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The statutes History and Grief overlooking the transition of power...

The statutes History and Grief overlooking the transition of power…

That’s how many seconds we have survived under the Trump/Putin Administration.  Thinking of it like that gives the illusion of something longer than just a week, but that’s all it has been. There are 207 more weeks to go in this first four-year installment of, “Government by basic cable.”

While the Women’s March gave me hope, I have fallen into a pall.  I’ll save the reason for the end of this post.

Last August I wrote about the Yam’s psychological composition.  It’s time to revisit those for a starting point to today’s discussion.  I went into much more detail back in August, but I wanted to mention the high points.

Der Trumpenfuhrer exhibits the traits of an Executive Sales consultant.  You won’t find these people under every rock you turn over, but they aren’t an endangered species.  Predominant are his traits of Significance, Competition, and Command.

how-the-public-graded-the-candidateThe Significance means he receives every ounce of his self-esteem from the way other people see him.  In short, he is an empty vessel of perpetual need.  Emotional fragility is his default position.  No amount of positive feedback will quench his constant thirst to be told he is a person of value.

Competition explains his fixation on the inaugural crowd and the popular vote.  As I said back in August, it isn’t so much about winning as it is about everyone else losing.  There’s a darkness and mean-spiritedness prevalent in this characteristic.  It’s about wishing ill to befall everyone standing in the way of conquest.  Numbers are measurements and everything is about measurement.

Then you have the third leg of the stool – Command.  People who have Command must be in charge.  They are essentially rhetorical bulldozers without a reverse gear.  Emotions and feelings are merely weaknesses giving those with Command something at which to aim.  Command is the trait that erases the Yam’s shame and embarrassment genes.

I mention these characteristics again for a simple reason.  The clamorous Yam is not going to change.  The only change is this:  When he is tired or under pressure, these proclivities will be stronger.  These are his default settings.  We will see more of this behavior, not less.

These characteristics have not been lost on those around the Yamster.  The devious ones are attempting to harness these characteristics as best they can.  The others are leaking like incontinent sieves.ansel-adams-fight-our-own-government

In my humble opinion, the true evil behind the madness is hiding in plain sight – Bannon.  It takes a certain kind of discerning evil to play to Trump’s character by publicly humiliating Mitt Romney.  It takes a keen hand to play to the base by parading Al Gore through the Trump lobby and then appointing his antithesis to head the EPA the very next day.

Bannon’s fingerprints are all over this first week like overwhelming the press by chewing paper and crapping Executive Orders.  Such are the actions of a two-bit dictator.  The number of full democracies in the world was reduced by one this year – from 20 to 19.  The one falling to the “flawed democracy” category was the U.S.

This is merely the tip of the great orange turdberg into which we are sailing.  Pence and Ryan have conspired to erase the New Deal and surrender human rights within our foreign policy.  Eighty years of progressive policy will die in some Ayn Randian polemic mirroring the dystopian carnage the Yam barked about in his inaugural address.

From transferring the corporate tax burden to the middle class, from starting a trade war to inadvertently conferring superpower status on China, from increasing infant mortality to accelerating climate change, the future is indeed dark.  To summarily cede the largest trading bloc to China will haunt us for generations.

This is what I know.  The harm will be quickly legislatively engineered.  The effects will metastasize at a slower pace.  Pence, Ryan, and Bannon will fray the social safety net and the damage will not be undone for generations.  In these hyper-partisan times, re-engineering Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid is incomprehensible.same-crap-different-century

This clown show is currently booked for 4 years.  The fools lured into Cabinet posts won’t have comparable longevity.  They will be expected to fall on their swords like a Jonestown dance team to protect the dear Supine Leader’s emotional fragility.

If these people have their way, corporate profits will win over regulation.  To speed up making the world a more dangerous place, the House has passed legislation allowing regulations to be rolled back without the protections of normal rule-making.  We will soon be living in the “regulation-free jungle” where food, water, air, voting rights, and any number of basic human needs are a roll of the dice.

