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Here are eight things I learned Monday evening.Iowa caucus 3

  1. People who are not Democrats love them some Bernie Sanders. Bernie won over two-thirds of Independents participating in the Iowa caucus.  Interestingly, he lost Democrats by a rather resounding 56% to 39%.  As a prelude to coming attractions:  Guess who cast over half the votes in the 2008 New Hampshire primary?  That’s right – Independents and ever-helpful Republicans who, as good Samaritans, want to assist their Democratic friends by selecting the most unelectable candidate.
  1. Forty-three percent (43%) of Iowa Democrats consider themselves to be Socialists. This statistic supports the rather unique proposition that Iowa is truly representative of what a non-representative cross-section of the Democratic Party looks like.  Accordingly, only 47% of all Americans (that’s Ds, Rs, Is, and everyone else) would even consider voting for a self-described Socialist candidate.  So much for the Socialist Republic of Iowa.
  1. Channeling Walter Mondale’s “Mr. Reagan will raise taxes, and so will I. He won’t tell you.  I just did,” is not usually considered a masterful political stratagem.  Bernie’s braggadocio about raising everyone’s taxes isn’t a purity test.  It is dumb.  It reinforces every liberal stereotype.  It answers the prayers of Republicans.  Bernie is painting with a broad brush and he is smearing all Democrats with this meshugas.  It needs to stop.Bernie Sanders
  1. Hell hath no fury like an Obamabot scorned. It seems as if a vast majority of Berniebots are merely Obamabots whose warranty ran out.  It is amazing to watch the contortions, without anything resembling logic, these Berniebros put themselves through in order to try and square the circle of their support for Obama before he became the “Disappointer in Chief”.  A perfect example is Van Jones, a paid CNN talker, who is massively over-employed in a role where logic couldn’t have been a prerequisite for hiring.
  1. In yet another example of the idiocy in allowing Iowa to play the inaugural role in selecting nominees, minorities comprise only 9% of Iowa voters. Conversely, in the Democratic primaries as a whole, minorities will represent four in ten voters.  Unlike Independents, minority voters aren’t feeling the Bern.  In fact, Hillary won three-fifths of minority voters in Iowa while Bernie attracted less than a third.  Nationally, Hillary polls even better than this among minorities and in the delegate rich environment of larger states, minorities will play a much more important Hillary-friendly role.
  1. Marco Rubio seems to have studied the lessons of Dubya being appointed President. After months of polling in third place, clad in his ego-boosting boots and his overbite, Rubio marched out and declared himself to have overcome all the odds by securing – third place.  The originating genius of the “expectation mirage” is James A. Baker, who was tasked with being Dubya’s “manny and minder” during the 2000 election.  Baker declared Dubya President and began assembling a Cabinet.  He was also behind the great Brooks Brothers Riot in Dade County.  Rubio, or more likely someone babysitting Rubio, learned the lesson of expectations management quite well.
  1. Poor Jebra Bush ended up spending about $2,800 per vote. That’s a record and doesn’t count Super-Pac spending.Hillary in front of the flag
  1. And this is probably the most important lesson for Hillary supporters. When is a win not a win?  Answer:  When Hillary is the winner.  These were some of the headlines on Tuesday:

The New York Times: “Hillary Clinton Campaign, Unnerved by Iowa, Braces for New Hampshire”

The Washington Post: “Photo finish reveals shortcomings of candidate who once seemed invincible”

Politico: “How Iowa went wrong for Hillary Clinton”

CNN: “Did Hillary Clinton really win the Iowa caucuses?”

No one in the press seemed to remember, other than Dana Milbank, that the margin of victory for Rick Santorum over Mitt Romney was a scant 34 votes.  Rick Santorum and his sweater vest were treated as conquering heroes in the press.

This incredibly unfair double standard was never more evident than when Hillary made her statement and the talking heads immediately faulted her for claiming victory.  This criticism frothed while they admitted, “She didn’t explicitly say she had won.”  CDS has risen to new heights of illogical hallucinations.

