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This clip explains where we are. The media – print, television, e-media, Twitter, you name it – are galloping off at breakneck warp speed on a contrived snipe hunt. Dolt 45 is setting the media agenda and the networks, led by accountants sporting green eyeshades, are more than happy to oblige.

But for today’s installment of prolixous prognostication, I’d like to keep the “external initial dampner” engaged and take a slower, more nuanced view of the deconstruction of democracy.

Trump on his way to latest dumpster fire…

The media chases squirrels because there are squirrels to chase. They are genetically predisposed to chase squirrels. What is vastly more important are the issues affecting real people’s lives. These issues will rid us of the toxic orange fungus faster than media posses chasing shape-shifting political squirrels.

Just look at where we are – somewhere between 22 million and 32 million people losing health care. Deductibles exploding to $13,000 for someone making $26,000 a year. No longer requiring banks to adequately capitalize. Allowing credit card companies to reinstitute modern forms of indentured servitude. Companies polluting without consequence. Record corporate profits without ze-effing-ro paid in taxes. Give the poor $40 in tax cuts and the ultra rich $940,000. Halting lawsuits of those who have been cheated, maimed, or killed by those more powerful. In short, restructuring policy to resemble the golden gilded age of robber barons.

Who would profit? The Mercers of Breitbart, Kellyanne Conjob, and Steve “Pickled” Bannon fame are fighting a tax bill of $6.0 Billion. Where I come from that’s plenty of money to incentivize Cambridge Analytica and its data mining operation to target angry white guys in the Midwest to vote for someone with the intellect of orange toe jam. Or how about the half-trillion dollar oil deal between Russia and Exxon? Something more redistributive perhaps? How about a trillion dollars being wrenched from the poorest Americans so the wealthiest can wallow in obscene tax cuts? If that doesn’t conjure enough grotesque fuckery, try thinking about two-thirds of the nursing home elderly being turned out on the streets because of draconian cuts to Medicaid.

I tend to see the similarities in people and not the differences, but for the life of me, I can’t see much difference between McTurtle and Mr. Burns — both cartoonish greedmeisters.

You will hear OMB Dick(head) Mulvaney or HHS Tom “insider trader” Price talk about “sustainability through reordering priorities”. There is no reordering of priorities. There has been and will continue to be only one priority of the Republican Party. It is greed. Greed first, last, and always. There is nothing else to understand about the GOP platform – it’s the “Greed Only Party”!

Let’s depart from the usual analysis. Calling the modern Republican Party greedy and ending there is like saying water continues to be wet. Why would someone place a price tag on their soul?

Why are people greedy? Psychologically and unsurprisingly, greed goes hand-in-hand with narcissism.

Both narcissism and greed have their roots in profound self-doubt. Narcissism is self-aggrandizement of the emotional kind, while greed is self-aggrandizement of the materialistic kind.

Narcissism and greed have other aspects in common. They both arise as disorders in people who, in their unconscious mind, are aligned with the conviction that they’re lacking in importance, significance, or value. Such people have difficulty feeling or accessing their own essential value. Instead, a deep negative sense of “self” contaminates their emotional life, and they resonate or identify with this inner default position.

Here’s the kicker. You don’t have to be wealthy to be greedy. Greed is an aspirational characteristic of the Horatio Alger set. You can be thread-bare, broke, and still be greedy. According to one study, the feeling of grandiose entitlement has grown since the 1980s. Who would have thought that Raygun would usher in a “me first” generation?

What does this mean for the country? This “I’ve got mine, sorry about your luck” philosophy means there is no interdependence among the classes unless it is to fight the wars of economic convenience. Put another way, if you can helicopter to work, you don’t need roads traveled by the little people.

A common refrain by Republicans is that our country is weakened by the moochers and the hangers-on, you know, the lazy people. Here’s something to stick up the arse of the next person who says that to you.

By large measure, the wealthy behave less ethically than those of modest means. In reality, the lazy takers are the tax avoiders who are getting away with $2.2 Trillion without having to work for it. They are simply avoiding taxes and sticking it into their pockets. The entire social safety net for children, the elderly, the disabled, and the poor costs us $370 Billion or six times less than the tax avoiding takers.

