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#MeToo founder Tarana Burke

I really don’t see what is so hard about this. It’s not complicated, it’s Republican ratfcking that’s transparent as sh*t and old as the hills, and it has literally NOTHING to do with #MeToo.

These guys have been setting Democrats up with bullsh*t scandals about women since the 1990s. Was #MeToo around in the 1990s, Widdershins? No? Then how could the eleventy-millionth Republican ratfcking involving Democrats and women have ANYTHING to do with #MeToo?

Lest we need reminding, the Republicans tried to accuse Bill Clinton of rape too. The woman’s name was Juanita Broaddrick. Despite the Republicans’ desperate desire to be rid of that pesky Bill, Juanita was not found to be credible – not even by Ken Starr, the guy who ended up impeaching Clinton for lying about a blow job. All the Broaddrick apologia out there (and there is quite a bit, sadly – mostly by Berners who want us to believe Tara Reade too cause #MeToo) tends to gloss over that fact as though it’s not important. But for those of us who were there, it’s screamingly obvious that if she were credible, Ken Starr would have added rape charges to the impeachment trial. They would have certainly fit under “high crimes and misdemeanors,” no? If Republicans could have attached “rapist” to him, they would have. He would have been removed by Republicans and Democrats alike.

#MeToo is not about believing all women no matter what, and especially not when their stories are not remotely credible. As a movement, it started as a conversation about women of color and how to help them survive sexual violence.

The ‘me too.’ movement was founded in 2006 to help survivors of sexual violence, particularly Black women and girls, and other young women of color from low wealth communities, find pathways to healing. Our vision from the beginning was to address both the dearth in resources for survivors of sexual violence and to build a community of advocates, driven by survivors, who will be at the forefront of creating solutions to interrupt sexual violence in their communities.

In less than six months, because of the viral #metoo hashtag, a vital conversation about sexual violence has been thrust into the national dialogue. What started as local grassroots work has expanded to reach a global community of survivors from all walks of life and helped to de-stigmatize the act of surviving by highlighting the breadth and impact of a sexual violence worldwide.

Our work continues to focus on helping those who need it to find entry points for individual healing and galvanizing a broad base of survivors to disrupt the systems that allow for the global proliferation of sexual violence.

Now what “entry point” did Tara Reade need to find? An interview with a known Berner and Putin apologist? Gurlll, please.

As a person who has been assaulted more than once (first time when I was five), I remember details. I don’t have to try hard. I remember what I was wearing and colors and scents and the horrible feelings that washed over me as it was happening. My story has never changed once since I first told it. That’s because…it’s true.

So don’t tell me because of some hash tag I have to believe liars. Tara Reade is a liar.

I believe Joe Biden.

Tawk amongst yerselves.







Good day Widdershins

There’s some good news concerning the November 2020 election.  A new USA Today/Suffolk University poll shows Biden leading tRump by six points.  That includes there being a third party candidate running also.  (I have to wonder what Suffolk knows that we don’t know about a 3rd candidate). With no third party candidate it’ a 10 point lead.  Without a doubt Trump’s handling of the Covid pandemic played a big part in that.

The findings underscore the challenge the deadly pandemic is posing to the president’s political standing, which has proved durable through investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, a Senate impeachment trial over his dealings with Ukraine and other controversies.

Now Trump’s standing may be threatened in the face of questions about the response he and his administration have made to a disease that has cost more than 55,000 lives in the United States and imperiled the nation’s economy.


Opinions of those polled were varied of course:  From this:

“I had to give up watching the White House briefings,” said Democrat Eric Haenfler, 67, a retired music teacher and band director from Gilbert, Arizona, who was called in the poll. “I couldn’t stand to watch him say ignorant things. They were just campaign rallies and gave no information – and what information he was giving was false and sometimes dangerous.”

To this:

But Mercedes Nazarian, 29, a political independent and bartender from Savannah, Georgia, said her support for Trump hadn’t been shaken. “I think he’s doing the best to his ability,” she said in a follow-up interview. “I believe it’s out of his control at this point. I mean, nobody can control a virus.”

Note to Mercedes:  It would have been more controllable had tRump paid any attention to the Presidential Daily Briefs back in January and February.

Also interesting was that tRump lost support among men.  “While men still back Trump over Biden 46% to 35%, that’s a narrower advantage than in December, when it was 56% to 30%.”.  Women support Biden 53% to 30% according to the poll.

