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Posted on: June 21, 2018

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I have spent the last 2 days thinking about what the subject of my weekly post here would be. Honestly – I’m just at a loss for words. The revelations about the concentration camps Donald Trump is building for children – including babies – just kind of takes my breath away and leaves me speechless. Over the last couple of years, as we have watched Trump rise, many of us began comparing him to the Nazis, seeing parallels between his rise to power and Hitler’s. There are many who really believe in Godwin’s law that comparisons to Hitler are inevitable and once you compare someone to Hitler you’ve lost the argument. Except we’ve now jumped the shark and even Mike Godwin himself has cancelled his own law. “By all means, compare these shitheads to Nazis. Again and again. I’m with you,” he tweeted in August 2017. I don’t think you need to have millions of people burn in ovens before you say: “You know, maybe it’s not too early to call them Nazis.” As awful as Trump has been, I just was not ready for “concentration camps for babies” awful. Though it should be noted Hillary Clinton warned us about that too: in one of the debates she said Trump intended to take children away from their parents. But who would believe such a thing was possible! All the pundits who laughed at Hillary, called her “over prepared,” and openly shilled for Trump are now dismayed that Trump would do such a thing. Well, she tried to tell you. When Hillary said “I’m the last thing standing between you and the apocalypse” – perhaps the hyperbole wasn’t that big.

So here we are, with baby concentration camps courtesy of Donald Trump. Kirstjen Nielsen, who was at the center of Dubya’s catastrophic Katrina response, has thrown herself into this with body and soul. Trump will wrap this disaster around her neck and throw her overboard soon. She will be the latest casualty of Trump’s magical ability to grind people and their reputations into dust. People like Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, General MacMaster, Rex Tillerson, James Comey, etc. etc. Don’t feel bad for them. Each and every one was a willing participant in this charade. So it will be with Kirstjen Nielsen when Trump blames her for everything and fires her. The disgraced secretary who had no idea most people in Sweden were white will crawl away licking her wounds and not peep a bad word against Trump. And let her crawl away all the way into hell. I am not a religious man, but times like these make me hope there is, in fact, a God who damns evildoers to hell. Because that’s where people like Donald Trump and Kirstjen Nielsen belong: in the fires of hell, for all eternity, amen.


Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf with Hillary Clinton

Wednesday was a doozy of news. Between Kushner’s bribes and security clearance, Hope Hicks’ resignation, Trump telling Senators meeting on guns that we should take guns away from people, Trump attacking Jeff Sessions (who then went on to have a public dinner with Rod Rosenstein), Manafort pleading not guilty to whatever outstanding charges there were from Mueller, Walmart announcing they are raising age for gun purchases to 21 (useless, but ok), Louis Farrakhan delivering a blistering anti-Semitic, homophobic, racist 4-hour lecture while getting cheered on by some Women’s March organizers who threw Hillary under the bus  – I found some interesting news about a hero that doesn’t wear a cape.

Her name is Libby Schaaf and she is the mayor of Oakland. Last Saturday she went on TV and announced that according to information she had ICE was planning to do raids in her city and she advised people to be careful. When ICE did go on a rampage on Tuesday they arrested 150 people. But they claim about 800 got away and they are livid at the mayor.

“Sanctuary jurisdictions like San Francisco and Oakland shield dangerous criminal aliens from federal law enforcement at the expense of public safety,” [ICE Deputy Director Thomas D.] Homan said in a statement. “The Oakland mayor’s decision to publicize her suspicions about ICE operations further increased [risks] for my officers and alerted criminal aliens — making clear that this reckless decision was based on her political agenda with the very federal laws that ICE is sworn to uphold.”

Mayor Schaff, however, remains unimpressed.

She had already made her defiance clear last month when she told reporters that she was willing to go to jail to defend Oakland’s “sanctuary city” policy of protecting immigrants who are in the country illegally and not cooperating with federal authorities to deport them. She said Tuesday that she was responding to a suggestion from Homan in January that the Justice Department should begin criminally charging California politicians who supported sanctuary jurisdictions. Politicians like her, she said.

Asked by The Post whether she considered herself part of “the resistance” movement — the unofficial title for left-leaning Americans who do not support the Trump administration — she responded with a resounding yes.