This also brings me to this learning – something is “bad wrong” when watching MSNBC makes one want to turn the channel to Fox for less biased commentary.  MSNBC is again infected by and has surrendered to CDS.  Monday night MSNBC was Fox-lite when it came to Hillary prejudice and Bernie-gasma.

Unfortunately, these conditions are not going to get better in the short-term.  It will take another three weeks for things to right themselves.  Nevada’s Democratic primary is set for February 20th and South Carolina’s is set for one week later on February 27th.

Until then Widdershins – mind these lessons.  Enjoy your Wednesday and take this conversation in any direction you might like to explore.



Tuesday night’s debate defined a new term for me – helicopter child.  It seemed as though Marco Rubio never allowed ten seconds to elapse without mentioning his Cuban parents.  His ancestry hovers with drone-like precision over just about everything he says.  His helicopter childishness also extends to his sugar daddy, billionaire Sheldon Adelson, the Macau casino magnate. Out a Time

But Rubio has skills.  He’s glib, well-rehearsed, well-trained in the ways of the media since that unfortunate hydration incident, and just ethnic enough without scaring the white folks to get to that magical, but illusive 40% Hispanic vote.

Unless he is kneecapped by the other immigrant hating Cuban/Canadian Ted Cruz, Rubio could be the nominee.  Even if he isn’t, he previewed the Republican theme for 2016 – this election is about the future.

The future – a noun meaning things that are yet to come – things that have not yet happened – things that are unseen and surprising.  Let’s take a quick look at how unsurprising the future looks to these Republicans.

The future economic plan of Republicans is to once again cut taxes on the rich and corporations, end all semblance of regulation, and sit back and watch the good times roll.  Let’s see, that’s been tried again and again and it has worked exactly – NEVER.

The future of monetary regulation is to tie our currency to a gold standard once again.  Now that’s a plan, abolish the Federal Reserve and empower Glenn Beck and the gold coin peddlers to set the world’s currency rates.

The future of energy regulation is no regulation and abolition of all green energy initiatives.  As Rand Paul so eloquently stated, we should be burning more coal – a technology first utilized 3,000 years ago.

Time Travelers WifeThe future of reproductive rights is the abolition of Planned Parenthood and women’s health clinics wherever their sinning ways are condoned.  The rosy future painted in the Republican world is one where lucky women have only marriage sanctioned sex, in the missionary position, with loving, providing husbands as if their lives depended on it – because without exceptions to abortion it does.

The future of the IRS is somewhere between Cruz’ postcard and the three pages of the Fiorina plan.  These conservative cockle-warming ideas essentially move all revenue production – every last cent – to the backs of workers.  The talk of a flat tax on business is nothing more than a politically palatable name for a value added tax on consumable goods, meaning, businesses will pay absolutely nothing.

The future of environmental regulation is repealing any action taken by Obama on clean water, clean air, or land management.  While on the way to this Republican idyllic dystopian nightmare, we will be required to burn effigies of Richard Nixon – the President who first signed environmental legislation.
Edge of Tomorrow 2

The future of our foreign policy is more action and less talking.  In fact, there will be no foreign policy only a trillion dollars in military expenditures.  When we create that military, everyone will love us or we will invade them, take their oil, disband their government, dismantle their social institutions, and install a new government to our liking.  Wait, that sounds vaguely familiar.

The Republican future means repealing healthcare reform and consumer protection.  That is a future where it will be easier to go bankrupt when you get sick without hampering the unsung heroes of the free market – debt collectors.

That’s a small sampling of the future according to those who aspire to be the Republican Presidential nominee.  Here’s my hope – I hope the eventual nominee is articulate, tireless, and robust in his advocacy of this Republican inspired future.  It will just make it all the easier for Hillary – just think of all the ads inspired by Back to the Future.

Enjoy your Thursday and take the conversation in any direction you might like.



It’s the weekend Widdershins.  We’ve made it through another week and what a week it was!  It is as if the world, all 5,000 years of it according to the ticket stub from the Noah’s Ark Theme Park and Dinosaur Rental, has turned on its head.