One last thought about narcissism and greed:

Narcissists deny or cover up inner truth by believing, as they shower themselves in self-admiration, that they truly want admiration from others. Greedy individuals, meanwhile, believe they really want to feel value and worthiness, yet they go chasing after an illusion of value—materialistic self-aggrandizement—that can only deepen self-alienation.

The greedy are unhappy, angry people. Their souls are empty chasms where self-worth should be. Here’s the not so hidden truth – Dolt 45 isn’t an aberration. That orange blob of disgust and perpetual ego masturbation is the perfect Republican totem. His need for self-esteem and validation are symbolic of the Republican Party.

Big hat, no cattle…

The Republicans have been designing the perfect ticket for almost forty years. Unfortunately for the country with help from the Russians, this banausic, predacious, crowd of angry greedy wannabes got their perfect ticket and punched it.

Sorry this isn’t the good stuff Fredster usually posts on the weekend. Please don’t let my self-indulgence deter you. Post anything you might desire – videos, strange weird news, self-preservation meditations, whatever you want – it is free range at the Widdershin’s.

Have a great weekend.



Good day Widdershins. I hope it is a good day for you and the beginning of an even better weekend.

Usually I’m halfway able to offer up a cogent theme. Today, I can’t. With the sociopathic static from the orange hobgoblin, a puissant leitmotif is not possible. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my insistence to inhabit a reality-based world.

Let’s say you have a best friend. You’ve been friends all your life. You are worried though. Your friend happens to be a drunk. You spend years bailing him out of trouble. You talk to him about getting help.

Finally, he agrees to get help. He asks you to drive him so he can voluntarily check himself into rehab. It’s a big deal. It has taken years to get him to this point. He checks in. Two weeks later you come to visit. He gets a day pass and you promptly take him to a bar to celebrate.

In essence that is what we witnessed yesterday on the Paris climate agreement. The loud, ignorant hobgoblin on the bar stool, killed a voluntary, worldwide, long-sought goal by stopping off for a bituminous martini with a chaser of dirty carbon. Just because he could for spite.

The effects aren’t so much substantive, but symbolic. We have abdicated technological leadership on climate to the Germans and the Chinese. They both understand modern international relations are not zero sum transactions. They see transactionalism as insulting and “unclever” – much the same way they see Marmafluke.

The idiocy of this bête noir is even more caustic when placed in perspective. This move appeases a niche of angry, under-educated men, who are barking at shadows because they are dark. Instead of turning on the light of some self-improving education, they have found an incompetent fool who belches and bellows about grievance. It is the strand of commonality in their DNA.

There is not another major political party in the world that denies climate change. Think about that. Not even tribal war lords accept what the Republican Party has accepted as doctrinaire.

This move is a catastrophic debacle. Along with the Iraq War, it will be marked as one of the lines of demarcation in the dimming of American predominance.


Without belaboring what has already been discussed in the comments of Fredster’s fine post, I want to add just a few thoughts about Hillary’s presentation at the Recode Conference.

First, Charlie Pierce’s article is outstanding and if you haven’t read it please do. There is a cadre specializing in Hillary criticism: Haberman and Thrush (I’ll leave them to DYB), Mrs. Greenspan, Ruth Marcus (when she’s not playing one of the three witches in Macbeth), and Josh Barro – there needs to be a new measurement of time faster than a nanosecond to measure the interval between Hillary speaking on any subject and Barro tweeting caustic bile in her direction.

I’m not sure what these people want Hillary to do. Self-flagellation does not seem to be enough. Here’s what I do know: It is and always has been cool to “hate on” Hillary. Even Ezra Klein’s very well-reasoned piece begins by acknowledging it isn’t cool to defend Hillary. I’m awaiting his Monday offering to the Hillary haters.

Only Nate Silver and to some extent, Vox contrarian Matthew Yglesias, have dared take on the cool kids in the journalistic lunchroom. They have pushed a simple question: What could the media have done better in the coverage?

It is an uncomfortable question. The three major networks spent a grand total of 32 minutes on policy.

No trade, no healthcare, no climate change, no drugs, no poverty, no guns, no infrastructure, no deficits. To the extent that these issues have been mentioned, it has been on the candidates’ terms, not on the networks’ initiative. These numbers are staggering in terms of the complete retreat they represent from issues-orientated campaign coverage. Just eight years ago, the last time both parties nominated new candidates for the White House, the network newscasts devoted 220 minutes to issues coverage, compared to only 32 minutes so far this year. (CBS Evening News went from 119 minutes of issues coverage in 2008 to 16 this year.)

