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Activist Monday: The Best Thing You Can Do

Posted on: August 8, 2016

Goooooooooood Monday, all! I feel like I’ve been away for a century. While I’ve been closing on my house, moving (oy! the boxes!) and working on outstanding family issues, Dumpf as a Stumpf Drumpf has imploded most spectacularly, while Our Girl, Tim Kaine and the Democratic Party have enjoyed a huge bump in popularity since the convention in Philadelphia.

The media, addicted to false equivalencies and afflicted with an incurable case of CDS for the past 25 years, has insisted on reporting as though the two candidates are equally qualified to be President, and you know, all Drumpf needs to do is “get back on message.” Unfortunately for those desperate for a horse race instead of an unprecedented electoral drubbing, I don’t know how he can get back to something when he was never there to begin with; the whole reason that the Gibbering Orangutan is the nominee is that he never said anything the establishment wanted him to. Why should he start now? Even his obviously insincere endorsement of Ayotte, McCain and Ryan doesn’t signal a real change. The guy is incapable of thinking of anyone but himself, and very soon, he will take another sh*t on the American political carpet because of some imagined slight to his oh-so-fragile ego. By the time you read this, it may have already happened.

But I digress. (Quelle surprise.) The point I’m about to make is that the American people are not buying what the media is selling, and thanks to a new ABC poll, the “honest and trustworthy” meme against Hillary has been blown out of the water.

First of all, there has never been any proof that people will always vote for the candidate they think is the most honest and/or trustworthy. For example, Jimmy Carter was widely perceived as honest, but no one wanted his honesty. They wanted Raygun’s “Morning in America” optimism. So the entire kerfuffle about Hillary’s alleged dishonesty is somewhat irrelevant.

I would say these numbers are a bit more important. From the article linked above:

Trump appears to have done little to improve his overall image, despite efforts primarily by his children to use their convention speeches to portray him as a loving father and a successful business executive. Almost 6 in 10 voters say he is not qualified to be president, unchanged from before his convention, and 3 in 10 say they would feel comfortable if he were to become president. (bolding mine)

In other words, according to this poll, between 60% and 70% of Americans would not feel comfortable with Drumpf as President, and, they feel that he’s not qualified for the job.

But wait, there’s more:

Meanwhile, roughly 6 in 10 say [Clinton] is qualified to be president, and 44 percent say they would feel comfortable if she were to become president, compared with 54 percent who say they would feel anxious.

There are also the demographics: Hillary crushes Drumpf among all the key voting blocs: women, African-Americans and Hispanics. That mango-colored monkey can’t even muster up a majority amongst Republican women. And, Hillary’s negatives went way down after the convention. My guess is some of those women migrated over to the Bright Side.

So what does this mean for Activist Monday? Everything is looking extremely positive for Our Girl right now, while Drumpf is sinking like a stone. So why is Hillary’s campaign sending us four emails a day, asking for money, notifying us about the latest Republican stupidities, and generally asking if we’re with her?

Simply speaking: She needs your vote.

I know, I know. She has an extraordinary opportunity to unify the country after the hideous spectacle of the right-wing’s cartoonish nominee, crashing around like a bull in a china shop, angering and disgusting a majority of Americans with his insensitivity and insults. Not just battleground states, but even deep red states like Georgia have the potential to go her way. Because of this, money for advertising will definitely help her in that mission, and it’s good to send it if you have some extra.

But in the end, it’s all about the votes. So talk to your friends, post on social media, phone bank, offer to drive people to the polls on Election Day. Spread the word and get out the vote! The bottom line is, there are more sane Americans than crazy ones, and if we all turn out and throw that lever for Hillary, Drumpf doesn’t have a chance.

It’s the best thing you can do.

This is an open thread.


47 Responses to "Activist Monday: The Best Thing You Can Do"

That ad is amazing. Utterly disturbing during the Trump half, and soothing during the Hillary half. Wapo actually defending Hillary here:

MB, hope the move is going well! Love your post!

