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Hello Widdershins! Thanks for bearing with me and DYB while we worked out our schedules so we can have fresh content every week. We both tend to get busy and it’s tough for either one of us to post during the week; so we are now going to alternate every weekend. This means we aren’t necessarily going to have a lazy weekend any more – we’ll just post what we feel. My guess is, we’ll still probably have Madge whether it’s a musical post or not!

I also wanted to share that Fredster is still working through his health challenges. I hope he will be back soon.

This was not a great week if you’re in MAGA World. Merrick Garland’s Justice Department is suing the state of Georgia for their restrictive voter laws meant to deprive (mostly Democratic) Americans of access to their franchise. Murdering racist psychopath and MAGA hero Derek Chauvin got at least 22.5 years in prison (more charges are pending). Rudy Giuliani’s law license has been suspended, with disbarment nearly a certainty. Bill Barr and others are spilling lots of dirt on how desperately Drumpf tried to make the former Justice Department overturn the election. Nancy Pelosi announced that she will create a select committee to investigate the insurrection of January 6th. And now, New York prosecutors are thisclose to pressing criminal charges against the Mango Moron’s eponymous organization.

New York prosecutors have given former President Trump‘s attorneys until Monday afternoon to provide an argument as to why the Trump Organization should not face criminal charges, The Washington Post reported.

Last week, it was reported that the Manhattan district attorney’s office was considering bringing criminal charges against the Trump Organization as a whole and against executive Allen WeisselbergThe New York Times reported that Trump’s attorneys had made an appeal to prosecutors from the district attorney’s office to not file charges against the company.

Two sources close to the matter told the Post that Trump Organization attorneys now have until Monday to make a case as to why the charges shouldn’t be filed.

Monday?! That’s tomorrow! But hey, I’m sure that uber-professional organization with its desirable clientele has great attorneys, right? Welllll…it turns out that one of them, Marc Mukasey, defended Eddie Gallagher, the Navy Seal who was accused of war crimes and court-martialed (another MAGA hero of course). Marc is the son of GWB’s Attorney General, Michael Mukasey. And to top it off, attorney Mukasey was a protege of one Rudolph Giuliani. You can’t make up how incestuous this world is.

Meanwhile, Drumpf’s other attorney, Alan Futerfas, was a defense attorney for the Colombo family in Noo Yawk, and was one of the first lawyers to jump on the Treason Train when the Muller probe began.

Without Bill Barr to aid and abet those attorneys, I’m guessing this latest development is the worst part of Drumpf’s Very Bad Week.

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

Open thread, bien sur.

Overheard at the Widdershin water cooler this week – we are fed up with: (A) Anthropological stories about down-on-their-luck rural Trump voters; (B) Blind hypocrisy by Republicans; and (C) Craven, cowardly, chicken-hearted Democrats.

No can of Pepsi delivered by a Kardashian will cure these ills, but if you can tolerate the next 600 words, what’s say we start a conversation about it?

Everyone and their dog have written about the poor rural Trump voter. You’d think they are forgotten indigenous tribes being described by Sir Stanley as he plundered the jungles of Appalachia looking for Livingstone. The money-shot quotes are as cheap and unrevealing as assisted living porn.

Capturing a chronically ill Trump voter is crazy good copy, but it does nothing to explain the highest truth of political science: Humans are complex creatures.

Stories about individual voting patterns are useless. They are not actionable. People may vote on God, guns, or gays. They may vote based upon what they divine from chicken entrails. Who knows? You can’t divorce someone from their experiential data. You can try to expand it by education, but you can’t bleach an imprinted brain.

For instance, we can accurately say 2 out of 3 of these woebegone Trump voters believe “discrimination has become just as large a problem for white people as it has for blacks and other minorities.” We can also accurately say such a belief is highly correlated to bigotry and racism, but that doesn’t mean everyone who voted for Trump is a racist.

Keeping two competing truisms in one brain at the same time is impossible for many people. It can result in exploding heads, but realizing such complexity is just the beginning of trying to understand voting patterns.

I live amongst Trump voters. My county went 80% for Trump. They aren’t all unemployed ignorant hillbilly coal miners. While some are, if you asked the vast majority, they believe the “liberal media” portrays them that way. There is no chance of starting a conversation around those two data points.

Likewise, I catch myself in perpetual agony over Republican hypocrisy until I remind myself, “Those who ride high horses are always above hypocrisy.”

For instance, there is no Republican guilt over 78 filibusters in the first five years of the Obama administration compared to only 68 in the entire previous history of the country.

The most recent act of hypocrisy doesn’t even seem to register. During the Obama years, almost 100 Republican members of Congress threatened impeachment if he dared attack Syria. Then Dolt 45 chucks $80 Million in cruise missiles closing an abandoned airfield for about twelve hours and it is time for ticker tape and Mt. Rushmore sculpting. Obama was excoriated for following the Constitution and Dolt 45 basks in his glistening orangey-ness.

