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Crazy, Stupid, Hate…

Posted on: August 10, 2016

Crazy?  Sociopath? Personality disorder(s)? Unhinged?Trump and Kangaroo

These are the words being thrown around about the ambulatory Circus Peanut. If last week was a movie, it would be titled, “Donald and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week.” It got worse yesterday, one day after yet another reboot, when der Drumpf suggested Second Amendment remedies against Hillary.

These armchair diagnoses are so prevalent that the American Psychiatric Association has reminded its members about the Goldwater Rule:  It is irresponsible, potentially stigmatizing, and definitely unethical to diagnose without an evaluation. Just for the record, I’m not covered by the APA or its ethical mandates.

With that said, I’m here to tell you, in no uncertain terms, Donald Trump is not crazy.  Trump, the braggadocio Boogey Yam, is being who he is – he can’t be what he’s not.  As egregious and odious as it is to humans with normal sensibilities, we are seeing the authentic Trump.

How do I know this?

I know this because I used to help select people just like Trump – those who exhibit quantifiable behavior patterns just like the Manhattan Meerkat.Deer Eating Popcorn

A bit of explanation is in order. Most of you know I’m an attorney, but I’m also trained and certified as an analyst in an area of psychology. I worked for a company where one of our product lines was screening and selecting potential employees who would have a statistically higher chance of success in a particular role.

This is the way it worked.  We would study best in role – the world-class performers. We would then interview them, observe them, and talk to coworkers to discover their behavior patterns. We would design an interview, test it, redesign, test it, and validate it. The process was enormously expensive and could take years, but reliable scientific selection did make a difference in the bottom line.

I am not “an expert” in this field, but I have personally analyzed hundreds of individuals and spoken before tens of thousands of people about the science underpinning these psychometric tools. Without any hesitation I can say, “Trump is not crazy.” Let there be no doubt, he may exhibit peculiar and repugnant traits like textbook narcissism, but crazy he is not.

What he is, is the quintessential “Executive Sales Consultant.” Trump’s personality type is sought out by corporations looking for high impact/high margin sales. Here’s what makes up the crazy-looking, crazy-acting personality of the Manhattan Meerkat and those like him.Trump Screaming

One note to qualify these comments: Not all Executive Salespeople exhibit these traits, but when you are selecting for this role, the chances of world-class performance is exponentially greater when these characteristics are present.

Significance: This is an ego drive. People like Trump get every ounce of their self-esteem from the way others see them. Each waking moment is focused upon perpetuating a veneer of success and invulnerability. Success for the men inhabiting this fantasy world can be summed up as: Every man wants to be him and every woman wants to be with him.

Those exhibiting Significance always have the nicest, most manicured lawns in the neighborhood. They drive a spotless, expensive car that is rarely parked in the garage.  It is always out for all to see and envy. They are snappy dressers, but bear an uncanny resemblance to the window mannequin because they have purchased the entire outfit as one. Or if the person has a slightly larger budget, he lives in a penthouse in a pink marble tower and tools around in a Boeing 757-200 with his name emblazoned on its side.

Those strong in Significance love to talk about their favorite subject – themselves. Wives and children are accessories to complete their look. Fawning Facebook posts are life-sustaining succor and Christmas letters are annotated volumes. Vacations are planned for their expense as opposed to relaxation. Gold or platinum are the preferred finishes.We shall overcomb

Actually knowing stuff never gets in the way of their ignorance.  Knowing a little is better than knowing a lot. They can make up what they don’t know. They only have a cursory, passing acquaintance with the truth.

Here’s the rub for those basking in Significance: They are emotionally fragile. Two hundred year old bone china is more stable. The slightest perceptible chink in their armor evokes anger, defensiveness, and vengeance of the first order. These people carry a grudge like camels carry humps. It is a large part of who they are.

Significance is where Trump runs into problems at rallies. Craving adulation and an infusion of esteem, when Trump is teased by audience approval in response to some outrageous claim or comment, he goes farther in his outrageous claims. More audience feedback through hoots and hollers begets more outrageous claims. It’s like a junkie and his drug of choice. The audience approval is the oxygen of esteem for those with Significance.