All of this is sad, but my despondence is deeper.  For me it is this simple:  I have always believed in the goodness of my fellow citizens — their better angels.  We are embarking on an era where such optimism is misplaced.

Trump is ushering in an era where the vindictive nature of the Tea Party/Trumpists will reign supreme.  It isn’t about a wall or health care – it is about causing pain.  Whether the enemies are Mexicans or people of color or the libruls or gays or immigrants, someone has to hurt in the goofy belief it will be a balm for generational economic

A $50 Billion great wall will never satiate people who fought to deny water to Katrina victims. Who fight funding for health care to children and the elderly.  Trump and his pack of jackals bragged about harnessing the anger of the electorate, I never believed our national morality would be the first victim.

If our collective goal in the American experiment was building the Utopian “shining city on the hill,” by surrendering our institutions to this callous cabal we have forsaken that dream, embraced the malevolence, and forever altered the course of our shared history.  This moralistic void chills the soul – hopefully our better angels will reawaken.  Last weekend’s march was a great start.

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Three days of blog flu, where I verbally vomited over what the country has done to itself, is good therapy.  Thank you for tolerating my desperate search as I rummage about for traces of my sanity. dead-horse

Today’s offering is a preview of coming attractions from the orange Dim Kong Ill.  What can we expect?  We will get to that, but there is something I must share.  This is from Vox.  It is a visualization of the overarching, phony, spurious email issue that plagued Hillary’s campaign.

What it really represents, to me at least, is the unfairness of the double standard applied to Hillary.  Hillary ran a near perfect campaign.  She did run herself ragged and get pneumonia, but humans, even Hillary, get sick.  Her convention was spectacular.  The campaign was buttoned down with no leaks or typical derisive power plays.  Almost perfect.

Except there were those emails.  This fictitious, dummied-up issue was what lazy reporters used to shore-up their claims of “fairness”.  Each day there was some new issue to ding the Orangeloupe about, but it had to be “evened out”.  Balance was what the journalistic gods commanded.  Unfair as it was, the emails were the universal leveler.  There you have the reportorial fairness equation during the entire campaign.

By its repeated use, the email issue was seared into the brains of casual voters as a huge issue while a thousand “one-day stories” about some craziness orange Dim Kong Ill spluttered were forgotten.  This is what two years of front pages looked like:



Now, this is what the email coverage looked like:



The painful truth is this:  Hillary was expected to be perfect.  Not just any perfect, but immaculately infallibly perfect to overcome what faced her.  And yet, she still won the popular vote.

My point is this – Hillary faced unrealistic expectations.  This isn’t endemic to politics, it is cultural, it is pervasive, and it is wrong.  Progress is slow.  In no small measure what Hillary endured has driven at least some reporters to search their miserable souls about fairness.  To the extent this soul-searching has occurred, it is but another example of Hillary moving the ball down the field to the day when we can legitimately say, “Madam President”.  For now, we will have to be satisfied with referring to Hillary as the “People’s President”.

By the way, it has been nine days and not a word about emails.  How has humanity survived?

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Where do you start in a week like this?  Dwell on the horrific?  Dwell on the histrionics?  Dwell on the hollowness?  Or just say to hell with it all?Orlando vigil

Like all of us, my heart hurts for the folks in Orlando.  Happiness turned into the horrific.  Frivolity turned frantic.  Dancing turned into death.  There are no definitive answers and in all likelihood, there never will be.  As unsatisfying as this is, we should make peace with it.  Otherwise, disappointment will add to the despondency.

For what it’s worth, the shooter was a toxic soup of self-loathing, narcissism, and brutality.  Coming from a family where fantasy seemed the norm, his socialization was problematic at best.  Being a twice-married closeted gay homophobe does not lend itself to a startling degree of self-awareness; though it might lead to a last-minute deflection excuse of ISIL allegiance.