The Speaker of the House is no longer orange and “orange you glad.”  Under relevant experience, new Speaker Paul Ryan listed having driven the Oscar Meyer “Wienermobile”.  While a Republican inside a wiener is usually the opposite of what’s normal in Washington, Ryan’s experience will come in handy when taking the Tea Party troglodytes on field trips.

There was a crazy governor’s race in Kentucky where the winner won by pledging to make a half million poor people losers by taking away their health insurance.  In perfect Kafkaesque logic, it was as if the voters had prosthetic legs and had grown tired of walking.  To cure the problem, they decided to throw their prostheses into a wood chipper, but forgot to first take them off.

Jeb! Bush had a trying week.  First, he lost his exclamation point somewhere on the downhill slide from 8% to 4%.  Next, he changed his slogan to something with the word “Fix” in it and most pundits thought “fix” was perfect since that is where the campaign finds itself.  Finally, Jeb!’s daddy has a new book coming out that explains his deep regret at not having broken the rule of “no child left behind” on family camping trips.

The week ended on a much more optimistic note.  The Democratic Forum last night was a successful, civil, and sophisticated policy discussion.  While all three candidates were light years ahead of the Republican version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Hillary’s star beamed.  Her line that stuck with me was this:  I want to be President for the struggling, striving, and successful.

So in honor of Hillary’s eventual ascendancy, let’s have some music for the struggling, the striving, and the successful.

Chat will be back next week after her Georgia Dawgs dine on some Kentucky Wildcats this weekend.  As always, take the conversation in any direction you might like.

Struggling Man from The Walking Dead









Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Karl Ferdinand von Humboldt was an 18th century Prussian philosopher and name trier-outer.  If there had been Angie’s List back then he would have been very busy since he was also a government functionary, a diplomat, and along with his brother the naturalist (meaning tree loving non-churcher) was the founder of Humboldt University of Berlin.  They were exceedingly “humble Humboldts” because the university wasn’t named after them until 1949 – go figure. Anticipation Rocky Horror

Wilhelm von Humboldt was also a noted linguist of his time.  He’s known for the postulate that language is a system which “makes infinite use of finite means”, meaning that an infinite number of sentences can be created using a finite number of grammatical rules.

Contemporary linguist Noam Chomsky drew heavily upon Humboldt’s work and is credited with the theory that we can potentially produce an infinite number of sentences.  With the advent of supercomputers we have discovered that is not strictly true.  For instance, in a language such as English with about 500,000 words, there are about 10570 possible sentences – a number greater than the atoms in the observable universe — while considerably more than a grocery cart full, not technically infinite.

By way of an example, here’s a sentence I never thought I’d utter in my lifetime:  Without waterboarding as an incentive, I eagerly quote from the ultra-conservative The Weekly Standard.

Republicans are in trouble. A significant bloc regards their congressional leaders as enemies.  A quarter or more of grassroots Republicans think Donald Trump should be president. And to make things worse, Hillary Clinton has a glide path to the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

Let’s examine the problems of Republicans one by one, starting with the rebellious faction in the House. It was dismissed as a band of “chuckleheads”…now there are roughly 40 members of the Freedom Caucus, and they have important allies in the conservative media.

The second problem is Donald Trump. He has thrilled many rank and file Republicans…the blue-collar, non-college wing of the Republican primary electorate has “consolidated” around him…meaning Trump, with a solid base, could win the Republican nomination—not likely, but possible.

The third problem was caused by Joe Biden. By declining to run, he left the Democratic race firmly in Hillary’s control. Biden leaves behind an abnormal primary campaign, with a Teflon frontrunner.

ConscienceThis quote comes from none other than Fred Barnes, one of the conservative pundit/activist/snake-oilers who went ashore in Alaska during a conservopaloosa cruise.  While shopping for moose turd jewelry, instead of finding les repères de poopie they found Caribou Barbie, became enthralled, and ultimately gave an unbelievable boost to Tina Fey’s career.  Mr. Barnes was quoted as saying, “I was struck with how smart Palin was.”  For the record, that’s another sentence I never thought I would see in print.

