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As a new year begins and Drumpf’s inauguration approaches a few interesting developments have enveloped us. Things that signal what is to come in the next 4 or 8 years (or forever, who knows.)

Remember when the Rockettes were told that they would have to perform at Drumpf’sjames-dolan inauguration, and then after a public backlash the management and the union (which is meant to protect them, but didn’t) said that participation wouldn’t be mandatory?  It’s not over yet. While kicking for Drumpf at the inauguration may not be 100% mandatory (just, you know, strongly encouraged if you know what’s good for your dancing career), Marie Claire and Rolling Stone report that participation at the White House’s 4th of July celebrations will be obligatory. Madison Square Garden executive chairman James Dolan held a “private” meeting with the dancers, which was secretly recorded by one of the Rockettes.

One dancer said, “I mean, it just sounds like you’re asking us to be tolerant of intolerance.” He paused to consider his answer and said, “Yeah, in a way, I guess we are doing that. What other choices do we have? What else would you suggest?”

“I don’t believe it’s going to hurt the brand,” he said. “And nobody is more concerned about that than the guy sitting in this chair.”

Herr Dolan is very concerned about the brand, and that right there is everything you need to know about Mr. Dolan, ladies and gentlemen.

Then there’s the story of everybody least favorite Moe Joe Scarborough and his love affair with Trump. Joe – and Mika Brzetaedtaisdksnksy – spent New Year’s Eve with Drumpf at joe-and-drumpf Mar-a-Lago. NY Times’ Maggie Haberman tweeted this seemingly innocuous tidbit and Joe had a full on meltdown. Why were Joe’s panties up in such a furious twist? Because some people think schmoozing like that is not appropriate for a journalist. Joe thinks everybody can go eat a bag of Dick Tracies. He says he’s just trying to secure an interview with Drumpf and wants Drumpf to feel comfortable. I don’t know why Joe thinks a politician must feel comfortable with the journalist. Washington Post’s media critic Margaret Sullivan doesn’t either.

Despite all the silliness that’s piling up here — and it is getting almost as tall as Trump Tower — there is a serious principle at hand. It’s this: There should be some distance between journalists and elected officials. If that doesn’t exist, independence and impartiality are sure to be questioned. And rightly so.

And in other media related news – everybody favorite blond right-winger Megyn Kelly has announced that she is leaving Faux News and is going to NBC. This may or may not be bad news for Faux. Her program is their 2nd highest rated, but I think her disappearance from the Faux roster won’t make a difference. The right-wingers hate her because they thinkmegyn-kelly she’s too liberal. So let’s not worry about Faux News. But this is quite the blow to NBC. Their interest is obviously monetary. Kelly has been gracing magazine covers, including Vanity Fair, for months. Because she occasionally asks a tough question of a right-wing politician, a question Hannity and O’Reilly wouldn’t ask – suggests to some on the Left that she is an impartial journalist. Many friends of mine have posted on Facebook how much they do like Kelly. Horseshit. Megyn Kelly is a right-wing nutjob. Just because the Right is now so far to the Right that it’s a dot to us doesn’t mean that she is that far off it. Problem for reasonable people is that the media and public embrace of Kelly legitimizes her Right-wing insanity, which includes declarations that Jesus and Santa Claus were most definitely white and that the Black Panthers are destroying America. Her arrival at NBC – which also gifts us the previously discussed Moe Scarborough and soon Greta Van Susteren  – is certainly creating an odd Right-wing wing at the network. This isn’t good news folks.

Just a tiny bit (very tiny) of good news though. After House Rethuglicans met at night andrethuglicans in private and in secret to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics – a shitstorm hit the fan. After a public outcry and a media firestorm Rethuglicans backed off. Even Drumpf tweeted
a critique. But it’s important to note that Drumpf doesn’t object to gutting OCE. He wants to get rid of it. And he had Baghdad Conway on the boob tube bashing it. Drumpf doesn’t even object to how Rethuglicans tried to do it in secret in a late-night meeting without a single Democrat present. Drumpf only objected to the timing of their actions. So while they have backed off for now, we can expect them to do this again in the near future with full support from the White House.


Happy Wednesday Widdershinners. I hope your day is a good one.

Just a short post to move us along.

