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Let me see here…I do believe we are back to our “normal” schedule with the “Lazy (whatevers) actually occurring on the weekend days.

Last weekend-Saturday was the first of April, but we didn’t cover the unofficial April Fools’ Day thing.  So this weekend we shall.

Besides fools on the first day of April we sure as hell have a lot of other fools we’ve been dealing with for the past few months:  Trump fools (of course I refer to his orangeness along with his supporting cast), Republican fools of the elected type in the House and Senate, and voting fools as in the oh-so-unappreciated and unacknowledged voters of Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, ad infinitum. These voting fools felt their voices have not been heard (cough-cough) enough, and don’t feel they are appreciated or loved enough.  They are foolish enough as to vote against their own best interests in an attempt to…what, be heard?  (Note to same:  we’ve heard you…a lot…in fact more than you deserve.)

So let’s take a look at musical fools in song.  There are lots of them, songs that is, although there are also lots and lots of fools too, musical or not.  These fools tend to skew toward those experiencing bad romances, but there are others also.

(1) Ship of Fools ~ Robert Plant

(2) American Fool ~ John Cougar (before adding back Mellencamp?)

(3) Fooled Again ~ Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

(4) Fool For The City ~ Foghat (There’s love here, alright, but it’s not for a woman; it’s for city life)

(5) Fooling yourself ~ Styx

(6) Ship of Fools ~ Grateful Dead song

(7) What A Fool Believes ~ Doobie Brothers

Okay Widdershins add a song or songs of your choice below.  No need to say it’s an open thread.

summer picture

Someone has their bag packed for summer traveling

Good Saturday and weekend Widdershins!

Although we are only in the first week of June and the Summer Solstice isn’t until the 20th of the month, it seems that summer is already making its presence known around here.  Even now we  have those temps touching into the nineties, the humidity seems to match the temperature readings, and the WX folks add “bad hair days” into their forecasts.

And while the calendar may not say “summer” yet, it’s here.  So with that in mind let’s take a look at some summer songs.  There are tons and tons of them out there and certainly our Left Coast Widdershins have many songs dedicated to sun, beach, surfing and the like.

(1) Summer in the city ~ Lovin’ Spoonful

(2) Summer Breeze ~ Seals & Croft

(3) Summertime Blues ~ Eddie Cochran

(4) Rockaway Beach ~ Ramones  (See, they don’t have to have summer in the title)

(5) Hot Fun in the Summertime ~ Sly and the Family Stone

(6) Summertime ~ DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

* * * * *

While not required, please add your selections below.  Of course this is a completely open thread so take it wherever you wish. (I have a feeling we’ll be revisiting this topic as the season progresses!)



Good Saturday, Widdershins.  Welcome to twilight.  Tomorrow is Superbowl 50, and then The Dark Times will fall for the next six months.   Some of us are serious fans of the sport, others not so much.  As I’m sure you know, I thoroughly enjoy football, and will happily watch a game between just about any two teams.  I don’t have a great attachment to either team, so I’ll go with my back-up team picking plan, which is by the number of alumni from my school on each team.  Yep, it’s the “number of ‘Dawgs in the fight”criteria, so Carolina (3 Bulldogs) beats Denver (1 Bulldog), paws down.  I kind of hate it, as I am not a fan of Cam Newton – he was famous for less than adherence to the rules while in college , but it is what it is, so go, Panthers.  Woof!

One thing that we can all agree upon is that the commercials are fabulous.  I actually know people who watch the game for the commercials.  So list your faves below, along with anything else that’s on your mind.  It’s been a tense week and we deserve a little R and R.

This is an open thread.

(1) Mean Joe Green (Coca-Cola), 1979

(2) The Force  (Volkswagon), 2011

(3) Out the Wazoo (E*Trade), 2000

(4) Terry Tate, Office Linebacker (Reebok), 2003

(5) Lost Dog (Budweiser), 2015


Are y’all ready?  I love a good holiday, especially one with no fixed date that can be celebrated at will.  Weasel Stomping Day seems to fit that criteria nicely, and does not involve shopping, putting up a tree, production of a festive repast, or most of the other trappings of the more pedestrian holidays.  All you really require is a sturdy pair of boots, a Viking helmet, and some mayonnaise for the lawn (or reasonable equivalent if you are a lawn-free city dweller), and you are good to go.  We are totally surrounded by weasels these days, and it’s just not pretty.

As a non-violent animal lover, I am not suggesting that we stomp on actual weasels as suggested by holiday father Weird Al Yankovic, but rather as a metaphorical beat down of weasels cleverly disguised as actual humans.  You know who they are – they posture away on television and in print on a daily basis.  Now, tell me that you would not like to lace your boots, adjust your Viking helmet and jump up and down – metaphorically, of course – on any number of weasels of the human persuasion.  You know that you’ll feel much, much better after a through stomp or two.

