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*All* kinds of goodbyes

No no, not gonna dwell on my sad news.  Although, I appreciate everyone’s kind thoughts.

No, today I thought we might look at some musical goodbyes.  Goodbyes can cover many things in life from a person passing away, to a change in your location, to a change in jobs or even a change in martial status.  So there are lots and lots of types of goodbyes and even, maybe soon a political goodbye to certain people. (wink-wink)

Here are some songs that I found that I’ll share here.  And of course your choices are welcomed in the comments below.

(1)  Hello, Goodbye~The Beatles

(2) Friends Never Say Goodbye~Elton John

(3) Good Riddance (Time of your Life)~Green Day

(4) Farewell~Rihanna

(5) You’re Gonna Miss This~Trace Adkins

(6) Don’t Forget To Remember Me~Carrie Underwood

(7) Na Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye~Steam (The Band)

(8) When I Get Where I’m Going~Brad Paisley

(9) See You Later Alligator~Bill Haley & the Comets

So there you go Widdershins.  A nice selection for y’all to build on.  Open thread of course.







A good Friday to you Widdershins!

With Prolix’s laptop giving up the ghost on him and tin cans and string not working well for internet connectivity, Fredster here is going to do a post in his absence.  Prolix has been kind enough to take a post or two for me, so reciprocating is fine with me.  But as one of the tags to the post says, “Not Prolix”, so don’t hold me to that standard…puhleeze!

In some of my readings around the internet I found articles that I thought were interesting and so I bookmarked them for future reference.  I think that will work out just fine today.  This isn’t exactly current events, nor earth shattering, but something I found interesting and perhaps you will also.

* * * *

The topic I want to cover is from Bloomberg Busisnessweek and concerns the auto manufacturing  and auto parts manufacturing companies that have come to some of the southern states and in this case to Alabama.  The piece is subtitled “Cheap Wages, Little Training, Crushed Limbs“.  And that is about right.

Bama’s experiences with the auto manufacturing business began when the state was able to entice Mercedes Benz to build an assembly plant near Tuscaloosa Alabama.  “In 1997…That gleaming M-Class SUV was historic. Alabama, the nation’s fifth-poorest state, had wagered a quarter-billion dollars in tax breaks and other public giveaways to land the first major Mercedes factory outside Germany.”  I don’t know this personally but I’m sure the employees at that plant have decent wages and working conditions because: German company.  And after that initial company, Toyota, Honda and Hyundai opened their own assembly plants in Bama.  The car assembly plants opened in other southern states too; Tennessee and Georgia as examples.  And one reason the plants came was because most of these states are right-to-work states.  U.A.W. ?  Nah, we don’t need no stinkin’ unions here.  And after the car assembly plants, the parts suppliers started opening up in the state.

The parts supplier companies are usually foreign-owned and supply the parts for the assembly plants.  And though the companies may both be from South Korea, there’s no love lost between them.  The assembly plants have contracts with the parts plants and have very fixed quotas on how many widgets for a car those plants must make or they’ll be penalized.  So those suppliers take chances and cut corners, and the corners usually involve worker safety.

Take the case of Regina Elsea.  She had great plans, was going to attend Auburn University with desires to be a pediatrician.  But love called in the form of her kindergarten sweetheart who was a stocker at a local Walmart.  Regina dropped out of school so they both could work to get a place of their own.  She got a job at the Ajin plant which made parts for Hyundai and Kia cars.  Regina was working 12-hour shifts 7 days a week in an effort to go from temporary paying $8.75/hr. to full time permanent with a raise to $10.50/hr.   Here’s what happened to Regina one day:

On June 18, Elsea was working the day shift when a computer flashed “Stud Fault” on Robot 23. Bolts often got stuck in that machine, which mounted pillars for sideview mirrors onto dashboard frames. Elsea was at the adjacent workstation when the assembly line stopped. Her team called maintenance to clear the fault, but no one showed up.


After several minutes, Elsea grabbed a tool—on the video it looks like a screwdriver—and entered the screened-off area around the robot to clear the fault herself. Whatever she did to Robot 23, it surged back to life, crushing Elsea against a steel dashboard frame and impaling her upper body with a pair of welding tips. A co-worker hit the line’s emergency shut-off. Elsea was trapped in the machine—hunched over, eyes open, conscious but speechless.