Yesterday’s speech by President Obama was exceptional.  It was a Consoler-in-Chief, inspirational, experiential, and spiritual masterpiece. I’ve not been a fan of Obama for the most part, but yesterday’s valediction in Dallas was extraordinary. For a Kenyan Muslim, he sure knows a lot of scripture.Hillary Bernie endorsement

Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary. It was a full-throated endorsement.  Even prior to yesterday, 85% of Bernie’s voters have already seen the light on the road to Damascus and climbed aboard the “H Express”. My only criticism of the event: Bernie needed hugging lessons.

The great Bogey Yam is continuing his auditions for the new Fox show, “So You Think You Can Vice President.” Yesterday he was in Indiana kicking the tires on Gov. Mike Pensive. It seems as if Pence has mainlined some serious carotene – he appeared as pumpkinesque as the Bogey Yam.

Congress is leaving on vacay early. It’s an abbreviated vacay of just seven weeks so, of course, they would leave early. It appears Paul Ryan didn’t want to vote on terrorists getting guns because, well, summertime is fun time for terrorists. Funding for Zika, opioid addiction, veterans – all that stuff can wait – the NRA (Non-Reasonable Americans) said so.

It’s not like Congress hasn’t been doing important stuff.  Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the Congressional Overreach and Reach-Around Committee, figures what the country needs is another investigation of Hillary.  He’s written a letter to the D.C. U.S. Attorney asking him to make Hillary stop being mean to the Republicans still recovering from their DIY lobotomies.AM hands up

That’s pretty much the news, but I’ve meaning to mention another subject for a couple of weeks. Today’s a good day. If you have watched any of the cable shows, particularly NBC or MSNBC (motto: Our anchors canoodle, but never on air) you have been bombarded with the “Hillary Trust Deficit”. Mrs. Greenspan gets cross-eyed and her toes scrunch each and every time she gets to blather on about the Bogey Yam being more “trusted” than Hillary.

Here’s why I bring this up.  The Wall Street Journal/NBC poll on that question is bogus. Totally worthless and contrived. I can go into the reasons in the comments, but suffice it to say, survey instrument construction is central to serviceable data.

The WSJ/NBC poll asks the question as, “Being honest and straightforward.” Using straightforward as the modifier to honesty is a ruse to drive down Hillary’s numbers to follow the preordained narrative. Even though 76% of everything the Bogey Yam says has been fact checked as a lie, he is perceived to have no filter on his pie hole, despise “political correctness,” and believes insulting others is his right under the “13th Article” in the Constitution.Pew Research on Qualifications

If you pair “honest” with “truthful”, as the Pew Research Center survey did, the results were within the margin of error even during the height of emailgate and gategate (scandals yet to materialize from Republican fever dreams).

The other issue is this, and it’s not limited to just NBC/MSNBC as they troll for addled Fox viewers, if there isn’t an issue upon which to drive a wedge, how can they sell time based on viewership?  In other words, there has to be something to make a horse race a race – no one wants to watch Secretariat matched up against a three-legged mule with a limp.

Not that Chuckles Todd and his poll-baking, elfin friends would ever admit to this, but they don’t really have to.  Here’s the proof:

Issues Research from Pew

On each and every issue other than “Reducing Special Interests Influence” Hillary trounces the Bogey Yam or is within the margin of error. So be not in despair my friends.  Be not troubled when the yakkers wax prolific on Hillary’s deficiencies and der Drumpf’s strengths. Given the Republican primary, the yakkers are just trying to dress up a three-legged mule that outdistanced sixteen other asses.

What’s on your mind today?


Hiya and howdy Widdershinners.  It’s the weekend and as usual we will be surveying some of the weird and wacky.  But if I may…

If you would indulge me five sentences to make a serious point, it would be greatly appreciated by this quickly petrifying lump of verbosity.  Thank you.Flag at half mast

An exercise I’ve always found enlightening is this one:  Tell me how you spend your time and I can tell you who you are.  During the last week:

The Democratic Party celebrated 6.5 million Americans continuing to have access to health care, celebrated the continued protection of Americans from housing discrimination, and celebrated the human dignity of same-sex families.

The Republican Party fretted about if, when, and how to remove a symbol of immoral and ignoble segregation haunting state capitols.

Yeah, that really happened.