The pachyderm peanut crews are already pissed at Progressives over their electoral woes.  The RNC and Prince Priebus promised these problems were under control with an abbreviated debate schedule.  Oopsie they say — best laid plans of micey men or something like that.

Proving the recurring STD nature of the RNC folly, there’s another Republican debate tonight, so it’s a perfect time to play a game of “Who said?” matching up some of the craziest, “I never thought I’d hear that” quotes with the candidates who mouth-farted them.

Who said?

  1. Liberals are to blame for California’s drought.
  2. To an African-American legislator upset that his cabinet appointments lacked diversity: “I don’t need your people.”
  3. I will unilaterally execute any American who I believe is “thinking about joining al-Qaeda or ISIL”.
  4. Every United States senator should be just like notorious racist Jesse Helms.
  5. Women should not be allowed to serve in combat because of “the emotions that are involved”.
  6. We have to “phase out” Medicare.
  7. Someone should “take a bat out” on a 76-year-old widow.
  8. Homosexuality is a choice because people go into prison straight and come out gay.
  9. I don’t buy into the dystopian scenarios of self-aware robots enslaving mankind, but you don’t have to be a sci-fi conspiracy theorist to acknowledge that plenty of good, well-paying jobs are being taken over by machines.
  10. This president’s foreign policy would trust the Iranians. By doing so, he will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.
  11. Some of the candidates, they went in and didn’t know the air conditioner didn’t work and sweated like dogs, and they didn’t know the room was too big because they didn’t have anybody there. How are they going to beat Isis?
  12. There is a secret plot to merge the United States with Mexico and Canada.

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If loss of innocence is the price you pay for life lessons, the shipping and handling cost for such discovery is the disappointment one feels from unrealized expectations.  Trouble is, unrealistic expectations are always moving targets scampering about like over-caffeinated bunnies.

Personally, I was well into my fourth decade before learning that silently projecting even minimal expectations on others, be it family, friends, or business associates, was nothing more than rolling out the welcome mat for world-class disappointment.  That’s a hard lesson and one I’m not sure I‘ve yet mastered.

What I have learned is that constantly reminding oneself of unmet expectations is the surest way to keep things in perspective, thereby making sure every tomorrow surprises you with new discoveries.  For example:Hillary Fiorina

When I’m reminded thinking it was impossible for someone to set back women’s rights more than a vice presidential nominee who couldn’t name a newspaper or magazine she read while passing the time surreptitiously surveilling Russia, Carly Fiorina then comes along as a presidential candidate.

It begins with Fiorina living some kind of Sixth Sense type existence where she’s the only person who sees videotape that isn’t there.  Next, her major selling point is a lie about a hardscrabble upbringing rather than the real one of privilege, further built around a half-truth of working as a secretarial intern, and wrapping it up in a fiction of her being something other than an abject failure as C.E.O. at H.P.

But, Fiorina’s greatest talent so far is tearing down another woman with lies, innuendos, and half-baked conspiracy theories.  That might be politics as usual, but to me there’s plenty of disappointment there.

When I’m reminded that it can’t get worse than someone killing 20 first graders and six of their teachers, then there’s another mass killing.  Last week on the 274th day of the year, the Oregon killings were the 294th mass shooting of the year.  Yet, the country hardly works up a collective whimper.

US-CRIME-SHOOTING-OREGONWe add to the toll of senseless death not just with “event murders,” but we pile up bodies with over thirty deaths every single day.  Succumbing to the inevitability of the NRA’s omnipresence, we blithely accept there is now loose in society the equivalent of a gun for each man, woman, and child in the country.

We know that reducing the numbers of guns through commonsense regulation reduces the number of suicides, but the NRA is made rich by being a pro-suicide organization.  Our government, with what little background checking there is, accedes to gun lobby demands that if the check isn’t completed in 72 hours, the applicant gets the gun by default no matter what the results are.  Think about that for a moment – first, the default position is giving a gun to someone whose background hasn’t been checked, and second, and by far the most anger-making, the inconvenience of a mass shooter outweighs the lives of anonymous victims yet to be selected.

