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Would be just as horrifying.

When I was at the conference two weeks ago, I heard Condi Rice talk about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. She remained mostly non-partisan, but one critique she leveled at Biden was that she said he shouldn’t have called Putin a war criminal. She said she would have waited before making that strong statement.

I wonder how Condi feels about that position now?

We’ve been talking about what to call this ongoing immeasurable cruelty being perpetrated by Russia. The term “genocide” typically means that many more people have been killed than have been killed in Ukraine as of yet, so we’ve been wondering if that word applies. I think in this case, what’s being done is the intention of genocide. Zelenskyy said something like this.

“We are the citizens of Ukraine and we don’t want to be subdued to the policy of the the Russian federation, and this is the reason we are being destroyed and exterminated,” Zelenskyy said through a translator, pointing out that the alleged atrocities are happening in “the Europe of the 21st century.”

If Putin had his way, does anyone doubt that he would wipe Ukrainians off the face of the earth? After all, Soviet Russia did it before. It was called the Holodomor, and it was a man-made famine that happened in 1932-1933, under Joseph Stalin.

The overlying causes for the famine are still disputed. Some scholars suggest that the man-made famine was a consequence of the economic problems associated with changes implemented during the period of Soviet industrialisation.[26][27][28] There are also those who blame a systematic set of policies perpetrated by the Soviet government under Stalin designed to exterminate the Ukrainians.[11][56][25] According to Stephen Wheatcroft, the grain yield for the Soviet Union preceding the famine was a low harvest of between 55 and 60 million tons,[57]: xix–xxi  likely in part caused by damp weather and low traction power,[58] yet official statistics mistakenly reported a yield of 68.9 million tons.[59] Mark Tauger has suggested an even lower harvest of 45 million tons based on data from 40% of collective farms which has been criticized by other scholars.[59] While Wheatcroft rejects the genocide characterization of the famine, he states that “the grain collection campaign was associated with the reversal of the previous policy of Ukrainisation[60] and that “[Wheatcroft and his colleague’s] work has confirmed – if confirmation were needed – that the grain campaign in 1932/33 was unprecedentedly harsh and repressive.”[61] Historian Stephen G. Wheatcroft lists four problems Soviet authorities ignored that would hinder the advancement of agricultural technology and ultimately contributed to the famine:[61]

As the Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik said tonight on MSNBC, “All those people who said ‘never again,’ they need to help us prevent ‘never again’ from happening.” She followed that statement with pleas for weapons and equipment to protect their skies, their people from being massacred.

Let’s hope we do something to stop this soon. My heart and soul are sickened by this slaughter.

Open thread as always…but I’ll leave you with some good news, because we really, really need it. Ketanji Brown Jackson will be our first Black, female Supreme Court Justice, and there’s nothing the QOP can do to stop it.

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