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2016 2015

2015 was so ugly, Father Time would deny paternity, but it’s just about over.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is 2015 taught lots of people very bad lessons.  We can be hopeful 2016 provides the opportunity to unlearn those lessons.

Here’s what people were talking about this year.  As is so often the case, I’m out of sync with my fellow Kentuckians since they were more interested than anyone else in the country with the passing of a wrestler.  I probably belong in Washington state where Leonard Nimoy’s final beaming-up was the prime click motivator.


I’ve tried to hit some of these subjects of interest and a few more.  For instance:

  • The news media spending eight months and 4,000 stories on Hillary’s email did nothing to help me figure out Windows 10.
  • The Adult Video/Porn Awards came in second to the NFL in talking about deflated balls.
  • Having Bibi Netanyahu come speak to Congress is like running into an ex-brother-in-law ten years after a divorce – no real affection, but civility requires tolerant indifference.
  • I’m pretty sure “to protect and serve” Freddie Gray didn’t include a severed spine.
  • You have to admit the name Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption is much better than either Richard Matt or David Sweat unless you do a mash-up of their names and get Dick Sweat.

Hillary @

  • The most interesting thing about the Oscar-winning movie, Birdman or (the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) is the director’s, Alejandro González Iñárritu, name.
  • Never thought a 66-year old man or woman in a corset would make the cover of Vanity Fair.
  • No one noticed that the $220 million payday of the Paquaio/Mayweather fight worked out to equal a million dollars a year for their combined age.
  • When two rival Texas biker gangs have a gunfight and 177 are arrested, but only 9 are killed, it means someone has been skipping target practice.
  • Wonder if Rachel Dolezal tried the line, “White is technically a color,” with the NAACP?
  • The Republic of Kosovo gained diplomatic recognition and John McCain was quick to issue his normal howdy-do, “Let’s bomb them and throw a get-to-know-them invasion.”

Marriage Equality 2

  • Three guys on Medicare wearing black robes, try as they might, couldn’t stop twelve million poor people from getting health care.
  • Five people wearing black robes weren’t the boss of full-time hair farmer and part-time county clerk Kim Davis.
  • If Pope Francis had spoken before Congress another five minutes, John Boehner’s crying would have had him completely dehydrated.
  • If Volkswagen had programmed the autopilot on the Germanwings airplane most likely 150 people would have had a better vacation.
  • Two of the guys in the running to replace Sepp Blatter of Fifa are Jerome Champagne and Tokyo Sexwale – either is sure to turn Sepp into an angry, irritable Blatter.
  • Who would have thought Dubya was the smarter one?

Caitlyn Jenner

  • Of the seven trials held this year in police shooting cases, five ended in acquittals or mistrials, and the other two were dismissed – that’s 0-7, add one more zero and you have 007’s license to kill.
  • It only took three terrorist attacks in France to retire the term “Freedom Fries.”
  • In the eight years since five guys wearing black robes cobbled a nonexistent right to bear arms from a misplaced comma, the number of deaths attributable to guns in the U.S. is approaching the number killed in combat during World War II.
  • The Paris Climate Agreement had an ambitious list of climate anomalies to address.  An addition to that list:  It was warmer at the North Pole this week than it was in west Texas, southern California, and parts of the Sahara.  For those admiring consistency, the idiocy of climate change denial remains unchanged.
  • If Donald Trump’s primary lead falters, ala Ozzie Osbourne, he will bite the head off a bald eagle to make ahMurica great again.


  • Inspiring fear and then fearing its absence is a pathetic existence and has never been a sustainable political philosophy.


This by no means is an exhaustive list of 2015 events.  Here is an excellent four minute 2015 recap by Vox.  Please add your own events or take this conversation in any direction you might like.

May 2016 be a year where the collective “force of goodness reawakens” and once again triumphs.


Pilgrim on a platter

Happy Thanksgiving Widdershins.  In keeping with our stress-reducing holiday theme, let’s engage in a little positivity and optimism.  In no particular order, here are some things for which I’m grateful this year – I hope you will add your own.


