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Good morning Widdershins.Doves

Those sounds you hear are doves crying.  Prince was a man entirely too talented to hang around too long – it just wouldn’t be cool. If your young adulthood was anything like mine, Prince supplied the soundtrack.  He was otherworldly talented.  That talent was called home.  We are fortunate to have shared this world for 57 years.

Your friend Prolix was full-blown stupid last night.  Eat up with the stupid he was because he watched Kristina van den Heuvel on Chris Hayes’ show.  It wasn’t an interview.  It was a Bernilogue delivered without interruption for an entire segment.  Hayes even attempted to interject with, “This is what I think,” and van den Heuvel barreled over him as if he was roller derby road kill.  Unpretty it was.  Anger-making at its zenith.

Distainful BernieThis is why.  I have grown oh so weary of the new parlor game, “What does Bernie want?”  I’m going to answer that question, but not right now.  So read on.

Conjecture revolves around the “revolution” Sanders incessantly yammers about.  People, like van den Heuvel (Her Family Crest:  Wealth has its own rewards of telling poor people what to think, feel, and desire) believe a 75-year old holds the future of the Democratic Party.  Well, here’s a news flash – less than a year’s membership won’t get you on the condo board much less co-opting a 224-year old political party.

Here’s an observation for those seeing Bernie as the future of the Democratic Party – smarter statements have come from a box of hair.  It might just be me, but I don’t believe anyone without support from African-Americans, Latinos, and those whose last birthday didn’t involve a kegerator, will take over the party.

A related issue continues to chafe my chinos and it is the continued whining over super-delegates.  Here’s something no news person seems capable of putting in the googling machine – the 712 super-delegates are baked into the requirement to get 2,383 delegates overall.  What does that mean?

There are 4,765 delegates (one over half is 2,383) elected or selected – this includes the 712 super-delegates.  The super-delegates are a part of the calculation – they are not establishment “free spaces”, but about 15% of the amount needed to secure the nomination.  So any inference otherwise is a use of mathematics to return the eyes of airheaded pundits to their normal glazed-over appearance.

America: Go ahead -- pull my finger...

America: Go ahead — pull my finger…

One last thing before I answer the question posed above.  The constant excuse of, “Well, Hillary stayed in until the end,” is as insightful as comparing an amoeba and a blue whale since they are both living things.  Here are the facts, and yes, they are stubborn things.

The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee of May 31, 2008, is seared upon this simple mind of mine.  Why?  The delegates were jimmied to reward Obama by slighting Hillary.  At the time there was only, O.N.L.Y., a sixty-five (65) delegate difference.  Remember?  I wish someone paid millions of dollars to yammer about such things on teevee would remember.

So what does Bernie want?  It’s a mélange as they say in the fancy restaurants.  Here are the main ingredients:

  1. He wants the Democratic Party to act as the Democratic Party has acted during the Obama years when faced with hard choices. That is:  Take the path of least resistance which is to excuse the door mat and assume the position.  The excuse is to back down and coddle the precious 18 – 29 year-old males.  A cohort where almost a third wasn’t eligible to vote in the last presidential election and the others, save for an anorexic sliver of them, failed to vote in the midterms.
  2. While supposition and I’ve seen nothing in behavior to counter it, Bernie, in his 1960s sexist sensibilities, can’t abide being beaten by a woman. On top of that, he expects the woman to apologize for interrupting his taste of the sweet, sweet juice of mass adulation.  How dare she?  In Bernie-world, the she devil must be punished and grovel appropriately.Hillary Clinton
  3. Finally, this is the big one no one will say aloud and why Bernie will stay in the race until the last drunk falls.  Bernie Sanders has always been an opportunistic, symbiotic political tapeworm.  He can’t help it, it’s what he is.  What Bernie wants is the wet dream of every conservodroid to come true; the empaneling of a grand jury and Hillary’s indictment on a trumped-up email charge.