(No one knew how to release the robot)

A team leader raced to get a maintenance worker in the break room.  But the maintenance worker worked in a different part of the plant and wasn’t familiar with this equipment.

When emergency crews arrived several minutes later, Elsea was still stuck. The rescue workers finally did what Elsea had failed to do: locked out the machine’s emergency power switch so it couldn’t reenergize again—a basic precaution that all factory workers are supposed to take before troubleshooting any industrial robot. Ajin, according to OSHA, had never given the workers their own safety locks and training on how to use them, as required by federal law. Ajin is contesting that finding.

An ambulance took Regina to a local hospital and then to a trauma center in Birmingham where she died the next day.  Regina’s mom says she still hasn’t heard a word from Ajin’s owners or senior executives. They sent a single artificial flower to her funeral.

Regina’s isn’t the only horror story involving these supplier companies where the goal is “meet the quota or we lose money or we’ll be penalized”.  Some more examples:

  • A man had worked a 12 hour shift but was summoned to work on a metal press  The press had not been working well all day.  A hole puncher didn’t deploy and then it did…at the wrong time – on his finger. “I saw my meat sticking out of the bottom of my glove,” he says.
  • In 2015, a 33-year-old maintenance worker was engulfed in flames at Nakanishi Manufacturing Corp.’s bearing plant in Winterville, Ga.—after four previous fires in the factory’s dust-collection system.
  • A man working at a plant supplying parts for Mercedes Benz was working cleaning ventilation ducts over dipping pools of acid used to anodize the parts. There were no handrails, gangways or cables. He was working one day cleaning the ducts and “His hands slipped, and he tumbled backward into a vat of sulfuric and phosphoric acid 4 feet deep.”

OSHA (under Obama) began noticing this and cracking down:

The agency cited one year, 2010, when workers in Alabama parts plants had a 50 percent higher rate of illness and injury than the U.S. auto parts industry as a whole. That gap has narrowed, but the incidence of traumatic injuries in Alabama’s auto parts plants remains 9 percent higher than in Michigan’s and 8 percent higher than in Ohio’s. In 2015 the chances of losing a finger or limb in an Alabama parts factory was double the amputation risk nationally for the industry, 65 percent higher than in Michigan and 33 percent above the rate in Ohio.

From David Michaels who headed OSHA under President Obama:

“The supply chain isn’t going just to Bangladesh. It’s going to Alabama and Georgia,” says David Michaels, who ran OSHA for the last seven years of the Obama administration. Safety at the Southern car factories themselves is generally good, he says. The situation is much worse at parts suppliers, where workers earn about 70¢ for every dollar earned by auto parts workers in Michigan, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Many plants in the North are unionized; only a few are in the South.)

Michaels in a meeting with the car companies themselves said to them:

“I gave them a very strong message: ‘This brings shame on your reputation. American consumers are not going to want to buy cars stained with the blood of American workers,’ ”

Summing all of this up:

When Trump suits and ties are made in Mexico and when Ivanka’s clothes are made in sweat shops in Asia, do we really believe that any of these situations are going to improve?  MAGA indeed.

* * * *

Okay Widdershins I hope this wasn’t too boring or snooze-worthy.  And also I violated Prolix’s 800 word rule by about 400 extra words.  Yikes!  Please take the conservation in any direction you wish.


A wonderful Friday to you my Widdershin friends.

Joe Bob and Bobby Joe out of camo...

Joe Bob and Bobby Joe out of camo…

There’s an old story about two good old boys who went hunting one fine day.  For purposes of the story, we’ll call them Joe Bob and Bobby Joe.  Neither Joe nor Bobby were Rhodes Scholars — unless you were talking about their keen sense of culinary discretion exhibited on their less successful hunting days for the veritable asphalt cornucopia of meat selections labeled only by the gentle kiss of a semi’s tire tread.

After Joe and Bobby had surpassed their recommended daily intake of liquor or “huntin’ juice” as they called it, they set out.  Being unusually parched, they drew heavily upon the huntin’ juice and the day proceeded — until.  Until Joe found himself trapped in a tree with a bobcat.  For those who might not know, bobcats are scientifically classified in the Phylum, “Scary,” in the Order of “Mean,“ and in the Genus, “Don’t be gettin’ in my tree.”

An epic battle of man versus beast ensued, but the huntin’ juice had done its job.