I’m thankful…


  • For the three percent of climate scientists who believe climate change isn’t really a thing since it would be weird if one hundred percent of scientists were in agreement on the subject.
  • For Donald Trump providing an aspirational goal for poor racists.
  • For Ben Carson proving that being intelligent and being informed are worlds apart.
  • That the videotape of George W. Bush at a mosque six days after 9/11 and him saying, “Islam is peace,” is again making the rounds.
  • For dash-cam cameras and body cameras.No cook
  • For actor and philanthropist Leonard Nimoy proving the elegance of intellect.
  • For seeing another Triple Crown winner in American Pharoah and that his owners spelled Pharaoh wrong.
  • The Affordable Care Act survived the Supreme Court.
  • For the grace and dignity of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church of Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Love bested bigotry in Obergefell v. Hodges.
  • John Boehner can smoke and drink without the pesky interruption of having to obstruct government.
  • To again celebrate France.
  • The American public will get to know Ted Cruz.I got this
  • For Adele because she’s just plain awesome.
  • I will get to see the first female President and her successes.
  • For the safe little world MB has created for us here as well as Chat’s and Fredster’s wisdom and good nature.

And if you are reading this, I’m thankful for each of you and your families.

Have a great Thanksgiving and feel free to take this conversation in any direction you might like.

For those of you tuning in expecting MB, she can’t be here today.  Here’s what I have to offer.

dog with rabies

It always starts out innocent enough.  There are subtle changes in behavior.  There might be changes in tone, maybe there’s an elevated temperature and things are a bit warmer than normal, and there is the constant irritation – always irritated about any and everything.

The next phase of the infection manifests itself in wantonness craving – craving to eat anything, even inedible objects.  This craving gives way to incessant growling and grousing.  There is a general disorientation to the world as it exists.  Nothing goes right – can’t go right – won’t go right – the whole world is wrong since it fails to listen to the copious amounts of advice so freely offered.

Then the erratic behavior begins.  There are episodes of aggressive behavior toward others.  The erratic behavior is unexplainable since it often goes against convention and the world as it presents itself.

Those suffering from the condition show visible signs of anxiety and alertness to even the slightest provocation.  The irritability is palpable.  There is constant restlessness and episodic outbursts of irrationality.

When it gets to this point, time has drawn short for those suffering from the “Furious Phase of Mad Dog Syndrome”.  I could have just as easily been describing the cabal of U.S. Representatives who are celebrating the resignation of John Boehner as Speaker last Friday.  Simply put, John Boehner didn’t have a prayer.

If the analogy holds, for rabid dogs the next phase is paralysis and total incapacitation.  We can only hope this group of the fringiest of the fringe holds true to the symptomatology they have exhibited so far.

Who are these mad dogs of the House?  They are a group of about thirty-seven members of Congress (36 testosterone-based and 1 estrogen-based).   They call themselves the Freedom Caucus.  They are new members mostly having been elected in 2010.  They are Tea Party swilling ideologues who detest gubmint in all its forms especially the gubmint presently headed by a commie Afro-Kenyan named Obama.

These caucusteers suffer from Mad Dog Syndrome and banded together after the House Republican Study Caucus (RSC) became too liberal or better said, not severely conservative enough for them.  Lest you get the wrong idea, the RSC was headed at the time by Steve Scalise, the guy who claimed to have all the good points of David Duke, but none of the baggage.

A few of the Freedom Caucus...

A few of the Freedom Caucus…

Emblematic of the membership is a cast of characters who are, according to Republican sources, the “craziest of the crazies.”  There are the usual suspects like Steve King of “cantaloupe calves” fame and Raul Labrador of Idaho, who himself is of immigrant heritage and is an immigration attorney, but who has fought immigration reform at every turn.

There are those who are not as well-known like Gary Palmer of Alabama who is “set his hair on fire” angry about Planned Parenthood funding even though the tapes that have him so upset were doctored and edited with stock images.

