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I wrote this post before the awful attacks in Paris.  If it is too light in nature please understand I wrote it beforehand.

Another weekend has rolled around and we’ve survived a week that included yet another Republican debate and the crazy, if not plain dumb, statements that the candidates made.  So with that in mind, let’s come up with some songs that are crazy, have crazy in them, are about something crazy or any other similar themes.

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I’m going to violate the first rule above – this one is for the Donald and Carly Fiorina and for him being such a pig.

(1) Yakety-Yak –  The Coasters

(2) Crazier – Taylor Swift

(3) Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

(4) Crazy – Patsy Cline

(5) Crazy crazy Nights – Kiss

(6) Crazy Arms – Willie Nelson

(7) Crazy Horses – The Osmonds (you’ll laugh at their Jackson 5-like moves)

Okie-doke folks; you get the drift.  There’s a plethora of “crazy” songs out there so get to it.  I’ve shown you mine, so now you show me yours.  This is a completely open thread.  There is lot of football today so I’ll be here inbetween the games.

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Tuesday night’s debate defined a new term for me – helicopter child.  It seemed as though Marco Rubio never allowed ten seconds to elapse without mentioning his Cuban parents.  His ancestry hovers with drone-like precision over just about everything he says.  His helicopter childishness also extends to his sugar daddy, billionaire Sheldon Adelson, the Macau casino magnate. Out a Time

But Rubio has skills.  He’s glib, well-rehearsed, well-trained in the ways of the media since that unfortunate hydration incident, and just ethnic enough without scaring the white folks to get to that magical, but illusive 40% Hispanic vote.

Unless he is kneecapped by the other immigrant hating Cuban/Canadian Ted Cruz, Rubio could be the nominee.  Even if he isn’t, he previewed the Republican theme for 2016 – this election is about the future.

The future – a noun meaning things that are yet to come – things that have not yet happened – things that are unseen and surprising.  Let’s take a quick look at how unsurprising the future looks to these Republicans.

The future economic plan of Republicans is to once again cut taxes on the rich and corporations, end all semblance of regulation, and sit back and watch the good times roll.  Let’s see, that’s been tried again and again and it has worked exactly – NEVER.

The future of monetary regulation is to tie our currency to a gold standard once again.  Now that’s a plan, abolish the Federal Reserve and empower Glenn Beck and the gold coin peddlers to set the world’s currency rates.

The future of energy regulation is no regulation and abolition of all green energy initiatives.  As Rand Paul so eloquently stated, we should be burning more coal – a technology first utilized 3,000 years ago.

Time Travelers WifeThe future of reproductive rights is the abolition of Planned Parenthood and women’s health clinics wherever their sinning ways are condoned.  The rosy future painted in the Republican world is one where lucky women have only marriage sanctioned sex, in the missionary position, with loving, providing husbands as if their lives depended on it – because without exceptions to abortion it does.

The future of the IRS is somewhere between Cruz’ postcard and the three pages of the Fiorina plan.  These conservative cockle-warming ideas essentially move all revenue production – every last cent – to the backs of workers.  The talk of a flat tax on business is nothing more than a politically palatable name for a value added tax on consumable goods, meaning, businesses will pay absolutely nothing.

The future of environmental regulation is repealing any action taken by Obama on clean water, clean air, or land management.  While on the way to this Republican idyllic dystopian nightmare, we will be required to burn effigies of Richard Nixon – the President who first signed environmental legislation.
Edge of Tomorrow 2

The future of our foreign policy is more action and less talking.  In fact, there will be no foreign policy only a trillion dollars in military expenditures.  When we create that military, everyone will love us or we will invade them, take their oil, disband their government, dismantle their social institutions, and install a new government to our liking.  Wait, that sounds vaguely familiar.

The Republican future means repealing healthcare reform and consumer protection.  That is a future where it will be easier to go bankrupt when you get sick without hampering the unsung heroes of the free market – debt collectors.

That’s a small sampling of the future according to those who aspire to be the Republican Presidential nominee.  Here’s my hope – I hope the eventual nominee is articulate, tireless, and robust in his advocacy of this Republican inspired future.  It will just make it all the easier for Hillary – just think of all the ads inspired by Back to the Future.

Enjoy your Thursday and take the conversation in any direction you might like.



Good morning Widdershins.

After a night of crazy fun listening to the caterwauling of the clowder of feral cats known as the Republican candidates, let’s take suggestions for last night’s best waste of our collective time.

Republican Group Picture

It could be Marco Rubio saying:

Welders make more money than philosophers.  We need more welders and less philosophers.

This was a great line by Rubio, the youngest video star from the Mario Brothers’ fame, but it’s totally off base.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage of welders is $37,420. The median wage for philosophy teachers is $63,630.  I can see why Republicans would rather have fewer philosophers — people who study laudable societal and personal goals of what we should strive to be.

Or it could be the statement that seems to be a favorite “fluffing statistic” at these debates.  It is always guaranteed to make conservatives have to sit five minutes longer until their nether tingling passes.  During the last debate Rubio used it, but last night Jeb! used it:

We have to recognize that small businesses right now, more of them are closing than are being set up.

