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Yes, we tan!

Remember the picture on the right? Remember what a sensational scandal that was? “Yes we tan.” It ran on a loop on the Fox Ailes-o-vision for weeks. Good times!

By now you’ve seen the rant by “The Mooch”.  He was a reject from MTV’s Jersey Shore because of his lack of sophistication. The producers decided to go more upscale with the genteel steroidal “The Situation” and a puking drunken Snooki.

Like all instances of world-class stupidity, The Mooch seemed to get a jump-start. While this is just an opinion, it wouldn’t be a surprise if The Mooch had convenient nose attachments for hoovering up unsightly mounds of Colombian cha-cha powder. Just think: The consummate twofer – cleanliness plus manic jags to contemplate Steve Bannon pleasuring himself in Cirque du Soleil style.

The dysfunction he represents isn’t a fish rotting from the head. This White House is one of those fermenting, beached whales rotting itself into an IEC – interspecies exploding carcass. It’s now too tiresome to even engage in the threadbare apothegm of, “What if it was a Democrat?”

Jim Collins is unsurpassed as an author on leadership and management. He writes based upon scientific research animated with anecdotal examples. One of his more famous observations is:

The old adage that people are your most important asset is wrong. People are not your most important asset. The right people are. We found that the great leaders got the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats on the bus. Then they decided where to drive the bus.

The personnel of this White House are made in the image of their coppery-hued leader – they are dolts, ignoramuses who are enjoying the pinnacle of their incompetence. To pick up on Jim Collins’ metaphor, this White House bus has two stops – the first at the home for the criminally insane and the second at the penitentiary for the insanely criminal.

Who could be surprised? This orange phlegm from a thrice used Kleenex is an abomination. He has assembled a coterie of weak-minded slugs better suited for long aimless strolls while muttering “made another grunt again” – MAGA for short.

Bannon conducting West Wing Staph training…

There is open warfare among administration personnel. Personally, pissing on that racist garden gnome Sessions makes no difference to me. Sessions hanging on by his percale sheet is just delaying the inevitable constitutional crisis on the horizon.

What is worrisome is this: Do you think the likes of Rick Perry or Betsy Devos are ever going to take a principled stand on any issue given the treatment of Sessions? Pruitt is out looking for ways to pollute, Zinke is threatening Alaska, and Rexxon is listening to the echoes of an empty State Department. We passed lawlessness about ten miles back – these people might as well have Cyrillic labels, “Putin’s automatons for crippling America.”

And on the other end of the alimentary canal known as Pennsylvania Avenue, old crusty hangers for colostomy bags called Senators proclaimed, “We hate this law so much we are voting yes.” Fortunately, three Republicans put a shiv into McTurtle while pouring kerosene over his shell and torching him.

For all that is right and holy, if these people weren’t so ghoulish and jacked-up looking, this would be like living in an Inception world.

There is no need to belabor this confederacy of doltish dunces, but I want to leave you on a positive note.

Since August of last year, I’ve been sharing my thoughts about the Umber Ulceration’s behavioral characteristics. You have listened patiently and courteously.

As I have said, Dolt 45 gets every ounce of his self-esteem from the way others see him. His reason for being is to perpetuate his illusory stature. Every waking moment is but another scene in the epic stage play that is his life.

During the G20 I noticed two things – both of them were instances of Dolt bottoming for Putin. Once was the handshake where Dolt bottomed and the other was Dolt walking around the massive table to go sit at the feet of Putin during the dinner. Dolt was the subservient submissive partner in both acts.

So what? In Dolt’s ghost written books he made mention of both practices calling them weak and for losers. So whatever Putin has on Dolt, it is of sufficient quality to cause Dolt to suffer ignominious public debasement by his own volition. It must be of sufficient weight to cause this tub of Orange Offal to deviate from his 70-year charade. As has been amply demonstrated this week, neither Dolt nor anyone working for him is deft enough to conceal it much longer.

What’s on your mind today?

For your entertainment, a little known Jersey Shore audition video — don’t know if it is The Mooch.