However it’s not all good news for Biden according to the poll.  His support has gotten a bit softer among A.A. voters:

His support among black voters has dropped in a hypothetical three-way race with Trump and a third-party candidate. Although the sample size is small, making precise comparisons unreliable, about two-thirds of African American voters support Biden now; nearly eight in 10 had backed him in December. Those voters didn’t move to Trump, supported by just 8%. But one in four black voters now say they are undecided or would vote for a third-party candidate.

That’s fixable depending on who Biden selects as a veep candidate.  He’s already committed to selecting a woman and it could go a long way if he selects the right woman.  And if there is no third party candidate (go away Jill Stein and Tulsi) I think his numbers among A.A. voters will be fine.

* * * *

One other thing not Biden/Trump related.  This was a good read on “covid phobia”, i.e. people who need to get to an E.R. for, among other things, cardiac related issues.  They are afraid of going to the E.R.

Covid phobia is keeping people with serious heart symptoms away from ERs


Okie doke Widdershins that’s your (not so) Activist post.  mb has discussed the possibility of doing a Zoom talk-a-thon this weekend so we’ll see how that goes.

Open thread of course.


This is likely to be my least popular post ever, so I guess I’ll just dive in and say what I need to say.

I have come to realize that Joe Biden is the best man for the job of President in 2020.

Have I “evolved” on this topic, as the politicos say? You’re damn right. And it’s shocking even me. How could a 78-year-old white man be our Democratic nominee after our Hillary? Women deserve better. Kamala, Kirsten, Amy, Elizabeth – most of us favored one of the Democratic women running over Joe. Frankly, I was both pissed off and devastated that he even ran. He sucked up the oxygen from the women, didn’t he? And if you preferred one of the other men running – and there were quite a few good ones – well, he toppled them rather handily. I mean, what the hell, the guy is on the verge of death, I said! He’s two decades too old to be President. Every President ages 20 years in the Oval Office. That would make him 100 years old by the end of two terms!

And yet…

And yet.

In my opinion, Biden has every single characteristic he needs to attract the voters to beat Drumpf. And no other candidate has them all.

Light baggage. Biden’s baggage is light enough not to bother anyone. Compared to the corrupt sexual predator in the White House, “he’s too touchy-feely” doesn’t raise an eyebrow, especially after Biden’s apologies and acknowledgements. The fake Tara Reade story has failed to hold up under scrutiny – of course, since if Biden had been a rapist he would not have made it through the vetting required to Obama’s VP.  All the women running, of course, had heavy baggage: every one of them lacks that all-important scrap of flesh between their legs which screams “Presidential!” to white Americans. And if Hillary, who had exponentially more experience and credentials, couldn’t get enough turnout to overcome the ratfcking in 2016, these less-well-known, less-accomplished women (however fabulous) sure couldn’t do it in 2020.

Experience. By contrast with the reality-show baboon currently sh*tting on the Oval Office carpet, Joe Biden has deep federal experience. He was in the White House for 8 years and in Congress before that. He even has experience successfully dealing with a pandemic! The extent of the damage Drumpf has inflicted on our government is unknown, but no matter how deep and wide, it needs to be fixed by a President who can hit the ground running. Long-serving institutions have been shuttered or taken over by “acting” members of his crime family. Career public servants have been fired and not replaced, leaving a skills and knowledge gap in our federal bureaucracy which is having ripple effects we are only tangentially aware of. None of the other candidates running could credibly claim to be able to remedy this horrifying situation as quickly as Biden.

Honesty. By contrast with the Liar-in-Chief, Joe Biden is perceived as an honest, straight-talking man.  His personal story is true, and contains both tragedy and hope. His is a reputation that has survived over 50 years in public service. Of course, he hasn’t spent decades being attacked and smeared like Hillary – but then again, he’s got that scrap between his legs! It’s a “get out of jail free” card whose power is unquestioned by white people. And speaking of white people…

Skin color. Sorry y’all, but whoever is running for President against Drumpf needs to be white. If not, he won’t get Republican women and men to vote for him. From what I’ve seen, a lot of notable Republicans are already on board.

