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The Jekyll Act

The Jekyll Act, authored by MadamaB on January 28, 2011

#6 updated on February 4, 2011 with suggestion from Hipparchia at Correntewire.

Article 1 – Statements.

1) Abortion is a legal medical procedure, authorized by the Supreme Court in the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. Thus, there is no legal basis for the federal government to deny any funding for this procedure, except where forbidden by the provisions of Roe v. Wade.

2) Our Constitution dictates that Supreme Court decisions are applicable to both federal and state governments. Thus, there is also no legal basis for any state government to deny any funding for abortions, except where forbidden by the provisions of Roe v. Wade.

3) Abortion is a vital medical procedure which, according to the Guttmacher Institute, is one of the most common surgical operations done in America today. Approximately 35% of American women have at least one abortion by the age of 45. Due to the funding restrictions currently imposed on the federal government, millions of poor women have been denied access to abortion. These cruel and inhuman restrictions have inflicted incalculable hardship, injury and death upon these women and their families.

Article 2 – Actions.

4) In accordance with Statements 1, 2 and 3, this Act shall invalidate all Amendments and Executive Orders restricting federal or state funding for abortions, including, but not limited to: The Hyde Amendment, the Nelson Amendment, and Executive Order #13535.

5) This Act shall immediately establish a “Women’s Reproductive Health Fund,” to be administered through the Secretary of Health and Human Services, which shall be paid for by re-allocating 10% of the military budget of the year in which this Act is passed, and 10% of the military budget every year afterwards.

5)(a) If, at any time, the CBO should deem this percentage to be inadequate, the percentage re-allocated from the military budget shall be increased until the funding is sufficient to maintain the Women’s Reproductive Health Fund.

5(b) If, at any time, the United States shall establish a national health care system which provides free health care to all Americans, the Women’s Reproductive Health Fund shall consequently be funded by said national health care system.

6) The Women’s Reproductive Health Fund shall:

6)( a) Establish free Women’s Reproductive Health services in every county in the United States. Every hospital, pharmacy and other location which provides health services, shall be staffed with doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals, who shall provide all legal reproductive health care services. These services include, but are not limited to, abortion, contraception, and pregnancy care from conception to delivery.

6)(b) Ensure that women have safe and unfettered access to said Reproductive Health Services. Given the violent attacks to which the anti-choice movement is prone, the Women’s Reproductive Health Fund shall also provide full, 24-hour security services to each location where the Women’s Reproductive Health Services are offered. These security services will ensure that no verbal or physical attacks shall be perpetrated upon said location, or any of the people within it.

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