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Happy Weekend Widdershins!

Well here we are, another day, more bullshit. (Pardon my French.) Two Politico articles this past week were all about how VP Kamala Harris was too black and not Asian enough and then how furious the Bidens were with her a year ago when she called out Biden’s crime bill at one of the debates. I suppose the palace gossip of the second story is what it is, but the topic of the first is beyond offensive. To dictate to a biracial woman that she’s not biracial enough is just…something, isn’t it? Worth noting the woman who wrote that story threw a going-away party for Sarah Huckabee Sanders when she retired from being Trump’s chief liar. Then the Associated Press fired a young journalist who in college belonged to a Palestinian rights group after right-wingers like Ben Shapiro organized a campaign to get her fired. (Cancel culture!) The woman who runs the AP and ok’ed the decision to fire this young reporter because of a group she belonged to in college is about to become the executive editor of the Washington Post. This type of knee-jerk reaction to pressure from right-wingers does not bode well for the future of WaPo. (The blowback on social media about this decision from many journalists has been quite strong.) But CNN did finally fire Rick Santorum, 3 weeks after he delivered one of his more racist speeches and considering how racist he is, that’s quite something. Oh and let’s not forget the CDC advised people not to get intimate with chickens, which naturally brought out Republicans’ desire to own the libs by getting Biblical with fowl. They once claimed gay marriage would lead to bestiality, but so far they’re the ones defending their right to make out with their chickens.

Oh and btw, speaking of Rick Santorum, did I ever share my Rick Santorum story with you? A couple of years ago I was walking my dog late at night. A man was walking towards us on 34th St in Manhattan, clearly headed towards Hudson Yards. A woman, dressed in high heels and a revealing outfit, was headed in the opposite direction. Our paths converged. The man looked at the woman most suggestively as she passed; looked her up and down. Then looked at me with a knowing smirk and winked. That man was Rick Santorum.

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Hello Widdershins!

Happy Sunday! How is everyone doing? It’s so nice to live with a boring President. The biggest scandals have so far been the rescue dog looked at someone the wrong way (and media wanted him euthanized), VP Kamala Harris and her husband kissed on the tarmac while still wearing masks (has no one heard of safe sex??) and Biden sometimes still wears a mask outside. The media can’t stop being shocked and trying to “gotcha” why Biden wears a mask even though he is fully vaccinated. And this is not just coming from the crazies at Fox and Newsmax. This is coming from NPR reporter and CBS and NBC. Our media will always spread right-wing talking points to make life difficult for Democrats. It’s maddening.

In any case, let’s not let the bastards get us down. Share some joyful music with the group!

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Happy Easter Widdershins, for those celebrating!

Passover ended last night, so happy end of Passover for those celebrating!

Let’s just share some Passover and Easter related music! I’ll start with one of my absolute all-time favorite works: Johann Sebastian’s Bach’s extraordinary “St. Matthew Passion.” I’ll argue one of the top 10 greatest works of Western art music ever written.

Composed in 1727. The exact circumstances of its composition and premiere are murky. Seems that it was probably first performed on Good Friday of April 11, 1727, in St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, where Bach was the Cantor. (A church that still exists and where musical performances still take place.) Bach then revised the Matthäus-Passion in the 1740s.

A couple of excerpts from the work.

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A staged performance of the Passion at the Berlin Philharmonie with mezzo-soprano Magdalena Kožená and concertmaster Daniel Stabrawa. Directed by Peter Sellars.
The closing chorus, conducted by Philippe Herreweghe.

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

Oh what a week. 2021 is looking to outdo 2020 in news and shenanigans. This past week we got the Trump trial in the Senate. Too many shenanigans to cover, but after the bombshell story from CNN – which actually first appeared in a local Florida newspaper back on January 17th – which detailed the phone call Kevin “Steve” McCarthy placed to Trump begging him to call off his insurrection militia and Trump replied “I guess they’re more upset about the election than you are,” (this is a long sentence!) Democrats just held a vote on calling witnesses. (The person who recounted that story was a Republican Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler from Florida, one of the few GOPs to vote to impeach Trump; McCarthy told her this story himself according to her. It’s a story she has told repeatedly and it only now has entered the national conversation…) Anyway, 5 Republicans voted for witnesses: Murkowski, Collins, Romney, Sasse and….Lindsey Graham! Actually Graham first voted Nay and then changed his vote to Yay. GOP are threatening to subpoena Nancy Pelosi. I say go for it! (Incidentally, after Romney voted Yay on witnesses, Russian propagandist from WI Ron Johnson yelled at him on the Senate floor.)

Also, Our Glorious Lady of the Light Madonna has been entered into the Senate trial record just as she was during impeachment: according to GOP Madonna’s speech at the Women’s March in 2017 is comparable to Trump inciting an insurrection. She is such a troublemaker, that Madge, bless her.

Anyway, the rollercoaster is continuing!

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Happy Weekend Widdershins!

Since I’ve been suspended by Twitter I find myself not staring at the screen nearly as much as I used to. I’m realizing just how much I did that. Even while eating, I’d stare at Twitter. Now my meals go by so much quicker! I still have not deleted the offensive tweet where I told a jerk reporter to punch himself in the face. While I sort of miss the most up-to-date news (the only really good thing about twitter is how quickly the news hits), I also don’t miss the obsessive need to be up to date on the latest news. With Trump on his way out, do we need to be on guard 24/7? I hope not because I’m exhausted, as I’m sure everyone is. In the previous thread’s comments some of you talked about feeling depressed and sad, and I want to join you in saying: it’s ok! It’s normal! Especially now with the short days and the cold weather approaching. (Although yay Fredster survived another hurricane season!) Let’s just take deep breaths and find joy in things that we like. Whether it’s books, cooking, wine (but please drink responsibly!), knitting, music: dig into those things you love and lean on them. And lean on us! We are always here to listen.

This is an open thread.

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