I, for one, hope more politicians take the risk Mayor Schaff did. Her actions here were extremely brave. No doubt ICE will go after her. ICE is our own American Gestapo. I hope  when Democrats come to power they will not only abolish ICE, but investigate and prosecute people like Thomas Homan, people who commit acts of cruelty. “I was just following orders” is historically not a defense that has held up in courts.

This is an open thread.


Sometimes the greatest ideas crawl out from under the most bizarre rocks.  Here’s how I got to yesterday’s greatest idea of all time.  While surfing the intertubz, I happened upon a list for what makes a dog breed dumb.

He was great with Cher in "Mask"...

He was great with Cher in “Mask”…

Listed among the characteristics for an intellectually challenged dog are:  Difficulty in training, bad memory, inability to distinguish what’s real, and a general confusion about who’s in charge.  As I read the list I realized it pretty accurately described Dolt 45 and the pack of feral animals he’s brought in to sniff his rather ample butt.

His pack of dogs is a varied lot.  There’s the huge BannonMastiff.  Typically it has a completely disheveled, dirty appearance like it has been sleeping under an overpass.  The BannonMastiff drools a lot!  Strange things trigger the drooling like obscure references to European ethno-nationalistic philosophers.  This breed has a strong dislike and mistrust for others.  It will attack other dogs especially mongrels.

Then there’s the Siberian Flynnsky – a very lively breed.  It acts out and is often bored since it lives in a general confusion as to who’s in charge.  At times it is almost as if it hears distant Russian voices.  It is a working breed, but you can never be quite sure for whom it is working.

When it comes to territorial breeds, there is the Chinese Shar-Pence.  The Shar-Pence is very aggressive toward LBGT, hungry people, or pregnant women.  The Shar-Pence will not share.  This breed suffers from health problems, but when it comes to veterinary care, it is a dog eat dog world where only the fittest and most righteous will survive.

There’s also the Speagle – a breed with a little Spicey mixed in with the Beagle.  The Speagle is a piss poor listener and loves to bark.  They are very difficult to train and can be dangerous because they can be confused easily.  Unfamiliar scents cause them to get angry and chase their tails.  They often chase shadows.  Dog clothes never seem to fit the Speagle.

awaiting-confirmationLast, but certainly not least, there is the perceived pack leader, the Toy Teacup Trumpoodle.  This breed can be very amusing, but can be very high-strung.  They can be extremely temperamental.  They snap if they are teased or surprised.  Often they develop the “small dog syndrome” where they believe they are the pack leader.  This syndrome leads to snapping, growling, demanding behavior, and incessant barking.  The Teacup Trumpoodle often has mental stability problems if not trained early.

What got me thinking was how often this ragtag pack wanders off the reservation.  For instance, just yesterday Secretaries Tillerson and Kelly were in Mexico trying to clean up some of the messes of the Teacup Trumpoodle. While on their way to clean things up, the Trumpoodle laid a whole new pile of dog turds at their feet.

This pack is trying a fear-based approach to issues like immigration and overall personal rights.  For instance, children will be treated differently in different states.  In short, where you live will determine your happiness and socialization.  If your parents happen to live in an enlightened state (both mentally and physically), your constitutional protections will be greater than your poor cousin living in a red state where they are clawing their way back to 1950.milo-minus-stefan-equals-miller

It truly seems if our future is being mapped out by a pack of dogs. When it comes to budgeting, these grifters aren’t starting with real economic assumptions; they are making claims and then back-filling with magical hyperbole – a similar exercise to baying at the moon on an overcast night.

Then there are all these dogs hanging at the edges of the pack.  These dogs were originally hanging around the Siberian Flynnsky, but now it seems like more butts than his were sniffed during the campaign.  In fact, many more butts.  There are many questions.

So what’s my idea?  The best dog shock collar is supposed to be Dogtra’s 1900 NCP Field Star.  So my idea is to outfit Dolt 45 and the cabinet with modified shock collars.  But shock collar would show and look unseemly.  That’s when I thought about shock broziers – you know that little extra bit of support for man boobs.

When Dolt 45 and his pack of feral cabinet dogs are acting crazier than outhouse rats, we could shock them with 1600 DC-1 Trainer Broziers.  We’ve already cut a promo ad.