Believing he is the only possible, acceptable alternative, Bernie and his hobbits Gollum Weaver and Frodo Devine can claim the nomination in a bloodless coup.  Bernie is betting against logic, reason, and most importantly, the law.  This time, the tapeworm is going hungry since there are no grounds whatsoever to bring any charges.  Everyone knows it, even conservatives.

Someone should tell Bernie.

Why Won’t The Old B*stard Just Quit?  Ring any 2008 bells?


My life is one big exercise in connecting the dots.  Can’t help it, that’s just the way I’m wired.  I’m always looking forTrump Sanders data points where trends can be sussed out from the shadows.  This primary season is a treasure trove of such data points.  Here’s the conclusion presented:  Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are running the same campaign.

The data points don’t include the campaign slogans – Trump’s slogan of “Making America White Again, One Deportation at a Time,” or Sanders’ slogan of “America: Here – pull my finger.”

The similarity doesn’t revolve around hair – the “thermonuclear comb over” versus the “great rat’s nest migration.”

Likewise, you can’t plot a data trend from policy positions.  If either of these men venture beyond stock stump speeches they know absolutely nothing as is evidenced by the Sanders New York Daily News interview and, well, every time Trump opens his mouth.

There’s no hint of evidence in their early careers because Trump didn’t have to work due to his father’s money and Bernie just didn’t work until he was 41.

But, there is one thing paramount and central to both their campaigns.


Cartoon 2It’s hate focused on different groups, but it is hate nonetheless.  Trump engenders hate against “otherness”.  Sanders’ hate focuses on economics – not character, but characteristics.

Both Trump’s and Sanders’ hate also have geographic focuses – one at the border and the other, Wall Street.

Both their hate springs from fear and ignorance.  The fear arises from falling on the wrong side of a zero sum game and the ignorance stems from failing to realize flourishing in this life isn’t bound up in facile equations.

Both Trump and Sanders possess a vindictive streak about a mile wide running through their souls.  The subtext of their campaigns is that people should be hurt and hurt badly enough to teach them who’s the boss.  In other words, they both would let someone drown to teach them they should have taken swimming lessons.

Trump believes eleven million families must be shredded in order to satisfy the vindictiveness of his hordes of angry, fearful know-nothings.  In 2008, Sanders proudly voted to send the economy into an irreversibly dangerous free fall toward depression in order to maintain his “absolutist” theory of no compromise.Midsummer Nightmare

Both these men have a theory that government exists for the meting out of pain to those who fall outside their narrow philosophical parameters – not empowerment, but ostracism. I’ve been waiting for one or both of them to come up with a new use for Gitmo – either as a deportation station or a new government getaway for errant Wall Streeters.

Along with the hate and the fear, the other and most consistent data point is the total and absolute hubris with which they both conduct themselves.  Their hubris seems to be its own siren song and the only one they hear.  They fail to appreciate that hubris and equanimity are incompatible.

The absolutism with which they see the world – the cocksure conceit in the way they brook no divergence of opinion belies a lack of leadership temperament.  Entertaining no other opinion is fine for worlds too small for egos other than their own.  We don’t live in such a world.

Hillary laughing in the middle of a crowdIt is amazing that both Trump and Sanders have identical reactions when defeated.  Their reaction to losing: The system is flawed and it is rigged.  They are all too eager to don the bonnet of victimization.  It seems to fit them all too well.

The answers in the Trump and Sanders data points are simple: Haters always gonna hate, the fearful always shrink, and those enamored with themselves are too busy for others.  The antidote for hate, fear, and hubris is forgiveness, but the weak can never forgive.

Trump and Sanders will never be burdened with understanding or exhibiting forgiveness.

They would do well to learn from Hillary’s strength.


Good evening Widdershins.Hillary laughing in the middle of a crowd

Let’s gather around the googling machines and live blog the victorious results of the Noo Yawk Primary.

