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Stay 6 feet apart

Good weekend Widdershins

So, here we are with a leaderless, rudderless, federal government that consists of a man who is the purported President*, who just reels off untruths and lies at a daily “briefing”, and then attacks a reporter for giving him a softball question.  I believe I agree with Rachel.  Don’t broadcast this bullshit live.  Tape those and show later if you must show them.

Currently we have seventy million Americans who have been told to stay home.  Illinois was the latest to do so but it surely won’t be the last one.  I expect Louisiana’s governor to do the same soon since we have one of the highest rates of infection on a per capita basis.

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Because why not a saxophone group called Nuclear Whales?


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Take the discussion wherever you wish to go with it.


Hello Widdershins!

Well here we are, another week down, several billion to go of this election. (And don’t forget, the next election starts the day after this one ends.) Although to be honest, if Trump wins there probably won’t be another election, so at least we would have THAT to look forward to!

We learned last night that Bernie Sanders has been accepting Russian help in his election for a full month. I say “has been accepting” because he was briefed on the fact that the Russians are helping him a month ago and he has said not one word about it. And when the news broke yesterday in Washington Post he got angry at WaPo for releasing the news just before the caucus in Nevada, blaming the “Democratic establishment” of trying to sabotage him. It is long past time for us to say and keep repeating: Bernie Sanders is Trump. There is very little separating them temperamentally. Now on policy yes, there are many differences. But temperamentally, Bernie is Trump. He is also a traitor. The fact that he has been silently accepting Russian help in the election for the past month is disqualifying. Period. Full stop.

Speaking of actual revolutionaries, the ones who changed the world: here’s something you may not know – this year marks the 250th birthday of our lord and savior Ludwig van Beethoven. There is lots of Beethoven being performed. I just heard the complete String Quartets and in the middle of a full Symphonies cycle. (It’s nice to have connections and score free tickets.) It’s going to be all Ludwig all the time for a year. And for the record, Beethoven would have been mortified by Trump. Remember when Beethoven wrote his blazing Symphony No. 3, the “Eroica,” he dedicated it to Napoleon. And then he heard that Napoleon had installed himself Emperor. Beethoven scratched out the dedication and wrote: “In memory of a great man.”

Beethoven’t music changed the direction of music: his compositions like Symphonies 3, 5 and 9, his Piano Sonatas and especially String Quartets, took the development of music into previously unimagined directions. Even people like Mozart could never have imagined it. So I’m going to post some Beethoven: Revolutionary and Poet. You post some other trail-blazing musicians who changed the world in some way. (I hope someone posts Madonna because she did!)

Here’s arguably the most famous piece of music ever written: Beethoven’s Fifth, played on original instruments (gut strings, hide timpani, valveless horns, etc.) This is the orchestra whose symphonies cycle I’m currently hearing at Carnegie Hall.

Here is the last piece of new music Beethoven is known to have completed: an alternative final movement to his String Quartet No. 13. (Though he completed 16 Quartets, after finishing the 16th he went back to revise the 13th, which included this new finale.) This is how a giant ended.

For anyone who only knows Beethoven as the deaf madman writing Earth-shaking music, this is the final movement of his last Piano Sonata, No. 32. There are no more beautiful, more perfect, more heart-rending compositions than this one (some may be equal, but none surpass it for me.) It starts off as one of the most lovely melodies ever composed, then gains steam into drama – and then what could be an early jazz/swing dance! It truly is the work of a madman.

Hello Widdershins

Well, once again just a weekend.  The Senate “trial” has gone just about as expected.  However, I didn’t think they would vote down the idea of witnesses appearing.  I’m guessing that when the Senate Repubs had their confab that Moscow Mitch said something like “Okay, you can vote yes to witnesses while you vote no. ” Or something like that.  Both John (no relation) Kennedy and Frankencassidy voted no.  The good thing is Frankencassidy is up for reelection in 2020.  The bad thing is he’ll probably win.