Here is a graph for perspective:

The one thing all these “Wisconsin whiners” (why didn’t she go to Wescottsen) don’t seem to get is this: How thick must the Kevlar be to withstand Russian hacking, Comey’s letters, residual Obama animus, 25-years of Clinton derangement, patent and latent misogyny, Fox News, voter suppression, 501(c)(4) dark money organizations, and rampant, lazy equivalence by the media? Just how much is enough? And in these divisive times, how do you plan for a Comey letter with just enough votes to overcome the unforeseen?

All these people blame Hillary for not having enough of a cushion to withstand Comey’s bogus letter about 12 emails, ten of which were duplicates. The difference amounted to 77,000 votes spread over 3 states. Nate Silver says without the Comey letter, Hillary would have gained 3%. That would have done it. So yeah, Hillary is entitled to mention it. I intend to help her by mentioning it at every opportunity.

What’s on your mind today?


Good Debateday Widdershins!

Well, the clamorous Yam finally did it.cats-grabbing-trump

Yes, he did.

Insulting veterans didn’t do it.

Disrespecting a Gold Star Family didn’t do it.

Being an equal opportunity bigot and racist didn’t do it.

Being an imbecilic, bird-brained, cretinous moronic pretender as to policy, the military, and foreign affairs didn’t do it.

Being someone who incited violence against a citizen didn’t do it.

Being someone with a homoerotic fascination with Vladimir Putin didn’t do it.

Being someone who is accused of pedophile rape didn’t do it.

Being someone who stiffed workers, tradesmen, subcontractors, and vendors didn’t do it.

Six bankruptcies didn’t do it.trump-ass

Losing $916 Million Dollars didn’t do it.

Being a lewd, profane, sexist, misogynistic swine didn’t do it.

What grabbed the pusillanimous Republicans by their private parts enough to finally move them?  Knowing, without a doubt, the Cheeto-factory reject was doomed to failure one month from now with a certain, historic loss to our gal Hillary.  At long last, that knowledge was what gave certain Republicans pause to reconsider their support of a man who brags of white male privilege so ubiquitous and mundane as to allow carte blanche sexual assault of women.

There should no longer be even a scintilla of doubt that the Republican Party is now populated by a near majority of craven, sexist, racist, poltroons unworthy of consideration in the public square.  The one person sent out to speak on Trump’s behalf?  A man who informed one of his three wives on television their marriage was over.hillary-party

One personal note to my Widdershin friends:  On many progressive sites the brush painting all males, including those of us of the “librul” bent, is quite broad.  The accusation is that all men, even those of us who are feminists, are guilty of such abhorrent talk about women.

Without fear of contradiction – I have been on sports teams in high school, fraternities, graduate schools, male dominated law firms, and more bars than there are stars in the sky and I have NEVER heard anyone, friend or foe, speak of women like Trump did in that video recording.  NEVER.

I wanted to say thank you for not painting all of us with such a broad brush.  As with many things, Widdershins are exceptional.

With that, let’s enjoy Hillary’s victory tonight!


Courtesy of The New Yorker.

Courtesy of The New Yorker.

Through our extensive connections here at The Widdershins, we have secured an advanced copy of the Boogey Yam’s acceptance speech.  It sounds familiar.  See what you think?  Now imagine the clamoring Yam in all his glorious orangeness as he says…



Three score and ten years ago my father brought forth on this continent a new son, conceived through sperm, so good, such beautiful sperm, dedicated to the proposition that his new son was created without equal.

Now we are engaged in a yuge political war, testing whether our nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure my narcissism. We are met on a great conclave of that political war along a fault line that cleaves the country into two vastly unequal parts and we come, quite ironically, to a city called Cleveland. You have come to dedicate yourself to me, as a final burial ground of your dignity, your integrity, and any semblance of caring about this country.  You have given your self-respect so that my self-aggrandizement might flourish. It is altogether fitting and proper that you should do this.

