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Three days of blog flu, where I verbally vomited over what the country has done to itself, is good therapy.  Thank you for tolerating my desperate search as I rummage about for traces of my sanity. dead-horse

Today’s offering is a preview of coming attractions from the orange Dim Kong Ill.  What can we expect?  We will get to that, but there is something I must share.  This is from Vox.  It is a visualization of the overarching, phony, spurious email issue that plagued Hillary’s campaign.

What it really represents, to me at least, is the unfairness of the double standard applied to Hillary.  Hillary ran a near perfect campaign.  She did run herself ragged and get pneumonia, but humans, even Hillary, get sick.  Her convention was spectacular.  The campaign was buttoned down with no leaks or typical derisive power plays.  Almost perfect.

Except there were those emails.  This fictitious, dummied-up issue was what lazy reporters used to shore-up their claims of “fairness”.  Each day there was some new issue to ding the Orangeloupe about, but it had to be “evened out”.  Balance was what the journalistic gods commanded.  Unfair as it was, the emails were the universal leveler.  There you have the reportorial fairness equation during the entire campaign.

By its repeated use, the email issue was seared into the brains of casual voters as a huge issue while a thousand “one-day stories” about some craziness orange Dim Kong Ill spluttered were forgotten.  This is what two years of front pages looked like:



Now, this is what the email coverage looked like:



The painful truth is this:  Hillary was expected to be perfect.  Not just any perfect, but immaculately infallibly perfect to overcome what faced her.  And yet, she still won the popular vote.

My point is this – Hillary faced unrealistic expectations.  This isn’t endemic to politics, it is cultural, it is pervasive, and it is wrong.  Progress is slow.  In no small measure what Hillary endured has driven at least some reporters to search their miserable souls about fairness.  To the extent this soul-searching has occurred, it is but another example of Hillary moving the ball down the field to the day when we can legitimately say, “Madam President”.  For now, we will have to be satisfied with referring to Hillary as the “People’s President”.

By the way, it has been nine days and not a word about emails.  How has humanity survived?

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