious push to hand him the nomination by rigging the DNC rules to favor caucuses. So we declared “Party Unity My *ss,” and the Obots swarmed and won. In 2016, when it should have been obvious that Hillary would run unopposed, that narcissistic, lazy sh*thead Bernie Sanders decided to start a Party of One…and the Obots swarmed, newly reborn as Bernie Bros/brogressives. This time, they lost, and lost YUGE. It was surely, finally time for Hillary!

But it wasn’t. Bernie had done a lot of damage to her reputation, and that, along with so many other factors, doomed her to lose once again. And as if that weren’t enough, the Democratic Party is still cosseting and kowtowing to the man who lost the primary by 4 million votes, AND who will not even show the most basic respect of declaring himself a Democrat. His followers are primarying Democratic candidates instead of supporting them, and creating ridiculous smear campaigns against any Democrat who doesn’t fit the Bernie mold. You know what that means: white, male, sexist and self-righteous.

Look what they’re doing to Kamala Harris, whose voting record is the second most progressive in the Senate. (Bernie is not even in the top 10. Surprise!)

Cosmopolitan goes so far as to say, “Leave Kamala Harris Alone,” pointing out in no uncertain terms:

Kamala Harris doesn’t have a Bernie Sanders problem. The so-called “Sanders Left” has a black-woman problem. In fact, the entire left has a black-woman problem. On May 25, a group of black women wrote an open letter to DNC Chairman Tom Perez requesting that he meet with black women politicians and policy makers. The letter noted that the 115th Congress has “20 Black women—the largest number in history” and reminded Perez that in 2008 and 2012, black women were the party’s most loyal voting bloc. The DNC refused to even give black women an official response to the letter. I say this, because I want to be clear that the DNC is no friend to black women. However, if 2016 is any indicator, the vast majority of black women rejected the Sanders solution as a model for the kind of left politics that meets their needs.

Let me be clear: Bernie Sanders and his sexist brogressives will NEVER stop demonizing women, no matter what color they are. Look what venerated feminist blogger Melissa McEwan of Shakesville posted today. Everyone knows she is a progressive – but OMG she supported Hillary!!!11111!!! so she must NOT BE!

“Sanders Democrats” don’t own the left.

For thirteen years, I’ve been occupying this space, advocating for progressive policy and social justice. I support universal healthcare and a basic guaranteed income. I am pro-choice, anti-death penalty, a prison abolitionist, and advocate for vast criminal justice reform. I strongly reject privatization schemes and strongly support free public education. I am an intersectional feminist; an anti-racist; a fierce defender of LGBTQ rights; an advocate for dismantling the rape culture; a disabled survivor; a fat activist; a Democratic critic and a Democratic supporter.

Those are not conservative positions. They are not even centrist positions.

They are leftist positions.

And I have spent the last thirteen years of my life being mercilessly inundated with gross harassment for taking those positions.

RECLAIM YOUR TIME, MELISSA!!! What the hell have the Keyboard Kommandoes of Bernie’s non-existent ‘revolution’ sacrificed for their position? How dare they abuse and disdain women who have been working for many years for liberal causes, just because they favored Hillary over #TheBernout?

So now, finally, more and more women are getting it. The Democrats won’t give us our time unless we stand up and demand it. Women must have a voice in the Democratic Party, and we want candidates that represent us. This means, tell ENORMOUS LOSER Bernie Sanders to go sit in a corner and rename a post office. That’s all he’s ever been good for.

And for us, let’s find a group to join and start promoting and registering women in the Democratic Party. There are a lot of them out there, including Hillary’s PAC. I joined this one on Monday.

Hey, DNC: We’re no longer asking. We’re telling.

This is an open thread.





Happy Tuesday, Widdershins. Remember the “Conscience Clause” I was so up in arms about a few years back? This was the Bush-created, Obama-supported clause that exempted pharmacists with “consciences” from providing abortion or contraception prescriptions to anyone they chose. (By logical extension, I suppose pharmacists with no “consciences” simply have to fill the prescription as written. Losers!).

As I wrote in March, the HHS regulation Bush forced through in the waning days of his Administration like a cold butter knife through a hot thick steak, has already made a demonstrable negative impact on women’s lives.

Just as many of us suspected, this rule is actually creating unwanted pregnancies, and for rape victims, no less – as if they have not been through enough. Isn’t it interesting that men are making these rules, and women are the ones who have to bear the consequences in their own wombs? Or perhaps not so much interesting, as 100% pure evil. Yes, that’s the word I was looking for!

It was 2009 when I wrote that post. What with all of the cray-cray the right-wingers have been pouring on lately, it had kind of slipped my mind. I was strongly reminded of it a couple of weekends ago, during a get-together with one of my best girlfriends. Guess what? It’s still going strong.

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Overturned TreeI just couldn’t bring myself to do Activist Wednesday this week, since our Chat is an Irish/Scots lassie, and has written a splendiferous St. Patty’s Day post!

So, here’s The Haps, and some activism for you all today.

We had a really bad weekend in the NorthEast

The number of 911 calls topped 9/11.

The wild weekend nor’easter that knocked out power to thousands and crippled travel also killed at least six people in the metro area – and left the city reeling from severe wind damage.

The storm generated more calls to 911 than 9/11 did.