But, in a larger sense, you cannot supplicate enough, you cannot grovel enough, you cannot prostrate yourself sufficiently to my cavernous gaping maw of egotistical need. There have been steroidal men and a cavalcade of unctuous women, living and dead, who struggled to bow low enough that I might walk on their backs in order to ever add to and never detract from my self-certified greatness.

The world will always note, and long remember what folly is committed here; it can never forget what was done to a once great political party in this place.  It is for you the living, to be dedicated henceforth to the unfinished work of my adulation, supplication, and bootlicking sycophancy which you have agreed and thus far have so nobly advanced.

It is for you to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before you—that from these honored halls you take increased devotion to me and which I ask your last full measure of adoration—that you here highly resolve that my efforts at self-ennoblement and glorification shall not be in vain, although my vanity is yuge—that this nation shall have a new birth of greatness and whiteness—and that government through my coronation shall not perish from the earth as long as me, and my sons, Uday Don and Qusay Eric, continue to rule from Trump Tower, roam about on Air Trump, drink Trump Water, eat Trump Steaks, play with Trump Cards, imbibe Trump wine, wear Trump ties, scam money through Trump University, and lie about contributing to charities all in the name of Trump. So help me Trump.


Lincoln Trump

My apologies to Abe Lincoln and condolences to all those who have been tricked, bamboozled, and cheated by Donald Trump.  I can’t include the Republican Party because the RNC began laying the groundwork for Trump with Nixon’s southern strategy fifty years ago, focused it with a bitterly unfair Reagan economic policy, and ran the country and a good part of the world aground with Bush lying us into an interventionist war without basis.

Trump is a Republican project that has been gestating for fifty years. Congratulations — it’s a boy! The Party deserves the rot that is Donald Trump.

What’s on your mind today?

Trump Debate

Last Tuesday was quite a day.  Morning broke with Trump implicating Ted Cruz’s father in the Kennedy assassination.  It seems Trump unearthed information from where the Warren Commission never thought to look – the front page of The National Enquirer.

We then witnessed Ted Cruz perform an auto-splenectomy on live television.  During a fifteen minute conniption fit, he sputtered and spewed.  Spleenless, he found it too difficult to go on and he quit the race, but not before almost sending his wife, Heidi, to the mat for a nine-count.  Not once, but twice.

Then we saw John Kasich and his electroshock coiffure quit.  Usually when someone bows out in front of their supporters, there are cries and whimpering of, “No, don’t, oh, no, no.”  Sadly, for Kasich there were crickets – mute crickets – mute crickets wrapped in sound-dampeners.  It was almost as if people were thinking, “Well this took long enough!”

Left standing was Trump in all his orange-hued glory.  The Grand Old Party suddenly became the “Party of Trump” or “PoT”.  How did the Republicans go to PoT?  What went wrong?

There are theories aplenty about the Trump plague.  There are the unsurprising and completely expected “surprising things Trump has revealed about America.”

There is the craziness of the “Trump nihilism” of:  Burn it all down!  Burn it to hell because I don’t have an 85 inch teevee, an Uzi, and ringside WWE season tickets.

Trump Laughing StockWe are hearing about the things the Trumpeters believe.  For instance, 40% believe Obama is hiding something about his past.  Fifty-two percent believe vaccines cause autism.  As expected, 29% believe global warming is a myth.  As any good mainlining Fox News junkies would, a full 50% believe Hillary knew about the Benghazi attack beforehand and chose to do nothing.  Finally, and I find this ghastly, 21% of Trump supporters believe the Newtown massacre was faked.

Let that last one sink in for a moment.  One-fifth of Trump diehards believe twenty beautiful first graders are forever taken and hidden from their aggrieved and inconsolable families as part of a grand scheme to increase gun control.

We have heard from everyone and their dog that Trump’s ascension leaves the Republican Party in an identity crisis.  Such long-suffering punditry has the same erudite insightfulness as predicting the sun to set in the west.

But then I ran upon a chart.  It didn’t get much play, but it’s a chart, in my opinion, explaining Trump’s one-third of the Republican Party.  Here it is:

Trump Poll

When asked, “Is discrimination against whites as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities,” sixty-eight percent of Tea Partiers and sixty-four percent of all Republicans say, “I agree with that statement.”  Neither Independents nor Democrats join in this bizzarity.Trump Hate

For a pollster, this is a “worldview” question.  It suggests how respondents view their place in the world.  It is how Trump supporters view their world.  It also explains a large part of the PoT primary.

