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Stay 6 feet apart

Good weekend Widdershins

So, here we are with a leaderless, rudderless, federal government that consists of a man who is the purported President*, who just reels off untruths and lies at a daily “briefing”, and then attacks a reporter for giving him a softball question.  I believe I agree with Rachel.  Don’t broadcast this bullshit live.  Tape those and show later if you must show them.

Currently we have seventy million Americans who have been told to stay home.  Illinois was the latest to do so but it surely won’t be the last one.  I expect Louisiana’s governor to do the same soon since we have one of the highest rates of infection on a per capita basis.

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Because why not a saxophone group called Nuclear Whales?


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Take the discussion wherever you wish to go with it.

Hello Widdershins

We here in nola are getting into the heart of the Carnival season and there are twenty-seven parades this weekend.  Now no way in hell I’m going to all of them, but there are a number I want to see including the fur baby krewe of barkus.  There’s another animal krewe that’s parading and thank goodness they are on two separate days.  I love the ones with the critters.

It’s going to be me and my funeral director friend for the parades here on the south shore and then we’re going to be joined by another of his friends (she’s also a funeral director!) across the lake on the north shore.  (Gee, I’m wondering if someone is trying to tell me something about a new career or something? Nah, that’s not for me)

So as the title says tawk amongst yourselves and I’m going to be yelling “Throw Me Something Mister!”.


I’ll check in sometime Sunday.


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