If that’s not disappointment enough, sober up on the fact that one of two major political parties finds it expedient to prostitute itself to the NRA and other trade groups whose sole job is to make it politically palatable to accept increasing numbers of mass killings.  That’s beyond disappointment, that’s just pure evil.

There’s the reminder that trickle down, supply-side economics has never worked – not once, not ever.  Armed with that undisputable fact, you find the Republican candidates like Jeb! Bush and Forrest Trump trotting out tax plans recycling the same failed plans to enrich the rich and add Trillions with a “T” to the deficit.

The actual napkin upon which the Laffer Curve was hatched. It is signed by Laffer and given to Donald Rumsfeld and dated in 1974. A day of economic infamy.

The actual napkin upon which the Laffer Curve was hatched. It is signed by Laffer and given to Donald Rumsfeld and dated September 13, 1974. A day of economic infamy.

This economic/political sloganeering, like every other identical plan to lower taxes since 1981, is the divine inspiration of an actor and a football player who became star-struck with the buffoonery of an economist who believed tax rates alter the brain function of the world’s wealthy.  The economist believing in magical, mystical brain remodeling is ironically named Laffer.  Honestly, does any more need be said?

Disappointment grows almost as fast as does the self-indulgent quackery.

You don’t need a reminder to remember congressional inquires sprout like toadstools after a spring rain when Republicans are in charge of Congress.  After seven (7) independent inquiries, the Special Super-Dooper, immaculately conceived, spiky-haired chaired, Benghazi Committee has lasted longer than the Watergate Committee, the Iran/Contra Inquiry, the Warren Commission on the Kennedy assassination, the Church Commission revamping the nation’s intelligence agencies, and the investigation into the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Benghazi Dead HorseBenghazi is a tragedy looking for a scandal that isn’t there, but of course, never being satisfied with the mere waste of money or the futile waste of energy, the fact checkers want to focus on the “gotcha aspects” of four obscure congressional inquiries having lasted longer than Benghazi.  Disappointment always follows when you try to plumb the depths of the contagion known as HDS (Hillary Derangement Syndrome).

This list of disappointments is long and virtually inexhaustible.  Here’s what takes the sting out of it for me: I remind myself of what it must be like to be a traitor to feminism like Carly Fiorina, an NRA executive paid to write press releases excusing mass killings, or a politician making political points on the deaths of Americans.  When I do that, being disappointed isn’t such a bad thing at all.  In fact, I’m reminded of how gratifying disappointment can be.

I’ll be out-of-pocket some this week so if I don’t quickly respond to comments, please don’t let that slow you down.  I’ll catch up.

This is an open thread itching for your thoughts and insights.

Have a most glorious week!

So much is happening!  I thought I would touch on several items today and let you pick where to run with them.  Feel free to take the conversation in any direction you deem worthy of our time and energy.WayBack Machine

Here’s my first discussion nominee:  I find it downright arse-reddening to have these Republican candidates harp on, “Making Murica Great Again,” or “Taking Murica Back,” or “Restore the Murican Dream,” or any number of other vapid and vacuous word salads harkening us to better times past by climbing into the “WayBack Machine.”

Shall we compare the 2008 angelic conservo-Republicanism of Bush with today’s terrible, horrible, most awful Democratic commie Afro-Kenyan?”

Here’s a fun chart comparing net job creation:


Here’s one on corporate profits – I include it knowing full well corporate profits are obscene, but it absolutely debunks the meme that it takes a Republican to effectively run the economy.


How about gas prices?  Price per gallon in 2008 was $3.25 per gallon.  Now, gas is $2.29 per gallon.  Every 20% reduction in gas prices reflect the equivalent of a $75 Billion tax cut.

How about immigration?  By the end of 2014 or five full years of his presidency, Obama deported more people than Dubya did in his entire eight years.