Humility. After so many years of a malignant, sociopathic narcissist at the head of our country, isn’t is refreshing to have a person with real humility running for President? A person who understands he has to fight for every vote, and is willing to do the work to get it? A person who understands the gravity of the job he would be doing, and who is humbly asking for it, rather than asserting his absolute authority every time he opens his cavernous, hamberder-filled piehole?

And finally…

Responsibility. Instead of a pretender who proudly states he doesn’t take responsibility for anything, even during an unprecedented disaster like the Coronavirus, we have Joe Biden, whose latest ad claims, quite rightly, that “the buck stops here.” That message is really going to resonate. When a President can’t take responsibility, tens of thousands of people die.

So there’s my case, Widdershins. Do with it what you will!

Tawk amongst yerselves.


Today, my friends, let’s take a moment to acknowledge that the Bernie Sanders “revolution” has died, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

The polls tell the story: Joe Biden is trouncing Bernie in almost every state. It’s 2016 redux, but now, people have gotten wise to Bernie and are abandoning him much earlier on. And of course, there are a lot fewer caucuses; in 2016, some people saw Bernie running the table in the Midwest and thought, well hey, maybe he could get some of those WWC voters to switch back to Democrats. But no, it turned out that Bernie’s bullying, toxic supporters are just really great at winning caucuses. Nonetheless, even with the illusion of Midwestern love in 2016, Hillary beat him by 4 million votes.

It will be even worse this year, according to

March 10th:

The rest of March:

The data is clear: there is absolutely no path to the nomination for Bernie, and humiliatingly, very little relief ahead from the massive walloping that Biden is going to deliver.

Requiescat in pace, oh fake Revolution. You will most assuredly NOT be missed.

Oh and PS, Trump may have Coronavirus. Dare we hope Karma would be this kind?



Does anyone else feel like we are living through The Rapture? The Chosen ones – David Bowie, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, etc., – are being carried off to a better place while the rest of us heathens stay behind to suffer Drumpf for all eternity. We can all agree 2016 has been literally the worst. I’m not sure saying goodbye to it will make anything better though. Just when you think things can’t get any worse – they can. Do we have any reason to think 2017 will be an improvement with Drumpf – aka. King Jesus – and Pence leading the way?


Over the last couple of weeks we’ve also had some bizarre murmurings about HRC’s loss from Obama and everyone’s apparently favorite uncle Joe Biden. (Nevermind that Biden is a gaffe machine who once said it was nice that Obama was so clean, among many other stunning pronouncements). Obama declared he definitely would have won if he ran against Trump (thanks Obama!) and Biden said Hillary never figured out how to run. This is from a guy who has run for President how many times and always dropped out with single digit support? Now Biden says he might run in 2020. Ok fantastic, good luck with that uncle Joe. With friends like these who needs friends? So how about Obama and Biden shut the hell up at this point? And while they’re at it, can they shut Bernie up too?

Speaking of Bernie, I’ve had it up the wazoo with Bernie and his Bros. We are still hearing them tell us how much we don’t understand the suffering of poor white men in the rust belt, and how we should not look down on them, and our condescension of their deplorableness is one big reason HRC lost the election (they don’t really care about the popular vote any more than Drumpf does.)

Ok look, this might sound harsh, but we don’t care about political correctness anymore, right? And these are tough guys, they’re men damn it, they can handle the truth.  So here goes: I have no doubt poor white men in the rust belt are suffering. But whose fault is it? Whose freaking fault is it? Apparently it’s HRC’s fault, and my fault and all of your fault Widdershins. We just don’t take care of them enough. Boohoo poor babies. Wahwahwahwahwah. My coal job is gone and I can’t get black lung disease anymore! And “fixing” Obamacare might get rid of my black lung health insurance!


