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Good morning Widdershins. Happy Friday.

Times are tough for the MAGA gear crowd. Did you know now you can get MAGA overalls? Who knew? I figure they might also start test marketing MAGA Opioids to take the edge off all this bad news. Of course the only way the Trumpkinites would hear about it is if Fox has to shut down in order to focus on their primary business – pimping sex for old men.

Over the past few days, I’ve been noticing how consistent the Trumquats are when it comes to things they care about passionately. Percentage feeling “proud” that Trump is Presidenting – 26%. Percentage wanting The Mooch to stay after his profane rant – 26%. Percentage who think the Sun orbits the Earth – 26%. Such consistency even puts a twinkle in the dead eyes of Baby Goebbels as he dreams of being a roadie on an American Apartheid tour.  (That guy is only 31-years old and unless he’s Benjamin Button he was taken to the cleaners in his deal with the Devil.)

Last night Dolt went to “wild, wooly, wonderful West Virginia”. That used to be the official tourism slogan. I know that because I did a 5th grade report on the state with an obligatory refrigerator box diorama complete with a papier mache map.

This week has been difficult for the Trumpkin menagerie. Just imagine their consternation last Friday when they got up and discovered they still had health care. Big Daddy Orange, McTurtle, and Paul “Fountainhead” Ryan weren’t able to keep their promise to the faithful MAGA-heads that “they have the right to die penniless due to health care bankruptcy.”

Just imagine the righteous Trumpkinesque anger over not keeping two womenzie-Senatorettes and a guy with brain cancer in line to vote for a simple thing like depriving 32-million people health care. Honestly, the shelf-life of bought politicians ain’t what it used to be.

To heap another insult on the orange loyalists, that cute little pocket-sized Pomade Pez dispenser, The Mooch, got the boot this week. How unfair! He is really the first person who spoke Oranganese in a manner the tried and true Trumpkins could understand – no words over four letters and always screeching like a howler monkey ordering peanuts from the cheap seats at a ballpark.

The Mooch was retired by that new Dolt “Chief-of-Staph”. General Kelly seems like a good choice to the Trumpkin hordes because he tried to outlaw the Mooselimbs. He was in charge of keeping us safe for a whole 27 minutes on that January Friday night way back when before those librul judicial buttinskies got their thobes in a wad.

When it comes to a pedigree, there’s not much wrong with General Kelly. Everyone talks about him like he is a half-priced golden doodle, but that kind of talk makes Trumpkins suspicious. If someone was that good, why in the hell would they work for a two-legged cantaloupe with liver spots?

The Trumquats all have a turd sideways about Gen. Kelly trying to take away Don Il Dumb’s tweeter machine. All the Trumquats agree it is the only way to reliably hear from their dear leader outside of the voices in their heads. If you asked the Trumquats how many people are on Don Il Dumb’s twitter list, they’d say it is between 20-30 Billion give or take a few Mooselimb Kenyans named Obama.

Speaking for myself, I want Gen. Kelly to leave the Mango Macaque alone when it comes to the tweeter machine. Let him tweet. First, it’s additional evidence for the competency hearing; and two, I sleep a little better thinking he might have opposable thumbs.

If that wasn’t enough, the Trumpkins then got all torqued up by the efforts to besmirch the hallowed name of Fox News reporters. It seems as though there was a little problem with a story about a murder in Washington, D.C. and Fox reported about it. It now appears they got some aspects of the story wrong. Like all of it.

That nice man Sean Spicer tried to help Fox with the story by editing it or spell checking it or something like that. He had them come over to the White House and sit with him because he’s always been so very helpful to reporters. Just like his suit coats, Spicey just wasn’t a good fit for his job. You know what they say, “If it don’t fit, that’s another SNL skit.”

Then yesterday the Trumquats had a “come to Mueller” moment when it was revealed he is throwing a grand jury party in D.C. and lots of Trumpies are going to be invited. The Trumquats shouldn’t get their catheters clogged over this because a grand jury is a natural progression in this Coen brothers movie, No Country for Old Sin.

