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Well, to everyone’s relief SCOTUS Justice Breyer finally announced he will retire instead of dropping dead when Mitch McConnell can block a nominee or a GOP President can appoint another Christian Taliban member. President Biden previously said that he would appoint an African American woman to be the court’s first Justice. He reaffirmed his position on it this week. Naturally Republicans are losing their minds. They not subtly argue that there are no qualified black women in American judiciary for SCOTUS. And they claim Biden has politicized his pick too much with identity politics. Nevermind that almost all SCOTUS justices have been white men, which is certainly identity politics. And never mind that almost all of them have been Catholics, which is also identity politics. But the idea that there are no black women in judiciary that are as qualified as Kavanaugh or Coney Barrett is really amazing! I have no doubt that Biden’s pick will be eminently more qualified than the last two Republican justices, who are not only two of the dumbest people in the country, but also two of the most partisan and intellectually dishonest. But if GOP so concerned about an unqualified black woman sitting on the Court, let Biden add 3 more seats and fill them with men and women of other colors. Problem solved!


Lyndon LaRouche has died. Does anyone care? I honestly have no opinion on the man; he was way before my time, certainly before my time in the US. I see many on the Alt-Left, like the insufferable bore Matt Bruenig, mourning his passing. This sentence from LaRouche’s Wiki page explains why: “LaRouche’s critics have said that he had “fascistic tendencies”, took positions on the far right, and created disinformation.”

Of actual relevance to the world, the 2020 election is in full swing. Republicans have Trump. No serious contender will challenge him. Jeff Flake once made some noises that resembled the desire to run, but he did the most Flake thing ever: flaked out. The Democratic field, on the other hand, is filling up with a big slate of Big Names who will be competing for dollars and attention: Harris, Gillibrand, Warren, Klobuchar, Booker. And, inevitably, Biden, Sharrod Brown, Bernie. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has suggested he’s exploring a Presidential run. (He shouldn’t bother. NYC barely likes him.) Bloomberg is still contemplating, though my guess is he will ultimately decide not to run. That nut-job from Hawaii will probably end up being Green Party candidate. Pelosi-foe Seth Moulton says he’s considering a run also; yeah, LOL, ok Seth, you do you. Am I missing anybody? I’m sure I must be.

The campaign so far is off to a predictable start. Kirsten Gillibrand has already had her first scandal: “But her fried chicken-gate!” At a campaign stop fried chicken was served. Gillibrand first reached for a fork and knife. Upon seeing others dig in with their hands, she queried out loud if she should do the same and then proceeded to eat like everyone else. This is a scandal now. NY Times reporters like Jonathan Martin snarkily wondered if Gillibrand has ever eaten fried chicken before. Gillibrand is no longer authentic and nobody can ever take her seriously. Eating fried chicken with fork and knife is unheard- of and will likely sink her’s chances. Elizabeth Warren is on her 2nd year of “But her heritage!” scandal. Mark my words, this scandal will not go away until Warren drops out of the race. The media will not let it die. It’s too important to keep litigating it because Trump will keep saying racist things. That’s why the media won’t let it die. They want Trump to keep saying racist things so they can make money covering it.

Meanwhile in Trumplandia, at his most recent rally in El Paso, a Trumpkin attacked a BBC cameraman after Trump led his latest “fake news” chant. Let’s be honest, it won’t change how Trump talks and it won’t change how the media continues to cover Trump: with rose-colored glasses. The political media wants Trump to win. It means sales and clicks and ratings. They will roast Democrats like they always do and shrug off Trump’s insanity. Gird your loins, Widdershins. I hope you liked the 2016 campaign because we’re about to get another like it, if not worse. The train has left the station and it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Back in 2004 the GOP ran ads challenging John Kerry’s military service during the Vietnam War. The underlying theme at that time was that Kerry was not a war hero as was reported, but a “fake”.  No matter the medals he had been awarded or the number of troops who served with him who backed up his wartime service, John Kerry was “swift boated” by the opposition often enough to raise doubts.