Unless you know what you are looking for, the unpredictability of those with Significance looks random.  It isn’t. It is calculated and part of the behavior pattern.

Competition: Another ego drive. For those like the Yamster, Competition isn’t about winning. For these people, it is about everyone else losing. Life is about measurement. If an activity can’t be measured, they have no interest. They must know they are better than all others.Clown Trump

Notice the Yamster’s proclivity to talk about polls or followers on Twitter. Notice how he talks about his money, his occupancy rates, his rental rates, his rallies, and the size of his airplane. Remember how angry he got about the size of his hands. Everything is huge or massive or best even if it isn’t.

I’ve never met anyone who had a strong Competition drive to answer anything but “first loser,” to the question: What is second place?

Woo: A social drive. It stands for Winning Others Over, ergo Woo. To describe someone with Woo, imagine the person you would hate to sit by on a cross-country flight. These are the people who talk incessantly without ever saying a thing. Constant banter is their calling card. I’ve often suspected they have gills as opposed to lungs. They survive on a strict diet of word salad. They can be utterly charming and entertaining.

Woo’ers could care less about a long-term relationship. They are about meeting you and figuring out what you can do for them. I was told once by the CEO of a national service group who had Woo that, “After I meet someone I have no use for them after that. If they can do something for me or the organization, I turn them over to a staff member to cultivate and manage.”

If you know anything about the Platte River, it is a mile wide in places and about 3 inches deep. That is the perfect analogy to someone with Woo.Close Up Trump face

Command: another ego drive. People who have Command MUST.BE.IN.CHARGE. Their voice is the only one that counts. Their ears have long ceased to function. Their attention to anyone else is nonexistent unless there’s punishment to be meted out.

Those with Command detest participatory democracy. They function best in a hierarchical structure where they are at the apex of power. They are quick to remind you of your place.

Another characteristic of those with Command is non-reflective decision-making. They believe this trait looks like decisiveness, but it isn’t. It’s merely about no one else counting.

I could go on for pages about these types of folks. They are valuable to corporations. They can sell stuff. Like the clamoring Yam, they can sell air. I’ve heard stories of these folks even knowingly selling products that don’t exist. You read that correctly. People with these behavior patterns will knowingly lie about what they have to sell in order to please the buyer and enhance their Significance so they can notch their Competitive belts with another sale.

These people are amoral. They are never happier than when they are in pursuit of the next deal. Ethics are relative to their personal circumstance. Their happiness quotient is never high. Details are for someone else.trump hugging flag

It may seem as if I have merely written an essay about the bombastic Circus Peanut. I didn’t. While you might have never had the displeasure of spending time with these Executive Sales types, let me assure you, they do exist in nature.

Spending time with these folks depends on your tolerance of these characteristics. Marriage to these folks is never a picnic and fidelity is never more than a consideration in purchasing stereo speakers.

Think about Redford and Newman in The Sting, DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can, or Steve Martin in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Just like Trump, they are “big hat, no cattle” poseurs with hair-trigger ego drives above anything else. The world must bend to accommodate their whims.

To paraphrase one of my favorite movies, Steel Magnolias, “No, Trump isn’t crazy; he’s just been himself for the past 70 years.” As vile and cringeworthy as Trump’s personality and behavioral characteristics are, he doesn’t have the luxury of blaming them on mental illness. No, its way worse than that.  This is who this insufferable, revolting, execrable man is, it’s just the way he’s wired.

After this depressing post, here is something that is just plain stupid fun.

What’s on your mind?



53 Responses to "Crazy, Stupid, Hate…"

Very informative.Thanks.
Donald should always sound like the duck, it improves him a little.

Thanks MsMass and I agree, we would all be better if Trump was Donald Duck.

Thanks Prolix for the insight into what makes Trump…Trump.

Although we already know it, you’ve given us more reasons to realize that this is not a man fit to hold the highest office in the country.

@3, thanks Fredster.