What should worry the Trumquats is that Mueller, like a big cat, is playing with his food. Great prosecutors and let there be no doubt, Mueller is a great prosecutor, like to mess with the minds of potential defendants and their attorneys. No one is talking about this on the teevee, but why would this grand jury information be conveniently leaked the day before Dolt goes on vacay? As they say, “Nothing so wonderfully focuses one’s mind as a hanging.”

Finally, the Trumpbots are most heartened by a Commander-in-Chief, who despite his disability of Vietnam disqualifying bone spurs (the bestest bone spurs the world has ever known), roughing it in a real dump like the White House. The Trumpbots naturally feel sorry for Don Il Dumb or anyone who has to live in a house without the mobility wheels provide.

Now that I’ve insulted everyone with this feeble attempt at satire, I want to leave you with a personal note. I’m taking a step back from contributing here. When I first started writing it was never meant to be in perpetuity. After well over 400 posts it is time to step back and give it a rest.

Thanks to everyone for their patience with my pedantic ways, thanks to MB with affording me this opportunity, and Fredster for all his support and technical expertise.

Good things are on the horizon.

Take care and what’s on your mind today?




As I sat down to write Wednesday morning’s post on Tuesday night, I realized by the time it published it would already be out of date. The dizzying speed with which Bannon and Trump are trashing our democracy is impossible to process and stay up to speed on. In just 10 days they’ve managed to create multiple constitutional criseses [sic]. Aside from the original sin of conflict of interest we don’t know the full extent of because Trump has not and will not release his tax returns (WikiLeaks says they plan to find them and release them… the irony of that can not be avoided, to paraphrase Angus King’s comment to steinJames Coffey at a Senate hearing after Comey said he does not comment on ongoing investigations when asked about FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in our elections). But since then Trump/Bannon’s multiple executive orders, that anathema he and other Republicans screamed at Obama about for 8 years, have created nothing but chaos in our system. The biggest one, of course, was the refugee executive order. Throwing people’s lives into chaos by refusing previously vetted refugees into the country, but also by refusing people with green cards into the country, they revealed – well, it’s hard to tell. Incompetence or malice? Perhaps a combination of the two. Bannon and another Trump aide Stephen Miller wrote the executive order and forced it to be signed without consulting with any other agency, or even Congressional Republicans. Though Congressional aides helped write it….without telling their bosses. That is a big deal. I wish I could see the expression on McTurtle’s face when he learned of his aides secrecy. It would be funny if the secrecy also wasn’t terrifying.Senate Luncheons

To add to the chaos, Border Patrol defied a judge’s ruling that people detained be allowed to see a lawyer. That is a very big deal as well. We now have the judicial branch being openly defied by the administration and part of its security force. Federal Marshalls would have to go in and force Border Patrol to follow court’s orders. Imagine how that would play out. Because I can’t.

Which brings me to this: for many months now Democrats have been waiting and begging Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to save us from Trump. Throughout the insanity of the campaign Ryan and McConnell became almost sane. But in truth they were just sane compared to Trump and that’s not a fair comparison. In fact, Ryan and McConnell are fucking scum. We have been waiting for them and the Republican Party to come in and paul-ryansave us all from Trump. That didn’t happen during the election. The Republican Party never turned on Trump, no matter how awful he became. Even John McCain (when will be get used to the fact that the war hero died when McCain ran for President?) didn’t fully turn against him. McCain just refused to talk about him, which isn’t the same thing. So no, McCain and Lady Graham won’t save us either. The endless articles being written about how Trump will alienate Republicans enough that they will turn on him are as tiresome as the endless articles about what white men want. It’s nonsense. Nothing Trump does will ever make the Republican establishment turn on him and impeach him. Nothing. McConnell and Ryan are not biting their tongues. They are not cowards who just need a little bit of encouragement and courage. They are not spineless – they are soulless. They want everything Trump is doing. They might be annoyed at some of his methods. But they want what Trump wants. That’s the truth we have to face.trump-nixon

So where does that leave us? I honestly have no idea. I’m sorry for the downer post. I’m sure the comments that follow over the next couple of days will fill us with even more dread as Bannon/Trump continue their destruction of America and the world around us. I do fear, however, that Trump’s Presidency will not end peacefully. I don’t know how big the violence will be or who it will be directed against, but I think that is the only way this can end.

