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Statement of Principles

Statement of Principles

Originally authored by FuzzyBear

  1. We are not Republican right-wingers or Blue Dog Democrats.  Our forum and Community is not the place for their ideas. Ideally, this is an inclusive group with exclusive ideals. We are true FDR, LBJ, Clinton and Left Wing Democrats.
  2. We must support equal rights for everyone; this includes women and the LGBT community. WE mean EQUAL not “Separate but Equal”. The time for this discussion is passed; the time to enact this in law (the ERA!) is now!
  3. We believe that a woman inherently has the right of reproductive choice without any interference from the state, from religion, or from corporate interests.
  4. We believe that Taxes are the price we pay for a civil society and we believe The United States Is a Civil Society. We do not believe Taxes are bad but are an efficient way for all of us to “pool” our resources to create the greatest economic effect to the benefit of all Americans. We just do not buy into the Right Wing belief that all taxes are bad.
  5. We believe that the American Government is constituted by the American People to serve the Individual American, which is to carry out the will of the majority while protecting the rights of the minority. To this end, we believe that all Americans have the right to be protected by the their government from the corporate interest through just regulation, from religious persecution and this includes the persecution brought on individuals by religious institutions due to their sex or sexual orientation. This can only be achieved by a strict separation of church and state and through the law and use of the tax code for violators. Also, every American has a right to protection from selfish individuals that through their actions or inactions show disregard for the public interest in general or the interest of any American individually. In summation we believe that you cannot hate the Government of the United States or its Constitution and still profess to love Americans or America; for better or worse the government is the people and the people when properly inspired are capable of greatness through their government which is elected by the people to represent the people. This is our republic which we have had instituted by The Constitution.
  6. We believe capitalism is an economic system, not a system of government. When capitalism becomes a tool of a self interested oligarchy then we reserve the right to reduce the powers of said corporate oligarchy through strict regulation and where necessary swift anti-trust action.  The purpose of government is to ensure there is a fair economic playing field for every individual that participates in this American economy.   We believe that through regulation of the economic enterprise we can preserve the best parts of our market system without it devolving into the worst aspects of Social Darwinism.
  7. We believe every American has the right to a job that pays a living wage and to bargain collectively on all aspects of employment through Unions and other such association that the members of the labor force deem necessary and proper to carry out their jobs in a safe, secure, and just way.  We also believe and support the entrepreneurial spirit of the small businessperson.  We will ensure proper legislation and regulation as a check and a balance to prevent the exploitation of either by a selfish and oppressive corporate oligarchy.
  8. We believe that in a modern compassionate society like America we are first a hand up to our brother and sister Americans and when necessary we are a hand out. To this end we will institute and maintain a social safety net of services and resources that ensures that no American goes hungry, becomes homeless, or suffers from want of the necessities of life. While we have no objection to private or religious organizations also engaging in these endeavors we do not believe the funds of the public purse should be extended to these organizations; we also charge the federal and state institutions to effectively and efficiently discharge the social safety net to those who need it so that it achieves the greatest effect.
  9. We believe all Americans have a right to universal healthcare and to this end we do not believe “Private Enterprise” can achieve our goal of Healthcare for all. Private enterprise has had since 1948 to provide and extend abundant and inexpensive healthcare to all and has failed to do so.  We believe it is in the best interest of all Americans to have a healthy society and full coverage. So to ensure all Americans are covered we will open up Medicare to all Americans and we will empower congress to ensure that “healthcare for all” is properly financed.
  10. We believe that America must engage the world community as an equal among nations. We are neither to bully nor be passive in our dealing with other states. The spreading of freedom and democracy is best served by example not by force or coercion.  We must become a peaceful nation; a good steward of the share of the world’s resources we have been given.  We must become what our forefathers and mothers could not imagine while at the same honoring their spirit in a modern world.
  11. We are loyal Liberals (nominally Democrats) who have come to realize that if we are to have any effect on the party that should best represent our interests; we must sometimes send a message. To that end we shall until the party returns to the liberal roots of FDR, Harry Truman, LBJ and Bill Clinton, not support any candidates that do not through action support our principles.  This means no money, no volunteer hours, and no votes for Democrats.  Instead we will make a stand by staying home, voting for a third party candidate, or writing our own name on the ballot. We will not ever vote for the Republican opposition out of spite.  This will send the wrong message to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party should not see this as spite, bitterness, or “a shift to the right” by party faithful.  Our demonstration should be tangible in a way the Party gets the message: come home to your roots or suffer Minority status until you do.
  12. We are committed to restoring our environment and protecting our land air and water for all future generations of Americans. We also are committed to a renewable and sustainable energy policy. We are committed to assigning resources to make America energy independent without destroying our environment.  This will make America secure in a way armies and weapons never can.  We will make the necessary investment in the infrastructure of this country to ensure a quick and as painless as possible transition to the post petroleum world in power generation, industrial production and national transportation.
  13. In those areas which we have not yet formed a position we will always base our policies in the belief that we must empower the individual American to understand that their best interest and that of their sisters and brothers  may not be what is in the best  interest of the media, the oligarchy, or the theocracy.  The taming of the Patriarchy and the media which it controls will be a long battle.  We have no illusions that these institutions will not attempt to co-opt us through intimidation and stealth; we must be vigilant.

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