Invariably there is the “same old, same old” gun control chatter.  So far in 2016 there have been 132 other mass shootings.  Will this one be different beyond claiming the record number of lives?  Perhaps – perhaps not.

World MapHere’s the rub – depending on the use, the average lifespan of a gun is generational.  That means a useful lifetime of somewhere between 20 and 25 years on the low side.  We don’t know exactly how many of these AR-15 type weapons there are in the stream of commerce because sales are not reported.  We do know there is a gun in circulation for every man, woman, and child in the country.  The statistics are mind-blowing: America has 4.4 percent of the world’s population, but almost half of its civilian-owned guns.

During the ten years of the assault weapons ban, 1994-2004, we were just beginning to see the results of the ban.  Then it ended.  Now, with the AR-15 being the most popular rifle sold, the number in the stream of commerce is staggering.  Again, we don’t know exactly because the CDC can’t collect information on such things and the manufacturers won’t report.Guns per 100

The best all around article on this Gordian knot of death is one entitled, What No Politician Wants to Admit about Gun Control.  It is well worth the read.  The conclusions are staggering.  It is something to keep in mind given the holy war about to be unleashed over gun sales to those on the “no fly list”.  A holy war over sales to a paltry 247 people – total. Barring people on the no fly list from buying guns is not a big “ask”.

Let’s face it – death isn’t enough to defeat the gun merchants.  It’s going to take different thinking and a different political climate.  Hillary is doing her best to make that world a reality.

Turning to the histrionics – Donald Trump and Barack Obama are two scorpions in a media bottle.  My question is this:  Where has this Barack Obama been for the last seven and a half years?  Yesterday, the world did not come to an end when it appeared he was emotionally capable of being angry.  Where has that man been?

Trump is the political equivalent of the crazy man standing on the street corner.  No one dares make eye contact with him.  No one wants to engage him.  He’s a big orange turd in the Republican punch bowl.  He’s a pariahNo Republican dares stand up for him other than Sleazy, the rotund troll who closed the bridge.

Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey, another of Trump’s opponents early in the campaign, has transformed himself into a sort of manservant, who is constantly with Trump at events. (One Republican told me that a friend of his on the Trump campaign used Snapchat to send him a video of Christie fetching Trump’s McDonald’s order.)

This is not photo-shopped. He actually did this on Monday...

This is not photo-shopped. He actually did this on Monday…

If there was an “Unpresidential Handbook for Dummies,” Trump would be its author.  Trump’s vanity exercise may well lead to the overruling of Heller and Citizens United.  In the greater scheme of things, he does have a purpose.

As for the hollowness, the Republican Party, as Professor Krugman puts it, is a Party Agrift.  It is a party without a soul.  Those who now pretend to take a stand against Trump were, four years ago, engaged in a primal mating dance.  Case in point:  Mittens.

What is alarming is Trump’s Donny-come lately pro-gay Islamophobia is straight out of the European playbook.  Welcome to the political styling of Paul Manafort. All those years of working for two-bit dictators does pay a dividend.  A word of caution:  It has worked.

Repeatedly Trump confuses political talking points for a substantive understanding of the issues.  One of his favorites is “political correctness”.  Political correctness has become the double secret code word for “white male victimization”.  Criticism of political correctness is a way for white males to delegitimize the experiential reality of minorities.Trump Poll

This election will revolve around the victimization of white males.  As we have pointed out previously, conservatives believe that discrimination is a larger problem affecting whites than minorities.  It worked in the Republican primary.  It is an anathema to those who decide elections, the ten to fifteen percent in the middle.  The hollowness with which Trump is approaching this election is intellectually bankrupt and ironically, he does know about bankruptcy.

It has been a miserable week so far and as I write this a 2-year old has been attacked and carried away by an alligator at Disney World’s Grand Floridian hotel lagoon.