There’s Mark Meadows of North Carolina, one of the founders of the group, who submitted the resolution in August declaring the office of the speaker vacant.  One of his seven reasons:  The Speaker uses the power of the office to punish Members who vote according to their conscience instead of the will of the Speaker.  Well Mark, welcome to two-hundred years of House of Representatives history.

Another member is Justin Amash of Michigan.  Amash was profiled by the NY Times as the most contrarian member of Congress.  What an honorific!  One of his brilliant policy points is that he isn’t sure Planned Parenthood will stay dead after Congress kills it because it can just change its name to something else.  He’s frightened of zombie health care workers.

Then there’s Cynthia Lummis, who represents the entire state of Wyoming.  What is it about Wyoming?  Her most eloquent statement is this:  I wouldn’t trust Obama with a clod of dirt, let alone international trade deals.Markwayne Mullin

Then there’s my new personal favorite from Oklahoma, Rep. Markwayne Mullin (one name, no space) who is a former competitor in mixed martial arts cage matches.  (See, rabid dog explanation earlier in this post.)  Markwayne runs a workout session in the mornings in the Congressional Gym and is stealing members from Paul Ryan’s P90X workout because Markwayne’s sessions create prettier abs or at least that is what the Tulsa World surmised.

BoehnerHere’s what we know about this sordid little uprising:

  • Gerrymandering has been very, very good to these crazies. Their districts vote 14% more Republican than the average district and there are very few minorities in their districts.
  • Most came to power during the 2010 midterms. They came promising to pull Obamacare out by root and branch.  They proclaimed Obamacare the end of civilization as we know it.
  • If you only have a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail. This group of representatives only knows two gears – anger and fear.  They know nothing else; therefore, the apocalypse is an event happening on the half-hour according to their timekeeping.
  • Not only are these folk science-deniers, as Republican Rep. Tom Cole said, “These people deny simple mathematics. Either they can’t count or they won’t count. Unless you have 60 in the Senate, your agenda is going nowhere.”Pagliacci
  • This is a group who represent a constantly moving target. The kiss of death of any proposal is an Obama thumbs-up even if it is a policy proposal they have supported in the past.
  • Finally, policy doesn’t mean diddlely squat to this caucus outside of refusing to compromise. Their positions are pathological for the most part.  Hurting people and even hurting the country by downgrading the credit of the U.S. is acceptable to their philosophy of scorched earth politics.

John Boehner is happily getting out.  The cigarettes will burn brightly, the Merlot will flow, and tee times await him.  For him, just like in Pagliacci, it is curtain time with the closing line:  La commedia è finita! – “The comedy is finished!”  Unfortunately, for the rest of us, it is just beginning.

Take the conversation in any direction you might like.

From Vox:Crying

John Boehner’s combative, difficult five-year speakership has been marked by many conflicts with Democrats. But his most bitter fights were with conservatives in his own party, whose opposition to his leadership spurred his decision to resign.

That’s evident in the statements members of both parties are making about Boehner today. Democrats like President Obama, Harry Reid, and Chuck Schumer are showering him with praise — as are mainstream, establishment Republicans. But conservatives — particularly some outspoken 2016 presidential candidates like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and even Marco Rubio — tend to be glad he’s leaving, with some sounding positively joyful at his departure.

All this makes sense. Boehner was not even close to being a liberal, but he was viewed by Democrats overall as a Republican they could work with — which is just what infuriated the right.

Also from Vox:

This morning, House Speaker John Boehner announced he’d resign from Congress. And here’s how the Value Voters Summit in Washington, DC — a gathering of conservative Christian activists — greeted the news, according to Steve Peoples of the Associated Press:

And to prove a central tenet of the Grand Old Party, here’s the announcement at the Values Voter Summit by the youngest of the Super Mario Brothers, Marco Rubio.

Apparently, their celebrated values don’t include loyalty, allegiance, faithfulness, obedience, adherence, homage, devotion, steadfastness, staunchness, trueheartedness, dependability, reliability, trustworthiness, duty, dedication, or commitment.  They do demonstrate some world-class consistency and it is said that consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds; ergo, neo-cons are exceedingly pea brained.


This is an open thread.