Ok, you know what? I’m done being blamed for that shit. The world evolves and people must evolve with it. Once upon a time everybody was a farmer. Then the Industrial Revolution came and people had to evolve and adapt. So they lost their farming jobs anddinosaurs-missingark-jpg-w300h308 moved to the big cities and started working in factories. Now we are living in a post-Industrial world, we are in a technological age. Maybe these poor white men in the rust belt could turn off NASCAR and crack open a damned book and learn something? Maybe go to a community college and get a degree in something instead of longing for the golden age of coal mines? It’s just a suggestion. Stop mocking the coastal elites who work long hours in offices and who went to college and got college degrees and massive student debts. I have a friend who works full time at Teach For America and goes full time to the New School. He has asked me for small loans to buy food a few times because his entire salary is spent on school and rent (with roommates.) These are the choices he made and I’ve never heard him blame anyone for them. He chose to go to school to get a masters while working full time and living in Brooklyn. So how about these poor white men in the rust belt stop whining and demanding things from everyone, blaming coastal elites for their troubles, while accepting no responsibilities for their own choices and actions. And how about Bernie Bros stop patronizing them and treating them like little children who are apparently so stupid that after a two year Presidential campaign HRC was somehow unable to connect with them. Excuse me, are they complete idiots who are incapable of critical thinking? Well, I tend to think “Yes, they are.” These are the people who year after year vote against their won self interests. In 2016 they voted for Drumpf. Seems pretty stupid to me. But Bernie/Bros tell us to stop condescending to them. Ok fine, let’s stop condescending to them, let’s treat them like adults with a few still living brain cells and hold them accountable for their own actions. Stop blaming everyone for these people’s stupidity and maybe spread out some blame for our current predicament to these people themselves? I mean, go ahead and blame HRC for her failures (I’ll assign one: it was obviously a mistake to spend time, money and resources trying to flip Georgia blue.) But stop blaming HRC for these poor suffering white men’s own failures as well as her own. I think we are all tired of being everybody’s whipping boys/girls, no? Take some responsibility for your actions folks in the rust belt and Bernie Bros who love them. You voted for Trump because you don’t like women, because you get bored by policy, you never looked at HRC’s plans for job creation in your regions, you only watched Faux News and read Breitbart for your breaking news, you thought e-mails were a really big deal. Own it. Hmmkay thanx bye.


What’s on your minds Widdershins? This is an open thread.

Good Monday all! It was a good week for Hillary Clinton. Not only did she fully demonstrate her Presidential fitness against the foaming cretins in the Benghazi committee; but also, Joe Biden decided not to throw his hat in the ring after all, ending months of rumors that he would jump in and ZOMG!111!!! steal away all of Hillary’s support.

Biden announced last week that he wouldn’t get in the race for the Democratic nomination in the White House’s Rose Garden, alongside Jill and President Obama.

“I came home and Hunter, our son was upstairs with mom, with Jill. And I walked in and I said, “You know, I just don’t think there’s time,'” Joe Biden said. “I’ve just decided, “I don’t think we can run the kind of campaign we have to run to be able to win.” And I remember Jill just got up off the couch, gave me a big hug, and said, “I think you’re right.””

Jill Biden said she was disappointed that he decided not to run and that she believed he would’ve “been the best President.”

Well, I guess Jill has to say that, but…no, he wouldn’t have been the best President, and frankly, I feel he had zero chance of winning. The Vice President’s poll numbers, post-debate, show this to be a fairly safe assumption.

HRC vs Biden

And most Democrats agree that Joe’s chances of winning were slim to none.

Had he entered, Biden would likely have seen his sky-high ratings fall back to earth after incurring the scrutiny and criticism faced by an actual candidate. Clinton saw even stronger ratings than Biden’s as secretary of state, but became dramatically less popular once her campaign kicked into gear.

And Democrats, despite their esteem for Biden, don’t believe he was especially likely to nab their party’s nomination. Just 14 percent think he would have been very likely to win the primary had he entered, while 35 percent say he would have been somewhat likely to win and 41 percent that it’s somewhat or very unlikely that he would have prevailed.

I understand that the Powers That Be were worried about Hillary prior to the debates, but I confess to being confused as to why they suddenly felt Biden was their savior. I’ve never thought there was anything particularly likeable about the guy, and in fact, I think he’s about as phony as those big white choppers and spray-on tan. “Middle Class Joe” indeed – the last I heard, a net worth estimated at $2.3 million wasn’t middle class. And there is always his propensity to open mouth, insert foot.

I suspect that Joe’s appeal was enhanced not just by his inflated popularity ratings, but by the fact that he has that prized scrap of flesh between his legs. I suspect that there are still those in the Democratic Party elite who strongly dislike Hillary, due to her uppity wimminz-ness, and wish desperately that there could be someone else they could use to tank her candidacy, like they did in 2008. And I suspect that these people are going to experience yet another disappointment in their pathetic, envy-filled, woman-hating lives. Because you know what, boys? Hillary Clinton WILL be the next President of the United States. So you can just suck it…and give up the Guy Love already.



