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Jinga in a windstorm…

Posted on: May 12, 2017

One hundred thirteen days and the sun still peeked over the eastern horizon this morning. The way things are going, I’m not betting on where, or if, the sun will set.  Writing about current events during the Ides of Orange is like playing Jinga in a windstorm. Not the best idea.

It truly is impossible to try to summarize the news. Therefore, I’m not even going to try. What I am going to do is marry up my behavioral psychology and legal viewpoints to provide a wild guess on where we find ourselves on the 113th day.

First, a disclaimer: I am not going to opine or even guess about Dolt 45’s mental health.  I’m not qualified. What I can do is give you an idea of his behavioral patterns and why he does some of the things he does.

With that said, for recollection, you can go here for Crazy, Stupid, Hate and here for 604,800. The Orangutan makes this stuff so easy. To summarize, he gets every ounce of his self-esteem from the way others perceive him. He is emotionally fragile. Stress enhances that fragility. We are seeing all of these patterns play out.

Next, we need to disabuse ourselves of a few things. The sanctified Office of the Presidency means very little to Dolt 45. It is merely a means to an end. Where any normal human would be awestruck at the otherworldly honor of serving, the ambulatory Cremesicle deems himself entitled to the office.

What Dolt 45 holds dear is money. It is the measuring stick of his self-worth. It is his Superman’s cape. It is his reason for being.

Guys from the home office doing a grab and grin with their franchisee…

If you accept these jumping off points, the rest of this post will be easy to swallow. The Dolt is nervous about having his “fortune and things” taken from him. For the longest time, I have been convinced RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) would play a part in Dolt’s downfall.

It seems certified good guy, Sen. Ron Wyden is of a similar mind. Sen. Wyden has put a hold on a Treasury nominee until certain documents from the Treasury’s financial crimes unit are produced. Follow the money. In a related event, grand jury subpoenas have issued to associates of Michael Flynn for financial records.

This, to at least my way of looking at things, gives a pretty big incentive to fire Comey. Remember, Dolt and his quislings are political neophytes who have no more insight than the last drunk at the end of the bar.

A few words about Comey:  Zealots clad in self-righteousness have committed more injustices than all the despots in history. Comey is, and has always been, a self-righteous arsonist moonlighting as a firefighter.

Nate Silver has done some amazing work and the last installment was published last week. It is definitive. Comey cost Hillary the election. There is no other way to parse the numbers. In a biting indictment of the media, Nate asks a simple question, “Why is the media in denial about it?”

Another point is this: The Comey letter, after duplicate emails were parsed out, was about 12 emails – none of them new and 10 of them were from auto-syncing. That is the legacy of the self-righteous Jim Comey, but I digress.

Now that we know the financial motivation of Dolt 45 to protect his assets, why did he write the letter? It was a strange letter wasn’t it? All the language about Comey telling the Dolt on three occasions he was not a target of any investigation. All the talking heads have talked themselves into a lather about it. Here’s my answer.

Enter Don McGahn. The guy is White House Counsel. A few words about Mr. McGahn: He graduated from either a non-rated law school or the 143rd rated law school in the U.S. since through some mitosis process his law school split into two. Here’s another data point: McGahn was Tom DeLay’s ethics attorney. One final data point: McGahn also defended DeLay in some nasty business regarding Russian oil tycoons making illegal contributions. Ring a bell?

So Don McGahn is one to watch throughout these coming weeks. My bet, he’s not too bright, but for what he lacks in intelligence, he makes up in sleaze. So why would Dolt 45 put that strange language into the Comey termination letter?

To a legal mind like McGahn, he was building a defense to obstruction of justice, i.e., you can’t have intent to obstruct if you know you aren’t under investigation. It’s dumb, but it is the only plausible explanation from a legal standpoint. One clue: When you see Don McGahn’s name in any article look for a whole lot of stupid to follow.

That brings me full circle with all the actors. Dolt 45 made such a horrendous mistake by firing Comey and then lying about it. He’s torpedoed his press office. He’s torpedoed his own credibility. And his most achingly stupid move is crossing Comey. Remember, Comey is the guy whose reputation was built in a hospital room over the pained and protesting body of John Ashcroft by getting in the face of Alberto Gonzales and Andy Card.  Now who do you think leaked that little vignette?

There are no good guys here. There are only degrees of bad. Dolt 45 will resign. It won’t be dramatic. The incentive will be keeping his money. He has no shame so that is not even an inkling of a consideration. He knows he will be able to command headlines for the rest of his miserable life just like Nixon did. A good person to ask about that might be Henry Kissinger – oh yeah, didn’t he visit the White House this week?

