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Happy Weekend Widdershins!

How’s the heat where you are? NYC has been sizzling for a few weeks. Just brutal out there. But we also had torrential rains that flooded the subways. Meanwhile Canadian villages are literally burning to the ground these days from the heat. What I find interesting about these weather phenomenons is that they are becoming more extreme at an extremely fast pace. Just within a span of a couple of years unthinkable things have been happening (Texas freezes!) It’s not as if scientists didn’t warn us about climate change… And they even warned us about how rapidly these things would start happening. And we are watching it in real time…

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Happy Weekend Widdershins!

Well here we are, another day, more bullshit. (Pardon my French.) Two Politico articles this past week were all about how VP Kamala Harris was too black and not Asian enough and then how furious the Bidens were with her a year ago when she called out Biden’s crime bill at one of the debates. I suppose the palace gossip of the second story is what it is, but the topic of the first is beyond offensive. To dictate to a biracial woman that she’s not biracial enough is just…something, isn’t it? Worth noting the woman who wrote that story threw a going-away party for Sarah Huckabee Sanders when she retired from being Trump’s chief liar. Then the Associated Press fired a young journalist who in college belonged to a Palestinian rights group after right-wingers like Ben Shapiro organized a campaign to get her fired. (Cancel culture!) The woman who runs the AP and ok’ed the decision to fire this young reporter because of a group she belonged to in college is about to become the executive editor of the Washington Post. This type of knee-jerk reaction to pressure from right-wingers does not bode well for the future of WaPo. (The blowback on social media about this decision from many journalists has been quite strong.) But CNN did finally fire Rick Santorum, 3 weeks after he delivered one of his more racist speeches and considering how racist he is, that’s quite something. Oh and let’s not forget the CDC advised people not to get intimate with chickens, which naturally brought out Republicans’ desire to own the libs by getting Biblical with fowl. They once claimed gay marriage would lead to bestiality, but so far they’re the ones defending their right to make out with their chickens.

Oh and btw, speaking of Rick Santorum, did I ever share my Rick Santorum story with you? A couple of years ago I was walking my dog late at night. A man was walking towards us on 34th St in Manhattan, clearly headed towards Hudson Yards. A woman, dressed in high heels and a revealing outfit, was headed in the opposite direction. Our paths converged. The man looked at the woman most suggestively as she passed; looked her up and down. Then looked at me with a knowing smirk and winked. That man was Rick Santorum.

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Happy Weekend Widdershins!

This past week, after screaming at Biden for not holding a press conference since becoming President (even though he speaks to the press every day and held a town hall), Biden finally held a press conference. And it was a disaster. For the press. They asked multiple questions if he intends to run for President in 2024. They asked if Kamala Harris would be on the ticket with him again. (It’s 2 months into his Presidency, btw…) But they did not ask a single question about Covid. Nothing about gun violence. Nothing about anti-Asian violence. Washington Post media critic Margaret Sullivan (who used to be NY Times’ public editor, a position NYT eliminated) wrote before the press conference that it was going to be a big test for the White House press corps. After the press conference Sullivan tweeted: “Welp.” And that, I think, summarizes our press these days.

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For our musical entertainment this is Madonna and Massive Attack’s cover of Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You.”

Happy Sunday Widdershins!

Another week down. And STILL MAGAts won’t admit Biden/Harris won the election fairly. This morning Steve Scalise was on ABC and he argued some states didn’t follow their election laws. That’s a lie, of course. But our media will continue to let Republicans spread it. There is also a fundraiser at Trump’s Florida hovel with all the usual Trump sucks-ups: Gaetz, Boebert, Lee. Oh and John Cornyn, Senator of Texas, instead of helping his state was golfing with Trump. Cruz, of course, was in Cancun. These are the Republican values. Oh and people in Texas are getting electricity bills for many thousands of dollars. Madness!

Anywho, I saw someone on Twitter ask an interesting question: what historical figure would have been great on twitter? Pithy and cutting comments tend to be the most popular on that platform. He suggested Dorothy Parker. I suggested Jane Austen and Mark Twain. BTW, Mark Twain hated Jane Austen’s books. He was an idiot.

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Alright Widdershins, we don’t know what crap The Dump will do before January 20th, but we should try to take deep breaths and look forward to the new administration. Dump and Ghouliani and all those morons are not going to succeed staging a coup. Biden and Harris will be sworn in. We’ll see how the GA special elections go, but even in the worst case scenario, there are many things they can do. A non-partisan Justice Department will be a huuuuuuuuge thing just by itself. And if they’re smart, they will spend the next two years before the midterms exposing every corruption of Trump and every Republican enabler. Can you imagine what they’ll find on Devin Nunes alone?! They better not shy away from that.

Meanwhile, this is an open thread! Post your favorite music music about the future…

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