Frankly, I find it insulting that all these people are throwing mental illness terms out willy nilly about Trump. Mental illness affects millions of people and the stigmatization associated with “dumbing down” the diagnosis does no one a service. As unbelievable as it is, Trump’s behavior is just who he is.

Mental illness is treatable. Being Trump isn’t.

@4: Okay here I go making a funny.

Can we soon expect the mental illness lobby to issue a statement that they aren’t claiming Trump as one of theirs? 😉

I’ve never thought of Trump as “textbook” crazy. He’s just really irrational. When he lies, he truly believes he didn’t. This may be because he’s been lying all his life, gotten away with it, and truly doesn’t understand why people think he’s lying now. He can say something that’s merely wrong, then “correct” it with something sorta right while still believing it wasn’t wrong the first time. (if that makes sense) It’s bizarre.

The fact that he can’t speak in complete sentences makes me wonder about dementia, though. He hasn’t always been like that.

Like the clamoring Yam, they can sell air. I’ve heard stories of these folks even knowingly selling products that don’t exist.

Trump U.

@7, exactly. Trump U. is a perfect example.

@6, the banter, patter, of these sales “types” are real art forms. They jump around so that there is no insertion point for calling their hand. Trying to follow or diagram their thoughts is impossible. I’ve watched these people in meetings and it is tiring. They don’t listen at all and they “pinball” between people picking pieces of comments.

LMAO! chart at link

Trump is currently in fourth place among black voters. You read that correctly: He’s trailing Hillary Clinton, Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Any one national poll typically has only about 100 African-American respondents — too small a sample to make much of the results. So here’s an average of the four live-interview surveys taken since the conventions, from ABC News/Washington Post, Fox News, Marist, and NBC News/Wall Street Journal:

Here’s Brian Stelter’s tale of woe about thinking he had a girlfriend, but it was really a Fox spy.

Read the comments, they are hilarious.

@9, Trump is surging, he has a whole 2% in a couple of polls.

@9: But “the blacks” – they luv him so he says.

@10: Love this one:

4. She doesn’t immediately get up and leave when you say the words “Sean Hannity”

Rude Pundit has a good post on the Trump 2nd amendment comment.

I always felt bad for Katy Tur having to follow the Trump campaign for MSNBC. She pointed her out personally several times. When he was turning his large rallies against the media there in their bullpen, I thought how frightening that must be. Turns out it was.

It’s unlikely, however, that any of Trump’s future attacks will be as scary as what happened in Mount Pleasant, where the crowd, feeding off Trump, seemed to turn on me like a large animal, angry and unchained.

It wasn’t until hours later, when Secret Service took the extraordinary step of walking me to my car, that the incident sank in.

@15: That was a great article by Katy.

Prolix, I missed you.
You are the expert, but the “attributes” of the Executive Sales Consultant appear to add up to a personality disorder.
Isn’t that a form of mental illness?

@17: Sweet Sue, I just like to make reference to Trump’s “pathology”. It works well enough for me.

@16 I always noticed Katy Tur and every other woman assigned to Trump. They were in a war zone in that crowd. Prolix’s post is fitting. I just hope MSNBC gives her time. She’ll be busy trying to stay on air when she probably needs PTSD help. Really. Wouldn’t anyone?

@19: She probably at least needs some time to decompress from the campaign.

Fellow NBC reporters Andrea Mitchell, Kasie Hunt, Hallie Jackson, Kristen Welker, and I are the first women-led politics team

Let MSNBC/NBC send Mrs. Greenspan to cover the yammering yam. That should be entertaining.

@17, how “sweet Sue” for you to say you missed me. That gives me a warm feeling. I do so sincerely appreciate that.

Personality disorders are indeed listed in the DSM-5. Among the myriad disorders listed in the DSM, there are 10 specific “personality disorders.” They are defined as:

A personality disorder is an enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates markedly from the expectations of the individual’s culture, is pervasive and inflexible, has an onset in adolescence or early adulthood, is stable over time, and leads to distress or impairment.