Good afternoon Widdershins. The “Elderly Testosterone-inhibited Personage of the December Solstice” — a prolixous way of saying, “Old Man Winter” just will not give it up. We are expecting perhaps a foot of snow this evening after four to six inches of rain plus all-time record low temperatures — floods, they are a’comin’ and yesterday was the anniversary of the tornado that completely chewed-up and destroyed our little town. Perhaps if Sen. Jim Inhofe were hog-tied to the newly replaced flagpole in our town square, as the leading Koch-head climate change denier, he might exhibit Jethro Bodine’s acumen for science or at least Jed Clampett’s commonsense.

Yesterday was a big day. Speaker John Boehner decided it was moderately unseemly to put the nation at risk based upon nothing more than a robust loathing of the President. He called up the funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security. Unfortunately, 167 members of his Republican caucus felt no such embarrassment or no such concern for our safety by voting against the matter. It’s just plain hard to overcome a good case of the Obama “hates”. If not for Nancy Pelosi once again riding to the rescue, Boehner would have found himself corseted and astraddle of the railroad tracks.

There was another thing happening in Washington yesterday. Something no one, not a single solitary soul, can recall ever netanyahu shifty eyeshappening before. John Boehner, the same one doing his best Nell Fenwick on the railroad tracks, cheekily welcomed Bibi Netanyahu to the well of the People’s House to challenge the foreign policy of this country.

All I could think about was the Eagles’ song Lyin’ Eyes and its refrain:

You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise.
I thought by now you’d realize there ain’t no way to hide your lyin’ eyes.

As a way to explain yesterday’s breach of protocol and seditious assault on our national sovereignty, I’ll use some of the words of Lyin’ Eyes to elaborate.  That is if you will suffer the not-so-poetic license I’ll employ.

You see, Bibi “just seemed to find out early how to open doors with just a smile.” His invitation to speak before a joint session was conjured between Boehner and Ron Dermer, the new Israeli U.S. Ambassador. Dermer is a graduate of the Frank Luntz Finishing School of Sewer Politics where the proud motto is “the biggest turd always travels the fastest“.

Netanyahu knows that “every form of refuge has it price” since a joint session of Congress was the way to cushion his falling popularity in the upcoming Israeli election, but Bibi knew he was “headed for the cheatin’ side of town”. What Netanyahu needed to convey back home was simple — he has so badly handled the relationship with the Obama Administration, he had to show he could go over the head of Obama and appeal directly to Congress. Trouble is — there are Generals, the Mossad, former officials, other candidates, Cabinet secretaries, and a majority of Israeli voters who lay the blame squarely on Netanyahu’s shoulders and have publicly stated his decision to speak was a mistake.

netanyahu bombBibi “wonders how it ever got this crazy? Did he get tired or did he just get lazy? He’s so far gone he feels just like a fool.” The premise of Netanyahu’s speech is incredibly inane. Inane is too urbane a word — his whole premise is something just short of a Three Stooges retrospective. Here’s Netanyahu’s logic: Although no deal has yet been negotiated, Netanyahu says whatever the deal might be, it must be rejected.

This leaves two prongs on the Lyin’ Eyes decision tree. Prong One is the incredibly asinine Bibi theory that proceeds like this: Iran is run by crazy, suicidal, apocalyptic mullahs who will suddenly awake under economic pressures of greater sanctions and suddenly, afore-noted craziness aside, come to the realization that electricity for the majority of their country is not such a big deal after all.

Prong Two will ring familiar. It is the military, occupation, regime change option. Since Iran starts with an “I” just like Iraq — all we have to do is dust off those plans since they worked so well last time. Just bombing the sites will delay the enrichment program two to three years at the most. The only long-term solution is forcibly ousting the theocratic Irani leadership and replacing them with something more suitable to Netanyahu’s preferences. Maybe Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld could be on the pledge rush committee? What can go wrong? The last time we installed a Shah everyone seemed to think it was a great idea.