Here’s the way I look at it.  It makes no difference if this pack of wild dogs running the country is dumb or viciously evil.  The end result is the same.  Lots of fear, lots of peeing on things we once thought were sacred, and hoping against hope the political pack of wolves will turn on the Teacup Trumpoodle.

What’s on your mind today?


Paging the White House Physician!

I’m sure tRump has completely blown a gasket.  Of course the tweets will probably wait until late at night or early in the a.m.

To quote our Prolix:


With due deliberation and a judicious nature, the 9th Circuit whacked Donnie’s little peepee. Hard.


So here’s a new post.




Mr. Prolix here.  Sorry, but I’ve watched one too many Trump press conferences.  I now refer to myself in the third person with a gender-based honorific – you know, just in case by mistake I tune into an episode of I am Cait.spitting llama

Mr. Prolix likes to think of himself as a reasonably calm, sane human.  That is, until Mr. Prolix hears the teevee conservodroids say, “Hillary’s e-mail scandal is just like David Petraeus’ and he was charged with a crime.”

It is at this point Mr. Prolix’s head explodes.  Mr. Prolix then goes into apoplectic fits spitting at the teevee machine like a hyper-salivating llama.  It is quite the scene, a headless zombie llama spitting like a possessed pitching machine – Mr. Prolix must remember to take selfies.

Hillary and PetraeusPetraeus vs. Hillary…

Here’s the deal:  Comparing what Petraeus did to Hillary’s situation is the equivalent of comparing Mt. Everest to an anthill you see between cracks in the sidewalk. There is no comparison.  Even mentioning them in the same breath wouldn’t pass a breathalyzer test.  Let’s visit the Al Gore certified “inconvenient truth”.

First, David Petraeus was Director of the Central Freaking Intelligence Agency – the CIA.  Second, he had been engaged in a conscious scheme to leave his “sweet nothings emails” in a draft folder in a “dummy e-mail” account to avoid any possible detection.

And here’s the big difference – purple pill popping Petraeus, in furtherance of having his dolphin polished and what should have been a career ending forfeiture of his $220,000 a year pension, did this:

Petraeus and BroadwellThe FBI began investigating Petraeus after Paula Broadwell (aforementioned dolphin polisher) sent threatening e-mails to Jill Kelley, a Florida woman who knew Petraeus from his days in Tampa. Kelley, unaware of the sender’s identity, called the FBI. The bureau later traced the messages to Broadwell and uncovered explicit e-mails between her and Petraeus in an e-mail account both frequented without ever transmitting emails, but leaving draft messages in a folder.

Agents also learned that Broadwell was in possession of classified documents, triggering an investigation of how she obtained them.

The FBI searched Petraeus’s house in April 2013 and found books containing a trove of classified information in an unlocked drawer in his study. The books contained top-secret information that the Justice Department said could cause “exceptionally grave damage” to national security if disclosed.

That information included code words for secret intelligence programs, identities of covert officers, war strategy and deliberative discussions with the National Security Council.  (Emphasis my own.)

Sometimes even double entendres are too easy...

Sometimes even double entendres are too easy…

Petraeus took classified and highly sensitive information from secure locations.  He put it in notebooks, took it home, and left it unguarded.  And here’s the important part, he freely traded that information to someone who set out to seduce him for personal gain.  Did Mr. Prolix mention Petraeus was the Director of the freaking CIA at the time?  The CIA!

The F.B.I. was none too happy about the two-year probationary sentence Petraeus worked out with prosecutors, but those were the wages of his sin.

Now, Mr. Prolix reminds you:  When you hear the likes of Joe Scrotumborough or Sean Banality compare these two situations, don’t turn into a hyper-salivating llama like Mr. Prolix, just remember the Petraeus situation was centered on “hand to glans combat”.

The 14th Amendment and Little Bitty Babies

Okay, my third-person Trump fever has passed.Repeal the 14th

Trump has focused a great deal of white supremacist angst toward the threat presented by colicky, free-pooping babies.  Before I delve into a couple of points about the 14th Amendment, allow me, in the strongest possible terms, recommend an excellent piece of long-form journalism.  The essay is in The New Yorker about the beer-goggled allure white nationalists have with Forrest Trump.  If you have some free time, please take the time to read it.

Now, back to regular programming.

