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We’ll see both in action during the Vice-Presidential debate tonight.

Our Kamala dissecting a possibly ill and unpopular Pence on national Teevee is bound to be quite powerful. As we know, she’s not afraid of Evangelical Ken. And Karma will be showing up in the form of Plexiglass separators between the candidates, and actually requiring the attendees to follow CDC guidelines – testing, masking and social distancing. It’s about freaking time.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the media without some heavy mansplaining as to how hard Kamala’s job will be. Witness the inexplicably-still-talking David Axelrod set the bar far higher for Senator Harris than for Biden. (He doesn’t mention that the bar for Drumpf was set so low it passed through the ground and hit the earth’s molten core.)

Biden profited from low expectations in the presidential debate, which were set in no small measure by Trump’s incessant “Sleepy Joe” trolling. It made Biden’s job easier.

Harris enters the debate in the reverse position. Much is expected of the charismatic US senator, a skilled interlocutor who debated frequently during her own campaign for the Democratic nomination.

She also faces the same double standard women contenders do about tone when they bring strong attacks. The low-key Pence is an underrated debater. Four years ago, he was widely seen as winning the vice presidential debate with Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, during which Pence deftly parried Kaine’s attacks on Trump and launched his own against Hillary Clinton.

Ya know something Davy? I don’t think Kamala is too worried about Pence and his smarmy lies. She knows exactly how to handle those types of men.

“Think carefully about your response.”

The debate will be in Utah, and the moderator is a woman! Pence is going to freak and call for Mother!

But seriously, I think this is going to be well worth watching. Here’s all the info.

Madame Vice President-to-be

It happened, Widdershins! It really happened. Joe picked the right woman for the VP job. Thanks be to Yahweh, the Eternal Goddess and whichever deity or picture of Hillary you’d like to credit for the common sense Joe had to pick the most obvious freaking choice in the entire universe. Okay, thanks to Joe as well. Sheesh.

Being musical here at TW, I thought we could help her choose a theme song for her historic candidacy. Here are a few I thought of.

As fun as this one is, it’s…inappropriate.

So I thought I’d try another…


Or what about this one, in honor of the Dishonorable Mr. Barr?

Or this one (in honor of DYB)…don’t go for second best, girl!

Or we could choose from one of Kamala’s favorite artists…

What do you think? Tawk amongst yerselves!

Hello Widdershins, happy Tuesday in this broke-down mess of a government we’re currently suffering under.

Last Saturday was the Women’s March. (Yes, something happened besides the playoffs!) Despite all the Farrakhan mishegoss, a smart young colleague of mine and I went and carried signs. There were some good and inspiring speakers, and being San Francisco, the inclusiveness was epic. We had speakers from the MMIW (we really need to talk more about the plight of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women – I was extremely touched by the powerful speakers and singers); high-level elected officials like California Representative Barbara Lee and mayor of SF London Breed; Muslim comics and first-time state representatives; Samoan poetesses and homeless advocates; a Jewish community organizer; and a great performance from the SF cast of “Come From Away.” All women, all powerful, loud and proud! Here are some pictures I took.







Now some questions for you to debate:

  1. Rudy Giuliani: Worst Lawyer Ever or Double Agent for the Good Guys?
  2. Will our next President be Kamala, Kirsten or Elizabeth? (Tulsi, we know, is a hard “NO”)
  3. Buzzfeed story about Cohen being directed to lie to Congress by Drumpf: Totally bogus or only slightly inaccurate?
  4. What’s your bet on what date the government will re-open, cause Pelosi?

This is an open thread. Hang in there everyone!


Biden illustration: REBUILD WITH BIDEN

Nice picture of our gal

Madam Vice President

Our President


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