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So, did you brave the crowds and go out to be mobbed by the Black Friday hordes?


No problem, unwind here with ten wonderful hours of elevator music.


Sit back.  Relax.  Enjoy!


I’m going to add something here about the coach of my favorite college team, Les Miles and the LSU Tigers.  After eleven years at LSU, the monied “boosters” (and the A.D.?) have decided that a record of 7-3 (8-3 if they beat Texas A&M today) this year isn’t good enough for LSU football and Miles must be fired/replaced.  One of the reasons I’ve been sort of absent the last day was because I’ve been trying to read everything I could on the situation.

There’s that and then I also had a dental checkup on Wednesday and the hygienist, in her exuberance to absolutely, totally clean my teeth, broke off the filling on my #25 incisor.   As a result I’ve been left with a lower front tooth that looks like an arrowhead and made it very difficult to eat my smoked turkey breast and I had to forget it on the pecan pie.  The dentist couldn’t add me in Wednesday afternoon to fix it right then so I have not been a happy camper.  But back to my favorite coach:

Miles, who is 131-50 overall in 13 years as a head coach, has compiled a 103-29 record at LSU, which includes a remarkable 56-24 record in SEC regular season games. Miles is the fastest coach in LSU history to reach milestone victories of 10 (11 games), 20 (24 games), 30 (35 games), 40 (48 games), 50 (63 games), 60 (76 games), 70 (87 games), 80 (98 games), 90 (113) games), and 100 games (126).

However, that apparently means nothing when you can’t beat Alabama.  As an ESPN sportscaster said today “There are LOTS of teams out there that haven’t beat Alabama.”.

So with that mind, do go check out this site which has “A Salute to Les Miles”.  It has a selection of gifs of Miles’ “lighter moments”, shall we say.  Check it out; you’ll get a chuckle or two out of it.  If I’m not around much today it could be because I’m celebrating the team giving Miles a win in his last LSU game or I’m drowning my sorrows that the Tigers lost Miles’ last game in Tiger Stadium.




Good evening Widdershins and guests.


We’re doing something new and opening up a Wednesday lounge.   Since this is  new, I decided to engage a caterer for our evening.  You may have noticed the truck and smoker outside in the front.  For this evening alone, we’ll be serving barbecued ribs, tater salad, corn on the cob and slaw, on the house.  Next week, y’all pay.  😉

Isn’t all the damned news of the world just depressing?  There isn’t much very good going on except that possibly somebody won the Mega Millions.  If they did, bless their hearts.  However, be that as it may, let’s take a look at some of the funnier or wackier things that have happened.   ***Late edit:  No one won the mega millions and the prize is now up to 500m!! ***

AP tells us that Newtie has decided to “scale” back his campaign.

Newt Gingrich is dramatically curtailing his campaign schedule, laying off about a third of his staff and dismissing his campaign manager as he focuses on a last-ditch effort to win the Republican presidential nomination at the party’s convention.

Gingrich’s strategy hinges on preventing front-runner Mitt Romney from winning the 1,144 delegates he needs for the nomination, Gingrich spokesman RC Hammond said Tuesday night. The former House speaker plans to spend much less time in primary states and instead personally call delegates to try to persuade them to back him at the Republican National Convention in August.

Yeah, I know that’s gonna work real well Newt.  laughing-mouse.gif

Moving along, I had this bookmarked for awhile but never found a time or place to mention it.   Do any of you recall the Jersey construction worker who scammed his co-workers in the lottery?  They had a group pool of tickets they would contribute for with the idea that if they won they shared the pot.  Americo Lopes had other ideas though.  He had the winning ticket for the lottery but you see it was a different ticket from the ones purchased for the pool.  Uh-huh.  The co-workers cried foul, took him to court and a jury sided with them.  After the verdict,  here was Lopes’ comment:

“They robbed me!” Lopes grumbled as he stormed out of a Union County courtroom shortly after the verdict.

Are you sure about that bud?  I don’t think your argument was very convincing.  😆

There was some sad news in the bovine world as Jocko the stud bull passed away.  It was said that Jocko:

had an industrious 17-year career donating some 1.7 million sperm straws that were used in France and abroad to keep alive the Prim’Holstein cattle strain, the main strain of black-and-white milking cow used in France.

According to Creavia the farm co-op that raised him, Jocko was “an international star from the Prim’Holstein breed, this bull rose to become an unquestionable reference and ranked third globally in terms of use…”
However, it does sound like Jocko will be going to his glory:

 Jocko was allowed to retire last year and died earlier this month. Rather than becoming prize beef, his body is to be sent to Paris’ natural history museum where his prowess will be studied.

See what happens when you try to retire a stud?  They die!!  😯

Also I hear the California cows have gone into deep mourning.

Now, I found this interesting, did you know that redheads feel more pain than people with dark hair?  It is apparently so according to researchers at Southampton University Hospital.

Researchers at Southampton University Hospital have recruited redheaded volunteers aged over 30, anesthetized them and gave them small electric shocks on the thigh. They were then tested to see if they felt more pain than a control group who had black or brown hair. Researches believe that the same gene which determines whether someone has red hair is also involved in the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller.

I really loved this part of the article:  “A U.S. study published in 2002 found that women with red hair needed 19 per cent more painkillers.”  The article doesn’t say if they tested guys in the 2002 study, just that red-haired women needed more painkillers.  Hmmm  Now I did like this quote from a doctor:

Dr Edwin Liem, who led the studies at Louisville University, said: “Redheads experience more pain from a given stimulus and therefore require more anaesthesia to alleviate that pain.

“The art and science of anaesthesiology is determining just the right amount of anaesthesia to achieve unconsciousness, pain tolerance and suppression of memory without causing adverse consequences, such as cardiac or pulmonary complications.

Yeah, right.  I definitely want the anesthesiologist to figure out that right amount to knock me out, yet not kill me.  Oy!

Now this one had me really wondering what the hell are people thinking?

The mayor of Medora, a small tourist town in North Dakota, is planning to erect a gallows on his property in a bid to boost visitor numbers.

I see nothing but bad here people.  Just bad.

Lastly, guess who must have a beau?  Da Pope that’s who!!  It must be true because Benny has ordered up his own, unique and special cologne.

The Guardian reports that the religious leader appears to enjoy a second higher calling, that of high fashion. Italian boutique perfume maker Silvana Casoli acknowledges that she has created a custom-made cologne for the leader of the Roman Catholic Church at his request.

Pope Benedict reportedly already has his own tailor-made red shoes and matching panama hats, which the Vatican says are worn out of respect for papal tradition, rather than personal taste.

If he does have a special fella, I wonder if they’ve swapped rings yet?  😆

So what’s on yourmind this evening? Discuss.

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