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Interesting how we haven’t heard much about Governor Andrew Cuomo lately, isn’t it? Let’s check in on that scandal.

‘Strange and inappropriate’: Flood victim says Cuomo came onto her in her home

Sherry Vill said that after she was introduced to the New York governor in her home in 2017, he leaned over and kissed her cheeks in a “highly sexual manner” and told her, “That’s what Italians do.”

Uhhhhh….that IS WHAT ITALIANS DO! And French people, and Spanish people, and sometimes British people as well. There are other episodes of alleged over-enthusiastic kissing that Cuomo has admitted to and apologized for, and one woman says he groped her (although her story changes frequently). Overall it’s “meh” so far.

So that’s the Democratic side.

How are our Republican friends doing? Let’s check in with those paragons of virtue, all het up about how Cuomo needs to resign.

So there’s Matt Gaetz, who recently leaked that he might not run for re-election and was considering a job at Newsmax. This was news for a hot second, until it was revealed that he’s actually defending himself against charges that he’s committed statutory rape. And while being a sexual criminal seems to be one of the qualifications his future employer looks for, it tends to be at least mildly frowned-upon by Congress.

Sounding shaken, Gaetz told Axios that for weeks, he and his father been working with the FBI in the Northern District of Florida on the extortion case. Gaetz said his lawyers were informed by the Justice Department that, “I was not a target but a subject of an investigation regarding sexual conduct with women.” 

Asked what the charges could relate to, Gaetz said: “I have definitely, in my single days, provided for women I’ve dated. You know, I’ve paid for flights, for hotel rooms. I’ve been, you know, generous as a partner. I think someone is trying to make that look criminal when it is not.”

Oh, but it is, Matt. It’s called sex trafficking. And you’re in big trouble, because you’re linked to an even sleazier, more criminal Republican named Joel Greenberg.

The probe of Gaetz reportedly stemmed from the investigation of Greenberg, who faces a slew of charges including sex trafficking of a child. He is currently slated to stand trial in June.

The Times report noted that many details of the Gaetz probe remain unclear, including how the congressman allegedly met the girl. The encounters allegedly occurred about two years ago and the investigation began in the final months of the Trump administration under then-Attorney General William P. Barr, the report said.

What is even more horrifying is that Gaetz, Greenberg and Roger Stone were all photographed kibbitzing together in Florida. The common denominator between all these criminals is – you guessed it – The Former Guy. And The Former Guy was involved with Epstein, who was a known pedophile and sex trafficker.

Do we see a pattern here?

Here is a long list of Republican sexual criminals. The link goes to “Part 16” of 23. Of the 25 repugnant sociopaths listed in Part 16, about 50% were involved in pedophilia and/or sex trafficking. This seems like something someone should cover, don’tcha think? Maybe something someone should trace back to that inexplicable rise of Drumpf through the Republican Party and how people who were so very Never T suddenly became his bestest pals? (cough cough Lindsey Graham cough cough)

But you know, Cuomo kissed someone on the cheek.

Open thread as always.

It’s a FeMailBox!

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is not a perfect public servant by any means. He is taking far too much time to tell the fracking industry to go jump in a (poisoned) lake, for example. But, he has been a leader on two issues I care very deeply about. The first was pushing equal marriage through the Senate (something both Spitzer and Paterson were unable to do), and the second is, well, you guessed it: WIMMINZ RIGHTS!

Yesterday in my Mailbox, I got this very exciting email entitled: “Governor Cuomo Introduces the Women’s Equality Act.”  The Act was supported by members of the Women’s Equality Coalition, and its ten main points are:

  • Achieve Pay Equity
  • Stop Sexual Harassment in All Workplaces
  • Allow for the Recovery of Attorneys’ Fees in Employment and Credit and Lending Case
  • Strengthen Human Trafficking Laws
  • Prohibit Employers from Denying Promotions or Hiring Based on Family Status
  • Prevent Landlords from Denying Housing to Qualified Tenants Based on Source of Rent Funds
  • Stop Housing Discrimination for Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Stop Pregnancy Discrimination Once and For All
  • Protect Victims of Domestic Violence by Strengthening Order-of-Protection Law
  • Protect a Woman’s Freedom of Choice

Some of these points seem wonky (like the one about sources of rent funds), and others are very simple to understand (“Achieve Pay Equity!” YESSSS!). The Gov wrote an Op-Ed in HuffPo that helps explain why he included the points he did.

Here is the reason for the one about denying housing to qualified tenants:

Fact: female-headed households in New York account for the vast majority of those on public assistance. However, under current law, a landlord can turn away a tenant if he does not approve of the applicant’s source of income. The Women’s Equality Act prohibits discrimination in housing based on lawful source of income, aiding women who receive public assistance in finding safe and decent housing for their families.

Knowing the heartlessness of landlords in New York City, and knowing that women are far more likely to be afflicted by poverty than men, I unfortunately find this state of affairs horrifying, but easy to believe. That women are living through the pain of not only being on public assistance, struggling to feed themselves and their families, but then being denied a safe place to live is a new injustice to add to a very long list.

Clearly it’s not new to Cuomo. It seems plain that the Governor has done his research and deeply understands not just the most obvious, but also some of the more hidden needs of women of all colors and income levels. It’s a good thing too, as women are becoming more and more important both to the economy and to those who aspire to public office.

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As many of you know, my home state of Noo Yawk has a Democratic Governor, Andrew Cuomo. This is the same Governor who made New York history by finally getting the Marriage Equality Act to pass the State Legislature, thus garnering much-deserved praise for his support of the LGBT community. Yet, for some reason, Mr. Cuomo doesn’t seem to be pursuing the Reproductive Health Act with quite the same fervor.