Bibi “gets up and pours himself a strong one and stares out at the stars up in the sky. Another night, it’s gonna be a long one. He draws the shade and hangs his head to cry.” Netanyahu’s ability to forecast the future is as audacious as a slug’s pole vaulting ability. In 1992, as a member of the Knesset, Bibi said, “Iran will have an atomic weapon in three to five years.” In a 1995 book, Bibi wrote, “Iran will have an atomic weapon in three to five years.” That was twenty years ago.

Something more Cheney-esque and cogent to this review is Bibi’s strategic analysis in 2002. One year and one day after Cheney and Netanyahu9/11, September 12, 2002, Bibi, occupying an all important pivot position during a Cheney/Rumsfeld congressional circle jerk, declared Saddam Hussein had WMDs and was actively pursuing a nuclear arsenal. Thirteen years later Bibi made no mention of his 2002 Congressional testimony and his rush to war.

My, oh my, you sure know how to arrange things. You set it up so well, so carefully. Ain’t it funny how your new life didn’t change things. You’re still the same old person you used to be.” Yesterday was Netanyahu’s declaration of war. He made it clear he will act alone knowing full well the U.S., as a doting big brother, will come to the rescue.

But here’s the thing — these negotiations are not between the U.S. and Iran. These negotiations are among the P5 + 1 — U.K., France, Russia, China, U.S., plus Germany. Netanyahu didn’t just call Obama an incompetent fool yesterday. He didn’t just call the State Department a bunch of pikers. What he did was to arrogantly call out all the countries participating in these talks. He also offered not one whit of advice on how we negotiate around the five other powers if we go it alone. Forget a coalition. Forget funding. Forget U.N. participation. The Iranian war and occupation will be on our blood and our dime.

Bibi, “you can’t hide your lyin’ eyes”.

If there is shame in all of this and shame had a color, it should be orange. John Boehner wears it so well.

Take the conversation in any direction you might like.

Folks, there is so much to say and so little time to say it today. I am pretty sure when the aliens dropped me on this rock to live amongst the good earthlings, they left a good bit of alien DNA in this quickly deteriorating meat suit of mine. “How do I know?” you say. During the past week recuperating from whatever it is I have, the antibiotics have stirred up and unleashed stuff I know can’t be of this world.

The good news is that I’m on the mend. The other good news is that I’m not feeling strong enough to do one of my interminably long and loquacious posts. Given the steroids and inhalers and the litany of selections from columns A, B, and C of the pharmacopeia menu, I could easily fire off 26,000 words and never would any two ideas come within the same zip code of one another.

But there are some things that need to be said today. I’ll try and be brief.

Kayla Mueller

Kayla Mueller

Kayla Mueller was the best of what humankind has to offer. She was exceptional. Although Kayla’s journey was short, it was a path built upon remarkable goodness, traveled with purity of spirit, and remembered without a hint of regret. Her family and friends will miss her the rest of their days. We need to remember them and especially her.

Jon Stewart and Brian Williams are about the best New Jersey has to offer. Add Bruce Springsteen and you have what is easily the holy New Jersey Trinity and undoubtedly the three wisest men from the Garden State. I know this is true because they would have never nicknamed New Jersey the Garden State.

Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show. I will miss him for more than his brilliant satirical wit and his insightfully acidic tongue. During the years of being my mother’s caregiver, she insisted on watching “her boyfriend” each evening. Jon brought her much happiness. For that I will always be grateful.

Jon Stewart and Brian WilliamsBrian Williams was and will continue to be the guy I want to give me 22 minutes of news headlines. He was a volunteer fireman at one time and I respect and relate to that. He is also wickedly funny. These days the requirements of building one’s personal brand required him to climb out from behind the desk and be a “personality”. He did that and was good at it. In this age of personality driven everything, perhaps he jumped a little too far beyond the desk. Perhaps the “drive to please” drove his misremembering, but pleasing others is never a good enough reason to tarnish your credibility when it is your stock-in-trade. I, for one, will forgive him that foible.

Benjamin Netanyahu speaking before Congress is so wrong on so many levels, it would put to shame an ant farm cranked up on blue ice meth. I won’t begin to list them other than to say this: Never before has any Israeli Prime Minister allowed an Israeli issue to become partisan and politicized.

