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Good (?) Sunday/Monday Widdershins

So this post won’t be a light-hearted affair.  Rather, I’ll be sharing some sad songs, songs about death and loss.

We saw a tragic incident in FL Wednesday of this week when seventeen young people had their lives snuffed out by a “loner” or a guy who “acted weird”.  Nikolas Cruz had been receiving counseling or some other form of mental health treatment but stopped going to the appointments.  We’ll never know if this could have been averted had he continued his appointments.  One thing we do know is that it’s time for another ban on any and all assault weapons.  We simply do not need to have AR15s or AK47s on the street.

(1) Modest Mouse~Ocean Breathes Salty

(2) Eric Clapton~Tears In Heaven

(3) Frank Turner~Long Live The Queen

(4) Warren Zevon~Keep Me In Your Heart

(5) Radiohead~Videotape

(6) The Beatles~Let It Be

(7) Mozart Requiem~Lacrimosa


Requiescat in pace

Open thread.



Nine Eleven (9/11) is always a time of dread for me — it is a depressing time of year.  I don’t claim any special connection and I can’t imagine the plight of those who lost loved ones, but the savagery of the event hit me so hard that within thirty-six hours, I had a massive, full-blown, outrageously disgusting case of shingles over my face, forehead, and scalp.  Simply nasty and a slow six weeks of painful recovery.

This year for some reason it has seemed worse.  Perhaps because of all that has happened in my life this year, but for whatever reason, negativity just seems to permeate the world when you turn on the news or go rambling around the internet on the googling machine.

Truthfully, I’m jonesing for a little positivity and optimism.  If you are along for the ride, the only fare is continuing to read.

My appalachian hometown was struck by a vicious F-3 tornado in March.  People were killed, all the businesses and every government building along a picturesque small town Main Street were destroyed.  It was like a tragedy you see on teevee about places you have never been — not a place where you grew up.  Sadness gripped just about everyone — churches were demolished, homes where scattered to the wind, families ravaged by loss, hope seemed sucked from the souls of just about everyone.

Okay, Prolix, just about now would be a good place to start the happy, positive, optimistic stuff!

People picked themselves up.  The federal and state government helped.  Charities helped.  Anonymous donors helped.  The hugs of strangers helped.  School children from hundreds of miles away collected pennies and dimes to show they cared.  The innate goodness of people was on display amid the rubble of devastation.

People are slowly building back.  One such rebuilding is the Freezer Fresh — it is a small, as in maybe 900 square feet, fast food drive-in.  It has been a fixture in this little mountain hamlet since the 1960’s — long before any golden arches were even a hint in these hills.  With the rebuilding, it will probably outlast the clown’s super-sized robo-food.

Unlike the oxymoronic name — Freezer Fresh — the Freezer Fresh was THE hangout.  It was where all the newly licensed drivers went on the first night of having the family Gran Torino out for the first of hundreds of “go-around the Freezer Fresh” trips.  It was a right of passage to be seen behind the wheel circling the Freezer Fresh looking way too kool.

The Freezer Fresh was the place where all the little league teams got their ice cream rewards for a job well done instead of today’s ribbons and medals.  In the back parking lot was where many clumsy boys learned how to slyly inch their arms around equally clumsy girls.  There are no accurate census figures on how many future ice cream consumers were spawned courtesy of two-strawed chocolaty peanut butter milkshakes.

Quite literally, the Freezer Fresh was where you could get a banana split.  It came in a little robin-egg blue canoe-like plastic boat.  The banana was split down the middle and in between there were three dollops of perfectly swirled soft serve vanilla ice cream topped with pineapple, chocolate, strawberries, and liberally sprinkled with salty crushed peanuts.

You could get a hamburger all dressed up or a hot dog slathered with chili, cole slaw, onions, relish, and cheese.  There was also high-end dining — a tenderloin sandwich carefully thawed from the jaws of the freezer and ever so precisely poised on a steam rejuvenated white bread bun.

The Freezer Fresh reopened today (I’m writing this Thursday).  It looks essentially as it did in the picture taken prior to the ravages of the tornado.  Let me tell you, people are positively giddy with anticipation.  I’m imagining a traffic jam of heretofore unheard of consequence for this little burg.

Where’s the optimism, the hope, the positivity?  It’s right here — no matter how bad the economy, how luridly vicious the politics, how sad the events in the Middle East, how maddening and confusing the world is today — there’s always the goodness of people, the unyielding spirit of stick-to-itiveness, the uncompromising polite friendliness, and the eternal optimism of knowing the future is mercifully doled out one day at a time.

Happiness would lose its meaning if we had not sadness by which to judge it.  In this week of annual 9/11 sadness I am heartened to know my personal definition of happiness just got a little richer along with those dollops of perfectly swirled vanilla ice cream.

This is an “all skate” open thread.

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