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Coasting into the weekend

Posted on: August 12, 2016


Don't worry - I got this

Don’t worry – I got this


Good Friday to you Widdershins!

I titled this “Coasting into the weekend” but as I write this Thursday evening, Friday may bring fireworks when the RNC and Trump have what’s been described as a “Come to Jesus” meeting.  I’m hoping that there is lots of screaming and yelling and accusations flying back and forth and naturally that would just be from the Trump folks.  We’ll find out after the meeting when the details start leaking out as they inevitably do.

I’ve bookmarked a few items that caught my eye over the last several days and thought I’d share them with you in the event you had not seen these.

Could the race already be over?

It seems like that might be a possibility with results from this batch of polls that are in an article from Hillary-winnerVox.

  • A national Fox News poll released Wednesday evening shows Clinton beating Trump by 10 percentage points, 49 percent to 39 percent.
  • a McClatchy-Marist poll released Thursday shows Clinton ahead by a massive 15 points — real landslide territory and easily the best recent poll she’s gotten, with her at 48 percent compared to Trump’s 33 percent.
  • In Pennsylvania Franklin & Marshall has a new poll showing him trailing Clinton by 11 points — 49 percent to 38 percent.
  • In Florida a Suffolk poll found Clinton ahead of Trump in a head-to-head matchup by 6 points. (More about Florida below)

You can read more at the Vox link.

From The Daily Beast comes this article by Michael Tomasky wondering whether Florida is even a swing state anymore.

You will also hear them say a kajillion times until Election Day that Florida is a swing state. Well, yes. It has been historically. But the combination of massive demographic changes since 2012 and Trump’s anorexic performance among college-educated whites makes me wonder if Florida is a swing state this year at all. And while the Republicans might nominate a normal candidate in 2020, the state’s demography is galloping away from the GOP.

Tomasky says there are a few reasons for this and primary is demography.

Florida’s minority population is now above 40 percent, with the Hispanic population at around 25 percent. In addition, Hispanics are registering to vote in large numbers, and they’re heavily Democratic.

Another factor in the demography matter in Florida is the large number of Puerto Ricans that are immigrating to the state:

the change is also because of a huge influx of Puerto Ricans into the state. There are now about 1 million Puerto Ricans in Florida. (Cubans, at 1.2 million, now barely outnumber Puerto Ricans.) And remember, Puerto Ricans are American citizens. They can vote quite easily. And they vote roughly 80 percent Democratic. Or against Trump, more.


One recent Florida poll put Trump at 13 percent among the state’s Hispanics. If that’s close to right, Clinton gets 80 to 85 percent of the fifth of the overall vote that’s Latino, and 95 percent of the 14 percent that’s African American. That’s 30 percent right there, and it would mean she’d need only around 35 percent of the white vote to win, maybe even a little less.


There is another good article about the Florida demographics that you can read here.  It’s from earlier this year but still worth a read.

So we can say “thanks” to SM and her group of Hillary supporters and volunteers.  They have taken care of Florida for us.

Politico had this article up earlier in the month concerning the Clinton campaign and Virginia. Apparently the campaign has cancelled a number of ad buys in the Old Dominion so does that mean the commonwealth is safely in the “D” column?  Maybe not.

POLITICO’s Battleground State polling average gives Clinton a 5.2 point lead in Virginia — with the two newest public surveys, conducted last month, before Clinton chose Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate, showing her with leads of 7 points and 9 points over Trump.

A Clinton campaign official, speaking on background to discuss campaign strategy, stressed that the campaign could return to the airwaves in both Virginia and Colorado at any moment. And the official added that voters in those two states may still see some Clinton spots on television: The campaign is advertising across the country on cable and on NBC’s Olympics telecasts over the next two weeks.

Obama carried the state in 2008 and 2012.  Let’s hope the streak continues.

Lastly in my list of links, there’s this article from Salon about the craziness and conspiracies just being the new norm in the Republican Party.    As an example:

“Red Eye,” the popular Fox News overnight show, had on as a guest one Mike Cernovich, a Men’s Rights Activist and well-known figure in the “alt-right,” the name with which society has rebranded the far-right collection of racists and white supremacists from which Trump draws a fair amount of his support. Cernovich has trafficked in conspiracy theories and his Twitter feed is a mass of rape apologia and paranoia that the Democratic Party is going to assassinate him.

Cernovich is so terrible that the producers of “Red Eye” felt compelled afterwards to say that they had made a mistake in booking him. But that doesn’t answer the question of how they found him in the first place. It’s simple, really: He swims in the same sewers as the rest of the eager up-and-coming right-wingers at Fox News.