Indeed. An amazing ad. And all she really says is that posterity needs to be proud of us, but after that intro, it made me tear up.

In regard to the link in the first paragraph to the WaPo article, consider the position that this WaPo writer takes:.

After one of the worst weeks of his campaign, the Republican nominee only trails Hillary Clinton by eight points in the new Washington Post-ABC News poll of registered voters.(bolding mine)

I wonder if James Hohmann really thinks Trump is going to rise in the polls? I don’t think so.

@4 – the amount of subtle cheerleading the Post does for Drumpf is completely horrifying. They are completely invested in the horserace idea, and do not want to report just what a disaster this man is, both personally and professionally.

Really weird source here – Robert Kagan, who is a super-neocon – but he nails Der Trumperer to the wall.

Thanks, Annie! Good to be back. 🙂

Quixote – Me too. What a relief to see sanity on the screen after all that crazy.

oops, meant to say “take it in”

@5: That’s it exactly! They are trying to make the race something it just isn’t. Sorry WaPo, just not gonna be that way.

Annie, that is amazing. Interesting that Bill won a couple of those states in 1992, but Obama didn’t in 2012. Makes you wonder how many Southern Democrats are coming back home.

@10, someone @ Upps said that Nate Silver says Hillary may even do well in SC!

This is nice:

Madama B!!! Thanks to you, Prolix, Fredster and Shinners for posting the HRC rally pictures :)…not a media hoax, this is for real!!!

We are out there working hard for our girl. I feel like Rue when whispering her last words to Katniss when it comes to HRC: You have to win…

Another poll from Georgia released today, Hillary is leading by seven, with a margin of error of 4. It seems too good to be true.

Also new Monmouth national poll, Hillary +13 among likely voters.

SM@12: Hope you enjoyed seeing the pics here! That was only my second time trying to do one of those slideshows and I had to flip back and forth to wordpress support. When I got it done and saved I clicked “preview” and held my breath. LOL!

I just tried to release my comment that is awaiting moderation, but I don’t know how. I need to call in the experts. 🙂 Maybe because I added two links?

SM77, those pix were great, and Fredster made a beautiful slideshow out of them!

GAGal, yes. Sammy loves eating comments with two links in them. Let me see if I can rescue you.

Fredster, thank you for putting it together! Will hopefully have more events to report on. HRC was here in St. Petersburg today again, but work got in the way for that one…it was a recent unannounced type of thing.

Hugs to Madama B, Prolix, GAGal, Socal, Quixote and all of our Shinners. Thank you for making this little corner our home 🙂

Aaaand I’m buggin and so is WordPress, I have my grape monster back, but now under a different name….LOL!

@18: I was scratching my head at grapebird! 😆

Here’s one guy who isn’t afraid to say it’s over for Trump. Good on him!

Well I guess so much for keeping Trump “on message” 😮


If you need a reminder, or that you want to educate the few non-believers, this is what a REAL DEMOCRATS are like, this is right here. We love, we hug, we support, we…just we:

@21 – Yes, I guess that one was easy to predict. Apparently calling for the killing of Hillary Clinton is just another day in the life of Drumpf?!

When will the Republicans dump this lunatic?!

@21 Jeez.. keep digging Donald

BTW, not that you didn’t already know from 2008, but the astroturf is like RoundUp on plastic-asswhole-sphere on YouTube…OMG, the polls are much more believable than what YouTube comments have to go on. So

So many HRC supporters that I’ve met and have had the joy to meet in the battleground bellwether of Hillsborough County Flow-rida, we are in hiding. We don’t show in public, but we show in our votes. WE GOT THIS.

Please, make it happen in your areas, just volunteer…in the words of effin’ VP Joe Biden….C’mon…this is America!!!

@22: I love that video. 🙂

MB@23: Sorry, they can’t dump him. It’s impossible to unring that bell. Short of him dropping out for some reason, his will be the name on the ballot as the (R) candidate for Prez.

