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It’s ten years to the day since Al Qaeda attacked us in New York, DC and Pennsylvania. Ten years since the Towers collapsed, and there is still a hole in the ground where thousands of men and women used to be. It’s a vacancy we have tried to fill by electing leaders who, time and time again, have failed to rise to the occasion. Instead of hard work and the famous American spirit of togetherness we used to be able to count on in a crisis, we have been cursed with politicians who think only of themselves and how best to manipulate the American public into re-electing them, granting them the keys to untold wealth and power.

A failure of vigilance allowed Al Qaeda to attack us. Bush was briefed in August of that year of Bin Laden’s determination to strike in the U.S.. His response was: “All right, you’ve covered your ass.” Dick Cheney, placed in charge of the anti-terrorism task force, had yet to hold a single meeting when the planes flew into the Tower. Condi Rice felt Russia and China were more of a threat than Al Qaeda, and although she held the position of National Security Advisor, had never even discussed it prior to 9/11.

City preparedness was no better. Rudy Giuliani, desiring to be “within walking distance” of the Emergency Command Center he wanted to build, had chosen 7 WTC over the far more secure  MetroTech Center in Brooklyn, despite the strong objections of his staff. The World Trade Center was known as the number one target in the city at the time, due to the 1993 bombing by the sheik behind Al Qaeda. Said Emergency Command Center was evacuated and then destroyed on that fateful day, so the reason Giuliani was walking down the street instead of directing the emergency operations from a conference center, was because he had no conference center: no phones, no desks, no nothing. Even more disgraceful: the city’s firefighters and police had an old and barely-working emergency communications system, seriously impeding their rescue efforts and contributing to the unnecessary deaths of many brave first responders. Giuliani knew from an emergency drill he had run in 1994 that those radios didn’t work. He was so “prepared” that he still hadn’t replaced them 8 years later.

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