So put on your orange-tinted glasses and watch Dr. Evil talk about his life.  Does he remind you of anyone?

What’s on your mind today?



98 Responses to "Jinga in a windstorm…"

Dump escalates his war with Comey.

@1, Dolt 45 has no sense of history. Watergate would have just been a burglary if not for the tapes.

Melissa McCarthy-as-Spicer has been spotted riding the White House briefing podium in traffic on the streets of NYC (outside Time Warner building in Columbus Circle.)

@3, I saw a picture on Twitter. This is about to be a brutal SNL. What if Melissa plays both Spicey and Suckabee Handers?

@4> I hope she does! But she couldn’t do both live because Spicer make-up takes a long time to apply.

I wonder if that video is of Spicer making a run for it. Olbermann tweeted that there is a 1 in 10 chance that vide is actual Spicer running away.

Brilliant as usual, Prolix!

Roz in NJ/NYC

Great post Prolix! You are right about Comey. I’ve gone back and forth on him, but his last testimony to Congress explained everything, and proved you right all along. (The extensive timeline in the ProPublica article from yesterday backs all this up.)

I think of Comey like Snape in “Harry Potter.” I know Snape has many fans, including Rowling herself. But everyone is involved in a revisionist history of that character, including the author. I understand what she thinks she wrote, but a noble hero isn’t what she wrote. Snape was a selfish, narcissistic, child-abusing egoist. He helped bring down Voldemort, but not for noble reasons. Since we are still living out the Dump/Comey days, it’s hard to know what role he will ultimately play in the saga.

But his morning’s Trump tweet threatening him with releasing “tapes” is stunning. And Comey’s leaked response was: Go ahead. (I wonder who leaked that…?) And in the press briefing today Spicer was asked repeatedly if the White House was recording visitors and he repeatedly refused to answer the question. Which means they are. As Michael Beschloss pointed out on Twitter, recording in the White House supposedly stopped after Nixon.

Re: Jeff Sessions’ directive to reignite the War On Drugs.

@6, thanks Roz, you are too kind.

@7, thanks D. Comey is a real case study in people who have really great characteristics taken in a vacuum, but mix them up and turn them loose with a health ego and self-assurance and you have a recipe for disaster. That is what happened in July with his gratuitous, over-the-top comments about Hillary’s email server.

I think when history is written, Comey was trying to assuage the NYC FBI office. They were a bunch of rogue actors infected by Rudy and his minions. He was tossing them and the Congressional Rethugs a bone. It wasn’t enough and his hubris finally did him in.

I wonder if they are still cleaning up the wax from this little Icarus test flight.

“Comey is, and has always been, a self-righteous arsonist moonlighting as a firefighter.” Oh, Prolix, what must your mind be like on drugs… (Great post!)

Adam Schiff is a rock star.


@11, thank you Cats. If you are buying, I’m willing to be the lab rat. The scary part is that I’d probably be opposite of what I am normally — I’d probably make some sense.

BTW, D.C. is a one-party consent jurisdiction so only one party needs to know of a recording.

The Dems have filed a letter with the White House asking for any recordings that might exist. They also, very helpfully, remind the scrotum-headed Orangutan that witness intimidation is a crime.

So apparently Comey has refuse Senate’s invitation to testify behind closed doors. What does that mean?

Prolix, couldn’t agree more with your top post, and welcome back to the land of computers.

I might add that Rump may resign after he is charged with possibly treason, obstruction and or, misleading the public and Congress.

I honestly don’t seem him lasting until the midterms at the rate of decomposition he is accumulating.

I keep thinking of the expression, “Follow the money.” I bet there are connections to the Russian’s that will shine a lot of light on the current or future investigations of Rump, if his IRS taxes were exposed to the public. Some news site said that Trump will release his taxes AFTER he is OUT of Office.

Ah, Pierce has it right:

Always Remember the First Rule of Pipelines:
They leak.

Some news site said that Trump will release his taxes AFTER he is OUT of Office.

More fools they for believing anything he says. And it’s not so much what he gets in income from Russia (or China, or Turkey), but who he owes.

@15, Comey refused the invitation. That is normal. If I were Comey, I would defer on this invite as well. If Comey pulls the trigger too soon, the other Dolt 45 threads won’t have yet raveled out. He’s doing what all strategic investigators do — patience is a virtue in such circumstances. And honestly, why would he want to testify when he has more leakers than a second-hand colander doing his biding? Dolt is not going to win this PR war.

A great Op-Ed from Anne Applebaum in WaPo yesterday.