It’s that last qualifying clause of, “distress or impairment” that is the saving grace for most functioning humans.

As for the behavioral patterns of the Executive Sales Consultant, in trying to provide a synopsis of those four attributes, I didn’t go into the details. There are 34 dimensions. Everyone has a unique combination of those 34 traits. For each of those there is an intensity scale of 1-100. The rule of thumb is that a score of 60 demonstrates some evidence of the characteristic.

The four behavioral patterns I mentioned for Executive Sales might look different in different people because there would be other dimensions of the 34 influencing how those four looked and interacted. On top of that, everyone has experiential data that can act as an enhancer or a modifier.

In studying individuals, in our database of approximately 4 million, we would occasionally see individuals who didn’t score 60% on any of the 34 traits. On the other end, we observed some very complex individuals who scored on 30 of the 34 traits.

So the long and short of it is this: While those 4 behavioral patterns are present in all high performing Executive Salespeople, there are other traits and patterns that influence who they are and how they function as humans. Because of that, the other dimensions of their personality would affect their functioning and most likely, exempt them from a clinical diagnosis of “personality disorder.”

With that said, believe me, these folks aren’t “beer worthy.” A little bit of them goes a long, long, long way. And to be fair, Significance, Competition, Woo, and Command are not exclusive to Executive Salespeople. With the right modifiers and experiential data, they can be positive forces within a personality.

I certainly earned my reputation of excessive wordiness, didn’t I? Hope this helps.

@18, pathology is a good way to analyze it.

@19, I remember the very first interview Katy did with the Manhattan Meerkat. It was in the mezzanine lobby of Trump Tower and they were sitting across from each other in pretty nondescript chairs.

Trump actually hit her with, “You aren’t very good,” and “Do you need some help,” and “Do you want to do this later,” types of badgering. Sad.

Hi everyone!

Can we still call Trump nuts?

The thing that really blows my mind is that we are now looking to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell as voices of reason and keep hoping that they disavow Trump and rescind their endorsements. On what planet did Ryan and McConnell become voices of reason??? It’s crazy!

@24, hey DYB, great to see you. And yes, feel free to call Trump nuts, but remember, mental illness is treatable, being a Trumpian arsehole isn’t.

Please come around more often. We’ve missed you.

@24: {{{DYB!!! }}} Hello!

What Prolix said at 25.

Yay!!! As chat would have said “the dark times are over”…football tonight! Saints and Pats in an exhibition game.

Conflict of interest:

A term used to describe the situation in which a public official or fiduciary who, contrary to the obligation and absolute duty to act for the benefit of the public or a designated individual, exploits the relationship for personal benefit, typically pecuniary.

So Cheryl Mills travels to NY, on her own time, at her own expense, to interview potential hires to run the Clinton Foundation. Where’s the personal benefit? Certainly not to her or the State Department. Is the personal benefit to the Clinton Foundation because Mills was seeking a top notch leader for the Foundation? Do they think she told those being interviewed she was going to do them a favor and let them run the Foundation? It’s a job – a huge job – not a favor. She went because she is exactly</em the person who needed to. And don't get me started on 'the appearance of…' crap.

@24: Speaking of Ryan and McConnell, DYB take a look at the picture on the right side of the blog. 😉

@26: from the article:

My net worth fluctuates, and it goes up and down with markets and with attitudes and with feelings, even my own feelings,” Trump said. “But I try.”

Huh, what???

{{DYB!!!}} Great to see you.

@31, I read that article this morning. Along with Prolix’s analysis of Drumpf’s issues, I think I have a clearer picture of what is wrong with him.

In terms of his pathological and compulsive lying, I think he actually believes that reality is exactly what he wants it to be at all times. As Raygun famously said, “Facts are stupid things.” If Donald feels his Significance is not being recognized, he’ll just start increasing it, by lying, until his desperate neediness is somewhat satiated.

Prolix, am I off base on this?

Some people, at least, have their priorities straight.

