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Just six seconds, please play.


That was McTurtle about 2:00 a.m. Friday morning. He was not amused at the reappearance of the mavericky ways of Sen. McMaverick.

Amazingly, it was just a mere eight hours or so after Sen. McMaverick, the Lady Lindsey, and RoJo (Dodo – Cheeseland) called a press conference to say, “We hate this hateful bill that we are hating on because we hate it so much we can’t hate it near enough, therefore, we hate it that we can’t hate it more because we only have so much hate to go around, but, we are going to vote for it if Paul Ryan sends us a note saying he hates it too.”

McTurtle’s “shellacking” came only a couple of hours after releasing the text of cobbled together legislation affecting one-fifth of the economy. Mind you these legislative scions wrote the bill after lunch so they could give it the full attention it deserved.

Meanwhile, The Mooch was exhibiting textbook June bug craziness in keeping with his amalgam of hummingbird/mako shark/honey badger genetics. His characteristic enthusiasm was directed toward the orange man baby he’s tending these days instead of his own baby born last Monday while Dolt 45 was corrupting the Boy Scout Jamboree.

The days of Rancid Penis being 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’s most expensive fly wrangler mercifully ended Friday. In bidding adieu, Rancid said he was going “To spend more time with his family.” When contacted, his family said, “Don’t bother.”

With this crazy Dolt Administration just hanging on by a thread, it is a wonder Newt Gingrich isn’t trying to divorce it.

Rest assured, no matter how crazy this week seemed — it will get crazier. There is no bottom for these lunatics.

In a moment of fleeting optimism, Machiavelli said, “Always assume incompetence before looking for conspiracy.” Having faced all manner of immorality, Machiavelli never envisioned Dolt & Sons, Grifters Extraordinaire — conspiratorial incompetents serving Mother Russia since 2000.

Here are some “CRAZY” songs, but don’t be constrained by just music or “craziness” as a theme. Feel free to post anything you want — tweets, jokes, songs, or stories about adorable new puppies.





This is a gaping maw of an open weekend thread for self-care and maintenance of our mental health. Giddy up!




The clownfish and the anemone are perfect symbiotic mates.  Fortuitously, the clownfish can live among the poisonous tendrils of the anemone since it is biologically immune to the toxin.  Predatory fish will get their little fishy bells rung by the sweet, sweet sting of the anemone.  What does the anemone get out of this hookup?  The anemone gets to eat the clownfish’s shit.

And there you have it my friends – the perfect analogy.  With der Drumpf as the “Clownfish” and the anemone being the press and by extension the public, it is a plotline right out of XXX Finding Fetishized Nemo.  Here’s the rub, Marlin was so darn cute in Finding Nemo, the clownfish swam straight to the endangered species listIs our future any brighter?

Bannon after a couch hack-a-thon with his Russian buds...

Bannon after a couch hack-a-thon with his Russian buds…

If you look at the school of clownfish circling the West Wing, I sincerely doubt it.  By now you have heard and read about Steve Bannon, the new potentate of the Emirates of Trump.  He’s a dirty bird.  Oops, I’m mixing metaphors.  Well anyway, Bannon is an alt-right combo platter of Lee Atwater, G. Gordon Liddy, Karl Rove, with a side order of Joey Goebbels.  It is from Joey that Bannon got his mantra, “A lie told once remains a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”  When you go through Goebbels’ quotes, Bannon seems to have been carved out of his arse.

There are those who are lighting their hair on fire about Bannon.  There are those who think he could be worseSaint Elizabeth and Friar Sanders can hoot and holler all they want, but it will only create more steely resolve in the King Clownfish – that’s the way he is wired.  More on that tomorrow.

Then you have Prince Rebus or whatever his name is as Chief of Staph Staff.  Give him some cheese and sit him in the corner.  He will be nothing more than an assistant’s assistant to make sure the phone is charged so the Clownfish can tweet himself to sleep at night.

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