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Happy Hump Day Widdershins!

We are approaching middle of March – and it’s hard to believe the insurrection was this year. So were Jewish Space Lasers. It’s remarkable how time can both fly and drag at the same time. Is there a word for that phenomenon?

Meanwhile the biggest story around is Major Biden. The poor rescue German Shepherd was in the news all day Tuesday. It was the lead story everywhere, journalists kept tweeting, several questions were asked of WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki who remarked at one point “Another dog question.” Although to be fair to the White House press corps, they also asked when the Bidens would be getting a cat. That’s hard-hitting journalism, it’s why we should be grateful to have the first amendment! At the end of the day the vicious mauling perpetrated by Major was a nip that did not break skin and the agent involved carried on with their duties without pause. But a Washington Post reporter, Annie Linskey, did ask Jen Psaki if Major would be euthanized. The answer was “Are you insane?” No that’s not what Jen Psaki said, but it’s what I would have said if I was WH Press Secretary.

The press is also really mad that Biden has not yet held a press conference since becoming POTUS. Remember they were obsessed with Hillary not having press conferences either. The fact is that Biden (as did Hillary) speaks to the press all the time and has given multiple sit-down interviews, plus a town hall on CNN. But the press doesn’t think the public asks important questions, like “Will Major be euthanized?” The press has their finger on the pulse of America and America must know about euthanizing Major. Also note that CNN and MSNBC have stopped carrying WH Press Briefings live. (Not enough lying by the Press Secretary, I guess. They carried every He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named’s WH briefing live.)

Everyone widely agrees that the HBO series “Veep” was a remarkable accurate representation of an administration and DC. And I always remember that one of its least likable and most scummy characters was a reporter.

This is an open thread.

Dear Donald…

Love and light to all of us today, Widdershins. Let us hope that we make it through whatever evil has been planned or conceived to be wrought upon this occasion of pure joy and hope.

Because it should be nothing but joy and hope. It should be an occasion we are all unequivocally celebrating. We should all be drunk on champagne at noon ET. But we can’t let out our collective breaths till we know our President, Madam Vice President Kamala, and new Senators Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock and Alex Padilla are sworn in.

Please, Goddess, please let the inauguration happen without another horror being perpetrated. Please. I don’t think we can take any more.

Open thread of course.

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

Oy! Trump is still trying to stage a coup. Of course a melting Rudy Giuliani is not helping his cause. Nor is the fact that every time his lawyer get in front of a judge – where lying to a judge is a crime – they admit they have no evidence of wrongdoing in the election. But those are all just minor details in Trump’s scheme to destroy the country on the way out and the entire GOP is happy to play along. As one of them pointed out in an interview, since there was no “bloodbath” down the ticket in the election and they gained some seats in the House, they think supporting Trump is working. And so – here we are. Biden/Harris are asking private donations to help fund the transition. This is not actually unusual. Since at least the 1992 all Presidents have had to raise funds for the transition because the money provided by the government is not enough. (Seems like something they should fix, no?) But this is the first time, it seems, that the campaign has appealed to the people directly instead of just big donors and bundlers. Interestingly enough, a lot of the same people who complain about big money in politics on social media, are absolutely livid at the fundraising attempt because, they say, people have no money (fair) and Biden/Harris should just go to their rich friends… But these same people would set their hair on fire if Biden/Harris did that. So, everybody loses.

Millie Bobby Brown and Helena Bonham Carter in “Enola Holmes”

In any case, as a way to distract myself from the madness of it all, last night I watched on Netflix a charming movie called “Enola Holmes” that I highly recommend. Intended for a theatrical release, but landing at Netflix because of the pandemic, the film was co-produced by and starring Millie Bobby Brown – one of the breakout stars of “Stranger Things” on Netflix – it is an adaptation of a novel in a series about the youngest Holmes child, Enola (Brown), her two older brothers being Mycroft (Sam Claflin) and Sherlock (Henry Cavill). Helena Bonham Carter is their mother and other wonderful performances feature Fiona Shaw and Frances de la Tour. Millie Bobby Brown is marvelous as the young heroine and aspiring detective who finds herself abandoned by her mother and with two indifferent brothers who haven’t seen her in so long they don’t even recognize her.

Alright Widdershins, we don’t know what crap The Dump will do before January 20th, but we should try to take deep breaths and look forward to the new administration. Dump and Ghouliani and all those morons are not going to succeed staging a coup. Biden and Harris will be sworn in. We’ll see how the GA special elections go, but even in the worst case scenario, there are many things they can do. A non-partisan Justice Department will be a huuuuuuuuge thing just by itself. And if they’re smart, they will spend the next two years before the midterms exposing every corruption of Trump and every Republican enabler. Can you imagine what they’ll find on Devin Nunes alone?! They better not shy away from that.

Meanwhile, this is an open thread! Post your favorite music music about the future…

Hello Widdershins,

It’s election day 2020 and here’s a thread for us to discuss and…celebrate (I’m crossing everything I possibly can.)

This is an open thread.

Biden illustration: REBUILD WITH BIDEN

Nice picture of our gal

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