Please tell me that I’m wrong!


Folks, tumbling through the stages of grief I find myself smack-dab in the middle of a state fair, prize-winning depression.  I slid right through shock, denial, and anger.  Spent no time with bargaining because there’s nothing with which to bargain.  And I’ll never go into “Hope” unless I find myself, for some inexplicable reason, sightseeing in Arkansas. black-swan

Wherever you are on this spectrum, don’t rush.  When you get to depression, look to the left and I’ll be the sad troll in the corner repeatedly mumbling, “Why?”  That is the question consuming me.

We can parse and cipher the demographic data.  We can point our fingers at the pollsters, but they were just reporting numbers.  Polls don’t vote.  We can fret and fume, but the plot line is relatively simple.  White folks without college degrees, particularly men, turned out in record numbers.  Support for Hillary from poor folks making under $30,000, and support from minorities fell dramatically from Obama’s 2012 numbers.  That’s the story.

Polling was within the margin of error as to the popular vote.  Hillary is winning the popular vote. For Democrats, that’s six times in the last seven elections.

Individual state polling was faulty.  Even wringing the “noise” out of the studies by polling aggregation didn’t sound an alarm.  Statistical regression analyses didn’t isolate the aggression of white, disaffected middle class males.

The most concise answer is this:  Pollsters missed the weighting formula because they didn’t take into account the increase in disaffected white guys who crawled out from under their rocks to vote for the Orangeloupe and people wasting their votes on a protest vote for a pothead and a funkdafied nutzoid.

It’s just that simple.

women-for-trumpWhat fascinates me is why people of color would vote for someone who turned “dog whistles” into a bullhorn?   Why did white women, by 10%, vote for an admitted sexual predator?  Why did 27% of Latinos vote for the Xenophobe-Elect?  Why did 23% of Millennials vote for a climate change denier who will have them in designer Fallujah-wear before the calendar turns to an even-numbered year?  One-quarter of the Yam’s voters said he was NOT qualified to be President.

For people of color, I hope you enjoy a federal “stop and frisk program” administered by Attorney General Nosferatu Giuliani.  For ladies, get used to a “Race Bannon-looking” mother-clucker poking around your lady parts at the Gyno-Garage – that is if you can find one after Pence outlaws them.  For Latinos, Skyping with family members is easy and fun.  For Millennials, the dry desert air does wonders for the complexion.  For those who voted for someone even though they believed he was unqualified to occupy the most powerful office on the planet, no need to call ahead, your place in hell is reserved.  And by the way, don’t expect to get a thank you from the top one-tenth of one-percent for their tax cuts. Enjoy the Trump Administration.

Perhaps, just perhaps, I’m not quite through the anger stage.

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Donald Trump

With Mitch McConnell’s merry band of Kabuki cross dressers refusing to bring up Judge Merrick Garland for confirmation, refusing to hold hearings on his nomination, and even refusing to meet with the man, in The Godfather speak, this is what the Republicans are going to the mattresses for:


To ensure Donald Trump has the ability to make a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Think about that.



Sanders and Hillary

Bernie Sanders believes it would be “outrageously undemocratic” not to continue running for President.  He says, “Our progressive agenda has enormous support.  For anyone to rule us out is making a mistake.”

Three things:

  1. I wonder if “outrageously undemocratic” includes calling oneself a Democrat in order to gain access to and glom onto a fundraising list.
  2. Like most all men, Sanders has a problem judging size. When he contends his agenda has enormous support obviously it isn’t quite so “enormous” since Hillary has somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.8 million more votes than he does — so far.
  3. Finally, count me in as a proud mistake-maker because I ruled him out about 100 miles back.  To paraphrase The Godfather, “Leave the Bernie stickers, take the cannolis.”


