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Feminist Friday: My Choice is Clear

Posted on: October 22, 2010

The candidates for Governor of New York are less than thrilling. I have to admit that I am one of the few who likes our current Governor, David Paterson, who was forced to abandon his 2010 run by the might of the Bloomberg-Obama-Kennedy power bloc in New York. They never forgave him for appointing Kirsten Gillibrand to Hillary Clinton’s seat instead of the monosyllabic, mysterious and completely unsuited Caroline Kennedy. So, in typical Obama fashion, our first black AND (legally blind!) Governor was thrown under the bus.

However, all that’s behind us now, and Democrat Andrew Cuomo is running for governor instead. His Republican challenger is Carl Paladino, a fulminating, fuming, porn-forwarding mess of a man who has, despite his obvious flaws, been endorsed by the Tea Party. Why? He’s a rightwing Christian who believes that abortion should be illegal, even in the case of rape or incest.

Andrew Cuomo has responded to Paladino’s extremism with this ad.

It’s good, isn’t it? Here’s why I like it:

  1. Abortion is not the government’s business. 

    I like the way the ad frames the issue of choice: Anti-choicers want to use the government to come between a woman and her doctor. Since no one wants the government interfering in their private lives, this is quite a smart move.

  2. The right to choose is framed…as a right.The ad correctly states that if Paladino were allowed to run New York, women would have fewer rights. It is rather refreshing to see such an obvious truth stated so simply.
  3. Just Doctors and Patients, Barack.We were all outraged when Obama said this about abortion: “But what ultimately I believe is that women in consultation with their families, their doctors, their religious advisers, are in the best position to make this decision.”  Just how many men need to sign off before a woman can choose her reproductive destiny, in Obama’s world?In Cuomo’s world, there are only two parties involved in this ad – doctors and patients. That’s exactly as it should be. If a woman wants to bring other people into her decision, that’s her right and her choice, not Barack Obama’s.
  4. Empathy.To put it bluntly, anyone who would force a woman to bear her rapist’s baby to term is a sociopath. An embryo is not a child; it is a potential life only. Why would a sane, feeling person have more empathy for a potential life, than for the real life of the mother, in horrible agony?Obviously, Andrew Cuomo gets that. Paladino does not.

This ad is in heavy rotation in New York. I suspect it will get many women to the polls, including yours truly. And it makes my choice very clear.

I’m in Atlantic City celebrating hubby’s birthday, so tawk amongst yerselves! This is an open thread.

27 Responses to "Feminist Friday: My Choice is Clear"

Completely agree. It’s a great ad. I love that he’s not afraid to tell the truth about medical decisions being between doctor and patient. Nobody else. I hate the Democrats, but Cuomo is one I could vote for and this ad has a lot to do with that decision.

Wow! Quiet day.

Will be home in a few hours.

agree totally. It’s no one else’s business. Very effective ad. Although I’m beyond the age of worry about others rummaging around in my uterus, I still care about the uteri of all my gruesome fems friends.
P.S. I’ve always loved Kenny Rogers – don’t know why, however when the gruesome twosome were small, I used to play his records and they knew every word. Mind you, I had to explain songs like Ruby, Don’t take your love to town, so they had some contextual background. Try explaining the Viet Nam War to children born twenty years after the fact.

I’m running in large circles all day- much activity, little accomplished.
Great post.

Great post, MB.

I have nothing to say these days. I’m too busy playing with razor blades. ( Just kidding! )

Wow maybe young Cuomo is more one of us than an Obamacrat?

That would be nice to win one for once!

Some good manufacturing news – this local GE plant was slated to close this year, but now will be hiring again:

Wow! That is a very effective ad.

I’m not making light here, but it seems Cuomo knows how to go after the women’s vote more than Obama does. He’s clueless.

Love the ad. Not loving my cold, however.

Wishing I had an Andrew Cuomo to vote for, but I’ll content myself with the state chair of Hillary’s campaign instead.

MB you cant let Paladino become your next govenor, the consequences for New York State are to Dire…

I have listened to some related Youtubes where his true colors show the guy is a fasist through and through I am sure he destroy your state faster than Obama could! He cannot be governor period!

Oh, Madamab did Mr B turn 29 again? hope he enjoyed his birthday!

Did you play the slots or the the tables?

I’m finally on my way home! We had a good time, and I may have some work coming up! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I never thought I’d be voting for any Dem again. The Tea Party people changed my mind…and, of course, Hillary 2012!

The slots, Fuzzy – and we weren’t lucky this time. Oh well. The room was lovely and the food was great!

BTW, didn’t extend birthday wishes to hubby in previous comment – I’m desole (don’t want to change to the french keyboard, so imagine the accent acute).

