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Good Sunday and weekend Widdershins!

There you have it, right there in the photo.  The word we need to keep shouting to the vulgar yam, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican oligarchy.  Just one…big…NO!

NO, you won’t take away our healthcare.  NO, you won’t take away our voting rights.  NO, you won’t take away our equality.  NO you won’t steal our elections. Just one big freaking NO! 

And what is one of the best ways to signal our protest, outrage and solidarity to those who would take these things away from us?  Through music of course!

Below are some of my choices for songs dealing with protest and solidarity.  Please add some of your own choices in the comments.

(1) Factory 1978~ Bruce Springsteen

(2) Solidarity Forever~Pete Seeger

(3) Tiny Hands~Fiona Apple (DJ Matt Bailer Remix)

(4) I Give You Power~Mavis Staple & Arcade Fire

(5) Revolution~Nina Simone

(6) Guns of Brixton~The Clash

(7) Alright~Kendrick Lamar

(8) Ohio~Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


So there you go Widdershins, eight…count’em eight songs of protest, outrage and solidarity.  Please add your choices in the comments below.

Open thread of course.


Good morning, Widdershins.  I’m at a cat show today, but I did want to put this post up and get it running.  I’m hoping that y’all will live blog the rally so that I can catch up on events tomorrow when I get home.

I also offer the category of protest songs.  I know that we usually do things like that on the Lazy Sunday format, but tomorrow is Hallowe’en, so that format pretty much took care of itself.  HT requested that we look at protest songs, and I really feel that today would be the better day to do so.   This is also a topic that is seared into my soul from the turbulent days of my youth, and it was really, really REALLY hard to cut it down to five.  So, with H/T to HT (yes, I know), here are my fav five:

(1) Abraham, Martin and John (1968):  Recorded by Dion, who is much better known as a doo-wop artist.

(2) Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die Rag (1965): Better known when associated with “The Fish Cheer”, thanks to Country Joe MacDonald.

(3) Fortunate Son (1969):  This song comes from CCR’s aptly named Willy and the Poor Boys album.

(4)  Ohio (1970):  Written in tribute to the students killed at the Kent State University massacre, and one of the most gripping songs of the era.

(5) We Shall Overcome (1950-70ish):  The quintessential anthem of the civil rights era was adopted from a hymn and brought forward to marches throughout the ear.  I love this version:

This is an open thread.


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