“The pictures from the Oval Office on Wednesday — published by a Tass photographer, as no U.S. media were present — are jolly and good-humored. President Trump, who fired his FBI director a day earlier, is grinning for the cameras and shaking hands with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, and the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov. They, too, smile and laugh, relishing the many ironies of the moment.

Have a close look at those happy faces; keep the images in your head.”

@16, Thank you Shadow. Here’s the way it will work. At some point, Dolt 45 or his attorney will receive a “target letter”. A target letter will indicate that he is the “target” of an investigation. It means he is going to most likely be charged. Then the haggling will begin.

There will be a “show me yours, I’ll show you mine” meeting where the rudimentary evidence will be shared. There will be no indictment at this point.

My best bet as I said in the post, if it is business related as to money laundering since 2008 by keeping properties afloat with the influx of Russian money, he will fold like DIY origami. He can’t lose a marquee property because of cross-collateralization. His entire house of cards could once again crumble. He won’t suffer that again because he doesn’t have a vodka-riddled Russian waiting in the wings this time to bail him out.

There won’t be an indictment. Impeachment isn’t a judicial process. It looks like one and sounds like one, but it is really just a political calculation. This will be handled just like Nixon’s resignation. Tidy and behind the scenes.

@20> That makes sense. Or he just wants to showboat in an open hearing! LOL

@22> Louise Mensch will be so disappointed not to have a perp walk!

@16 & 19, here’s a thought to savor. Given that Dolt 45 had some lawyers write a worthless letter making certain representations about what his taxes say, did he “open the door” for public release?

That is a colorable argument.

@17: I need a Spicey on his podium, bobble-head for my car.

Now that might just be a tad too distracting while driving shadow.

@24, she was absolutely, positively convinced that the garden gnome A.G. would be arrested today. She was doing the “Chicken LIttle” on Twitter last night — sooner or later the sky might just fall.

I’m sure Chris Wallace just said this on accident. He won’t make this mistake again.

@27> I heard about that from a co-worker who swears by her. I was sort of intrigued by her at first when I first started following twitter and then I had to stop because she’s the sort of person who makes things like Pizzagate happen.

Deputy AG Rosenstein says he sees no need for a special prosecutor at this time.

Tweet from Spicer 4 years ago. The internet really doesn’t let you get away with anything! LOL

@30: Well, he just shat on the slim amount of credibility he may have had.


There won’t be an indictment. Impeachment isn’t a judicial process. It looks like one and sounds like one, but it is really just a political calculation. This will be handled just like Nixon’s resignation. Tidy and behind the scenes.

No possible charge of treason, no matter what he has done???

I wanna see them carry him out of the Oval, kicking and screaming. Threatening the US that he is going to sue them bigly. A screaming little boy with his favorite candy taken away in the grocery store, kind of scene.

I want him to beg, even on the verge of tears, pulling on the prosecutor’s coat tails…with all the media filming it. Nothing less will satisfy me.

Then in slow motion, a large limo pulls up, little high heels and a white pantsuit starts to step out…and this lovely lady is cheered by thousands in the street…as she enters her Oval of our WhiteHouse. That is what she deserves, that is what I need. This is probably what won’t happen because I never get what I want when it comes to politics.

Another part of Dump’s interview with Judge Janine! (Who once ran against Hillary in NY and lost bigly.)

Paul Ryan spoke out about Trump’s tweets. His statement was that he’s not going to comment on every tweet because blah and Trump had a right to fire Comey and what has been done is done and nothing to see here ok bye.

@33: Then in slow motion, a large limo pulls up, little high heels and a white pantsuit starts to step out…and this lovely lady is cheered by thousands in the street…as she enters her Oval of our WhiteHouse. That is what she deserves, that is what I need. This is probably what won’t happen because I never get what I want when it comes to politics.

No, it won’t happen because it can’t. At least not constitutionally.

New pic over on the right side.

@37 Fredster, have you seen this one?

@38: OMG, no I haven’t seen that one.

@38, that is some mighty talented photoshopping.

Something that is just so typical of people like Dolt 45. People like him who are the “over the top bullies” are always “low courage” actors. Someone who sent his hired goon with a letter to the FBI office instead of doing the decent thing and calling Comey is low-rent, bush league behavior.

And asking for a loyalty oath from Comey — that’s like joining a mean girls’ clique.

I wonder if the anime-eyed granny-starver and McTurtle are co-habitating in a shell built for deux.


Okay, MSNBC has rounded the bend. It’s sniffing the butt of Fox so hard they may start humping at any moment. Just now, on Hardball with Katy Tur splurtting-in for Tweety, they just had Jennifer Rubin and John Feehery talking about Democratic prospects in 2018. The only way MSNBC could run more viewers off is if they had a retrospective of Drumpf’s old proctology exams playing on a loop.