The latest Monmouth University Poll also found that many Americans feel their personal way of life is under threat from a variety of sources, with Islamic terrorists and Donald Trump prompting greater concern than illegal Mexican immigrants and Hillary Clinton.

MB@32: That makes perfect sense to me.

Two more things from that Monmouth poll:

It’s also worth noting that the rating of how Congress is doing remains abysmally low at 14% approve and 78% disapprove


Most voters (55%) see an unwillingness to compromise among elected officials as causing more problems in DC as opposed to having leaders who are unwilling to stand up for their principles (36% say this causes more problems). Democrats (69%) and independents (53%) say a lack of compromise is the bigger problem while most Republicans (52%) say a lack of backbone on principles is the bigger problem in Washington.

I have to wonder about the Repubs thinking their leaders don’t have enough “backbone”. They have successfully shut down most everything Congress is supposed to do such as passing budgets, holding hearings on judges and the like.

@32, that’s sorta it. His Significance is the drive to need the esteem, The World according to Trump, grows out of his Command. Think of Command as Alexander Haig after the Raygun assassination attempt, “I’m in charge here.”

The Significance dictates the need and the Command feeds it with the lying because the world is as those with Command say it is. Loud, determined, and uncaring are the tattoos on the forehead of a person with Command.

You know I always found it interesting that in the 34 dimensions, almost all of them were evenly distributed between males and females. Command wasn’t. It is heavily weighted toward those with dangley things.

@29, GAgal, not meaning to go where you don’t want to go, but “avoiding the appearance of impropriety,” is the last defense of those who can’t find fault without falling back in their own prejudices.

That term permeates the Code of Professional Responsibility. It’s telling because its basis is I Thessalonians, “abstain from all appearance of evil,” where Thessalonians itself was little more than a screed against the Jewish faith. Perhaps that might have been a good place to start “abstaining from evil,” by not being haters.

@37 Prolix, yes. I was referring to the media and others, who after finding no actual conflict (meaning no personal gain), jump to the ‘appearance of’ argument because they’ve failed to show conflict. Without gain, there is no conflict.

By the way, I’ve been popping in and out so much this week I forgot to say Glad You’re Back! We missed and need your prolixious-ness here.

@38, thanks GAgal, but y’all soldiered on quite nicely without my onerous belaboring of my pin-headedness.

All this “appearance of impropriety” nonsense is the laziness of the press to struggle for some objectivity and false equivalencies. They are despicable.

I don’t think the ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting between the RNC and the Trump campaign is going to go well. Trump doesn’t care that he is poisoning down ticket candidates. Carry on Donald Duck.

And some officials on Trump’s campaign have privately questioning the party’s commitment to its nominee – concerns that were inflamed Thursday when POLITICO revealed that more than 70 Republicans had signed an open letter to Priebus urging him to stop spending any money to help Trump, and to instead shift cash to saving the party’s congressional majorities.

Trump on Thursday night challenged reports that the RNC might shift resources down ballot, warning in an interview on Fox News “if it is true, that’s okay too because all I have to do is stop funding the Republican Party.”

Trump argued that the RNC needs him more than the he needs the committee, asserting: “I’m the one raising that’s funding, I’m the one that’s raising the money and other people are getting to use the money that I raised.”

Prolix, am glad you’re back! Very interesting post. Sounds like you’ve nailed Trump. I admit I thought he was a narcissist or sociopath or something like that.

@41, thanks Annie. I definitely think he exhibits narcissistic traits, but when push comes to shove, he’s just a horrible person with a personality that only a mirror could love. I feel sorry for his little boy. It would not surprise me if he didn’t use some type of leverage to start dating Melania.

A change of topic: did you guys see that Daily Beast article where a white heterosexual “journalist” got on Grindr in the Olympic Village and outed a bunch of athletes in his “article?” He was just doing an experiment he says, no offense meant, but basically he was treating these gay athletes like animals in a zoo. “Isn’t it funny how the homosexual fornicate? Hahaha funny” was basically his article. But the worst part: he essentially outed closeted athletes. He mentioned their nationalities, sports they compete in, their heigh and weight, and in some cases the days they were competing. Many of these people come from countries where homosexuality is punishable by death. Or, at best, against the law. I am livid about this, this guy is garbage and Daily Beast is garbage for publishing this.