The 14th Amendment was passed after the Civil War to bring citizenship to freed slaves.  It provides in part:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

Trump continues to insist there are “some of the greatest legal minds in the country” who opine that birthright citizenship is not absolute.  Stripping away the Trumpiness hyperbole, there are some legal minds advancing such thoughts, but like Yeti sightings, they are rare things.  In fact, those who hold such views freely admit they are a miniscule minority.

Carry Me HomeTheir reasoning goes something like this:

Some scholars argue the 14th Amendment allows birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants but does not require it. Therefore, Congress would be able to pass legislation without the need for a Constitutional amendment.

Peter Schuck, one of the leading scholars who has endorsed this position said, “I would say that our view on the constitutional issue is decidedly the minority view.”

The focus of the argument rests upon the words “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” to receive citizenship at birth.  If there is no mutual consent for citizenship, Congress could pass legislation limiting birthright citizenship or so the argument goes.

That is the gist of the argument.  Without belaboring it, I don’t find this issue very interesting.  The intrigue is in the subterfuge surrounding this issue.  The zeal with which some of the candidates have taken to this issue indicates there are more than just babies anchoring this all too focused interest.

If the 14th Amendment were to be repealed or amended in a significant way, let’s look at some of the things that would be either extinguished or significantly altered.  Here’s a partial list:

Abortion, Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Immigration, Contraceptive Rights, Marriage Equality, Fair Housing, Non-discrimination in Education, Parental Rights, Child Visitation Rights, Rights of the Incarcerated, Medicare, Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program, Obamacare, Right to Public Accommodations, Sexual Discrimination, Employment Discrimination, Racial Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, Pregnancy Discrimination, Hate Crimes Legislation, Condemnation Rights, Land Ownership Rights, Zoning Rights, Forfeiture Rights, Federal Medical Leave Act, to name just a few.Pilgrims

From this list you can see almost all of the red meat issues for the fringiest of the fringe Right.  Is there any wonder why some of the candidates have so tightly embraced reforming the 14th Amendment?  Embraced it in a bear hug that would kill an elephant?  And let there be no doubt, it will effectively euthanize the Republican Party.

Things are not always as they seem.  Such is the case with this 14th Amendment imbroglio.


Any and all subjects await your comments and observations.


Good afternoon Widdershins. I trust your Christmas holiday was a good one with a minimum of coal-loaded stockings and an abundance of good cheer among family and friends. That’s the way it should be.

With 2014 coming to a close, I hope you find it appropriate to look at the year in review. In other words, look at the 2014 black and white collagezeitgeist of 2014 with the benefit of a modicum of distance. For a day-by-day breakdown of the events that made 2014 the year that it was, you can check here, a CNN year-end recapitulation of events and happenings that dominated the news.

January 1st 2014 heralded the effective date of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. So far, costs have stabilized, millions have experienced health care for the first time, it is less expensive than first estimated, and we are still awaiting the end of civilization as we know it.

At the end of January, we learned about the deplorable state of affairs in some VA hospitals. Veterans died awaiting care and the problems were discovered to be systemic dating back almost a decade courtesy of the unprecedented increase of wounded from two decades long wars. After six months of political wrangling, a new act was signed into law on August 7th providing $16 billion in new money to build more VA facilities and hire more medical personnel.

Beginning in April, we saw the first of a series of botched executions in various states. Our collective response was a gaping “yawn”.

Bowe Bergdahl was released in late May from five years of captivity by a group linked to the Taliban in exchange for five Guantanamo detainees. Instead of being seen as resounding good news, the reaction was surprisingly mixed from the political types — any teevee airtime is good teevee airtime.

On June 30th, President Obama began his six months of foreplay on the immigration quagmire culminating after the midterm elections with an announcement of finally addressing a weigh point for about five of the eleven million undocumented immigrants living in the country. It’s a start.

Also on June 30th, the Supreme Court in tortured logic, ruled that some companies can refuse insurance coverage for contraceptives based upon legally unquestioned religious objections. Another victory for crusty old white guys making decisions about what happens in bedrooms.

On July 17th, Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, dies after a white police officer, Daniel Pantaleo, puts him in a chokehold. A death that is caught on video. Garner’s death is later ruled a homicide by the New York medical examiner.

August 2nd saw the arrival of the first Ebola patent. Dr. Kent Brantly came back to the U.S. for treatment at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. Dr. Brantly was the first of the brave medical workers who volunteered to serve the poor in west African nations suffering from an uncontrolled outbreak of the disease. Dr. Brantly’s arrival heralded a new-found medical expertise in the political know-nothings who currently populate Congress.