There are a few other goodies in the Salon article including news about Patricia Smith, the mother of a Benghazi casualty who was sad to watch live at the Republican Convention.  She is suing Hillary in a wrongful death case and:

Smith is now being represented in her lawsuit by Larry Klayman, a prominent birther who has made a career out of hounding Democratic presidents and other party figures with nuisance lawsuits in between marching on the White House to demand Barack Obama resign over his alleged “eligibility fraud.” (Translation: the president wouldn’t show his birth certificate.)

* * * *

Lastly, R.I.P. Pete.  We know you’re making music up there with Professor Long Hair, Allen Toussaint, Al Hirt and so many others.

What’s on your minds today Widdershins?  Add your thoughts below.





59 Responses to "Coasting into the weekend"

Aw. Thanks for that Pete Fountain. What a genius.

Ah, I love jazz! Thank god for music, and Fredster, thanks for posting that lovely piece.

I found this interesting article about Patricia Smith, which quotes Sean’s Smiths widow as saying the opposite of her MIL. Also, in the comments section, someone says that Patricia Smith was not his birth mother, but his step mother. In fact, it says “hated step-mother.” I wonder if that’s true…if it is, it seems like her rants have another motive.

@2, from everything I have read, they were estranged and had been for years before his death.

There’s an old wives tale in the south. The person who grieves the loudest, cries the longest, suffers the most, is the very person who treated the dear departed one the worst while they were among us.

I have no idea of knowing if it is true in this case, but it seems to fit.

Great post Fredster.

Mr. Fountain was a genius. It is so edifying to see someone who spent their life applying their talent and enjoying it.

@4, it sounds like she was his natural mother, all I could find about them was that he was raised by a single mother. Smith and his family lived in the Netherlands and he was employed by the State Dept., so it doesn’t seem like the mother would have seen much of him. Obviously, his wife would be considered his next of kin, as that post I linked to points out. Its really pathetic that she doesn’t see how the rethugs are using her. She made an insane appearance at one of the many congressional committees on Benghazi.

“It is so edifying to see someone who spent their life applying their talent and enjoying it.”

Well said! That’s what I hope for my son.

@1 I knew you would love seeing and hearing that one quixote. 😉

Now imagine living in nola, you are a clarinet player and someone gives you the suggestion that you ought to learn some jazz licks. Right. (rolling eyes)

There will be a funeral Mass for Pete at St. Louis Cathedral and then a second line parade after the Mass.

@5: And Pete was just the antithesis of the prototypical “musician” – married to the same wife for over 60 years, happy home life and the rest.

Just meandering around the internet I came across this interesting article at Ars Technica about Argentine ants. They are strange little critters and unless you live in the desert somewhere you probably have them around you too.

Just saw on CNN that Rancid Pen!s showed up unannounced at a Trump rally. So now he’s in need of watchful eyes or babysitters? o_O

@10, Rancid, being from Wisconsin, obviously appreciates sarcasm, as he contemplates treating Trump as American cheese — wrapping him in cellophane and putting him in a freezer along with other things artificially flavored and orange in color.

I left this out of the post today but it’s worth sharing.

It seems that berningbum and Jane have purchased their third house, a nice little 4 bedroom for $600k.

[Jane] added that they were able to purchase the new home after selling her family’s lake house in Maine.

This is the Sanders family’s third home. They also own a row house on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., and a modest colonial home in Burlington, Vermont

I’d love to find the real estate listing on her family home they sold in Maine that enabled them to buy this one.

I really should put a link to this over on the right side so we have it for a handy reference.

@13, so far, I’ve just heard it once — Bernie never had to release his tax returns, so why should der Drumpf? Have to say, good point.

Questions for that carbuncle that calls itself, Jeff Weaver, “Hey Jeff, you spent months and months lying about the release of the Sanders’ tax returns — were you being Trumpilicious sarcastic? Do you get to use the lake house? Are you and Bernie going to have a gathering of the Democrats for whom you have raised money? I hear Denny’s has a corner booth available.”

@15: I have to admit that’s a good point about Sanders’ tax returns.

Are you and Bernie going to have a gathering of the Democrats for whom you have raised money?

And, how’s it going, traveling around in support of the nominee? Been anywhere yet? Just wonderin’.

As if Trump would ever forgive a 50 million dollar loan.

There’s a third explanation for the missing $63m. The end-of-June FEC report indicates that Trump had lent his campaign $50m. Although Trump promised to forgive this loan, NBC news reported that he never filed the papers to actually do this. Perhaps Trump repaid himself from the $63m, leaving little money for ads and field staff.