And then there was this:

Good grief!  Haven’t we learned anything from 2016?  Honestly, this makes me physically ill.  Trump and Vlad must be laughing their asses off at this circular firing squad.  If Sanders is the nominee I’ll have no choice but to vote for him in November because tRump.  But if he’s the nominee I think tRump wins and heaven help us if that’s the outcome.

Okay, I have to go help a friend of mine with his Mardi Gras costumes.  He’s the funeral director, now manager, who helped me with getting the momster home and assisting with her services.  And yes we’ve made the jokes about “I see dead people”.

Take the post in whatever direction you wish and comment as you wish.




Good holiday er something widdershins

According to the good ole Farmer’s Almanac, winter started on the 21st of December.

Seasons of 2019 Astronomical Start Meteorological Start
SPRING Wednesday, March 20, 5:58 P.M. EDT Friday, March 1
SUMMER Friday, June 21, 11:54 A.M. EDT Saturday, June 1
FALL Monday, September 23, 3:50 A.M. EDT Sunday, September 1
WINTER Saturday, December 21, 11:19 P.M. EST

Can’t prove it by me since we got to a comfortable 67 ° and I cut the a/c on just to “move the air” a bit.

Nevertheless let’s look at some songs for winter. Oh and this will also be the weekend post.


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And last, on a classical bent:
Franz Schubert: Winterreise “Gute Nacht”


* * * *

Okie doke.  Add some of your own selections if you wish and naturally open thread.


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Hello Widdershins, we have made it to another weekend. Yay us!!!

Do you all remember that the ACA enrollment is currently open? Spread the word because the Orange Turd is keeping it quiet, some people may not even realize.

This week saw some good news – the blue wave continues – we picked up a governorship in Kentucky (Moscow Mitch and Russian Rand’s home state) and took control of the Virginia government. That’s huge. Republicans in Kentucky actually considered voiding the election and placing the Republican into the governor’s mansion, but they decided even they couldn’t be so brazen. Or something. In any case, they’re letting the Democrat stay (how nice!)

Bloomie is jumping into the Democratic primary. The man who ran for NYC mayor as a Republican and then became an Independent wants the Democratic ticket. Ok. To Bloomberg’s credit “Moms Demand Action,” the gun-control organization he is funding has done extremely good things in helping flip places blue. But if he really wanted to be helpful he would just start a Super PAC with a few hundred million he’ll spend on his campaign and support one of the very excellent people already running, like Kamala Harris or Amy Klobuchar. Alas, vanity thy name is a billionaire he’s jumping in. Time will tell what comes of it.

But enough about politics. I wanna hear some tunes! I want to hear some DUETS!!! Because what can be more beautiful than two people working together to achieve beauty? DUETS!!!!

Luciano Pavarotti and Mirella Freni grew up together – they even shared the same wet-nurse! The beautiful duet that ends Act 1 of Puccini’s “La bohème” as sung by Mirella Freni and Luciano Pavarotti in 1964 and then in 1996.




Another week of the Trump presidency, another bucketful of crap. The orange putz is attending the G7 summit. At least he and Boris Johnson will get along. What sort of drama  will develop – who can even predict. Literally, anything could happen. We could go to war with France tomorrow, who knows. Because everything is so unpredictable, our weekend musical theme is unpredictability and surprise!

This is an open thread, as always.


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Lazy Weekend

Posted on: March 9, 2019

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

What’s the latest news with everyone? What do we think about the latest news? Bloomberg has, fortunately, said he won’t run for President and will pump millions into the campaign to help Democrats. Good for him. Biden is likely to not be that prescient; he’s going to run, I’m sure of it. Whether or not he can win – well, the media (namely K-File on CNN, a muckraking team that digs through old media and social media to find those 20 year old tweets and interviews that will bury you today) has been digging up a lot of Biden’s old speeches about the crime bill. They’re not good. What it means for Biden from the black community only time will tell.

Speaking of time, that’s our theme for this weekend! Time-related songs, poems, paintings – whatever art you desire.


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