Before it was Donald Trump, before it was Morning Schmoe, and before it was Tweety, it was this guy giving Hillary advice:



While the sexist double standard didn’t start with him, it sure didn’t end with him either.  This kind of thing along with refusing to speak up are permission slips.

Feel free to discuss anything at all.


With another Trumpster fire in Nevada, it appears the voters have given themselves some rap names – Insane Rogaines or Hate Bait or Mad Rads.  It could be over in terms of the GOP primary.Trump Quote

Yesterday, Senate Republicans said that should the President, in keeping with his constitutional duty, nominate a candidate for the Supreme Court that person would get neither a hearing before the Judiciary Committee nor a vote before the Senate.  So, according to Mitch McConnell, as Majority Leader and Chuck Grassley, as Judiciary Chairman, a nomination by a President Trump would be openly welcomed as opposed to a Supreme Court nomination by someone educated at Harvard Law School Law who was an Editor of the Law Journal.

Yesterday, there was yet another proposal to close Guantanamo.  It fell flat and deaf ears wouldn’t even turn in the direction of the plan.  No one seems to care about half of the 91 people left in Gitmo have been cleared to leave, they just have no place to go.  There are those in the Fox sphere who believe we should just kill all the detainees once we have milked them of any useful information.

The irony seems to be lost when it comes to sloganeering...

The irony seems to be lost when it comes to sloganeering…

What is the most troubling aspect of Guantanamo is that no one seems to care some of these people were “renditioned” off their hometown streets fourteen years ago.  When the sanctimonious cry “battlefield combatants” when describing the detainees, walking to work after kissing your family goodbye for the day does not a combatant make. Some of these people were cleared of wrongdoing as far back as 2006-2008, but have sat imprisoned in the cesspool that is Gitmo at $2.6 million per detainee per year with no place to go.

The reaction from the GOP – “So what,” “Meh,” or “Serves them right.”  More than most, these Gitmo detainees represent the attitude of Republicans toward the disenfranchised, the disaffected, and the poor.  To Republicans, we are all Gitmo.

Time is the one commodity that can’t be replaced.  You can’t manufacture extra time, you can’t speed it up or slow it down, but you can exhibit genuine indifference toward it – and that is the Republican attitude.

Whether it was the unemployed after the Great Recession, whether it is the working mother trying to make it on a paltry hourly wage and food stamps, or whether it’s those who worry that the next knock at the door is an ICE agent – indifference to suffering has been the answer.  Time is merely a way to measure and catalog it.

Detainees PrayingI have to admit, Republicans don’t hate these people.  They treat them much, much worse.  They treat them with indifference because as Elie Wiesel said, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

For those litigants who seek redress before the Supreme Court, for those who hang on each day to hourly wage jobs to keep their families afloat, for those who survive on expiring unemployment insurance – they can join the Gitmo detainees because they aren’t special, they don’t even merit consideration – they get GOP indifference.

As educator Robert Hutchins said, “The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush.  It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment.“  It is remarkable that the group so active in promoting this apathy and indifference is the very group who proclaims its love for this country at every turn and indicts anyone whose national views diverge from their own.Handcuffs

What is even more remarkable is that indifference is the equivalent of constituent service to those in the ruling one-percenter class.  You can bet the Brothers Koch or Sheldon Adelson consider inaction as a victory since inaction is indeed certainty.  If you want proof of inaction’s certainty, just ask the Gitmo detainees.

Have a great Wednesday and I encourage you to take the conversation in any direction you might like to explore.

For those tuning in for the sustenance provided by MB, she is surfing atop an avalanche of work.  She will return next week, but for those who need a more immediate fix, this post shares more than a few genetic markers with her post from last Monday – There Went the Judge.Standing

With Justice Scalia’s death and Mitch McConnell’s recalcitrance toward his constitutional responsibility of “advice and consent” in the confirmation process of a new Associate Justice, we will hear lots of talk about a “constitutional crisis”.  Quite honestly, most of this clamor will come from those on “our” side of the issue – so let’s get something out-of-the-way.