It seems this John Boehner invite was scored by Ron Dermer, the new Israeli Ambassador. He’s same guy who was an acolyte of Frank Luntz and a full-blown Republican operative until he gave up his American citizenship to take up residence in Bibi’s bum.

This speech is a political speech. This is a speech plotted to alter American foreign policy. This is a speech designed to weaken a President trying to walk a tightrope of negotiation between Iranian nuclear policy and Irani generals advising the Iraqi troops fighting ISIL. This is a speech designed to make the Middle East, unfathomably complex on a good day in terms of policy, a never-ending quagmire of blood and treasure for generations.

Here’s what the politicians are afraid to say: When anyone says Netanyahu is Israel, they are willfully ignorant or just plainNetanyahu and Dermer stupid. Netanyahu’s party currently has only 18 seats in the Knesset. His coalition is best described as a “wink, a hope, and a prayer”. His policies are not popular. Former advisers call him dangerous. His approval is on a well-oiled banana peel. Yet he continues to subscribe to that harebrained testosterone trait exemplified by Cheney and Rumsfeld, “If you admit wrong, you are weak.”

Something that has been absolutely nonexistent in any discussion of Netanyahu’s tantrum to come is this: Are we willing to participate in causing the world to live a real life Groundhog’s Day? I’ll explain.

Netanyahu’s position is no Iranian nuclear power — period. Not just ending enrichment — nothing even conceivably reaching enrichment by years of refinement even with on-site inspection and verification can be considered. Translation: No nuclear power for a country starving for an electrical grid. In addition, he wants increased sanctions while the Iranians are still at the negotiating table. And most of all, Netanyahu wants to bomb the existing processing facilities in Iran. Facilities that were built and operational during Dubya’s administration.

Netanyahu Job RatingAs always, he wants us to either participate in the bombing or like the ever watchful big brother, wants us to stand guard as he acts in contravention of virtually every treaty, convention, and U.N. mandate to the contrary. And then he wants us to veto any sure-to-follow United Nations’ sanctions.

Now here’s the thing: What do we do then? Iran will reconstitute its nuclear program within two to three years. They will be loath to negotiate because negotiating got them blown to smithereens three years previous. Do we Groundhog’s Day it again, and again, and again? That guarantees at least two things: (1) A permanent Middle East preoccupation premised upon just about the most unpopular policy possible; and (2) A constant state of U.S. war footing with increased hostility that does nothing but make the world, and our part of it, infinitely more dangerous. It is this second point that serves as Netanyahu’s guiding credo: If all your neighbors’ houses are burning, they will never commit arson against you.

We just spent 13 years learning the idiocy of that policy by eradicating a top line predator from the Iraqi political ecosystem. Are we again that unimaginably stupid?

I have dozens of Israeli friends — all with beautiful families. They deserve better than Netanyahu and Dermer, his political incubus, trading on their safety and gambling with the future of Israel.

Take the conversation in any direction you might like.

Happy Friday Widdershin friends. Here’s hoping your Friday is going better than John Boehner’s Thursday went, but then again, it would have to be better.

Sad Boehner

There are some days when these posts just write themselves. This is one of those days. Given my pronounced lack of imagination, there is no way I could come up with the storyline of the last twenty-four hours in the House of Representatives. And given the outrageous turn of events, neither could the writers of House of Cards, Game of Thrones, or for that matter, Veep. Yesterday for John Boehner was a real FUBAR — fudged up beyond all recognition.

Imagine for a moment, it was the first day for your new management team given Eric Cantor’s defeat in last month’s Virginia primary. If you are John Boehner, you have a new Republican Majority Leader in Kevin McCarthy and a new Majority Whip in Steve Scalise. While it was their first day on the job, it was also their last day before their 5-week August recess/vacay.

Just the day before, Boehner had passed legislation enabling him to sue the President for his “lawlessness” in signing Executive Orders. All the House had to do was pass a simple watered-down bill to address that pesky refugee problem on the southern border and then it was off for some much deserved R&R for being the least productive Congress in history. What could go wrong?