@24: Oh I hope people are giving him a hand with that shovel. LOL!

I added a link under politics for the letter from the 50 former national security officials who called Trump unfit to be President. I was also doing some cleanup and *might* have deleted a few too many things. 😮

This was in an email sent to me by NARAL about Marco Rubio’s Zika comments.

Without a comprehensive Zika funding bill that includes contraception, the best plan Rubio has to offer for women in his state of Florida is…bug spray.

Yea, that ‘s about it.

AAAAAND our USA girls are on FIYAHHHHH!!! Gold medals!!

My spidey-sense tells me that calls to assassinate your opponent will play as badly as attacking Gold Star parents. Unfortunately, my spidey-sense is attached to the rest of left-leaning me, so it’s wrong a lot. But I’ll be watching the DumpsterDisaster’s progress in the polls over the next couple of days.

GAGal, wait until one of his daughters gets bit by a effin mosquito and we’ll seeow fast they get their asses to a solution. I even spray Cutter’s Skin-whatevers just to go to work, and I spray the kid and the cat too. Psycho, yes…but Zika? Hell, Naw!

Quixote! Hope you are well and love to you and yours :)!

Let that piece of daddy’s-waste-barrel-dumpster Trump come for Hillz. Oh, she;s ready. It’s on.

After Trump’s 2nd amendment remarks, for about two seconds I felt sorry for Mike Pence, who will have to answer to this. Then I got over it and that was that. If I were Pence, I would suddenly find a family emergency that I needed to attend to.

@32: Trust the spidey-sense.

Poor little Marco. He’ll probably get reelected to his Senate seat but then he’s going to sit in a corner and do nothing.

@35: GAgal, I saw a quote about Pence and saved it for a rainy day. This seems like a good day to use it.

It’s impossible for Pence to handle a pooper scooper large enough to retrieve all of the volcanic feces erupting from the overflowing cesspool in Trump’s head.

@35 – 😀

Yes, I know they can’t dump Drumpf. I am just tired of the crazy. On what planet is it okay to advocate for the assassination of your political opponent? That orangutan’s followers are just insane enough to try to do it, too. That’s what scares me.

@39: Well, we have 90 more day of it. Oh the material for the comedians. 😆

@32 Quixote, it’s asinine, it’s like …oh, he can’t say anything worse than this….then Drumpf has yet another diarrhea-through-the-mouth episode, that to some, seems legit (???????, I just can’t). All good though, this is all good.for our girl. The vast-right-wing conspiracy is collapsing, and it’s fun to watch. We just need to get off ours asses and get souls to the polls on election day. In ky are, at least, this what we must do.

Well, I stayed awake to watch the women’s Olympic gymnastics team kick some serious bootay. What an inspirational group of girls! Great sportsmanship, incredible talent and a shining example of FEMALE POWER!!

You know Hillary will tweet something about this! And yes SM, we got this. Florida will go for Our Girl, especially with you there to help make it happen!

@42: SM’s got it totally under control 🙂

This is from an open letter to Paul Ryan about what a con artist Trump has always been.

As his sprawling business empire fell apart in the early 1990s, other reporters at the Times had more dealings with him than I did. I always knew when Richard Hylton, who sat across from me, was speaking with Trump, because he would roll his eyes. Soon after he hung up the phone, Hylton would tell me Trump’s latest whopper. But for me, the words that best summed up the financial nonsense that led to the bankruptcy of Trump’s businesses were uttered in the early 1990s by the dean of financial journalists, Floyd Norris. He said that someday we all would have to explain to our children and grandchildren the bizarre story of Donald Trump, how so many banks behaved so recklessly to benefit a man who was obviously little more than a carnival barker. The answer, Floyd said, was: “You just had to be there. It can’t be explained rationally.”

@44, Wow! Great quote GAgal!

@17, {{{Hugs}}}

GAgal, that was a great link. Thanks for putting it up here.

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