The Republican abdication of their responsibilities is not a constitutional crisis – no more than a single off ramp is the most momentous, make-it-or-break-it, part of a cross-country trip.  On such a trip, there are many off ramps, one no more significant than the next – they are all part of the same journey.

The real constitutional crisis has been festering for the past thirty years.  The Right has successfully steered us on a journey where there is contempt, not just for government, but for the act of governance itself.  There is a general despisement for not just regulation, but for being regulated in any fashion.  There is an equally fanatical and fantastic notion that lawlessness will somehow breed spontaneous libertarian legality.  In furtherance of this inanity there is a toolbox of tricks for delegitimizing opponents as dishonest and immoral traitors to the Constitution.

This Court vacancy gives the country an opportunity to correct its course from a smoke and mirrors scheme of constitutional interpretation founded in 1980s political sloganeering – Scalia’s originalism and textualism – back to.  It is time to return to legal interpretation founded in a fact-based world.

In addition, there is the opportunity to once again bring dignity and civility to oral arguments unlike Scalia’s preference for an hour resembling acerbic Jerry Springer wannabes.  Finally, there’s every reason to believe the newly appointed Justice will respect the canons of judicial ethics meaning hunting and political trips with litigants are verboten.

Supreme CourtFortunately, we have two opportunities to save the Court and return it to the normalcy contemplated by the Framers.  The first is the “normal order” of a nomination by President Obama.  This opportunity depends upon Republicans being shamed into giving the nominee a confirmation hearing and a floor vote.  While karma has seen to it that Donald Trump is what the RNC deserves, I would be amazed if Mitch McConnell spontaneously grew a conscience.

The other opportunity is what most of us have been working toward for almost a decade now – the election of Hillary as President with pantsuit tails durable enough to retake the Senate.  Such a turn of events would allow McConnell to continue to stew in his brew of acerbic antagonism without fear of interruption.

This second turn of events would, in all likelihood, result in a more progressive appointment leading to the unceremonious euthanasia of at least seven miscreant legal monstrosities so adored by the oligarchs of the Right.  Here is a brief rundown:

Starting with Citizens United v. F.E.C., which amplified the role of money in politics by declaring money is speech (a career long project of the gaping maw of amorality calling itself Mitch McConnell); then there’s District of Columbia v. Heller, which miraculously found a personal Second Amendment right to keep firearms after just 230 years of examining the Constitution; Shelby County v. Holder, which struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act (that meddlesome process so antithetical to Conservative heterodoxy); Glossip v. Gross, which upheld a lethal-injection protocol used in executions (nothing a good vet couldn’t accomplish at a much more reasonable rate); Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, which allowed some corporations a religious exemption from a requirement to provide insurance coverage for contraception (if only you could macramé an I.U.D. Hobby Lobby would sell the kits);  Walmart Stores v. Dukes, which limited the availability of class actions, thereby, causing individual litigants to defy economics by incurring thousands of dollars in legal fees to recover nominal sums; and a personal favorite, the Chamber of Commerce wet dream known as AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion, which upheld ant-scribbled fine-print contracts requiring consumers to arbitrate their cases one-by-one especially after Walmart v. Duke.Sitting

If there were ever a call to action requiring activism, it is this turn of events.  Lady Justice has been a victim of abuse for the past 30 years.  Through activism and good fortune she will be freed from political sloganeering charlatans putting their thumbs on her scales.

Enjoy your day and take the conversation in any direction you might be interested in discussing.

Take the rest of the week off.  What a week!  I mean really – what dyspepsia of the news gods has produced this amalgam of dysfunction?

Sunday was the epitome of insider cat fighting.  You had the Majority Leader of the Senate calling his fellow “stater” a demagogue and in the most granular way violating the Kentucky motto of, “United we stand, divided we fall.”  Well, both McTurtle and Randall busted their arses by falling and failing on Sunday.Rand and Mitch one day ago

McTurtle overestimated his ability to run out the clock in the Senate by refusing to take up the Patriot Act sooner; thereby, opening himself to scathing criticism.  Randall, Ron’s son, demonstrated just how close to the tree the nut can fall.  Shamelessly, Randall turned the Senate into a backdrop for his latest shameless campaign shakedown of the “black helicopter, cannabis crowd” for contributions with a television ad declaring “when government illegally collected our phone records, Rand Paul took a stand, defended our rights, and stopped them.”