42 Prolix

Hahahaha, there we go…I’ve been waiting all day for you to cut loose.

Prolix, excellent post, hubs & I both enjoyed and hubs made nice comments about you.

I wonder why Comey won’t testify in front of Congress? I was disappointed about that at first, but I guess it doesn’t matter. There is supposedly some type of investigation going on, and I can’t imagine the fbi taking this big of a slap from Dolt 45 and lying down. There has got to be so much filth buried about Dolt. I’m clinging to hope that someone will bring it out.

Oh Keith Dobermann publicly called for the spy orgs of Europe to please leak all the dirt they have on Dolt & cronies. He did this on his little twitter podcast.

And Time Magazine has a new story out about Dolt, the gist of which seems to be that he’s stark staring mad. Well, yeah.

@41> Wow Fox is putting up that poll?

@42 Prolix, don’t give them any ideas!

With Jennifer Rubin, I’m not super familiar with her, but have a read just a handful of columns over the last few months. She doesn’t like Trump. But she’s a conservative, yes?

@45> I saw Rosie re-tweet Doberman’s comments. I mean, if Dump can ask for Hillary’s e-mails to be leaked, why not ask for his to be leaked.

I also really want people like Glenn Greenwald to have their e-mails leaked.

The newest Times Twins’ article Maggie is hawking on twitter is about the upcoming Dump shake-up of his communications team, including replacing Spicer. The only terrible thing about that is that a) What’s Melissa McCarthy gonna do if he leaves and b) do we get Huckabee Sanders (she’s not nearly as entertaining as Spicy.)

Also apparently Times says Comey wants to testify in an open hearing, not behind closed doors.

So showboat it is!

@45: annie, see his comments @20.

Humans are terrible.

For the replay of Maher, he’s gong to have Adam Schiff on as one of the interview guests. Just now starting.

@49, Open hearing! I hope its true!

How horrible about the white wolf.

@50, Thanks Fredster!

Since its Schiff, I may actually watch that! Thanks for heads-up.

@55: It was pretty good.

@45, thanks Annie. I like it when Hubs makes nice noises about me. How’s the play going and its very talented star — Laker the Wunderkind?

I made a comment up thread about Comey. He will testify, but he’s going to let things play out a little longer. He knows stuff the rest of us can only guess about — he knows the stench is going to be thicker and this is quite uncharitable, but by waiting, he can exacerbate his self-righteous stardom in the whole episode. Why would Comey settle for a footnote in the Trump resignation/impeachment when he has spent his entire life bigfooting every opportunity?

@47, yeah, Jennifer Rubin is a conservative princess at WaPo. I swear she chews paper and craps essays. Look up prolific in the dictionary and she will have written enough entries to already be at prolixous — she puts me to shame.

And John Feehery — don’t get me started. He’s a serial Rethug offender who believes they are just misunderstood. He believes Gingrich was the highwater mark for statesmanship. Feehery is best described as an impacted molar growing through an inflamed hemorrhoid during a night school lecture. Not that I have any personal experience. Just sayin’.

As someone that hasn’t liked Maddow in about 9 years, I have really gotten hooked on her programs in the past couple of months. I can never recall listening to a show twice, but find that there is so many details, that I do listen to it twice every now and then.

She is on fire again tonight.

You can’t make this stuff up.


@60: Oh dear gawd!!

@60, okay, Dolt 45 is just flipping us all the finger at this point. Please God, take this evil asshole down.

Maher was ok? I may watch later…

@57 Prolix, I’m telling you, you need to publish a book of insults! Or a tear-away calendar! An insult a day keeps the doctor away. Do it!

I don’t know if this guy is a good source or not, but this is interesting:

@63: DYB, his first interview guest who was Schiff. I ended up switching channels after that part.

@64, hahahaha! That would be priceless.

“If there was no ‘there’ there, James Comey would still have a job.” And oh yeah, Obama fucked up.

Oh my, this did not turn out the way the Faux News Morning Crew thought it would. I was almost giggling. Poor Griff whatever had to have been very uncomfortable when his “man in the diner” thng didn’t go quite as planned.

DYB: @51, totally agree. Originally, they said natural causes but this is so sad and infuriating to read. I didn’t like the use of the word “carcass” to refer to her beautiful body and what it symbolized to so many. Yes, humans are terrible. I work with a wildlife rehabilitator here in PA and a frequent utterance after she speaks to a caller, esp those who only want a wild critter gone, is, “I hate people.”