Happy Birthday Madamab’s partner, and here’s for many more! (imagine champagne glass clicking)
After I thought about my original comment, and the difficulty of educating young people like the gruesome on the vietnam debacle, I got to thinking. It’s the weekend. How about Protest Movement Songs? There are so many great ones. Pete Seager, Woody Guthrie
Just something to think about, and in that vein – one of the greatest.

HT – thank you so much!

Perhaps the weekend of the “Rally to Restore Sanity” we can do protest songs. Sounds like a great idea!

re: the ad. This last-minute “oooo, scary coathangers!” push by Democrats across the board has me very skeptical. Esp. since all the polls lately show women, the Democrats last and greatest “where else ya gonna go?” punching bag constituentcy, are falling away from Obama. (I wonder why?)

Has Cuomo actually done anything positive in favor of abortion rights? Lest you all think I’m lazy, I DID try to research this myself, but like the first million hits on Google were all about this ad or the outrage of his opponents for running the ad. His website has nothing whatsoever on abortion or reproductive rights.

Happy birthday Mr. MB!

So I just treated myself to a new Macbook Air – for work purposes, actually. Not entirely for pleasure. Although it is giving me some pleasure. Now I will be able to stay in touch during the day with it! Yay.

For some reason I can’t see any of the embedded youtube videos, though. It’s telling me Safari is missing some plug-ins, but how do I – as i were – plug them in? I have no idea! I can see videos on youtube’s own page, but not here. Weird!

This ad by Cuomo is definitely impressive. I’ve been skeptical about voting for him – just because he helped push Paterson out. But this ad is making me more of a fan.

Valhalla, I know just what you’re saying. But I don’t think he has had the ability to do much on women’s rights in his position as Attorney General.

The ad shows a true pro-choice mentality and emotion. I don’t think you can fake that. Case in point – Obama. He just couldn’t pull off being in that headspace. Everything he said came out with qualifiers and hedges.

We shall see…but as Governor Paladino would certainly have the ability to defund abortion clinics, as he has threatened to do. He is truly a threat to women’s reproductive rights.

DYB – I am not a Mac user, but there should be an “update” choice somewhere on the menu bar. Maybe under “help” or “Tools”?

fuzzy pulled a muscle in his back damn! I am going to get horizontal Ouch!

Oh no fuzzy! Watch your back!

MB @ 18> Is there anything unusual about the code used to embed youtube videos? It just tells me there’s a plug-in missing and that it can’t identify it. Weird… The Safari is the latest version, so I’m not sure what it’s missing!

DYB – It’s probably a Flash plugin. You could go to the website and download the latest version of Flash.

Or, you could just use Firefox! I think it works on Macs. You can download it for free at, IIRC.

I had some issues like that, DYB, when I got my MacBook. I ended up downloading VLC for certain things, but don’t remember the youtube issue. But I recall needing to download a couple of things in the video realm.

Did you get the 99.00 for 1 year personalized service at the store you bought it from? Anyway, if you didn’t, a phone call to the your local Apple store goes a long way. They will have an answer for you in a jiffy. That is how our Apple store here is anyway.

I know you all are sleeping on the East Coast, but maybe you will see this in the morning.

And a most Happy Birthday to Mr. Madamab.

MB @ 21> I’ll try Flash. The only issue I have with Firefox is that it doesn’t have a super-duper handy “Zoom In” button in its toolbar like Safari does! But it would probably play back videos without any issues.

La-t-da @ 22> Thanks! I think VLC is for playing back downloaded videos that are not native to Macs. I’m having issues seeing embedded youtube videos on this site. Which is weird. I did buy Applecare (which lasts 3 years), so I could probably contact them and ask what’s up. Or even go to the Genius bar at one of their stores.

Sorry I’m here late.

DYB: I was looking at trying Safari for PC for my laptop. I use firefox but I have memory leaks with (add-ons?) and it eats so much memory I have to shut it down and restart at times.

Anyway, Safari does NOT like Adobe plugins or much of Adobe anything for that matter.

MB: any suggestions for the memory issue (private working set) for F.F.? I’ve gotten so frustrated that I’m checking out Safari and Opera for pcs. No way in hell I’m gonna use google chrome. 👿

Have you seen the debate? When asked “what would you cut first?” both Cuomo and Paladino answered identically: Medicaid and education. Just because Paladino is nuts doesn’t make Cuomo acceptable to me. I am voting Green – for the guy who rejected the premise that cuts were necessary – as Wall Street owed the state 16 billion and progressive taxation would pay for all services. Howard Hawkins for me, Obama’s protegee can suck it!

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