Yale Graduate, Activist Children’s lawyer, First Lady of Arkansas, First Female Law Partner of Rose Law firm, First Lady of the United States, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State, and grandmother Hillary Clinton is on the ballot.

Bernie Sanders is also running.  First finding employment at age 41, in the intervening thirty-three years he has passed three pieces of legislation, two of which named post offices.  Tonight we are likely to witness what a world-class class sore loser looks like courtesy of Sanders’ hobbits, Bilbo Weaver and Frodo Devine — not only hating the game, but all its players.

So sit back, hoist a glass or two of your favorite grog, and let your inner snark roll.

Happy to have you with us this evening.  Thank you for being here.



Who Knew What She Would Become?

Good Monday, Widdershins, and I hope you had a good weekend. I’m still thinking about the debate last Thursday night. It left me feeling angry, shaken and in awe all at once. I kept asking myself, “Why? Why does Hillary Clinton do it?”

Here is this incredible, brilliant, driven woman, who has spent her entire life in public service. Her decades of effort have been rewarded by success beyond what most women can claim…and now, she has the most powerful job in the world within her grasp. So what, MadamaB, is your question about, you might ask? Isn’t the reason obvious?

Well, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Women like Hillary don’t get to where they are without paying a price, and we all know what that is, don’t we? Overwhelming waves of unreasoning, implacable hatred, from both the VRWC and those who should be supporting her on the left…including women, to my outrage and disbelief. (What the f*ck are women who don’t support her thinking? Are they so stupid they think some man is going to understand their needs and issues better than Hillary? Or are they just too full of self-loathing to admit that they would prefer a woman?)

It’s demoralizing to see the negativity and condescension Hillary is subjected to, especially from Bernie Sanders, he of the ever-wagging finger and relentless character attacks. A man with her qualifications would already be the nominee – no man in his right mind would think to run against her. But because she’s a woman, not just one man, but three thought she would be vulnerable. Never mind that she was robbed in 2008, and it was clearly her turn to run; Bernie joined the Party he hated and mounted a primary campaign against her for President. I cannot emphasize enough how offensive and ludicrous this is…he is not remotely her equal, and anyone comparing their resumes factually can see that.

Well, it turns out I’m not the only one feeling like this. Over on Blue Nation Review, a like-minded woman wrote a beautiful open letter to Our Girl, here. This is the part that really spoke to me:

I don’t know how you’re holding up under the barrage of unjustified attacks that keep being thrown at you, under the smear and insinuation, the spin and the pressure…but I know it can’t be easy. To ‘keep your head when all around you are losing theirs’, to ‘rise up in spite of the ache’ takes so much grace, strength, and grit. Thankfully those are qualities you possess in abundance.I want you to know that I see you. I see your courage. I see your resilience. And I am not alone. You are loved Secretary Clinton. You are respected. You are appreciated and admired and valued. Millions of people say #ImWithHer because you inspire passion and loyalty.


If you read this, if it’s helpful…then the light gets in.

If instead of wrath we choose warmth.

If seething words are wasted and kind words multiply. Now that would be a revolution.

She took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you, Kori Dryhurst Coates. I hope Secretary Clinton does read your letter…perhaps we at TW can contribute our own.

This is an open thread.

musical notes2

a mixture of things, especially a musical or literary medley

A good weekend to you Widdershins! Good grief – what a week we have had.  And the same goes for our gal.  Bernie has questioned her “judgement” while he did finally, grudgingly admit that she was qualified to be President.  Coming from Sanders that was just oh so extra special, don’t you agree?  Jane Sanders explained to us that instead of reading a dry old transcript of Bernie’s words what we really needed to do was to hear them.  Uh…no thanks Jane; I’d rather hear a donkey bray.  And that fingah!  Well enough said about that.

So with that I’m going to suggest for our palate cleanser this week, a medley or potpourri of whatever musical selections you want as your cleanser that will remove the bad, bad Bernie taste we’ve had to endure this week.  Here are mine.