Which leads us to the feckless Democrats who always seem to find a chicken-hearted way to react? The Gorsuch debacle is a prime example.

Utah acne cream model and Senator Mike Lee implied that Justices Kagan and Sotomayor are wild-eyed liberals. Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth, but this, like so many other issues, demonstrates how unanswered hyperbole sets the narrative.

Republican appointees to the Supreme Court have been so far to the right you can’t even see the center from where they are perched. Proof of this: Justice Kennedy is the swing vote and he’s one of the most conservative justices in the history of the court.

Mitch McConnell has broken the Senate in an ultimate power play after denying Merrick Garland so much as a hearing or a vote. Such an act will rank up there in all time political slime, but he did it because he could.

Democrats have made it easy for Republicans to beat them like rented mules. There is no punishment for a Manchin or Heitkamp other than the broken legs they get from jumping to the Republican side on issues. There is no punishment for a non-Democrat to waltz into a Democratic primary and harm the eventual nominee.

Because of this behavior voters see one party as definitive and the other as milquetoast. Republicans take incredibly asinine positions, but they stake out ground for their voters and never look back. Democrats bathe everything in lukewarm timidity. As my old boss once told me, “In politics if you try to get away with being half-assed, you aren’t even good at being an ass.” I wish more Democrats understood that.

This brings us full circle – when it comes to voters, you can’t replace catnip with broccoli and expect the same result. Democrats are coming to understand that, but the understanding is being driven by the grassroots. We need to keep it up. Call congressional offices. Write letters. It makes a difference.

What’s on your mind today?





I'm with racist 2

It seems to have gone unnoticed, but Mitch McConnell continues blocking the confirmation of Merrick Garland.  Judge Garland, by all accounts, is a magnificent judge.  McConnell is blocking Judge Garland in order to allow Donald L’Orange Trump to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice.  Think about that.

The same Trump who believes melanin precludes a judge from understanding what massive fraud looks like in terms of bilking unsuspecting poor people into crippling credit card debt for attending bogus real estate courses.

The same human/meerkat hybrid who thinks when he’s President he can just switch out Judges like he does groundskeepers on his golf courses.

So Sen. McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan have the dubious honor of supporting a “textbook racist” in order for him to appoint justices to the United States Supreme Court.

Does irony even register with these people?  Before now, even racist-lite comments were an absolute bar to election.  Now you have the Republican Party nominating a person hurling racist comments over a civil fraud case in which he, the candidate, is the defendant.  When Trump says he wants to “Make America Great Again,” there is no doubt that is a typographical error meant to say, “Make America White Again.”


Pink Suit

Trump’s stubby little fingers pointed toward a teaser in his scripted speech Tuesday night.  Given his penchant for “fraud for profit” (most popular major at Trump U.), he’s going to traffic in lies and innuendo by using Peter Schweizer’s book, Clinton Cash as his source material for next week’s attack on Hillary.

Peter Schweizer is a piece of work.  He’s has long toiled in the vineyards where the grapes of Clinton wrath are stored.  He’s clever in his approach.  He claims to only report the facts and allow the reader to draw their own conclusions.  Here’s the rub:  Factual errors, dribs and drabs of incomplete rumors are strung together, and rumors copied off the bathroom walls of filthy internet conspiracy sites are the currency of Schweizer’s work.

For future reference, here is a compendium of how reviewers have urinated on Clinton Cash.


If you want to have some fun, here is a Vice President generator.  You can slice and dice potential candidates to your personal liking.



All too often we get all absorbed in the process of politics.  The game of what sociological segment will react in which way resulting in a particular effect to the vote totals.  This is little more than a strategic parlor game.  That is the fun part.

Focusing on the game ignores the reality of governance.  What’s more, it fails to appreciate the costs of ignoring that reality.

Here’s an article that brings home the reality.  You probably haven’t seen it.  It is from the Justice Harry Blackmun’s papers.  It is entitled: The Day Roe v. Wade Was Overruled.

The recounted events are in April through June of 1992.  The all-consuming central goal of Chief Justice Rehnquist was to overrule Roe before the election.  He almost did.  In fact, for a few days he had.  If not for Justice Anthony Kennedy he would have ultimately succeeded.

This is worth the read.  It is not the easiest read, but it reminds us of the reality as to what is at stake in real world terms.

Multicolored coat


Finally, there have been lots of things written about Hillary’s “herstoric” victory.  Here are two articles, here and here, worthy of reading. The underlying premise of both, they both get to the same conclusion in different ways, are these two conclusive statements:

Hillary Clinton is a generationally talented politician — albeit across a different set of dimensions than men tend to be talented politicians.


Over the past 30 years, no American political figure has absorbed as many blows as Clinton. And none has responded with more tenacity and grit. Trump talks endlessly about strength. Clinton embodies it.


As always, we are lovers of free-range opinions.  What’s on your mind today?



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