On August 9th, eighteen-year old, unarmed Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson, Missouri. His body was left to lay in the street for 4 hours and it was left to his mother — his mother — to finally cover his body with a blanket she retrieved from her home. Days of unrest followed.

2014 review magnifying glassOn October 16th, in a show in Philadelphia, comedian Hannibal Buress criticized Bill Cosby and his “smuggest old black man persona,” and says, “Yeah, but you rape women, Bill Cosby, so turn the crazy down a couple notches.” More than 20 women have come forward — many for the second time before anyone paid attention to the claims against the good Dr. Huxtable. Cosby has not been charged with a crime.

November brought the midterm elections and the Republican party won a majority of seats in the House and the Senate to take control of Congress.

Between November 24th and December 3rd, two grand juries, one in Ferguson, Missouri, the other in Staten Island, refused to indict either police officer in the deaths of Michael Brown or Eric Garner. More unrest followed.

After five years of review and political hand-to-hand combat, on December 9th the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report on the CIA’s use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” in the post-911 era. By using CIA documents and memoranda, it reveals the CIA tortured detainees.

Throughout the year, ISIS appalled civilization with the video beheadings of captured hostages.

Let’s connect a few dots in this matrix.

When it comes to the epidemic of young men of color being killed in our streets by agents of the government, we have repeatedly seen those who are asked to be accountable for the actions suddenly cloak themselves in victimhood and remarkably the dead victims were held accountable for their own deaths.

Two shameless, self-promoting prosecutors, who through their political cowardice failed to do their sworn duty, set back race relations to somewhere just beyond the era of Bull Connor.

It was a year where the ravages of Ebola were covered on the pages of newspapers where car ads dwarfed any mention of the gruesome nature of the disease until a volunteer health care worker came home ill. Only then did we care enough to understand the harsh realities facing thousands in west Africa.

2014 was another year in the march toward nihilism where fact isn’t fact unless it is exactly what you believe it should be, 2014 horizonwhere science isn’t science unless it supports a preconceived notion, and where opinion substitutes for truth.

It was a year where both political parties have learned the lesson that political sabotage works. It was a year where doing nothing in the face of lingering political and economic problems can pay dividends at the ballot box. It was a year where political gridlock became an art form.

For me, the most troubling connection between events and response is the collective “yawn” we exhibited when it came to our previously held ethics. Whether it be the botched ritualized killing of capital punishment, young men being killed in our streets, the ISIS beheadings, or the systematic torture of detainees many of whom were there by virtue of mistaken identity, it seems 2014 was a year when our collective morality gene went dormant. Many politicians struggled to rationalize their indifference, but in the long run the indifference may prove to be the greater struggle.

For me, 2014 was a year where the collective zeitgeist was one of profound indifference to what had been heretofore a well-settled morality. What we may find is that overcoming the evil from which this indifference sprouts may not be as difficult as eradicating the indifference itself.

What are your takeaways from 2014? Feel free to steer the conversation in any direction.

Good day Widdershins. It is Election Day or as it turns out, an extension of Halloween. We have the little political tricksters scaring us withElection 2014 Ebola, ISIS, non-existent voter fraud, Mexican drug cartels invading Arkansas, jogging suits doubling as prayer rugs in the Arizona desert, and weaponized polio patients bypassing universal healthcare in Canada to get into New Hampshire.

Most fearful of all, we are saddled with a lawless President delivering an economy growing at 3.5 percent (best in the industrialized world), unemployment below 6 percent, health care growth rates the lowest in two decades, and gas prices that are way, way down. How can it get much worse?

According to polling, the two issues weighing the heaviest upon the minds of voters are the economy and breaking legislative gridlock. And what have the candidates campaigned on — everything but the economy and gridlock. If anything, the most serious Republican candidates are campaigning for things to get gridlockier if that is possible.

In the second midterm election of the modern-day presidency, the historical average is a loss of six Senate seats by the party occupying the White House. In fact, the Republicans could pick up the needed six seats just in states carried by Mitt Romney by at least 14%. These electoral factoids don’t even take into consideration the midterm electorate is 2-3% more Republican in its composition. And most importantly, the demigod of political nerd-dom, Nate Silver at, has proclaimed there’s a 75% chance of a Republican takeover. ‘Nuff said.