Now to the nonsense you have come to expect from me on the weekends.  Many thanks to the compilers of such mishegas.


CowBeware the Cow

What did we do before we became laboratory monkeys responding to click baiting?  I’ll tell you what we ought to have been doing – fearing cows more than bears, fearing high school sports more than terrorists, fearing Disney World more than alligators, and fearing bad handwriting more than Ebola.  Hard to believe, but each of these fears are real and lethal, but if you see a Guernsey in a football helmet signing autographs at Epcot – be afraid, very afraid.


How Noble Can He Be

In the course of a Medicare fraud investigation, it was learned that a Dallas-area doctor Noble U. Ezukanma, 56, billed the government for 205 hours’ work in one day. It was October 16, 2012.  Now, how much work did you get done that day?


Book Review

Washington Post blog entry briefly reviewed the new edition of Routledge International Handbook of Ignorance Studies.  The reviewer’s conclusion: “The realm of ignorance is so vast that no one volume can fully cover it.” Agreed.


Step Away from that Turkey-basterTurkey baster

The law of turkey-baster insemination took a turn in Virginia in April when mother Joyce Bruce was unable to keep sperm-provider Robert Boardwine out of her son’s life. Bruce relied on a state statute that seemed to allow her sole parenthood if the pregnancy was based on assisted-reproduction medical technology. However, the Court of Appeals of Virginia declared that a “kitchen implement” is not “medical technology” and, considering Boardwine’s genuine interest in fatherhood, ruled that he was entitled to joint custody and visitation rights.  No word on the fate of the turkey-baster, but just in case, don’t buy one at a yard sale.


tennessee logoSome Trademarks and Logo Updates

Not that Tennessee is simple or anything, but after nine months, at a cost of $46,000, here is what was created.  Created is too grand a term, here is what the Post Office suggests as Tennessee’s postal abbreviation plopped in a red square sitting on a blue line.  Critics were underwhelmed.  The consultants countered with, “We were aiming for simple.”  They got what they paid for because it was so simple, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected it.


In January 1976, NBC Television unveiled a stylized red-and-blue trapezoidal ‘N’. NBC paid a design firm close to $1 million (in 1976 nbc_logodollars) to develop the artwork, but within days NBC learned that the Nebraska Educational Television Network had been using an almost identical logo for half a year.  Two differences:  (1) NETV’s logo was entirely red; and (2) NETV had only paid $100 for the design.  NETV’s lawyers were soon in contact with NBC over the issue of trademark infringement.  The result was that NBC agreed to pay NETV over $555,000 for the rights to the design, as well as $25,000 so that NETV could create itself a new logo.   “Ding, ding, dong” – we thought you should know.


whitesboroNo, Whitesboro, New York, is not celebrating the throttling of Native Americans or at least that is the story.  This scene is said to have taken place in 1784, when a Judge Hugh White, the founder of the village, engaged in a “friendly wrestling match” with a local Oneida Indian.  This seal has been redesigned, but it still looks like a white guy choking an Indian.  An epic fail in redesign, but Little Bighorn pretty much evened it up.wildcats


In 1986, the University of Kentucky debuted a new logo for the Wildcats. Eight years later, eight years, not 8 hours, 8 weeks, or 8 months, but EIGHT years later there were complaints that the Wildcat’s rolled tongue looked too much like a penis.   The logo was redesigned as a testament to the empowerment of sex education.


Police Blotter

George CarlinPerpetrators or “perps” as Barney Fife and Rudy Giuliani would call them, are frequently on the run.  While on the run, they unintentionally reveal their whereabouts because of their need to show off on social media.  Christopher Wallace (not that Chris Wallace) reached legendary status as the “Show-Off King in the Land of the Stupid” with this demonstration.  Wallace was being sought in connection with a burglary, so he went to his home in Fairfield, Maine — and promptly posted on Snapchat that that’s where he was. Police arrived and during their search happened to notice a brand-new Snapchat post from Wallace.  Wallace conveniently wrote that the police were in his home right then searching for him, but that he was ever so cunningly hiding in a cabinet.  The police promptly opened the cabinet wherein Wallace in an incredulous tone asked, “How’d you find me?”


That’s a wrap for the day my friends.  Have a great weekend and all your opinions are highly encouraged on any subject you deem worthy.


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