I have no idea what that means in the caption but I think I got it from an Asian/Vietnamese or Thai website perhaps?  Anyway it looked good. So let’s take a look at the lighter side, the odds and ends of what’s happening in the world.


I’ve heard of folks who are considered “high maintenance” but Joe this is quite an entourage, even for the veep.

Few expenses are spared when Vice President Biden hits the road, racking up five-star hotel bills of $500G

Okay, okay…I know he was going over to discuss issues regarding Syrian civil war but Joe doesn’t come cheap!

WASHINGTON — Vice President Biden’s gregarious, gaffe-laden diplomacy doesn’t come cheap.

It can cost in the neighborhood of $500,000 a night — and that’s just for the hotel.

Biden’s one-day visit to Paris on Feb. 4 required more than 100 rooms at the five-star Hotel InterContinental Paris Le Grand.

The lodging cost taxpayers $585,000.50, according to federal contracting records that emerged Friday. [I’m wondering what the fifty cents was for, a tip?]


Then it was on to London, where Biden’s visit on Feb. 5 required “approximately 136 rooms” at another five-star hotel, the Hyatt Regency London Churchill — the closest Hyatt to the U.S. Embassy.

Total cost for those rooms: $459,338.65.

The spending was first reported by a conservative website, The Weekly Standard, which discovered the official government contract filings online, showing how much was paid for the lodging.

Experts say the costs reflect the enormous security and logistics challenges posed whenever the President or vice president travel.

“Those rooms are covering a lot,” a veteran of advance work for federal VIPs told the Daily News.

“They are in line with high-level travel across multiple administrations,” the spokesman told The News.

“The contract costs cover the entire range of support, including accommodations for military, communications, Secret Service staff and other support professionals. Security experts are also required to travel in advance of the President or vice president. Safety and security are not negotiable.”

Umm…I guessing they couldn’t ask for the federal employee discount.  And really I understand that the veep has to travel with a retinue of folks as the piece indicated above.   But I wonder if that included Joe’s bar tab?  😉


Lindsay Lohan still set to appear on Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’ before 6th rehab trip

Lindsay Lohan’s guest appearance on Charlie Sheen’s FX sitcom “Anger Management” is still full steam ahead, sources told the Daily News, even though a judge sentenced her Monday to 90 days in rehab for lying to police about a car crash last June.

The “Liz & Dick” actress is scheduled to film her episode next week — before flying back to New York to pick a suitable facility for her sixth go at residential rehab, sources said.

Uh, say what?  😯    Pick a *suitable facility*???   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!  No dear, we have already chosen your suitable facility for you!


and we’ve even selected your bed for you.    lana-a-finalement-quitte-l-asile

You don’t have anything to worry your pretty little head about.  Everything has been done for you.


Apparently not.


A Texas woman burned her own house down during a heated battle with a snake.

The serpent frightened the lady while cleaning outside her home Wednesday night. She doused the limbless reptile in gasoline and called over her son to set it ablaze.

The plan backfired.

Her son tossed a lit match at the creeping reptile but it slithered into a nearby brush pile, bringing the flames with it. The brush pile, too, caught fire and soon spread to the family’s home on Will Smith Rd. in Texarkana, Capt. David Grable of the Bowie County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to the Daily News.

“We were trying to kill a snake with fire,” the woman said during a 911 call. “It done caught the house.”

“Caught the house?” asked the dispatcher.

“Yes, the house is on fire. Could you hurry up please?”

The Liberty Eylau Fire Department arrived at the scene to find the family’s home completed destroyed and a neighbors’ home significantly damaged.

“There were two homes close together. One of them is a total loss,” said Jeff Neal, chief deputy at the sheriff’s office.

Fire chief David Wesslehoft told CBS 12 News that burning animals have been known to ignite larger fires.

“With rabbits and big field mice, once they start burning the grass they get out of their hole,” said Wesslehoft. “They have been known to catch on fire and take off.”

So keep that in mind people:  If you set a critter on fire it may decide to take off.  🙄


Tina Fey was recently on Inside The Actors Studio with James Lipton and James asked her to revive a role she previously played.

Okay folks, my lights have flickered twice so I’m saving this and scheduling it before the power goes out.  So what’s happening in your world today?

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