I will go ahead and offer my candidates for a hearty weasel stomping while you check around the house for your WSD gear.  When you are suited up and ready, please post your weasels or anything else that you might like. Be sure to sing along with the little ditty at the top of the post.  If this goes well, we might make it a recurring holiday such as “I Told Ya So Day” became, here in the Land of the Widdershins.

Stomp on, Widdershins.

(1) Kim Davis.       Do I really need to say why she is my prima candidate?  The woman who found Jesus after multiple marriages and commissions of adultery?  Good thing that her clerk was but a wretch at the time of her applications.

(2)  Morning Joe.    The entire bloody cast.  To listen to them, one would think that Hillary Clinton were guilty of treason.  Y’all are absolutely disgusting, and I will never ever watch a single minute of your program again.

(3) Andrea Mitchell.  Her latest interview with Hillary beat everything that I have ever seen.  She should remember Madeline Albright’s admonition regarding special places in hell………

(4) Republicans in Congress.  At least the ones that plan to cry “Shutdown!” again.  Enough, already.

(5) Donald Trump.   Because he needs it.  Desperately.

(6) NYT Editorial Staff.   You know who you are.  Trumpeting headlines about Hillary that you then manage to point out in an “oh, by the way, it really is not illegal” on a page buried deep in the back and well below the fold.  You suck.

This is an open thread

Good Saturday, Widdershins.  Yes, I’m making a guest appearance, and I send much thanks and love to Fredster and Prolix for covering me while I was on hiatus.   I missed the companionship and the bon mots that all my friends at TW add to my life.

I’m really going to miss Jon Stewart.  In fact, I find myself getting tearful at the thought of a world without him.  Not that he is dead or in hiding – it’s just that no matter how dismal the world’s outlook may have seemed, I could always count on Jon to restore some perspective and leave me howling with laughter.  I read somewhere that he now plans to lobby Congress, the thought of which has me rubbing my hands together like a happy cricket.  Widdershins, this could just about redefine “awesome”.

In the interim, let’s celebrate sixteen years of good fun by commemorating the best of The Daily Show.  Post your favorites, or otherwise anything else that you might like to share with the class.  The floor is open.

(1) Jon Stewart vs, Fox News – “Adios, MF-ers”

(2) Aasif Mandvi – “Return of the Simplot Conspiracy”

(3) Jon Stewart – Trump Runs for President

(4) Jon Stewart – Democalypse 2016

(5) Jon Stewart – That’s What I Call Being Completely F-ing Wrong

(6) Jon Stewart – Rage Against the Rage Against the Machine

Happy Friday, Widdershins!  This weekend brings all of the glitz and glamour of the Oscars, where the best and the brightest are honored – or just plain snubbed.

I am far from a film critic.  I could not call myself a connoisseur with a straight face.  I do, however, really enjoy a good movie, a great performance, and amazing film.  Therefore I watch the Oscars most years.  Some years I completely understand the choices, and others find me dumbfounded, and wondering what the hey I must have missed when I say the film.  Who knows?  Certainly not me.

I suggest that we pay tribute to the Oscars by posting our favorites of all time.  Any year, any category – whatever you like will be fine.  I’ve selected one in five different categories, and am anticipating yours, so post away in this otherwise open thread.

(1) Best Picture – “The Graduate”, 1967

(2) Best Actor – George C. Scott for “Patton”, 1970

(3) Best Actress – Sally Field for “Norma Rae”, 1979

(4) Best Original Score for a Musical – Saul Chaplin, Johnny Green, Sid Ramin, and Irwin Kostal  for “West Side Story”, 1961

(5) Best Cinematography –  John Toll, for “Braveheart”, 1995.

Have a great weekend, y’all.


Good Saturday to you, Widdershins.  The Super Bowl will be played tomorrow, and then the Dark Times begin.  Oh, we have a few shiny moments to look forward to – CFB Signing Day, the NFL Draft – but then it’s naught until August.  I plan to spend a few days sucking my thumb and maybe making a few Peep dioramas, but then life will go on somehow over the long, hot summer.

The Super Bowl is something else though.  Even people who do not particularly enjoy the game watch it for the commercials.  I think I heard that it’s up to 4.5M per time slot, so I’m certain that this year’s batch will be wonderful as well.  I’m proud of the NFL in that they have donated some time for a piece on domestic violence, and yes, it is the least that they can do.

Onward and upward, Widdershins.  I could not pare my list down to five, so I’m posting six and could easily add six more.  I’m looking forward to what y’all consider to be the Best of the Best, so put them up here in this otherwise open thread.

(1) Mean Joe Greene – 1979

(2) Money Out the Wazoo – 2000

(3) The Force- 2011

(4) Replay – 2003

(5) Herding Cats – 2000

(6) Where’s the Beef? – 1984

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