This is stale statistic derived from a Brookings Institution report tracking data between 2008 and 2011.  More recent data shows the trend changing in 2012 and in the past two years, business starts began to exceed business deaths.

Or it might have been noted somnambulist, West Point could have gone, teenage friend stabbing, mother claw hammer hitting, pyramid barn expert, and former surgeon Ben Carson’s statement:Ben and Jebus-cropped

We also must recognize that it’s [Syria] a very complex place.  You know, the Chinese are there, as well as the Russians, and you have all kinds of factions there. 

Chinese in Syria?  Really?  Not according to any news report, not according to the military, and not according to the Chinese.  So if there are Chinese in Syria, count it as a remarkable dietary leap because Sweet and Sour Pork must have been reclassified as halal.

It might have even occurred during the kids’ table debate where Gov. Huckabuck said:

We’ve lost five million manufacturing jobs just since the year 2000.

Just like any snake oil salesman, Huckabuck gets the “tip of the fact” correct, but didn’t mention it was during the tenure of George W. Bush that almost 5 million manufacturing jobs were lost.  Since the darkest days of the Great Recession (another Dubya production) manufacturing has made a recovery under Obama.  

It goes without saying, if Hillary had made any of these mistakes, it would have occupied the news cycle for a week and spurred three Congressional inquiries.  Let’s not dwell on the negative though, what are your nominees for last night’s best lines?

Mess of CatsHere are my three in reverse order:

3.  Piyush Jindal telling Chris Christie he was going to give him a ribbon and a juice box.

2.  Mike Huckabuck admitting his wife Janet yells at him so he has to fire Janet Yellin.

And my number 1 was when Forrest Trump bragged about his relationship with Putin since they both appeared on 60 Minutes on the same night.  His brag was, “We were stablemates…”  This was my favorite of the evening because thoroughbred trainers often put jackasses in barns as stablemates.  I’ll let you decide which is which in this instance.

Share your favorite lines or take the conversation in an entirely different direction.  Your call.

Have a great Wednesday.



Hello friends!  It’s a Tuesday so why don’t we watch seven white guys and a white lady act out their anger issues while smiling like rabid wolves and belching off-key non sequiturs demonstrating no sense of humor whatsoever.

Directly from Wescottsin, the home of Scott Walker who dropped out of the race before he was forced to admit, “Me no read stuff,” but like that former paragon of Veep geography says, “I can see Illinois when I’m in Pleasant Prairie, Wescottsin, because it’s on the border.”

Without further adieu (cue the organ grinder), your Republican candidates for the non-47%’ers.



Pour Chatblu

Good Monday, everyone! Amongst all the American political cray-cray so well-documented by my fellow Widdershins last week, a story came out that made yours truly say, “Ooh la la!” The prime minister of Canada made a strong statement for gender equality last week when he announced that his cabinet would be comprised of 50% women.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made headlines Wednesday when he announced that half of his Cabinet ministers are female, a decision he justified with the simple explanation that “it’s 2015.” The move won him international praise and more than a few swoons.

Canada isn’t the first country to take steps to increase women’s representation in government. The countries with the most female lawmakers have made major strides on issues such as education, labor force participation, and paid leave. Each of the countries below has either a parliament or a ministry that is at least 50% female, while women make up only 19% of the U.S. Congress and only four of Obama’s 15 cabinet members.

“We know that companies with more gender balanced leadership teams significantly outperform companies with only men at the helm,” says Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO of Twenty first, a consulting company that focuses in building gender-balanced businesses. “Why wouldn’t this be even more true at a country level?”…

Sacré bleu! Why indeed?

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It’s the weekend Widdershins.  We’ve made it through another week and what a week it was!  It is as if the world, all 5,000 years of it according to the ticket stub from the Noah’s Ark Theme Park and Dinosaur Rental, has turned on its head.

The Speaker of the House is no longer orange and “orange you glad.”  Under relevant experience, new Speaker Paul Ryan listed having driven the Oscar Meyer “Wienermobile”.  While a Republican inside a wiener is usually the opposite of what’s normal in Washington, Ryan’s experience will come in handy when taking the Tea Party troglodytes on field trips.

There was a crazy governor’s race in Kentucky where the winner won by pledging to make a half million poor people losers by taking away their health insurance.  In perfect Kafkaesque logic, it was as if the voters had prosthetic legs and had grown tired of walking.  To cure the problem, they decided to throw their prostheses into a wood chipper, but forgot to first take them off.

Jeb! Bush had a trying week.  First, he lost his exclamation point somewhere on the downhill slide from 8% to 4%.  Next, he changed his slogan to something with the word “Fix” in it and most pundits thought “fix” was perfect since that is where the campaign finds itself.  Finally, Jeb!’s daddy has a new book coming out that explains his deep regret at not having broken the rule of “no child left behind” on family camping trips.

The week ended on a much more optimistic note.  The Democratic Forum last night was a successful, civil, and sophisticated policy discussion.  While all three candidates were light years ahead of the Republican version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Hillary’s star beamed.  Her line that stuck with me was this:  I want to be President for the struggling, striving, and successful.