This is rather a disappointing turn of events for a Governor whose campaign included this video:

What IS it about Democrats who think they can ignore women’s rights?

The Reproductive Health Act is a pre-emptive strike against all the crayzee legislation that has been proposed, and in some cases, passed, in other states we have documented. Its main points are as follows:

  • Guarantees a woman can make her own personal, private health care decisions, especially when her health is endangered.
  • Treats the regulation of abortion as an issue of public health and medical practice rather than as a potential crime.
  • Affirms New Yorkers’ right to use (or refuse) contraception, regardless of what politicians in Congress decide.

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The candidates for Governor of New York are less than thrilling. I have to admit that I am one of the few who likes our current Governor, David Paterson, who was forced to abandon his 2010 run by the might of the Bloomberg-Obama-Kennedy power bloc in New York. They never forgave him for appointing Kirsten Gillibrand to Hillary Clinton’s seat instead of the monosyllabic, mysterious and completely unsuited Caroline Kennedy. So, in typical Obama fashion, our first black AND (legally blind!) Governor was thrown under the bus.

However, all that’s behind us now, and Democrat Andrew Cuomo is running for governor instead. His Republican challenger is Carl Paladino, a fulminating, fuming, porn-forwarding mess of a man who has, despite his obvious flaws, been endorsed by the Tea Party. Why? He’s a rightwing Christian who believes that abortion should be illegal, even in the case of rape or incest.

Andrew Cuomo has responded to Paladino’s extremism with this ad.

It’s good, isn’t it? Here’s why I like it:

  1. Abortion is not the government’s business. 

    I like the way the ad frames the issue of choice: Anti-choicers want to use the government to come between a woman and her doctor. Since no one wants the government interfering in their private lives, this is quite a smart move.

  2. The right to choose is framed…as a right.The ad correctly states that if Paladino were allowed to run New York, women would have fewer rights. It is rather refreshing to see such an obvious truth stated so simply.
  3. Just Doctors and Patients, Barack.We were all outraged when Obama said this about abortion: “But what ultimately I believe is that women in consultation with their families, their doctors, their religious advisers, are in the best position to make this decision.”  Just how many men need to sign off before a woman can choose her reproductive destiny, in Obama’s world?In Cuomo’s world, there are only two parties involved in this ad – doctors and patients. That’s exactly as it should be. If a woman wants to bring other people into her decision, that’s her right and her choice, not Barack Obama’s.
  4. Empathy.To put it bluntly, anyone who would force a woman to bear her rapist’s baby to term is a sociopath. An embryo is not a child; it is a potential life only. Why would a sane, feeling person have more empathy for a potential life, than for the real life of the mother, in horrible agony?Obviously, Andrew Cuomo gets that. Paladino does not.

This ad is in heavy rotation in New York. I suspect it will get many women to the polls, including yours truly. And it makes my choice very clear.

I’m in Atlantic City celebrating hubby’s birthday, so tawk amongst yerselves! This is an open thread.

The Haps

The Haps

Time for another short post, everyone – am giving a presentation on my work at my old firm today. Wish me luck!

First, a little action. On Friday, we discussed NOW and the new, extremely restrictive abortion care guidelines that the “pro-choice” Obama Administration has come up with for the high-risk insurance pools mandated by the Health Whatever Bill. If these guidelines are adopted on Tuesday, any woman participating in the high risk pools would not be able to buy abortion insurance coverage, no matter what she is willing to pay. According to CREDO Action Network:

While the recently passed health care law does have provisions prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage based on a pre-existing condition, those rules don’t kick in for a few years.

In the meantime, the high-risk insurance pools are the only option for many people with serious health conditions who cannot obtain insurance otherwise due to a pre-existing condition such as cancer or diabetes.

So women with literally no other venue of obtaining health insurance will be forced into buying policies that will not cover abortions in most circumstances.

Even if women in the high-risk pools are willing to pay out of their own pocket the difference between a plan that fully covers abortion and one that doesn’t, they won’t be given that option.

 Abortion is the most common surgical procedure women receive. It is simply unconscionable that anyone purporting to support choice would propose rules that expand on the draconian federal restrictions on women’s access to abortion health care.

The chance for the public to respond to the proposed rules ends on Tuesday. Take a minute now to demand the Obama administration stand up for choice.

Seems like yet another group is starting to understand what a lying crapweasel Obama is with regard to women’s rights. I must admit I never thought it would take THIS LONG for the light to dawn. Sheesh. How many bricks have to fall on peoples’ heads?!

In other news:

The Israeli settlement freeze on building in the Gaza Strip expired on Sunday at 12 am. Netanyahu is asking for Abbas to continue peace talks, but Abbas has previously been insistent that peace talks will cease if the freeze is not continued. I guess we’ll see what happens, if anything.

Guess what? We’ve got our own Tea Party slimeball right here in New York. His name is Carl Paladino. Reuters says he is close in polling with Andrew Cuomo. I’ve got a prediction for you all: Paladino does not have a shot in hell. It’s hard to be a convincing anti-government whacko when you have such a history of supporting the government – and of the government supporting you.

Is it just me, or has Ann Coulter lost her touch for saying offensive, yet somewhat catchy things? Dumbest. Talking Point. Ever.

Heavy-hitting econoblogger Yves Smith wonders why the left has no outlet for its outrage, whereas the right has the Tea Party, and gets more than 200 comments for her trouble. The comments are well worth reading.

And that’s the Haps! This is an open thread.

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