We need better news.  At least the Bloomberg Poll says Hillary is ahead by 12 points.

Here’s Ken Burns at Stanford with some good life lessons after eviscerating the Meerkat-headed buffoon.


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Happy weekend Widdershinners – hoping your week was a good one.  In order to assure you have an appropriately weak end to your week, I’ve collected a few stories for your enjoyment from the News of Weird.  Let’s begin by explaining why this post is adorned with the art work of Mark Rothko. Untitled Blue and Yellow

Mr. Rothko is an abstract impressionist who has been quite successful according to the New York Times.  Mr. Rothko will never be accused of being complicated in his painting.  In fact, some critics have compared Rothko’s art to the “squiggles of playful toddlers,” but eye of the beholder and all that art appreciation stuff.  Sotheby’s auction house announced last month that Rothko’s “Untitled, (Blue and Yellow)” sold for $46.5 million.  As you can tell that is $15.5 million per rectangle.  The Sotheby’s catalog described the painting as one that shows “how truly miraculous a painting can be.”  Funny, I thought I knew the definition of “miraculous”.

Speaking of art appreciation…

The students of the University of California, San Diego’s Visual Arts 104A class were seen as truly appreciating art since they were “truly being seen” during art appreciation.  For the final exam students were to make a presentation while nude, but not to worry, the room was darkened and the professor was also nude.  The professor had been conducting his final exams in the “all together” for eleven years and no student had ever complained.  I can only imagine what Visual Arts classes 101 through 103 entailed – pun sorta intended.

Untitled PurpleNow, here’s a complaint…

According to the London Independent, British forensic scientist Dr. Brooke Magnanti recently filed a lawsuit accusing her ex-boyfriend of libeling her.  Dr. Magnanti has written two best-selling books and even inspired a teevee series based on her life.  Part of Magnanti’s marketability cachet was that she claimed to have paid for her education through prostitution.  Her ex-boyfriend had the chauvinistic temerity to say Dr. Magnanti was NOT a prostitute, ergo the libel suit.  After the breakup, the ex-boyfriend should have stuck with whispering the sweet-nothing of, “What a whore!”

Speaking of horizontal activities…

According to the Daily Telegraph, Mike Holpin, 56, told reporters he was just “doing what God wants.”  Mr. Holpin, unemployed since he lost his promising career as a carny, claims to have fathered at least 40 children.  Those children are now aged from 3 to 37 and the product of Holpin’s carny barking with some twenty different women.  Mr. Holpin explained, “In the Bible, God says go forth and multiply.  I will never stop.  I’m as fertile as sin.”  If anyone from TLC is out there reading TW today, I nominate Mr. Holpin and his extended brood for the time slot formerly occupied by the gold Duggars.

Speaking of religiosity…

The Associated Press reported about the activities of an energetic Catholic Monsignor named Kevin Wallin.  The Monsignor is a young-at-heart 63 years old, but Wallin will be at least 68 when he is again free to roam the environs of Bridgeport, Connecticut.  You see the good Monsignor was sentenced to prison for running a meth distribution ring.  In addition, to cover the lucrative profits from his grassroots pharmaceutical marketing the industrious Wallin also operated a sex shop.  You know what they say about idle hands.  In any event, Wallin had faced a ten-year sentence, but because of his history of charity work and 80 letters of support from high-ranking clergy, he will only be sidelined for five years during which he will undoubtedly be a virtuous paragon of prison wisdom.

Speaking of needed counseling…Untitled Red and Blue

In March, following the departure of Zayn Malik from the British band One Direction, an executive with the Peninsula employment law firm in Manchester, England, told London’s Daily Telegraph that he had received “hundreds” of calls from employers seeking advice about workers who were requesting “compassionate” leave because Malik’s resignation had left them distraught.  I was distraught when I had no idea who Zayn Malik was and even more distraught when I learned there was a band called One Direction.