Joe screamed down, “Bobby, go ahead and shoot!”

Bobby peering up at his friend in the tree, “Joe, I can’t, I might hit you.”

Joe answered, “Go ahead and shoot, one of us has to have some relief!”

It was all well and good until he invaded my personal space...

It was all well and good until he invaded my personal space…

The news story about Congress folding up and leaving town for the rest of the year reminded me of that story.  Where else other than the nation’s Capitol could you find it acceptable for someone being paid $170,000 a year with an expense account, a multi-million dollar office budget, and slush PAC-funds flowing like huntin’ juice to say, “I’ve worked a whole 13 legislative days this year and I’m done — I gotta go make sure I’m re-elected to this place I wanna shut down.”

Nowhere is this irresponsibility so pronounced as with proposal to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.  The country supports it by 72% in favor and a paltry 27% opposed.  The raise would positively affect perhaps 25 million workers whose average age is 35-years old, not teenagers working at McDonalds as is so often the harangue advanced by the opposition.  The raise would immediately lift 900,000 individuals above the poverty line and out of eligibility for benefit transfer payments.  Even Wal-Mart has figured out if their full-time employees can’t afford to shop there, it’s time to do something.

John Boehner is caught between a rock and the Tea Party on the issue.  The Tea Party and the usual cast of business interests glommed onto a study by the Congressional Budget Office saying a raise in the minimum wage would negatively affect 500,000 jobs over the next three years.  If bald-faced lying was an Olympic Event, these opponents of a living wage would undoubtedly take home the gold.

As the CBO clearly states, no one knows for sure what the definitive effect will be, but the referenced 500,000 jobs Living Wageover the next three years are jobs that won’t be filled because of increased job retention, greater job satisfaction, and higher productivity from those employed.  In short, this supposed bad thing is really a good thing of the “have littles” having a bit more.  These are not jobs being lost, these are jobs already filled by existing workers staying in them longer and therefore, not needing to be refilled.

The Tea Party answer to this overwhelming evidence of what is good for the country:  Not only will we not pass it, we won’t even take it up.

This is the same answer when it comes to just about any other issue facing the country.  Extending unemployment — we won’t take it up.  Immigration — we won’t take it up.  Tax reform — we won’t take it up.  Campaign finance reform — we won’t take it up.  Voters’ rights — we won’t take it up.  Infrastructure investment — we won’t take it up.  And the signature issue upon which the Tea Party faithfully promised to act in both the 2010 and 2012 elections — a jobs program?  We won’t take it up and in fact, we will torpedo each and every jobs plan we have seen in the last four years.

And what have they taken up?  Almost 50 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  In so doing, advocating the deprivation of coverage to those with pre-existing conditions and college students, charging women discriminatorily higher premiums, rewarding insurance companies for exorbitant salaries instead of healthcare expenditures, and again opening the donut hole for seniors’ life-sustaining drugs.  In short, robbing people of the lowest increase in healthcare costs since the 1950s and instead, taking us backward to where anyone able to secure insurance coverage can suffer from yearly double digit premium inflation.

Do nothing CongressJohn Boehner could answer this challenge.  He could bring any of these issues, already passed by the Senate, to the House floor and allow Nancy Pelosi to work her magic.  What’s Boehner got to lose — the Tea Party caucus wouldn’t pass him the Coppertone if he was on fire and charred to a shade just a hair beyond normal.

To paraphrase Joe Bob, “Congress, go ahead and vote, we need the relief.”  Or better yet, “Congress, just go ahead and go.”

Thread open this is.  Oops, I had a Yoda moment.

This is going to be short (I’ve said that before, yes?) because I was playing around with that damned animation I wanted to do and it has locked up my laptop two different times.  👿  So here I am at 4:20 a.m. sans animation and I’m just going to have to write about the topic.

We have all been told of how great a businessman Mitt Romney is; how he started Bain Capital and turned it into…whatever phrase you wish to use for big, giant, successful company, capitalism at its best.  But maybe there’s more to the story than we have heard.

There have been two very interesting pieces in Rolling Stone, one by Matt Taibbi and the other by Tim Dickinson that tell a somewhat different tale.