Their first reaction was to defend the article, though they removed the descriptions of athletes. (Too late, nothing is ever gone from the internet.) They said they didn’t mean and did not mislead anyone. Ahhhh….a straight guy creating a profile on a gay sex app with the intent of meeting them and writing about them is misleading and entrapment. There’s no two sides to that. So vile. I’m so angry about this…

They finally took the article down. But really too late. One of the openly gay athletes at the games said one of the people outed was an 18 year old from a notoriously homophobic country. I’m sure this kid feels so much better knowing the Daily Beast regrets their original decision.

People are just awful.

@43 – DYB, that’s terrible.

It’s hard to keep track of all the crayzee, but…Trump’s latest talking points on Obama being the founder of ISIS (and Hillary the co-founder), despite him repeating them and hoping they stick, are now supposed to have been ‘sarcasm”.

Can you say “bullsh*t?” I knew you could. Bob Corker of Tennessee is now the latest Senate Republican to come out and say he’s gone too far.

@43, I read the articles lambasting the reporter and the Daily Beast. Honestly, what possible reason could anyone have for even thinking this was a good idea? Grindr isn’t exactly new. I thought, “Wonder if reporters were enticed into a hookup and how would they feel?”

I didn’t see any avenues for those who had been outed. These kids can’t go home, can they?

This reporter should be fired and the Daily Beast should be made to foot the bill for asylum applications to the U.S.

@45, MB, what if der Drumpf is being sarcastic about his sarcasm?

I saw Thomas Roberts interviewing one of the legions of idiot surrogates. This was the one who doesn’t own a sports coat and ran for Mayor of San Diego and got 23 votes or something pathetic. He fancies himself as a type of economic guru and probably worked at a Chunky E. Cheese inventorying the peed on ball pit.

Anyway, Thomas kept asking him, is Trump serious or being sarcastic? Every reporter should take his lead.

So the second amendment comment about Hillary was a “joke” and the ISIS comment is “sarcasm”. His supporters are saying it’s because he is not a polished politician. Maybe not, but he is a grown man who should know better. He just doesn’t care.

@46 > It seems so obvious what the article would be – that it’s astounding that someone went “undercover” like this, wrote it and then his editor published it. (Fun fact: the editor’s wife is a gay rights activist – for the Republican party.) I really think some of these people literally can’t go home now, or are going at some risk hoping nobody googled them.

The writer himself has literally not made a single comment about this whole thing.

This out swimmer from Tonga had some great comments about this:

Here’s an interesting take-down of McCain for continuing to support Trump. McCain has really destroyed his legacy.

@48, in terms of positive psychology, it is the diarrhea of the mouth from the Woo, and the Command believing everyone should just take what he says, when he says it as gospel.

Here’s an example — a CEO who came from the sales side of an organization had these Trumpian characteristics. I spent considerable time with him — not by choice. Every six months the organization had a company-wide meeting. Of course, he was the main attraction.

Each six months, he got up in front of the entire company and was beamed into 23 countries. Each six months, he just talked and talked and talked. Each six months, he had a new long-range strategic plan for the company. Each six months, he insisted he had given it long and hard thought and it was the turning point for the company.

Each six months, in reviewing the financials for the company, there was no growth, just basically holding steady — no growth, no prospects for growth, but there was always a new strategic plan, and only six months away from another one.

While the true financials were around gross revenue of $300 Million, to reporters he always insisted it was close to One Billion, but everyone knew he was full of “sarcasm.”

DYB said: Fun fact: the editor’s wife is a gay rights activist – for the Republican party.

Gay rights activist for the Repub Party? That would have to be a lonelier job than the Maytag Repairman.

[…] that said, for recollection, you can go here for Crazy, Stupid, Hate and here for 604,800. The Orangutan makes this stuff so easy. To summarize, he gets every ounce of […]

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