So in honor of Hillary’s eventual ascendancy, let’s have some music for the struggling, the striving, and the successful.

Chat will be back next week after her Georgia Dawgs dine on some Kentucky Wildcats this weekend.  As always, take the conversation in any direction you might like.

Struggling Man from The Walking Dead









Remember the sound of the Enterprise doors closing on Star Trek?  I don’t really know how to spell it, but phonetically it might look like “shhhffffft”.  If you weren’t a Trekie, here’s the sound:

That is the sound I hear when I think about today’s political reality.  It is a political reality built around farcical notions allowed to run rampant behind the closed doors of the conservative infotainment echo chamber.  The persistent lack of oxygen is helping the delusional atmosphere.

As the Republican primary field foretells and the Kentucky gubernatorial race proved we have climbed aboard the Crazytown Express.  With the overwhelming amount of homogenized information available via cable and the internet, along with the dwindling amount of local political coverage, almost every election is now nationalized. My way

For example, here in Kentucky the Republican Governor’s Association dumped $2.5 million during the last ten days of the election.  Each and every ad featured a heavily colorized picture of President Obama with a voice over of “Obama’s War on Coal, Obama’s War on Healthcare, Obama’s War on Kentucky…”

Even the national Republican Attorney General’s Association (who knew there was such a thing) ran millions in ads proclaiming the Democratic candidate Andy Beshear (son of popular Gov. Steve Beshear) might as well be Andy Obama.

Fredster tells me that the same thing is happening in Louisiana on behalf of the diaper-sporting, prostitute-enthusiast David Vitter.  Let there be no question, the nationalization of elections is convenient and cost-effective for organizations like the Koch sponsored Americans for Prosperity and ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council).

One dog limitSo what is the evidence of this foreboding magical thinking of the Tea Party and conservatives?  For instance:

Consider that out of the last six Republican Speakers or would be Speakers, two had to resign for extramarital affairs, one just pled guilty to federal charges arising from pedophilia hush money, two were crippled by rebels in his own caucus, and the sixth has just taken the oath of office to be second in line to the Presidency.  Shhhffffft – close the door on these facts since Republicans are the party of family values who are ready to govern the country.

Consider that the economic policies of the Obama Administration are an abysmal bust from top to bottom — Shhhffffft – the door closes on the fact that from inheriting an economy hemorrhaging 750,000 jobs during his very first month in office, over Eight Million jobs have been created – double those created during the Bush years.

Consider the languid job market being derided by conservatives, when – Shhhfffft – the Republicans have blocked each and every jobs creation bill in Congress for the last 7 years.

Consider the same message spouted by Daddy Bush, Bob Dole, Dubya, John McCain, and Mitt Romney of glorious days ahead just if we cut taxes on the rich while abolishing entitlement systems – Shhhffffft – when cutting taxes on the rich has never, ever, worked, neither at the federal level nor the state level. Gotcha Question

Consider the “major-go-to-pieces” over the Republican debates.  When the mean, nasty moderators of the “lame stream media” asked about things like the impending budget deal, it prompted a “Debate Summit” and produced 47 conditions/exceptions for the thirteen guys to participate going forward – Shhhffffft – those 47 exceptions are exactly 47 more exceptions than these 13 guys support to save the life of a mother in case of an abortion need.

Consider the seven years of ongoing angry disbelief at the outrage of having an Afro-Kenyon in the White House raised by a single mother and who pulled himself up by the bootstraps – Shhhffffft – but there is no disbelief, just adoring admiration of Ben Carson or Marco Rubio with similar stories.

Consider the rampant voter fraud across the country requiring new voter ID laws, reduced polling places, reduced polling hours, and fewer polling places – Shhhffffft – when the incidence of voter fraud was just 400 instances in over 350,000,000 million votes cast.

I could go on with examples of the myths perpetuated by Fox and talk radio that now, within the hermetically sealed echo chamber, are accepted as fact, but dwelling on such things is tiresome and anger-making.

The solution is simple:  Democrats have got to stop being bed-wetting, teeth grinding, weak-kneed wimps.  It is time to step up and stop pandering around the edges of economics, race, immigration, civil rights, access to reproductive health care, guns, police misconduct, the environment, fair taxation, college debt, government-funded R&D, and all the other items on the so-called “liberal agenda”.

whats-neocon-for-hypocritWe have forgotten that campaigns are more than just getting the most votes.  At their very essence campaigns are about educating people to the issues.  When voters are given a choice based upon facts, the progressive/liberal agenda will always win.  It is just that simple.

Conversely, when weak, uninspired Democrats like Jack Conway allow the hermetically sealed echo chamber to go unchallenged, the fact-free zealots win just as they did Tuesday.  The failure to take on this magical, fantasy thinking has real world implications – like health care for about a half million poor people.

For what it’s worth, hermetically is a derivation of the word “hermetic” coming from the name of the Greek god Hermes.  Quite fittingly, among other things, Hermes was the god of thievery and trickery.  If such a fact was shared in the Republican echo chamber you would hear one large collective Shhhffffft as the one remaining door to reality slid shut.

Sorry for this post being late, but real life got in the way as it sometimes does.  Take this conversation in any direction you might like.



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