Young Randall’s shenanigans guaranteed he was in the crosshairs of the Republican death squads.  The acid pen of Jennifer Rubin summed it up quite nicely:

[T]he incident should remind Americans, and Republicans specifically, how dangerous and irresponsible the junior Kentucky senator can be — and how poorly suited is his temperament for the job as president of the United States. His persistent attacks on the motives of his fellow Americans and penchant for moral preening don’t sit well when coming from President Obama; they will not be any more tolerable coming from Rand Paul.

What is clear is that Paul has chosen to be an inflammatory acolyte of his father, not a serious presidential contender. And it raises anew the question why Kentucky has only one senator who can work constructively and responsibly.

Another event Sunday caught my attention.  I admit, I’m a glutton for punishment when it comes to watching the Sunday gab fests, particularly Faux News Sunday.  It is pretty much getting the inside scoop on the enemy’s thinking while increasing my decidedly lazy heart rate.  Last Sunday was a treat.

brit humeNeera Tanden, President of the Center for American Progress, was a guest on the panel and she absolutely schooled that “boil on the butt of a bullfrog”, Brit Hume.  Hume was doing his best to be “fair and balanced in his defense of possible pedophilia” in light of the revelations about Dennis Hastert.  Yes, you read that right – Hume was trying his best to take the edge off of Hastert’s alleged wrongdoing by shifting the focus to the “unwarranted activities” of government investigators.  Never mind the undeniable illegal financial transactions of Hastert or his lying to officials – it had to be someone else’s fault since Hastert is such a good guy, as if alleged pedophiles wear flashing lights or something.

Monday brought us quite the event with someone bursting on the scene with a new-found freedom and finding his voice for something he always wanted to do.  I’m not talking about Caitlyn Jenner, I’m talking about Lindsey Graham announcing, in his best southern snark, that he too would be a “contendah faur President of these United States.” Lindsey Graham

Emboldened after kissing his sister and unable to get through even twenty minutes without dishing snark at Hillary, he opined “he had more military experience than any other candidate in the race” – as if serving in the JAG Corps of the National Guard was a precursor to planning the D-Day invasion.

Tuesday brought us wall-to-wall coverage of FIFA and its many problems.  It has so many problems you’d think it was Illinois and New York politicians running the show.  Sepp Blatter, son of Gall and the father of the diminutive, Tiny, announced his resignation from the international bribery and Ponzi scheme.  Having been just reelected last Friday and resigning on Tuesday, people were convinced Sepp was just an “overactive Blatter”.

planeTuesday also brought us news that every major city now has an FBI counter-terrorist group as well as the FBI having a private domestic air force.  While the counter-terrorism efforts are not surprising, an air force of 115 planes equipped with high-tech cameras, and in some circumstances, technology capable of tracking thousands of cell phones.  These super-snooping Cessnas were tracked orbiting major cities and rural areas in more than 100 flights in 11 states beginning in late April and running through May.  Expect young Randall to insert himself on the end of an FBI runway in the near future.

Of course, the biblical rains hitting Texas have been big news for the past week or so.  What I have found interesting is the lack of coverage on a front that we have all come to expect these days from the religious “ain’t nothing” right.  I have yet to hear one single, solitary television minister proclaim that the Texas rains are “the product of the sinning and sinful ways of Texas”.  Not the case when it was Hurricane Sandy, which we all know was because of the rampant sinning of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

Another interesting bit of hypocrisy is that the Canadian-Cuban senator, Ted Cruz, who so derided the aid to the northeast during Sandy, was front and center wondering why the Kenyan-born, Islamic President was dithering on rebuilding Texas.  Logical consistency is so overrated among the top-tier of world-class demagogues.

There’s such mishegas and it is only Wednesday.  Take the conversation in any direction you might like.  Enjoy the craziness.




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