How about uninsured Muricans?  Down from 15 percent to 9.2 percent.  Or how about unemployment?  Down from 7.2 percent to 5.1 percent.  How about something as arcane as Iranian centrifuges?  Down from 19,000 at the end of the Bush Administration to 6,000 with the Iranian Agreement.

You can see where I’m going with this.  Anyone who seriously wants to “Make Murica Great Again” – great like it was under the former Republican president – obviously doesn’t know what the word “great” means.Carson Muslims Unfit

Then there’s Ben Carson – the quiet guy – the guy who is a super-smart, gifted pediatric neurosurgeon.  I have no reason to doubt he’s a truly great doctor, but there is more than enough evidence to prove he’s clueless about public policy and abysmally ignorant about the government he is so desirous of leading.

Carson said, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.  I absolutely would not agree with that.”  To hear Carson tell it now, he didn’t say it like that, but who are you going to believe?  Ben Carson or your lying ears?

Article VI of the Constitution (pretty important document) says there shall be no religious test for any office within the United States.  Just for clarity, “any office” includes the presidency.

Ben Carson is quiet, unassuming, timid – no bluster, no showmanship, no spectacle like Forrest Trump.  Let there be no mistake though, Carson is every bit as toxic as Trump.  Just because he spews his toxicity quietly doesn’t make it any less corrosive.

Scott WalkerTurning now to Scott Walker and his slow retreat into a vat of Wescottsin sharp cheddar, I can’t help but revel in the knowledge that the Brothers Koch seem to dwell in some kind of political fool’s paradise.

Scott Walker and his ever-expanding bald spot was the Koch boychick in the 2016 race.  In 2012, their shikseh was Michele Bachmann.  Need we say more?

The Supreme Court, through Citizen’s United, has essentially outsourced picking the president to those with the political acumen of the Brothers Koch.  It’s said that a fool and their money are soon parted, but I have no clue as to how long it takes to separate two fools and $130 Billion.

Here’s the last subject for you to consider:  Why have we spent months upon months wooling around an issue as inconsequentially arcane as Hillary’s email when something as fundamentally dishonest as Jeb!’s economic plan has been barely mentioned in the press.

Wars and Tax CutsA bit of context is useful.  By 2019, more than half of our projected federal deficit will be directly attributable to the Bush wars and tax cuts.  Here’s a handy-dandy chart because you know what they say, “One picture is worth $20 Trillion in words.”

Now Jeb!’s plan is to officially replicate his brother’s tax cut.  Jeb!’s tax plan benefits not the top 1 percent, but the top 0.1 percent.  He conveniently left that part out of his media push.  I can do no better than what Vox has done in explaining it:

Four economists handpicked by Bush’s team to analyze the plan say that it would reduce federal revenue by about $3.4 Trillion over its first 10 years. That’s trillion with a T.

To get a sense of the scale, consider the following big government liberal dream proposals:

Create subsidized job opportunities for 80,000 adults per year ($10 billion)

The Center for American Progress’ plan for high-quality day care ($40 billion)

A bipartisan plan to boost the EITC to help the working poor that’s held up in Congress because of disagreement on how to pay for it ($60 billion)

Obama’s proposal for universal preschool ($75 billion)

Eliminate the Highway Trust Fund fiscal gap ($168 billion)

Hillary Clinton’s plan for debt-free college ($350 billion)

A national high-speed rail network ($500 billion)

End sequestration, and adopt the Congressional Progressive Caucus’s wish list of domestic discretionary funding increases ($1.9 trillion)

Sounds pretty ridiculous, right? Especially if you don’t specify how you are going to pay for it. But this liberal wish list adds up to only $3.1 trillion in new budgetary commitments.

Read too quickly and the difference between $3.1 trillion and $3.4 trillion can seem like just a decimal point, but $300 billion is a lot of money, even spread across 10 years. So much that it would be enough to add in the $30 billion a year it would take to end hunger globally.

World Hunger

Simply put, it’s a choice between Jeb!’s plan to use $3.4 Trillion to help out the top 0.1 percent or a liberal wish list of universal daycare to debt free college, helping the poor, jobs, infrastructure, and eradication of world hunger.