Emboldened and hearing the call of the sun to bring back that irradiated orange glow, Boehner even held a press conference to say of that pesky refugee problem, “Congress must act because it is better to do something than do nothing.” Then fifteen minutes later — fifteen minutes — John Boehner and his newly minted leadership team did nothing — they pulled the bill. And to add further humiliation, members of the House blamed the President saying he should deal with the problem through executive authority. This after having voted less than 24-hours previously to sue him for using executive authority.

Sneaky Ted Cruz2How could all this happen? Look no further than that meddlesome Canadian, nee Texan, Ted Cruz. It seems as though Cruz held a pizza party for the Tea Party types on Wednesday night and played the game, How Mean Can We Be to Children (or UACs in the vernacular, standing for “Unaccompanied Children” because to actually say children is quite unseemly). Cruz, a McCain proclaimed wacko bird, has once again infused himself in the do-nothing Tea Party caucus as some phantom Speaker to purposefully and needlessly blow-up the process but for no other reason than self-aggrandizement.

Of course Ted Cruz isn’t a solo act. He is acting at the behest of the Heritage Foundation and cheerleaders like Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard. You know — the same intellectual jug heads who brought us the Iraq War, the government shutdown, Iran war mongering, and constant caterwauling for military intervention in Syria, Libya, and the Ukraine.

So what does Cruz want for all this mischief? He wants the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) implemented by Obama to be repealed. DACA allows children, who were brought here by no act of their own and have been here since 2007, to apply for temporary relief from deportation and work permits. Operative words: Apply for temporary relief.

These children, knowing no other country than the U.S. and who are Americans by all accounts except those on paper, are innocent victims in all this. They broke no laws. They were brought here by their parents. Many have enlisted in the armed services and served with distinction.

But innocence is no inoculation to being used as a pawn for the political maneuvering of Cruz and the thirty to forty Tea Children in Holding CellPartiers who are causing all these problems. If for a moment these intellectual pygmies could see through the miasma of hate for these “others,” they would realize their actions will brand them as nothing more than the “deportation party.“ They want to deport, without a hearing, the thousands of children who have found their way north from Central America and for good measure, additionally deport hundreds of thousands of children who have grown up American whose only sin are to have parents who wanted them. In their Tea Party lexicon written by Frank Luntz, deportation has become “reuniting children with their parents in their home country.”

After the drubbing Mitt Romney took in the 2012 election, the Republican Party realized in their autopsy report they had to come to grips with immigration. What the RNC never seemed to fathom is something has to be dead to perform an autopsy. In the wake of that report, the Senate passed a comprehensive bipartisan immigration bill, but it still sits growing moss in the House of Representatives. Now with thousands of children sitting in the balance, John Boehner has once again fallen victim to the maniacal machinations of the self-serving Ted Cruz.

Why is this happening? A year and a half ago we said on these pages that impeachment would be the Republican bumper sticker rallying cry for these midterm elections. The Boehner lawsuit is the first step in the process. Cruz knows with money running out for the care and housing of these refugee children, Obama will have to act and therefore, Executive Orders concerning immigration will become the predicate for yet another trumped-up impeachment circus.

Unaccompanied-Minors-Chart1-640x748Once again these radical conservatives may have gone too far though. Just this week the Public Religion Institute released a poll finding 70% of Americans support aiding the refugee children as we determine who qualifies to stay in the U.S. Only 26% support summary deportation. Even George Will in all his crotchety, “get off my lawn” lily-white translucency is in favor of giving these children safe haven from the war lords, drug cartels, and sex traffickers.

Even if the House acts today at some point, the outcome will be more punitive than charitable, more xenophobic than tolerant, and certainly more politically calculated than generous in spirit. Not to worry, Ted Cruz playing “Slow White” to the thirty “intellectual dwarfs” of the Tea Party will have fled the stage leaving in his wake the telltale signs of mean-spiritedness, vengefulness, and the suffering of child refugees just to make sure we know he played his part.

As a people, we are better than that — or at least some of us are.

This is an open thread.

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