It worked. Say something often enough, even though the facts may be quite different, and there is a belief that the lie itself will become “fact”. You need not look further than the accusation that Barack Obama is “foreign born” with a hidden agenda that began when his “birth certificate” was filed in Hawaii by nefarious means by those looking 50 years ahead to his run for POTUS.  Or that his “involvement” with the “Fast and Furious” policy sanctioned under Bush a few years back was really the means to his subversive role in confiscating all weapons in the US.  A mind boggling exercise for even the most diehard conspiracy theorists to stand behind.

Mitt Romney has really done nothing more than present the American people with lie after lie since he made his bid for the nomination for POTUS.  He has lied about his financial disclosures, his involvement with the Romneycare bill in MA, his position on gay rights and women’s right to choose, his belief in global warming, and his tenure as CEO of Bain Capital.

These are not “made up” facts to undermine the candidate.  These are statements coming from his own mouth.  Standing before members of the NAACP he urged them to consider his candidacy based on his unsupported declaration that he will work on their behalf.  Several hours later he was heard mocking this same audience by suggesting they were only interested in obtaining “government handouts” and seemed to take pride in having been booed by that same audience who saw through his meaningless words.

Mitt has raised his profile from being a “serial flip flopper” to “liar in chief”.  A man who has been accused of a willingness to say and do anything to get a vote, there is no “contortion” he will not execute in order to find support.  The perfect “etch a sketch” candidate who, with a wink and a nod, will perform backsflips to ease himself out of sticky situations that say more about his character than it does about the policies he endorses.

Addressing the NAACP he promised that on “Day One” his first order of business (apparently after he has eliminated Planned Parenthood) will be the famous “job creation” baloney he claims as the centerpiece of his campaign.

This is the same Mitt whose past business practices have seen American jobs outsourced by Bain.  The hated outsourcing that the Tea Party has used to flog their opponents as “job killers”.  The truth is that those jobs are never coming back.  Not unless congress is willing to accurately measure the devastation the loss of those jobs mean to the American worker and come together to institute hefty fines against those who prefer to do business outside of the USA.  Do I hear the sound of crickets coming from Capital Hill?  Of course I do.

Mitt Romney is a big, fat liar. The manufacturing jobs in this nation have declined because of companies like Bain who see their bottom line enhanced at the expense of the national economy. And Mitt’s fat cat donors are the very same people who have benefited most handsomely for having done so.

Mitt’s idea of “job creation” is nothing more than deregulating industries, granting permission to strip the landscape until there is nothing left to strip.  Regulation is putting in place much needed safety practices that left unchecked will lead to the poisoning of our food, water, and air supplies.  Lifting those regulations is handing over policies that will benefit a handful at the expense of the majority who have fought over the decades to guarantee at least a semblance of accountability when it comes to public safety.  Who needs the “Clean Air Act” when there is money to be made?

This is where Mitt and his like are coming from. These are the “Captains of Industry” he represents. He knows those sought after jobs are gone.  He was one who helped to make it happen! His practices have helped to decimate the middle class he now suggests is his top priority. This is what makes Mitt Romney the liar that he is.

Mitt’s “job creation” bullshit stands as another fallacy in a long line of half truths he relies on as he says and does anything to win over that 50.1% he chases.

A Romney presidency would be a disaster for America still struggling after 8 years of GOP rule that led to this economic catastrophe.   If we are hard pressed to trust what he says now, then when?

With much anticipation, tomorrow is the day that Michele Bachmann makes it official and announces her intention to seek the nomination for President of the United States!  Be still my beating heart!

So, with that in mind, and considering that every and all GOP candidates, past, present and future must adhere to the admonition that the very mention of the name Ronald Reagan assures instant blessings, I propose a drinking game in honor of this event.  

My guess is that Michele will utter the name “Reagan” at least 10 times. Also look for multiple references to our freedoms, the budget, and Obamacare.  I also predict she either opens or closes with a reference to “god’s will” or something along those lines since her platform is based almost completely on carrying out the “message” that she has been personally chosen to lead.

Not sure what time she has selected to make this declaration but I hope it is closer to the dinner hour than shortly after breakfast. I have errands to run and I hold fast to never driving under the influence that I expect will happen each time she refers to any one of those “catchphrases” spattered throughout her speech.

(PS: I was going to include any mention of her usual fact challenged utterances but kind of felt that this would be too easy.  Chug a lug!)

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