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Is it over with yet?

Good Saturday and Weekend!


Make it a double-no ice.

Yes, if you haven’t already been bombarded at the malls, grocery stores, your mail, emails and all the rest, we’re into the “special season” of the year.  Oh what fun…

I was originally going to do a Christmas/holiday movie post but I didn’t have enough phenergan on hand to counteract the nausea that would induce.  So instead I’ve opted for “Christmassy” songs.  I feel that will be holiday themed enough for us.

When we get inside I'm gonna pee on your Christmas tree, my human

When we get inside I’m gonna pee on your Christmas tree, my human


Perhaps I’m being overly pessimistic but with the advent (ha!) of a tRump Presidency and his four horsemen who will be leading the apocalypse, uh running the country, I see at least four years of lumps of coal for us not in the one percent or not being Putin.  So without further adieu here we go!

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(1) A Christmas Festival ~ Leroy Anderson ~ Boston Pops Orchestra: A staple of high school and middle school bands across America  (Why listen to one Christmas classic when you could listen to a brass-blasting medley of nine?)

(2)‘Cold White Christmas’ ~ Casiotone For The Painfully AloneBad Family Christmas Photo
Background info:  The subject of this ballad is a young graduate who decides to go and make it on her own, only to find herself in a dead-end job and a mouldy flat. But with too much pride to face her family, she ends up spending Christmas alone, counting bed bugs.

(3) Dear Santa (Bring me a man this Christmas) ~ The Weather Girls

(4) Santa Claus ~ The Sonics

(5) Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight) ~ The Ramones

(6) Run Rudolph Run ~ Chuck Berry

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So okay, those are my choices/selections for this weekend before the holiday.  Please share yours in the comments below.



So, did you brave the crowds and go out to be mobbed by the Black Friday hordes?


No problem, unwind here with ten wonderful hours of elevator music.


Sit back.  Relax.  Enjoy!


I’m going to add something here about the coach of my favorite college team, Les Miles and the LSU Tigers.  After eleven years at LSU, the monied “boosters” (and the A.D.?) have decided that a record of 7-3 (8-3 if they beat Texas A&M today) this year isn’t good enough for LSU football and Miles must be fired/replaced.  One of the reasons I’ve been sort of absent the last day was because I’ve been trying to read everything I could on the situation.

There’s that and then I also had a dental checkup on Wednesday and the hygienist, in her exuberance to absolutely, totally clean my teeth, broke off the filling on my #25 incisor.   As a result I’ve been left with a lower front tooth that looks like an arrowhead and made it very difficult to eat my smoked turkey breast and I had to forget it on the pecan pie.  The dentist couldn’t add me in Wednesday afternoon to fix it right then so I have not been a happy camper.  But back to my favorite coach:

Miles, who is 131-50 overall in 13 years as a head coach, has compiled a 103-29 record at LSU, which includes a remarkable 56-24 record in SEC regular season games. Miles is the fastest coach in LSU history to reach milestone victories of 10 (11 games), 20 (24 games), 30 (35 games), 40 (48 games), 50 (63 games), 60 (76 games), 70 (87 games), 80 (98 games), 90 (113) games), and 100 games (126).

However, that apparently means nothing when you can’t beat Alabama.  As an ESPN sportscaster said today “There are LOTS of teams out there that haven’t beat Alabama.”.

So with that mind, do go check out this site which has “A Salute to Les Miles”.  It has a selection of gifs of Miles’ “lighter moments”, shall we say.  Check it out; you’ll get a chuckle or two out of it.  If I’m not around much today it could be because I’m celebrating the team giving Miles a win in his last LSU game or I’m drowning my sorrows that the Tigers lost Miles’ last game in Tiger Stadium.



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