2014 Senate Elections MapSo if the candidates aren’t campaigning on what concerns the voters, the logical question becomes what is likely to happen if there is a Republican takeover of the Senate?

Since neither John Boehner nor Mitch McConnell has laid out any specific policy goals, you know there is plenty of age-spotted hand-wringing going on in those hermetically sealed rooms where the crusty old translucent guys convene to fret about such things. Here’s some best guesses as to what worries are filling their Depends.

In a turnover of the Senate, the first two programs on the chopping block are health care and financial reform. As far as the Affordable Care Act is concerned, an outright repeal is not in the cards since even with a Republican takeover, the Senate won’t be veto-proofed. Most likely, after a large hoopla show vote for the peanut gallery, there will be targeted assaults on specific provisions of the ACA as amendments to other bills.

A sure target is the little understood, but much maligned medical device tax. During the early ACA negotiations, health care providers were asked what they would give in exchange for increases in patient volume. For example, health insurers agreed to an industry-wide fee generating $60.1 billion in revenue over ten years. Pharmaceutical companies agreed to an even higher assessment of $80 billion over the same ten-year term.

In the vernacular, this is political quid pro quo — if the government is shepherding new patients to the companies, then the companies need to contribute toward the overall cost. As for medical device makers, they ended up with a 2.3 percent tax on sales. This excise tax is scheduled to generate $29 billion over the next decade and automatically plowed back into expanding insurance coverage.

There’s the equivalent of an omerta code in politics, when you buy someone you have to make sure they stay bought. The trouble here is Your Vote is your Voicethat the medical device industry didn’t stay bought. So far they have spent over $150 million lobbying for repeal even though they are enjoying increased profits from expanded coverage. A repeal will mean an annual $3.0 billion dollar hole in the ACA budget.

Close to the unpopularity of the medical device tax are the financial reforms of Dodd-Frank. It seems the law about “too big to fail banks” is somehow too onerous for the banks that are now bigger and more profitable than they were in 2008 when Dubya bailed them out. Go figure.

You can bet the knives will be out for the EPA through funding cuts. In addition, there will be a mad-dash push to fast track the Keystone XL pipeline in order to deliver Mother Earth’s nasty undigested dinosaur excrement to the oil refineries on the Texas coast.

What Keystone proponents fail to acknowledge is this: After the pipeline is built, you can count on two hands the number of permanent jobs that will be created in the states where the shale sludge will flow. The only winners will be the most profitable companies in the history of mankind — the oil companies that will refine and off-tanker the product to China and India since the U.S. will soon be a net exporter of crude.

Judicial confirmations will continue to be as rare as hen’s teeth. There is little wonder Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is staying put. With John McCain slated to take over the Armed Services Committee, it will be the “all-Benghazi, all-ISIS, all-Syria, all-bomb, bomb, bomb Iran channel”.

Make no mistake, there will still be the social wedge issues. There will be an “ejaculation means life” legislation otherwise known as the “personhood” amendment. There will be efforts to repeal Common Core educational standards so that the Flintstones can be considered an educational documentary.

There will be calls for tax reform which means lowering the corporate taxes and increasing the tax burden on the working poor and the middle class. There will even be calls for abolishing the IRS in favor of a flat tax — aptly named since it will flatten the aforementioned working poor and the middle class. Undoubtedly, twenty thousand soldiers on the border won’t be enough and we will have to build an even higher wall to protect Mexico from the crazies on our southern border.

Joni ErnstAdd to the mix the senatorial loons drawn to the flame of notoriety for the sake of the 2016 presidential race — Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Rob Portman. If they had one more and they may have it in the Iowa hog castrator, Joni Ernst, they can enter the unicorn relay race at the annual Thorazine Festival emceed by Michele Bachmann.

Oh, one last thing, Obama will need to buy his veto pens by the gross.

This is what looms on the horizon this election day. What was supposed to be a sure-fire Republican tsunami has turned out to be a twenty-five percent chance of a non-turtle led Senate majority.

This election isn’t a done deal. We can’t solve our problems by the same type of thinking and feeble-minded platitudes that created them.

Go vote and come back and talk about anything you want especially what turnout looks like in your neck of the woods.


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