Instead of a typical political message of helping others, Trump’s success is grounded in a promise of “hurting them” – “hurting the others” whoever “they” might be.  Accordingly, anger and fear are self-confirming emotions never leading to self-awareness or discovery.  Trump is undeniably the quintessential leader for such followers.  Racism, like water, always finds its own level.

What’s on your mind today?


Happy Friday Widdershins.  It’s the weekend of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner – the D.C. Prom.  Larry Wilmore is the marquee name this year.  It will be President Obama’s last rodeo and just sayin’, bet there are more than a few Trumpenstein references.  A variety of outlets need Saturday evening fodder for fill:Larry Wilmore 1

C-Span (Motto:  Your crazy uncle is already watching, why not you?) will begin coverage at 6:30 EDT Saturday evening.

CNN (Motto: Where breaking news is interrupted for breaking news of breaking news.) coverage will begin at 7:00 EDT most likely on Saturday, but you never know.

MSNBC (Motto:  All Jane Sanders, all the time.) coverage will begin at 9:00 EDT.  Most likely they will interrupt their weekend coverage, “Jane Sanders caught on camera doing TurboTax,” to cover the dinner.

Here are a few other things catching my attention.

Cruz Campaign vehicle...

Cruz Campaign vehicle…

There are fantasies and then there are fantasies.  Given the ego and self-promotional bent of Ted Cruz, it isn’t difficult to believe he likes playing make-believe.  What is really crazy is talking someone into joining his fantasy. Have you noticed Cruz’s campaign play on words — TrusTed?  I’ve been working on a few.  How about:  WasTed, DisgusTed, DetesTed, NauseaTed, or my personal favorite AddicTed.

Of course, you have to wonder why Cruz selected Fiorina?  She placed seventh in the first primary and then soared in the second primary to, wait for it, seventh place again.  She then quit.  There is one thing consistent about Fiorina – she always fails up.  Her jobs before HP, failures, that led to being HP CEO.  She failed there too, but left with a golden parachute in excess of $20 Million.  She ran for Senate, failed, then ran for President.  She failed, quit, and is now pretending to be Vice President.  The woman sure can fail.


Speaking of failures.  John McCain had to fire one of his fundraisers.  It seems like there was an unfortunate incident with an accidental meth-lab and marijuana growing operation in her home.  McCain should have called Angie’s List.


Boehner looking for a kegger at Stanford...

Boehner looking for a kegger at Stanford…

Boehner’s Most Excellent Adventure at Stanford. There was an embarrassing amount of attention on Boehner calling Cruz “Lucifer” and a miserable S.O.B.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.  Like those are new insults for Cruz. My suggestion:  Boehner should carry one of those pocket Breathalyzers.  He also said:

  • Boehner said he has played golf with Trump for years and that they are “texting buddies.” (Talk about pressure beta-testing spell correct.)
  • “Early in the talk, the speaker impersonated Clinton, saying ‘Oh I’m a woman, vote for me,’ to a negative crowd reaction.” (One of the reasons his drag career never took off.)
  • “Throughout the talk, Boehner frequently referenced the Freedom Caucus as the ‘knuckleheads’ and ‘goofballs’ in Congress.” (But they were his “knuckleheads and goofballs.”


Instability.  How many times, how many thousands of times, did we hear a Republican shuffle out to the microphones during the A.C.A. debate and say, “American business just wants certainty and assurances?”  Oh, what a difference a few years make!Trump Inauguration

Now, Drumpf, the presumptive nominee (self-proclaimed), has declared the keystone of his foreign policy is unpredictability.  Other words for unpredictable are:  erratic, fickle, uncertain, dangerous – you get the idea.  Drumpf is about to make instability our number one export.  Dubya is probably praying each night that Drumpf will take the pressure off him as the worst President evah.


Eating worms.  The Republican Party is now the most unpopular it has been since 1992.  Sixty-two percent of those surveyed said they had an unfavorable view of the GOP.  Remarkably, Pew Research reported that the decline in favorability “has largely come among Republicans themselves:  Sixty-eight percent of Republicans now view their party positively, down from 79% last fall.”

Just goes to show you, even racism and sexism are embarrassing if others notice.


What’s on your mind today?