We know that Romney and lil Eddie Munster Jr. have campaigned on the issue of debt, the federal debt, the debt that the “47%” owe who are free-loading on the rest of the country.  As Matt Taibbi said:

Romney used language that was literally inflammatory to describe America’s federal borrowing. “A prairie fire of debt is sweeping across Iowa and our nation,” he declared. “Every day we fail to act, that fire gets closer to the homes and children we love.” Our collective debt is no ordinary problem: According to Mitt, it’s going to burn our children alive.

And it’s really kind of ironic or hypocritical the way he has harped on the debt because of the way he did business at Bain Capital.  Again as Taibbi says:

But what most voters don’t know is the way Mitt Romney actually made his fortune: by borrowing vast sums of money that other people were forced to pay back. This is the plain, stark reality that has somehow eluded America’s top political journalists for two consecutive presidential campaigns: Mitt Romney is one of the greatest and most irresponsible debt creators of all time. In the past few decades, in fact, Romney has piled more debt onto more unsuspecting companies, written more gigantic checks that other people have to cover, than perhaps all but a handful of people on planet Earth.


A man makes a $250 million fortune loading up companies with debt and then extracting million-dollar fees from those same companies, in exchange for the generous service of telling them who needs to be fired in order to finance the debt payments he saddled them with in the first place.

Now that, you have to admit is incredible.  Taibbi compares him to the other Wall Street cronies he’s involved with, Lloyd Blankfiend of Goldman-Sachs and Jamie Dimon of Citibank* J.P. Morgan/Chase saying “He’s been right with them on the front lines of the financialization revolution, a decades-long campaign in which the old, simple, let’s-make-stuff-and-sell-it manufacturing economy was replaced with a new, highly complex, let’s-take-stuff-and-trash-it financial economy.”  To quote again from Taibbi’s piece (I love what he’s written here)

Instead of building new companies from the ground up, we took out massive bank loans and used them to acquire existing firms, liquidating every asset in sight and leaving the target companies holding the note. The new borrow-and-conquer economy was morally sanctified by an almost religious faith in the grossly euphemistic concept of “creative destruction,” and amounted to a total abdication of collective responsibility by America’s rich, whose new thing was making assloads of money in ever-shorter campaigns of economic conquest, sending the proceeds offshore, and shrugging as the great towns and factories their parents and grandparents built were shuttered and boarded up, crushed by a true prairie fire of debt.

In Romney’s version of things, when Bain Capital was started, it was to look for “distressed” companies and go in, help to turn them around and create something better than it was.  He cites Staples, the office supply company as an example.  However, in the 80s he turned Bain Capital more toward the leveraged buy-out type of “help”.

A private equity firm like Bain typically seeks out floundering businesses with good cash flows. It then puts down a relatively small amount of its own money and runs to a big bank like Goldman Sachs or Citigroup for the rest of the financing. (Most leveraged buyouts are financed with 60 to 90 percent borrowed cash.) The takeover firm then uses that borrowed money to buy a controlling stake in the target company, either with or without its consent.

When it is a hostile takeover it is without management’s consent of the target company.  But Romney avoided the hostile takeover as much as possible mostly by bribing management of the target company with hefty bonuses.  Once you have management in your pocket it’s simple from there.  And here is how they usually did it (borrowing from Taibbi).  If the target company was worth 500 million, Romney’s Bain would put up 20 million of their own and borrow the rest to get a controlling interest in the company.  But here’s the catch. When Bain borrows all of that money from the bank, it’s the target company that ends up on the hook for all of the debt.

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Can you believe this crap?

I thought that I had become immune to mean-spirited behavior over the past decade.  I thought that I had seen and heard practically everything during that time period.  I still have images of simpering “Christians” both in and out of government who appear to have absolutely no problem with further impoverishment of those select groups that La-ti-da so wisely dubbed “The Uninvited”.  You’ve been out of work for so long that you’re out of all possible benefits?  Too bad there, Skippy.  Lost your home and your life-savings in the (apparently legal) home mortgage debacle?  Boo-frickin’-hoo.  The shelters are full and the food bank cupboards are bare?  Booooooooooring! 

I am horrfied to say that I was dead wrong.  Conservative society has apparently not yet hit bottom.  Witness the latest events with regard to the unemployment debacle.
The President and Mrs. O. are currently vacationing in a $50,000/week home in/on Martha’s Vineyard.  Congress has taken the month of August off, although ostensibly still in session.  The only actual activity that I’ve noted is the job fairs sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus.  Rep. Maxine Waters spoke very forthrightly on the subject:

S. House Rep. Maxine Waters is asking black voters who are struggling with an unemployment rate nearly twice the national average to “unleash” her and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus on President Obama.

