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Good Weekend Widdershins

Actually we know all is not well.  We have (according to his niece) an almost certifiable crazy man in the White House.  He’s almost proud that he passed a dementia test.  He has let a viral disease just decimate the country.

Of course the pollsters and polls say his opponent is going to whup his ass in the election.  Funny thing though is we thought the same thing in 2016.

So what we need to do is spend some time chillaxin’.  And I have the perfect music for that:  Mantovani.

* * * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

And last, I’m sure you all remember this one.  (“Medication time, medication time”)

Here’s your meds:

* * * *

Okie-doke.  Take your meds, listen to the music and r-e-l-a-x.

Does it need to be said?  Open thread.


Hello Widdershins
is anyone having a good weekend?

I’ll admit that I’m not.  In fact haven’t had a good last few days.  It’s just due to all the bullshit that’s happening around and with us now.  Honestly, I haven’t seen one damned piece of good news in the last week or so.  I’m “off my feed” in that I have to think “You need to fix something to eat” and then I have to think long and hard about that. I needed to go to the bank yesterday, inside, and had to make an appointment!  When I got to the door they asked me a series of questions and then they let me in.  What a world.

While it’s true that poll numbers are looking very good for Biden, I don’t trust them.  I have a good reason not to trust the numbers:  2016.  To express it in “country format”, that learnt me real good.

So yes Fredster has the blues and with that let’s look at some blues songs.  If I’m down in the dumps might as well make  y’all feel the same.

* * * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

Cuz Bessie was so good at it how bout another

* * *

* * *

And what would the blues be without Billie Holiday?

* * * *

Awrite, there ya go.  I really don’t expect any musical contributions to this however comments are always welcomed.

As always, the infamous open thread.


So the Mango Moron, the only pResident ever to brag about “acing” a cognitive impairment test, is trying to smear Joe Biden as not all there, mentally speaking. He’s made big ad buys with this messaging in swing states, and his campaign keeps doubling down on the “strategy.”

This isn’t going over well with the most reliable group of voters: people over 65. Turns out leaving older people to die in nursing homes of Covid-19, trying to take health care away from the survivors, then smearing them as unfit to serve as President are somehow not winning strategies. Who knew?

More troubling for the president, Biden has moved ahead among voters 65 or older in several national surveys, including a significant 14-point advantage in a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday, helping propel him to double-digit leads nationally. Trump won seniors by 7 percentage points in 2016 over Hillary Clinton, according to exit polls, with white senior voters a key part of his coalition. 

“It can certainly backfire among senior voters, and it’s not something you want to do when you’re already starting to lose their votes,” said Todd Belt, professor and political management program director at George Washington University. “We’ve seen a big shift in the over-65 population moving towards Biden. This isn’t a really good strategy to win them back.”

This isn’t the only voting block Drumpf is losing massively. Ex-Republican strategist Jennifer Rubin writes in the Washington Post that, basically, everybody hates Donald. All the voters who helped Drumpf get close enough to steal the election in 2016 are running to Biden in droves. And now the polls are showing double-digit leads all over the map.

By now I’m sure you’re thinking, “How are we going to screw this up? Because we always do.” I know, I know. I have thoughts like that too. But sadly, I think the only way we could have “screwed it up” was to nominate another woman. Unfortunately, this country is so godd*mn misogynistic that they elected a sexual predator, money launderer and traitor rather than voting for THAT WOMAN.

And what really hurts is that Democrats wouldn’t vote for her either. Wouldn’t stand up for her when she was smeared by Bernie for six months in 2016, wouldn’t help her fight against the blizzard of negative press, wouldn’t amplify her message as Drumpf got $2 Billion in free advertising from NBC and other “news” outlets. They claim it was all because Hillary was [fill in horrible misogynistic trope here], but in reality, there is no woman they would vote for. When push came to shove, they wouldn’t have pulled the lever for Elizabeth, Kamala, Kirsten or Amy. And we can’t count on them, ever, to do it.

So thankfully, we have a 77-year-old white man as our nominee. His color, age and gender allow all those Democrats and previously Republican voters to feel “safe” voting for him. Heaven forbid we should ever elect a woman who actually MAKES US SAFE when crises hit. Because those Republican voters felt “safer” voting for Drumpf, a sociopathic predator, than voting for Hillary – a Secretary of State, First Lady of Arkansas and FLOTUS, attorney, and mother (and grandmother).

Well, here we are.


Good Weekend Widdershins

Thank goodness this awful week is over.  From the ever rising numbers of the pandemic, to the news of RBG, and then the passing of John Lewis.

However, since I had already started working on this post with this theme. I’m going to continue it.

The heat, boy howdy have we had it here.  We have had temps in the 90s with heat indices going up to as high as 105 and 111.  The only instances where we haven’t had numbers like that were when we had thunderstorms move thru and yes it lowered the temps briefly but then we got advisories of “areal flooding”.  And then naturally the rain would end, the sun would come back out and then it truly did feel like a sauna outside.

Let’s take a look at some songs about heat, sun, hot, just whatever you can think of that fits in the category.

* * * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

And last, if you’re gonna talk about hot what would it be without this one

* * * *

Okay widdershins, share a few of your own choices in the comments and need I say it:  Open thread.


We cannot get complacent, but…people really, honestly seem to be determined to vote Republicans out these days. Not just der Drumpfenfuhrer – ALL Republicans. According to the smarty-pants strategists at the Lincoln Project, here’s the state of the Senate.

Arizona and Colorado are off the board for Republicans. Neither Martha McSally nor Cory Gardner has the talent, resources or record to be reelected;

Thom Tillis in North Carolina is slipping in the polls to Cal Cunningham. If Trump’s numbers nationally continue to slide, it is unlikely Tillis wins a second term;

Susan Collins and Joni Ernst face extremely difficult paths to reelection. Collins has long attempted to straddle a middle ground with her voters, publicly mouthing pieties while marching in lockstep with Mitch McConnell. Ernst has done little of note with her first term and must now rely on Trump’s coattails in Iowa if he has any;

In Montana, Governor Steve Bullock is running a strong race and will likely defeat Senator Steve Daines in November;

States such as Alabama, Alaska, and South Carolina are now toss-ups. In Alabama, Tommy Tuberville will have a much more difficult race than expected. In Alaska, Dan Sullivan will likely face a talented challenger;

In South Carolina, Lindsey Graham’s continued role as Trump’s favorite golf partner/pilot fish harmed him significantly in the Republican primary and is dragging down his reelection chances against Jaime Harrison, who is running an excellent – and well-funded – campaign;

Kansas could enter into the discussion as the voters in the Sunflower State are rejecting Trumpism and if extremist Kris Kobach is the nominee, all bets are off; and

Mitch McConnell will have a fight on his hands against a well-funded Amy McGrath challenge. This race is too close to call, but we do expect McConnell’s campaign and associated super PACs to pull money back into Kentucky to save him in favor of other seats around the country.

I know a lot of us are going to work as hard as we can to get Democrats elected. Here’s what I’m up to right now:

  • Regular contributions to Joe Biden
  • Texting and signing petitions for Biden
  • Regular contributions to the DSCC
  • Contributions to various Democrats – Amy McGrath (opposing McTurtle), Sara Gideon (opposing Susan “Very Concerned” Collins), and others on a one-off basis

What are you all up to?

Tawk amongst yerselves!

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