That’s a national conversation worth having if we didn’t have such important things as Hillary’s emails to spit and spew about.  The real mystery to me is why voters fall for this claptrap again and again.

If the fifteen years of this century has taught us anything it is this:  Policy problems, both domestic and international, are complicated.  We need to mind that lesson.

Take the conversation in any direction you would like and have a great Wednesday.

Amnesia is one of the most popular plot devices in fiction.  It can wipe away history in a couple of paragraphs – clean, convenient, and efficient.  Jason Bourne or the Drew Barrymore character in 50 First Dates provided an entertaining catalyst for manipulating the story line. Oblivion

The limitation of amnesia is that it doesn’t erase the memories of everyone.  In real life, the impact of amnesia and brainwashing can lead to disastrous results.  Just ask Tania, the urban guerrilla, who was first known as Patty Hearst before her unfortunate forced conscription in the Symbionese Liberation Army.

Our friend Jeb! seems to be suffering from a rather colossal case of amnesia.  Tuesday night at the Reagan Library (where better to be kissed by the amnesia fairy) Jeb! decided to go full monty on the Iraq War and ISIS.  Given the severity of the amnesia, it appears Jeb! might be gunning for an endorsement deal from Aricept or Namenda because he doesn’t seem to be at all hindered by reality brought to you by the capital letter ‘R’.

Bush Reagan LibraryThe whole premise of Jeb!’s speech — that brother Dubya’s war strategy was brilliant, while Obama’s foreign policy created the Islamic State — is so convoluted it defies logic.  That is, it defies logic unless you season it with a heaping helping of amnesia.

First of all, The Islamic State is the successor organization to al-Qaida’s Iraqi affiliate, which formed shortly after the U.S. invasion in 2003.  The very same invasion we were lied into through an orchestrated symphony of deception by that great conductor of such things Dick “Rotmymanhoodoff” Cheney.

Furthermore, Jeb!’s account of the withdrawal as a “case of blind haste” omitted the fact that it was brother Dubya who had set the withdrawal date of 2011 in an agreement he signed in 2008 with the Iranian muppet, Nouri al-Maliki.  By 2011 it wasn’t like we had just gotten there, we had been in Iraq since May 2003 – 2003 when flip phones were the rage and Bruce Jenner was best known for being an Olympian.   Bush meh

When Obama and Hillary took office in 2009 they had few, if any, good options.  In the simplest terms, if a railroad engineer causes a train wreck, you don’t blame the folks who come afterward to fix the tracks.  Jeb! in his decidedly finite wisdom wants to blame the track-fixers instead of the reckless, errant engineer.

ISIS grew from the terrorist faction al-Qaida in Iraq.  And where did AQI come from you ask?  AQI simply didn’t exist before the 2003 U.S. invasion.  In addition, the ill-advised disbanding of the Iraqi military in 2003 led to a fracturing of the country which eventually fomented into former Sunni members of the military forming insurgent groups later coalescing into ISIS.

So Jeb!’s attempt at rehabilitating the failed Bush legacy of perhaps a half million lives lost and a wasted Two Trillion Dollars is quite a heavy lift.  In explaining such amnesia inspired endeavors, Dean Koontz wrote, “When my wits fail me, I resort to self-deception.”  He presciently wrote those words in a book entitled Brother Odd, so in the case of the Bush boys, I have three thoughts:

Oh brother1. Odd is a comparative term, so I have no idea which Bush boy is “odder”;

2. I have absolutely no idea which one could be characterized as having “wits”; and

3. Self-deception seems to be a well-worn, time-honored Bush family tradition.


Take the conversation in any direction you might like and don’t forget to have a great weekend.


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  •     Bill de Blasio
  •     Tulsi Gabbard
  •     Kirsten Gillibrand
  •     Kamala Harris
  •     Jay Inslee
  •     Andrew Yang

Moderators will be Dana Bash, Don Lemon and Jake Tapper

There’s even info on who stands where but I’m not interested in who is in the center square.