I see from the headlines the whackos have come up with a new medical diagnosis for Hillary. They started with brain damage, next was seizures, and now it’s Parkinson’s disease. None other than the Mike Cernovich, mentioned in Fredster’s post, is passing this around – A physician has confirmed… Can we call this guy crazy?

@18: A physician has confirmed? o_O

@19 I just read the physician is a “board certified” anesthesiologist. *triple knee slap* Wish I knew how to do one of those ROFLMAO emojis…

RuPaul interview after being nominated for an Emmy asked about politics. Loves Hillary and gets it. I liked this, too:

Do you want a pompous braggart who doesn’t know anything about diplomacy? Or do you want a badass bitch who knows how to get shit done? That’s really the question.

Wish I knew how to do one of those ROFLMAO emojis…

You have to be over on the admin side in the comments. Then it’s like doing a post and you can add an image. The rotfl gif is in the media library.

What an amazing crock of shite this Parkinson’s stuff is. The conservadroids would love that to be the case but not happening.

Here’s an important fact to know about Cernovich:

“The media is completely covering up this story,” wrote Cernovich. “We will continue to investigate it aggressively. By the way, my journalism is entirely self-funded.

@18 – 24, evidently that “Barnie Rubble headed” cretin, Sean Hannity, had segments on each night about Hillary’s “undisclosed illness”. To prove it, he ran a piece of tape over and over in slow motion of Hillary playfully reacting to some reporters. Even some of his “A Team of Doctors,” which by the way included Sleeping Ben, wouldn’t go along.

This will be the first salvo of delegitimizing Hillary. Hannity might be feeling the pressure from the changes coming to Fox after Roger the abuser was sent to his reward. The Murdoch boyz, Goebbels I and II, are supposedly fans of legitimacy as opposed to programming from the Fever Swamp.

I’m curious about something in the photo of Hillary on the stairs. She seems to be in the middle away from the handrail. It looks like she’s wearing about 3 inch heels. I’m a lot younger than Hillary and never wear heels, but I would, at least, have my hand resting on the handrail. Maybe she was when she first started up the steps, I don’t know. I’ve lived in old houses with front porch steps like that. You really do have to be careful.

@25: Prolix I don’t even want to put the youtube addy here because it will embed. But this is probably what Insanity used, right here.

It’s such a cheesy piece of fakery I can’t believe anyone would buy this b.s.

@23 Did you notice from that link that scumbag investor Martin Shkreli is now Alex Jones’ pal on infowars commenting on this? They deserve each other.

@26: Wonkette had the photo and an explanation of that particular thing. The photo was taken in February in S. Carolina. They do get freezing temps there. Or, something slippery on the step perhaps?

And from a right-wing site that she listed..see, they are trying to imply she’s having issues with what’s called the activities of daily living:

struggling to make it up the stairs, either as a result of her fragile body or perhaps because her well-documented brain injuries make it harder for her to transport herself through daily life activities.

GAgal, thanks for liking the post. I normally do that after it’s published and completely forgot. LOL

@27, I really don’t think anyone who watches Faux really does believe it. I honestly think it is any “hate in a storm” — they have to dress their hate up in something so that it is socially acceptable for Sunday morning as they nurse their hangovers in the pews after having shagged someone or something else the night before.

Just a random thought here, but have you noticed that the democracy has survived without the “political stylings” of Luke Russert. It was touch and go there a few times, but the crisis period seems to be over.

I’ve remodeled houses for a living and done a heck of a lot of painting. One house had only four steps to the porch. The high gloss paint (to withstand weather) made them so slick. Even if the steps weren’t wet, if your feet or shoes were, it was easy to slip. I finally repainted them mixing a couple of cups of sand into the paint for grip. Not the perfect solution because anytime you have “bumps” in the paint, it’s more likely to chip. But, I would rather spend 20 minutes to repair the chips and repaint occasionally than to have someone fall and have to deal with an injury forever.

@30 Fredster, you know how dumb I am? I always thought I couldn’t click the Like on the posts here because I wasn’t on Facebook or Twitter. I thought it was a social media click!! I would have done it a long time ago!

@32 What happened to Luke? Did he find a new career? I thought he was a Washington correspondent or something.

@32: To paraphrase, “Luke we hardly miss ye.”.

GAgal, Luke called it quits or a temporary hiatus with his network career. I think he might be wandering in the desert someplace contemplating….oh who cares! 😛

@34: GAgal you can always like a post on WP. It’s a little confusing with the like button being there among all of the social media things.

@33: Smart move there.