Crying at the office…

I would have said, “Crying all the way to the bank,” but these people are already at banks for the most part.  Lightly regulated hedge funds failed last year, for the sixth straight year, to out earn ordinary stock index funds.  Following the advice of their high priestess Ayn Rand, you would think such poor performance would be punished by the “invisible hand of the market,” but no.  The top 25 hedge fund managers collectively earned $11.62 billion (not million – billion with a “B”) in fees and salaries for an average of over $464 million each.  Making sure this is understood:  Twenty-five people split $11.62 billion in fees and salaries.  Twenty-five people!  Eleven point Sixty-two billion!  But, six years of failure does take its toll on a person so perhaps they can find solace in their subsistence wages.

They do it for love of the gaming…

A 21-year-old man in Hefei, China, collapsed last month after 14 straight days of Internet gaming, yet when paramedics revived him, the man begged them to leave and put him back in front of the screen.  Then, two weeks later in Nanchang, China, a 24-year-old female gamer took only a minutes-long break at an Internet cafe at 4 a.m., to head to a rest room and give birth — returning with her blood-covered baby in her arms to resume her place at the mouse pad.  Now that is the type of initiative Ayn Rand was talking about.

Contemplating RothkoJust something you need to know…

From the New York Times:  Almost half of the DNA collected from a broad swath of the New York City subway system matched no known organism, and less than 1 percent was human. Weill Cornell Medical College researchers announced in February that they had collected the DNA by swabbing passenger car and station surfaces, finding abundant matches to beetles and flies (and even traces of inactive anthrax and bubonic plague), but that since so few organisms have been fully DNA-“sequenced,” there was no cause for alarm. The lead researcher fondly compared the bacteria-teeming subway to a “rain forest,” deserving “awe and wonder” that “there are all these species” that so far cause humans relatively little harm.  In related news, the lead researcher was voted “Mr. Optimism” by his coworkers.

And finally, for some political news…

Holly Solomon, 31, of Phoenix, pleaded guilty in April to aggravated assault and sentenced to three and a half years in prison.  It seems Ms. Solomon was attempting to press her then-husband’s clothes with him in them.  She wasn’t using an iron, but was taking the novel approach of using her Jeep.  It seems as though Ms. Solomon ran down her spouse because she was angry that he had neglected to vote for Mitt Romney as he promised to do.  Romney won Arizona quite handily even without her hubby’s vote, but voting is a responsibility Ms. Solomon takes quite seriously.


That should about do it for now my Widdershin friends.  Enjoy the weekend and feel free to allow the conversation to roam in any direction you may wish.




It’s the weekend! We have survived the first week of a Republican Congress as well as the Oscar nominations. When you come to think about it, there’s not much difference between the two. Both are populated by a bunch of white guys engaged in self-congratulatory hakas while generating copious amounts of self-reverential smoke self-infused via their orifice of choice.

For a change, I thought we would start out a bit differently today. Considering the Republican jockeying for president went into warp speed this week, it occurred to me dynasty embarrassment seems to be a thing of the past.

So here’s a quiz for you: Considering just Mitt, Jeb, wooly headed Rand, plus their fathers, collectively how many times, including 2016, have they run for president? The answer at the end of today’s post.

Thankfully there are good folks who chronicle weirdness and strangeness in the news. All these stories except the gratuitous snide editorial comments come from their fine work.

It’s Thorrablot Time!

Break out your mukluks and don your warm apparel, next week is Iceland’s mid-winter festival Thorrablot. If you haven’tHvalur Beer booked your flight, consider this a helpful reminder. During Thorrablot, Icelanders sample epicurean delights of the old days like ram’s testicles, rotten shark, and soured whale fat, but this year they are being treated to a new special edition beer.