For many years, the Democratic Party has kept female voters in line by whispering stories of loss of rights and freedoms.  They have kept labor in line with the specter of loss of jobs, rights and freedoms.  They have kept the elderly in line with threats of huge and drastic cuts to Social Security and Medicare, resulting in loss of income, inability to access timely medical care, and the right to live their remaining days with a semblance of freedom from want.  For the most part, it’s worked.

Sadly, the Republican Party has kept their voters in play by threatening women with a role in the wholesale slaughter of innocent babies.  They have kept other voters cringing in fear that the Democrats will take their guns away if they are registered.  (Isn’t is odd that no one appears to be at all flustered by automobile registrations?)  They have kept their voters cringing in fear that the Democrats will take away their bibles.  They are now circulating the notion that the Democrats want to become part of the European Union.  (Go figure.)

We now find ourselves in the almost lunatic position of confronting a Republican field that embodies the worst fears of the Democratic Party.  Unless something totally unexpected occurs and Jon Hunstman is nominated, all of the rest of them go from bad to worse.  Consider this:

(1) Mitt Romney:  Der Mittster is a mystery shrouded in an enigma.  I haven’t got a clue about his actual belief system, even though he has been running for office since 1994.  He put himself out there as a pro-choice liberal in Massachusetts, but has since had an epiphany to the contrary, and is dad-gummed pro-life to his conservative core, thank you very much.  His 59-point jobs program is almost a regurgitation of the usual Republican talking points:  more free trade agreements, few if any regulations placed on businesses, and much more tax reduction.  Why, he points out how much we would save in taxes if Americans were absolved of any tax burden whatsoever on interest and capital gains.  (I did the math, and I would pocket an additional $11.00 or so annually.  Color me underwhelmed.)  He explains that his job creation plan in Massachusetts was stymied by his Democratic state legislature, and that’s why his statistics were some of the weakest in the nation during his single dazzling term.  He actually manages to defend Romneycare under the aegis of States’ Rights while attacking Obamacare as government meddling, making him vastly more talented than I ever believed.  When questioned about Bain Capital’s slash and burn tactics, he insists that BC created “many” jobs.  (Perhaps in Bangladesh?)  He can say whatever he wants to – I don’t trust this guy any further than I can hurl a grand piano into a high wind.  He will pivot and change on any topic to attain (and retain) elected office, but he will advantage business every step of the way.

(2) Rick Perry – Here is the ultimate living breathing nightmare, and he is leading in the polls.   This is almost the case of a straw man morphing into a golem.   This is the guy who ran Al Gore’s campaign in Texas, and wrote a thank you note to then-First Lady Hillary Clinton to express his gratitude for her program which would help small Texas ranchers.  That was then, and this is now.  Flushed by Dubya’s success as a strutting Texas lunatic, Rick’s gotten with the program. (He really should be a lot better at it, seeing as how he is actually from Texas.  On the bright side, he appears to be able to pronounce “nuclear”.) He insists that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.   His state is aflame, he doesn’t belive in climate change,  and he wants to end FEMA.  He’s also in a complete snit because FEMA isn’t paying for as much of the fire-fighting expenses as he thinks that they should.  He is pro-life.  His teen birth rate is the third highest in the nation, likely thanks to his “abstinence only” program.  His high-school graduation rate is dead last, and so is his median family income. He thinks that teaching creationism as a science is just fine, and needs to study up some on what really happened with Gallileo.  However, he isn’t wowing the right-wing about immigration, because he’s on board with bringing in Mexicans by the truckload to his business supporters, and he doesn’t really care what happens to them once they’re here.  Benvinedes a Tejas

(3) Everybody Else:  We’re all familiar with the faux pas and malaprops of the rest of the Republicans, but realistically none of them are really going anywhere.  The nomination will likely go to either Romney or Perry at this point.

So there you have it.  Everything that the Dems have whispered in our ears for years have finally come true.  In the absence of a credible third-party challenger, what the hell do we do?  Voting for Obama will not be easy.  Voting for a Republican is out the door.  I’ve never skipped over a Presidential race, and this one would be particularly tough.  I’m almost nauseous.

This is an open thread.

This is an open thread.

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