“It’s sort of meteorological mayhem,” said city Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe. “This was a storm of unusual intensity and duration. It’s the worst we’ve had in a while.”

A disastrous combination of hurricane-strength wind gusts and soil softened by February’s snowstorms toppled trees all over town – many onto cars and houses.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) called on the Federal Emergency Management Agency to send damage assessment teams, estimating cleanup costs to the region in “tens of millions of dollars.”

All told, the storm dumped up to 6 inches of rain on parts of the tristate area, plunged half-a-million homes into darkness and trapped hundreds of travelers in trains, cars and airports.

Israel-U.S. Relations Worsen

YIKES! Seems like the game of chicken just keeps escalating. I have no idea what Netanyahu thinks he’s doing, but playing games and talking out of both sides of his mouth is certainly not the way to win friends and influence people. Meanwhile, when are we going to stop pretending that the Palestinians have any reasonable demands whatsoever? No, Israel will not cease to exist so there can be “peace.” No, Israel will not give up territory won when it was fighting for its life. This is not about settlements, it’s about what Fatah and Hamas want. Israel can’t give it to them. Both the Israelis and the Palestinians need new leaders, STAT!


Oh Well – There’s a War Protest Going On This Weekend

March 20th, 12 pm – in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., San Francisco

People from all over Southern California and surrounding states are organizing to converge on Los Angeles on Saturday, March 20, 12 noon, Hollywood and Vine. That day, there will also be a national march on Washington, D.C., and a regional action in San Francisco. We will march together to say “No Colonial-type Wars and Occupations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine!” We will march together to say “Reparations for the people of Haiti!” Instead of war and occupation, we will demand funds so that every person can have a job, free and universal health care, decent schools, and affordable housing.

Or,  Come to my Rally for Single-Payer Health Care 3/27, 4 pm – 5:30 pm

Come one, come all! It’s in front of Carolyn Maloney’s office on the Upper East Side. Let me know if you want to attend in comments, and I’ll invite you to the org site.

That’s it for today. This is an open thread!

The Haps

The Haps

I’m sorry I jumped the gun, Widdershins, but there’s just so much going on I had to tell you all about it!

First of all, the Massachussetts Democratic Primary election for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat is being held today. Martha Coakley, the Massachussetts Attorney General, is the frontrunner, and if she wins, she will be the first female Senator from Massachussetts. The Big Dawg has just endorsed Coakley, and has recorded a robocall to be sent out to 500,000 voters today. As the article I just linked points out, Coakley is a Clintonite, not an Obama or Kennedy supporter. Should be a very interesting day in Librul Taxachusetts!

Yesterday was Pearl Harbor Day. Once again, we thank our veterans from the bottom of our hearts for their service to our country. And speaking of Pearl Harbor, do we finally know what happened to the Oklahoma?

Researchers believe that they have found a fifth “midget submarine” sent by the Japanese Empire to participate in the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. What’s more, is that they believe the vessel may have fired torpedoes at the USS Oklahoma–an attack that would have caused lethal damage.

For almost 70 years, the 6-foot wide, 80-foot long vessel was unaccounted for (four others sent by Japan never made it to their intended target), but now researchers believe that it has been hiding in plain sight.

Our current war situation is quite grim, as we all know. If you are as pissed about the Af-Pock-ee-ston “surge” as I am, here are some actions for you:

No You Can’t: Emergency Anti-Escalation Rally, Saturday, December 12, Washington, D.C. – with Dennis Kucinich and many other liberal peace advocates and activists

Tell Congress not to fund the escalation

In Democratic Health Care Kabuki news, a Medicare expansion was raised yesterday in the Senate. The proposal would extend Medicare to those “as young as” 55. Many other confusing and nebulous “public options” were also discussed. However, you will notice a paucity of details in the article about how many people would be covered by any of them. I wonder why? (More are found here, h/t Lambert.) Meanwhile, Ben Nelson, D-(Scared-of-LadyParts), is desperately trying to Stupak the whole thing. Some Democrats are saying they won’t let it happen.

The other potential hot-button issue in the debate is abortion. Nelson, a crucial swing vote in the healthcare debate, has threatened to oppose the bill if his amendment fails.

The amendment would block people who receive federal subsidies from buying insurance plans to cover abortions and prohibit a proposed government insurance plan from offering abortion coverage in most circumstances.

“For more than three decades taxpayers’ money hasn’t been used for abortions and it shouldn’t under any new health reform legislation,” Nelson said.

The restrictions were the same as those in a bill passed by the House of Representatives last month, but Senate liberals said they went beyond current law and they would not accept them.

“The compromise within the current bill is as far as we can go,” Democratic Senator Al Franken said.

Don’t you think that all this health care mumbling and maundering is ridiculous? Health care is a human right. Women’s rights are human rights! And International Human Rights Day is Thursday, December 10. Will you join Amnesty International’s Write-a-Thon?

Finally, climate change is being “hotly” (snurk) debated in Copenhagen. Will anything good come of it, or is it all just a “tempest in a teapot” (sniggle), since Barack “Yes, I really got a Nobel Peace Prize, even I don’t know why” Obama has claimed to be hamstrung by the fact that Congress hasn’t passed cap-and-trade yet.

That’s The Haps for today. This is an open thread.

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