The beer, a product of an Icelandic microbrewery Stedji, is flavored with fin whale testicles smoked in sheep poop. One of the brewers and world-class connoisseur of the understatement, Jagbjartur Ariliusson, said, “We smoke the testicle by the old Icelandic way, with dried sheep shit, and this method gives the beer a really unique smoke flavor.” Unique indeed!

The beer is called Hvalur 2 and is actually the second whale-flavored beer from the brewery. Last year they teamed up with whale hunting firm Hvalur to make a beer out of whale meal, a byproduct of processing whale meat. Evidently that beer was missing something, ergo tweaking the recipe with the addition of testicles and sheep poop.

New Car Blues

Alexandra, New Zealand — A couple, aged 68 and 65, were hospitalized after spending almost 13 hours locked in their car inside their own garage. It seems the night before they had gone out to sit in their new Mazda 3 and forgot the battery-operated key. They were unable to remember a salesman’s tutorial on how to unlock their new car and spent the night in the car assuming they were trapped. They failed to try the old-fangled doors that unlock manually.

Mao’s Little Red Panties

Mao's Little Red BookYulin City, China — A man was arrested and charged with stealing more than 2,000 items of underwear from women in his neighborhood. An overachiever, his nicking of all these knickers was achieved in just a year. He hid his stash in the ceiling tiles of stairwells in his apartment building. Due to poor construction standards, his panties came down when the ceiling tiles caved in due to the weight of the colorful lingerie.

Evidently, knicker-nabbing is quite the pastime for Chinese gents. Just within the last month, two other men have been detained for similar crimes. One of whom concealed the purloined panties under his pants while wearing them.

You’re so good lookin’!

Zhengzhou, China — Who needs money when you have a pretty face? At Jeju Island, a Korean eatery in Zhengzhou, people are allowed to dine at no charge if they happen to be among the five most beautiful patrons of the day. Contestants are invited in by way of a bold sign saying: Free Meal for Good Looking. Those wishing to compete have their pictures taken and they are then seated in a “Beauty Identification Area.”

I’m sure you are wondering who are the judges? A panel of local plastic surgeons evaluate the potential diners on the quality of their faces, eyes, noses, and mouths. Bon Appetit!

Speaking of Plastic Surgery

London — British makeup artist Jordan James Parke, 23, fell in love with the look of Kim Kardashian. He has spent the Jordan James Parkeequivalent of $150,000 on “more than 50” cosmetic procedures to adopt her “pouty” look, including lip and cheek fillers, eyebrow tattoos, and laser hair removal. Parke said, “I love everything about Kim… the most gorgeous woman ever. Her skin is perfect, her hair, everything about her.” No mention was made of that which has made Ms. Kardashian famous, her quite ample parking garage.

Has anyone seen A.K.?

An employee of India’s Central Public Works Department (CPWD) has been found guilty of “willful absence of duty” and dismissed from his position as assistant executive engineer. A.K. Verma went home sick from work and thus began his odyssey.

Mr. Verma left work one morning in 1990 and simply didn’t return for 24 years. The CPWD said, “He went on seeking extension of leave, which was not sanctioned, and defied directions to report to work.” Although he came under investigation in 1992, he was only fired earlier this month — January 2015. Formal proceedings to dismiss him did not start until 2007, and it took seven more years for the department to actually reach a decision that he might not be interested in working there any longer.

When work is a drag…

ZombieCardiff, Wales — Twenty-six year-old Alex Noble worked in finance and he realized it was sucking the ever-living life out of him. He took that as a vocational opportunity so he quit his job and embarked on a career path of the undead. He now works as a professional zombie — a real job.

Noble had nibbled at the edges of the lifestyle for five-years before he made the sauntering shuffle to full-time zombie. He worked for free as an extra in movies, TV, and games, but as he tells it, in the end his talent couldn‘t be hidden, “People started noticing me because I was doing things differently. I had a niche look and I was grunting differently.” Sounds like Alex should hoist himself a Hvalur 2 and celebrate.

Answer to the quiz is beyond the click.

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