The California Democrat, speaking at a raucous town hall in Detroit hosted by the CBC on Tuesday, said she doesn’t want to attack the president from his base unless the base gives her the go-ahead.

“If we go after the president too hard, you’re going after us,” Waters said. “When you tell us it’s all right and you unleash us and you’re ready to have this conversation, we’re ready to have the conversation.”

Judging by the reaction of the audience, including someone yelling to Waters, “It’s all right,”  the president will be hearing very soon from the congresswoman and her fellow caucus members.

And this:

Speaking at a job fair in Atlanta on Thursday, the fiery Waters said there was rising unhappiness in the African American community with the nation’s first black president.

“There is a growing frustration in this country and in minority communities because the unemployment rates are so high,” Waters said in televised remarks. She went on to cite home foreclosures and the increasing wealth gap between blacks and whites for “creating frustration and yes, some anger” in the black community, which wants to see Obama take on his opponents.

“The president is going to have to fight and he is going to have to fight hard,’ she said.

Go, Maxine, go!   I’m truly pleased that the CBC is not completely asleep at the switch.  Of course, the Reverend Al pointed out peevishly that most of the CBC supported Hillary Clinton, and attributed much of their animosity to sour grapes.

If the Reverend Al’s remark was strange, it was passed standing still by Rep. Allen West (R-Plantation).  Rep. West stated unequivocally that the CBC is but a group of overseers traveling in disguise:

During an appearance on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor,” West said black Democrats have consistently failed to address high unemployment in the black community and, in the meantime, continue to take black votes for granted come election time.

“So you have this 21st Century plantation … where the Democrat party has forever taken the black vote for granted, and you have established certain black leaders who are nothing more than the overseers of that plantation,” West said. “And now the people on that plantation are upset because they’ve been disregarded, disrespected and their concerns are not cared about.”

“So I’m here as the modern day Harriet Tubman to kind of lead people on the Underground Railroad away from that plantation into a sense of sensibility.”

Okay, Rep. West.   Let’s take this one step at a time.  You are actually a member of the CBC, you live in Plantation (Florida, even though he represents – wait for it – Jupiter, Florida), and you bear little resemblance either physically or spiritually to the esteemed Ms. Tubman.  Further, when your very own brother called you and asked for your help in finding a job, what did you tell him?  This:

Waters said in an appearance on MSNBC that even more stunning than the Florida Republican’s comments was that West unleashed a broadside against her while encouraging his own brother to go to the Atlanta job fair Thursday.

“As a matter of fact, Mr. West’s brother is here. He found himself out of a job. And he asked his brother to help him, and his brother told him to come to me, to come to us,” Waters said, noting that the brother lives in Atlanta. “He came up and introduced himself.”

“That’s why I said that, you know, those statements are rather ridiculous and they don’t make good sense. But I guarantee him this: We’re going to do everything we can to help his brother get a job,” Waters said.

To summarize:  Rep. West, a member of the CBC who lives in Plantation but represents (and only too well) Jupiter sent his own brother to that nasty old overseer for help rather than lead him to freedom personally.  You just can’t make this stuff up, can you?

This is an open thread.

MadamaB’s Mailbox was full of various and sundry goodies this week, Widdershins, yet the unifying theme was all about one thing: “Saving or creating” (wink! wink!) the New Deal.

First, we may have the embryo of a Third Party. It’s called The Job Party. Its mission is to create a grassroots movement to demand emergency legislation creating 15 million jobs – the way Roosevelt did during the Great Depression. Here’s some more from the email:

Tell Congress: Create Jobs Now!

The new Tea Party Republican Congress wants to slash jobs to give more tax cuts to the rich.

They won’t create jobs unless we build a powerful nationwide grassroots movement to demand them.

That’s exactly why we’re launching the Job Party – to create a movement more powerful than the Tea Party. Here’s our plan:

1. A video contest to convince Congress to Create Jobs Now.
2. An Emergency Jobs Bill to create 15 million jobs right now.
3. Rallies this week at local Congressional offices with Progressive Democrats of America. Bring signs saying “Create Jobs Now!”