Good Monday Widdershin friends.  MB is swamped with work this week and the following is my paltry attempt at a little synaptic stimulation.  MB returns next week.Elephant on the back

Remember the old joke – “If Barack Obama cured cancer, Republicans would complain about the unemployment rate of chemo-therapists.”  During the State of the Union, we saw that joke played out in real-time Kabuki Theater.

When the President called for a “moon shot” to cure cancer, Paul Ryan sat there in his best Derek Zoolander scowl and would not applaud.

Paul Ryan did not clap for curing cancer.  Paul Ryan did not clap for the troops.  Paul Ryan became “wallpaper,” his word not mine, only allowing himself, “to be respectful and not wince or grimace or do anything.  So I just kind of poker-faced the whole thing, just out of respect for the institution, the office.”

To review:  The Speaker of the House, third in line for the Presidency, a former candidate for Vice President, is so frightened of the Fringers in his own party that he presented himself to the nation as a Thorazine enthusiast coming down off a three-day Molly ride.  Just as a point of comparison, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, applauded Dubya 33 times during his final SOTU address.

Derek Zoolander or Paul Ryan in workout gear...

Derek Zoolander or Paul Ryan in workout gear…

This toxicity played out again this weekend with the effectuation of the Iranian nuclear deal and the swap of five Americans and seven Iranians.  Those successes follow the release of ten sailors after just 14 hours of Iranian detention compared to a 2007 incident where British sailors were held for two weeks.

Ahead of schedule, the nuclear deal secured the reduction to 6,000 enriching centrifuges from 19,000 and eliminated 9,700 kilograms of already enriched uranium.  The prisoner swap accomplished the release of the five Americans traded for Iranians who had violated the trade sanctions – not exactly high value targets.

So how did the Kabuki chorus respond?  The Republican candidates were begrudgingly pleased with the release of the Americans, but they sang in full-throated condemnation of the Iran nuclear deal, criticized the feckless Obama, and promised to “tear up the nuclear deal on day one” of their imaginary Presidencies.  Nary one of the candidates acknowledged any American success or optimism.

My point is neither about the bad manners of Republicans, nor is it about the politics of being mindless oppositional automatons.  My point is that the anti-establishment Fringe virus has overtaken the host.  If Republican Party leaders and candidates are so frightened of a de minimus segment of their base, how can that party ever be capable of governing? Sick Repubs

Anger, fear, and conspiracy have replaced any notion of governing principles.  The genesis of this wayward languor is found in the symbiotic relationship between the party and conservative media.  Simply put, there is no delineation between the pabulum spewed by Fox and talk radio and the party’s rightward sprinting ideology.  If their ideology was coextensive with their disbelief in science, they should be falling off the edge of the planet right about now.

This summer I ran across the article, “They Don’t Give a Damn about Governing – Conservative Media’s Influence on the Republican Party.”  It was written by Jackie Calmes, a New York Times reporter, while she was a Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.  It is a masterful explanation of the parasitism of conservative media as it digests the Republican Party.

The article is no light read – it’s about 17,000 words, but it is the most comprehensive explanation I’ve read about this historic devolution of the Republican Party.  The article is chocked-full of quotes and analysis by the endangered species of moderate Republicans.

The following is a sample of the insightfulness:

Searching for a Republican governing philosophy is not for the faint hearted...

Searching for a Republican governing philosophy is not for the faint hearted…

From a prominent, but anonymous Republican:  “It’s so easy these days to go out there and become an Internet conservative celebrity by saying some things, and who cares if it’s true or makes any sense.  It’s a new frontier: How far to the right can you get?  And there’s no incentive to ever really bother with reality or to compromise.  There’s no money, ratings or clicks in everyone going along to get along.”

A Republican Congressional staffer said, “Now it seems that so many people are going for the niche, for the red meat, and there are all these outlets where you can do that.  It’s playing to the base, but the base doesn’t live in reality.  And that’s the problem:  It’s taken the party in a really self-destructive direction.”  The aide continues, “When you’re setting down a marker and you know that your ask is unaccomplishable, that it’s not a goal that’s achievable, then it’s just about ratings and money.”

If anyone should ask, that is what this election is about:  Who is the best person to save this country from a governing agenda conjured by the fever dreams of talk radio and Fox.

This is an open thread.

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