@64: Hear, hear! The man truly has a gift that should be shared with the world! A Prolix tome of such truisms, especially those 45-related, would be a best seller.

@69, that was truly funny!

@70, also funny! Although its kind of a shame as well. I wish Dolt 45 would go, I bet he’d be scared deep down.

I hope this is true:

Comey, I’m sure 60 Minutes will be glad to let you testify on their program.

Can you believe this? Sinclair wants to give dump a propaganda channel:

It’s like we’re racing towards authoritarianism.

I got a tweet from one of the Alt-Park or real USNP accounts I follow a few days ago with the story about the matriarch wolf. Shot and left to die by a poacher. Torturer.

@76: Luna, they know it was a poacher, not a rancher or a hunter looking for an easy trophy to bag?

@75: annie, that Sinclair group, or one of the owners was partly behind the John Kerry Swiftboat stuff back in 2004.


If you haven’t heard and have Windows on your computer, make sure you have the latest update.


‘Accidental hero’ finds kill switch to stop spread of ransomware cyber-attack

DYB puts a lot of Kyle Griffin’s tweets here. Not sure if he did this one or not.


@83, ugh if it comes to pass, and yet another reason NOT to watch Faux.

@84: cats3 you are exactly right. Perhaps with Ailes and O’Reilly gone that ship will be sinking fast.

@79: Forgot to say thanks for that info shadow. When I was reading last night I saw that the yahoo piece on that guy just happening to get the kill switch for that ransomware. I made sure I grabbed the latest updates when I first read about the threat.

@77, same thing. Not legal to hunt IIRC. “Poacher” was the word used when I first saw a reference. I think it was from Yellowstone NP.

Apologies; I can’t find 1st tweet I saw come thru my TL.

This takes a huge amount of time, but it is meticulously researched and reported by a Dutch documentary team. There is no doubt about the truth of Dolt 45 being mobbed up to his orange gills.

I’ve been out of the loop a few days. Before I praise Prolix and DYB on their fabulous, latest posts I’m still trying to catch up on, I gotta rant on Comey.

Will he testify in public or behind closed doors… Really? FFS. The idiot was in charge of the investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia interfering in our damn election. Yet, he agreed to ‘have dinner’ with Trump. WTF? Apparently, it was so private, we only have Trump’s word against his ‘can’t talk about it’ bullshit. Comey deserves to fired for that shit ALONE! Did he not learn a damn thing from flapping his trap in July 2016? Did he not learn a damn thing when he was pulled in front of Congress three days later? Did he not learn a damn thing when the entire country learned he had hidden the FBI investigation of Trump for months and months before the election?

Why did he not tell Trump, ‘with all respect, that would not be appropriate for me to have a private dinner with you right now, given the circumstances’? What the fuck is wrong with him? I’ll say it once more (hopefully only once). Comey should be fired for agreeing to a private dinner with the fucking President of the United States who is being investigated for Russian (and other) ties. I don’t hear ANYONE talking about THAT. No one.

Great post Prolix. I don’t think we need to know the exact diagnosis of Trump’s mental instability beyond regular old narcissistic. There are plenty of those in the world. It’s just obvious he’s not capable of doing the job. Imagine if his ‘handlers’ all walked out tomorrow. Strait jacket.

Ha, Chaffetz going to Fox – that was one rumor going around when he said he would leave Congress. He wants to make money. Fuck the country over, get a show on Fox. They got plenty of openings. It’s the Republican way.

@91 DYB, I don’t know. There’s something very hinkey going on with Chaffetz. He was going to be gone a few weeks for a 12 year old foot surgery correction, then shows up a week later. Something is up with him. This should be interesting.

There will be a new post going up this morning around 10:30ish so be sure to go to the front page of the blog to see it.

@87: thanks, Luna. That NPS announcement was clearly written by someone who appreciated and respected her. I hope they catch the bastard who shot her and plaster his face all over the internet with an account of what he did to that beautiful creature. May he suffer the shame of it to his last day.

@89 and 92: GAgal, agree totally about both Comey and Chaffetz.I hope Karma has something extra special waiting for both their sorry asses.

@94, cats, found it. Posting this here instead of next thread because it makes my heart ache:

@95: OMG, Luna, that’s heart breaking. What a magnificent female; a mother, a leader, a symbol, shot and left to suffer and die. And she died for what exactly? Thank you for finding this. I have to find a tissue.

88 |Prolix
May 14, 2017 at 1:27 am

Excellent videos, thank you for posting.

I am happy to notice that the FBI has already been investigating some of this stuff, and I see no way that Rump won’t end up being impeached over all of this.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our blog moms!

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