In the weeks ahead, you’ll hear more about the Job Party. We’re reaching out to progressive leaders and allies to build a grassroots movement that’s far more powerful than the Tea Party.

In 2011, we’ll lobby for our Emergency Jobs Bill. If Congress refuses to act, we’ll recruit Job Party candidates to run against them (on existing ballot lines) in 2012. (emphasis mine)

To become one of our founding members, visit our new web site:
or “like” us on Facebook:
or follow us on Twitter: 

As you might imagine, I have some framing issues with Mr. Fertik, who still seems to believe in the simple, “white hat/black hat” myth that gasped its final breath during the 2008 Obama campaign. No, the Democrats are not always the good guys, and the Tea Party is not the only enemy here. After all, it’s not as though Obama has done anything to create jobs, despite being given the gift of massive popularity and a subservient Congress with a large Democratic majority. In fact, Obama’s policies have been directly opposed to those of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who created the first New Deal. The real enemy here is the oligarchy/patriarchy; i.e., the top 2%, the Powers that Be, the Masters of the Universe. The Tea Party is just one tool of our ruling classes. The Democratic and Republican leadership are also its tools; less blunt instruments which help demonize “the other team” and keep the bottom 98% from rising up together against economic oppression and social injustice.

Nonetheless, if the Job Party really DOES run its own candidates on Independent, Working Families or Green Party lines, I will investigate, then put the good ones on our L 2012 list for our support. (It’s not too early to scope out your local lefties, folks. Keep your eyes and ears open!) Of course, I’ll also participate in any events that seem do-able to me. And, I’ve made a few suggestions already regarding thought leaders and Job creation strategies. You can log in via FaceBook or Twittter, or you can create a new account at the site. Just watch those account settings – make sure you are only sharing what you want to share!

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One Nation

One Nation Official Symbol

As more and more lefties understand that change will not come unless we demand it, old alliances are breaking up and new ones forming. A promising new group has combined United for Peace and Justice, After Downing Street and a number of others like them into one large organization called One Nation for Peace and Justice.

This organization is focusing on both economic and social justice, and is holding a large march in Washington, DC on October 2nd, 2010. Here is more about what the marchers are hoping to accomplish:

The effort will kick off on October 2nd with a march in Washington, DC demanding that Congress and the Obama Administration adopt a peoples’ agenda for jobs and economic renewal. The mobilization is intended to be the beginning of an ongoing progressive coalition. With the reach, size and political breadth of the organizing partners, the 10.2.10 mobilization has potential to be huge and the continuing efforts very powerful. (emphasis mine)

The peace and anti-war movements must take advantage of this unique opportunity to work closely with allies to demand Money for Jobs, Not For War, and Jobs, Peace and Justice. Our work over the past 8 years has set the table for this unprecedented broad coalition to gather and work together.

Our participation in 10.2.10 deepens the antiwar and peace content of the demonstration and ultimately of the coalition that emerges from it. Our signs and voices will make more visible the connections between U.S. militarism, war spending and our nation’s lack of resources to resolve the current economic crisis. This strengthens the message of the mobilization and will help make continued efforts to push for real change successful.

The 10.2.10 mobilization affords us an opportunity we cannot afford to miss.

We urge your group – whether a community group or a national organization – to join us in the effort We encourage you to contact local organizers or if none exist near you, to convene a local coalition to organize as many people from your area as possible to be in Washington, DC on 10.2.10.

And then we hope you will continue efforts after the mobilization. The objective is to organize a coalition in each community that is as broad and diverse as that which is developing nationally – not just to mobilize for the march in DC, but to create the kind of cross-constituency, cross-movement alliance that will give real muscle to our common progressive agenda.

Now is the time to commit to making this mobilization and emerging local and national coalitions a success. It will not be easy, because coalition building is always hard. But the possibilities for advancing our work are great and success worth having never comes easy.

This type of movement is EXACTLY what I thought would arise out of the chaos of the 2008 election. Although there are some groups in the coalition with which I often disagree, I believe the general goals are ones with which we can all agree: Jobs, justice and peace.

Today, I urge you to visit One Nation for Peace and Justice. Look around and see what you think. Maybe you will want to be a part of this movement, and even open a chapter in your own town. I know that I will be following its development with great interest, and with something I thought I wouldn’t feel again in a long time: Hope.

This is an open thread.

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