You know, our “intelligence community” doesn’t have great accuracy in reporting that we have killed a major ISIS leader (or Taliban, etc.) In fact, we’ve killed a few of them more than once. So I have to take this news with a grain of salt. But, after Trump calling Obama and Hillary ‘founders’ of ISIS this week, I read this. I predict Hannity and infowars will ignore that and will focus on the fact that the guy’s last name is Khan. Remember you heard it here first. 3,2,1…

@39: Ah geez, you’re probably right.

@34 & 37, unless you are me. For some reason, I can’t “Like” things on here. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact I signed up for WordPress back when the dinosaurs roamed and forgot my Prolix password. To do these rambling posts, I had to create a new account, but now I can’t “Like” stuff.

Being technically stoooooopid is no fun. So when I don’t “Like” your posts, it isn’t me being a curmudgeon, it is just me being technically stooooooopid.

OMG. Funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Trumpette Kayleigh and Bill Kristol going after each other – while SM’s handsome boyfriend sits in the middle loving the hell out of it!! Just watch him, not them… We have to find the rest of the clip when Van finally gets to say something.

@41: Oh that’s right, I forgot about your account issues there Prolix.

@42, I saw that sore-tailed cat fight live between Kristolburger and the demon wraith Kayleigh. As we say around here, “fur was a’flyin'”!

How in the world can anyone take der Drumpf seriously when he was explaining he was being sarcastic that he wasn’t that sarcastic when he was being sarcastic?

Do ya think he may not know what that word means?

His position on Obama being the founder of ISIS just happens to be Putin’s and the Russian alt-media position. I mean, I don’t want to start rumors, but many people are writing it, just as I just typed, many people are writing it.

@42: I did not know her name. I’ve seen her on CNN before and she’s really sad.

@45: Manafort at work perhaps?

Trump is still playing the Stones ‘you can’t always get what you want’ song at his rallies… it goes over his supporters heads in a whoosh.

@47, Manafort is so up in Russian influence he probably pees Vodka and poops borscht.

@49: LOL!

I think I may try to snooze for a bit. Probably won’t work
(Note to self: when you decide to “rest your eyes”, don’t doze off!)

Actually I may stay up for a little while to see if there is any local news from nola about this mess.

It’s been mainly affecting places north of New Orleans and around Baton Rouge.

The basement in the guv’s mansion started flooding and they had to move the family out.

@51, that flooding is a record amount. I saw the jolly green pocket-sized meteorologist on CNN and he said there had been something like 14+ inches of rain in the past couple of days and the streams were 3 feet above flood stage. Scary.

Hello and happy Saturday to everyone! I noticed that “Parkinson’s” YouTube of Hillary has 700-some views. It’s gone viral!! (Note to Drumpf: That is sarcasm. Please write it in crayon on your arm so you don’t forget.)

I have news for you all – even a five point advantage at this point would translate into a significant electoral advantage. 15 percent ahead is a landslide of epic proportions. We’re talking Reagan vs. Mondale, where Hillary wins the Reagan states AND the Obama states.

By the time Drumpf has finished talking Americans out of voting for him, that only states he’ll win will be Wyoming, maybe one Dakota, Alabama and Mississippi. I think the rest of the country will go blue. And goodbye Senate for those obstructionist sh*theads who won’t even confirm the Supreme Court justice or allocate funding to fight Zika.

@52, MB, don’t forget the land of “North to the future,” (what does that even mean?) the home of Drumpf the First, Caribou Barbie.

I read a good essay the other day adding Caribou Barbie to Nixon’s southern strategy, Reagan’s sonic dog whistling, Atwater’s dirty tricks, hamhead Rove, the Tea Party, and the Freedom Caucus to the genetic lineage of der Drumpf.

I just find it so rich that Bill Kristol now has to wear Depends because he’s so exorcised about Trump. Kristol is in the family tree.

Prolix, “the political stylings of Luke Russert” made me laugh out loud.
IMO, his father, God Russert, wasn’t much of a much, either.

@54, Sue, Prolix, J. concur. I’m sure the Russerts are nice humanoids, but they should have called it good when they had success with potatoes. (Notice the memorial Quayle “e” in potatoes.)

@51: Yeah, it’s been historic flooding in that part of the state. It’s due to that U.L.L that’s been meandering off the coast from Fl to La.

@52: MB you can add La into the red column I’m afraid. But that’s only 8 electoral votes. Won’t hurt her or help him.

Stay safe, Fredster!

@58: Oh Sue, I’m in Bama, but La. is home.

Most of that flooding is in the Baton Rouge area and a bit north and west of B.R. It’s just been a case of too much rain falling over the same areas and overwhelming the streams, creeks and rivers. They can’t carry it off fast enough.

However, it’s good to know that the trustees at the Guv’s mansion are sandbagging the guv’s fancy chicken coop the he had built on the mansion grounds. LOL!

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