(1) A. Vivaldi – The Four Seasons – Spring (as Fredster goes achoo! )

(2) Beethoven – 6th Symphony – 1st Movement (still sort of springish sounding)

(3) Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack (perhaps we’ll say this to Bernie after the New York primary)

(4) Preservation Hall Jazz Band – St. James Infirmary

(5) Ella Fitzgerald – Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

black-line divider-no-background-thAs you can see, this is a rather eclectic selection of songs so feel free to add whatever you wish in the comments that will cleanse your palate.  Or failing that, feel free to just add a comment.  This is a completely open thread.

Good morning Widdershins.  We were up late last night watching BerningBum reenact the Airing of Grievances.  You couldn’t see the Festivus Pole since it’s obviously what’s causing his Bum to Bern.Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Clinton listens to Sanders speak during a Democratic debate in New York

Our gal was glorious last night.  In the face of ill-mannered BernieBros and a wind gusting to 50 mph courtesy of the wiggle-waggle of Bernie’s digit, Hillary appropriately schooled the Bernout Sandcrab for whom time stopped in 1968.

There were times when his face was so red it was the color of the Square he so enjoyed on his honeymoon to Moscow.  As he repeatedly pointed out, the Democratic Party is just a means to an end, no need to raise money to help other candidates beyond signing his name to a letter, but he did sign his whole name!

Something along the lines of my Wednesday post became very apparent last night.  Bernie is more than just the other side of the coin/slug from Donald Trump; there are issues where he and the Orange-utan are simpatico.  When it comes to NATO – there’s not much of a difference between the two.  When it comes to infrastructure or trade or social security, they are two peas in a smelly pod.  And a big one last night, there is little sunlight between them as they survey the Middle East.

Hillary on the other hand is a realist.  She understands indubitably, “It’s not about revolution, it is about solutions,” and “Describing the problem is a lot easier than trying to solve it.”

Distainful BernieAnd if y’all will allow me a moment of personal preference, I do believe Bernie bumped his head the last time he became intimate with a maple tree.  If he sees himself beating anyone short of Satan in a general election his enlarged prostate is interfering with his depth perception.

For the past twenty-five years, Hillary has been the most investigated human on the planet.  There is no one who doesn’t know her or have an opinion of her.  And with all of that, she has been one of the most admired women on Earth.  This notoriety and respect despite every conservative and their dog having implicated her in some kind of conspiracy theory.

Then there’s Bernie.  Barely known on the national stage, he is someone who hasn’t had the first negative ad run against him.  If Frank Luntz and Karl Rove could convince America that John Kerry’s Purple Hearts didn’t exist, what do you think they could do to Bernie?   He would be demolished, eviscerated; there wouldn’t even be a greasy spot left.Bernie Red

I read this article last week.  It is one of the best to explain the benefits and beauty of living in a socialist country.  Sweden seems like a great place to live, but trouble is – Sweden doesn’t just have an income tax, it also has a value added tax (sales tax) of 25%.  There is a graduated reductive scale for things like food and health care, but on the whole, you are paying a quarter in tax for every dollar spent plus an income tax.

Just for a moment, imagine what Luntz or Rove would do to Bernie with that.  As my grandpa said, “You’d have to leave him in the smokehouse for a week and then tie a pork chop around his neck to even get the yellow dogs interested.”  And those are yellow dog Democrats.

What’s on your mind this morning?


Good evening Widdershinners!NY at night

It’s the Big Apple Rabble on CNN (Crabby News Network:  Motto — We are cheaper than in-patient psychiatric care for our commentators) where breaking wind often interrupts long stretches of Blitzer beard grooming.

Let’s see what kinds of acid flashbacks Bernie has tonight or maybe its just acid reflux, but either way the Sand Crab is going to have his wagging pincers out.  He has to do something YUGE before he flies away for his Vatican guided tour where he, and he alone, will discover The Da Vinci Code of 011 39 06 for three minutes on his Verizon telephone card.

See you then.


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