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Hello Widdershins! I’ve just been in Monterey for the first time, and didn’t turn on the Teevee for two days except to watch “Aquaman” in the hotel. (It was fine, I guess…certainly didn’t think it deserved all the hysteria. I preferred “Black Panther.” More eye candy and a much better storyline.)

I agreed with DYB’s post last week. In 2020, the media is going to do its damnedest to re-elect Drumpf. This is not “bothsidesism” in action – it’s greed, pure and simple. The media has gotten used to a hitherto unimaginable volume of viewers and clickers; and the Mango Moron generates an endless vortex of screaming headlines. It’s a match made in authoritarian hell, and I don’t see either party changing any time soon.

What we’ll continue to see is idiotic story after idiotic story allegedly “disqualifying” excellent Democratic candidates. “But her chicken wings!” “But her heritage!” “But her blackness!” “But her management style!” “But his (maybe) sexuality!” These non-scandals certainly will not resonate with the American people, who, based on the latest polls and the massive turnout in last year’s mid-terms, are done with the enabling Rethugs and their corrupt puppet of a front man. Yet, the media is hoping beyond hope that we’ll forget “butter emails” and believe, somehow, that the status quo would be better than sending an experienced, ethical and dedicated public servant to the Oval Office instead.

As Will Bunch said recently about coverage of Klobuchar’s announcement:

What if I told you about a senator who was accused by an ex-staffer of being an “egomaniacal autocrat” who was “determined to manage his staff through fear,” who allegedly yelled at a 23-year-old staffer reminding that senator about scheduling to “get the f—- out of my car”? It wasn’t Klobuchar but former vice president and Delaware senator Joe Biden, who hasn’t decided if he’s running but leads in the polls. And yet I haven’t seen anyone investigating what kind of boss Biden is.

Which prompts a big question looming over the general awfulness of the 2020 election media coverage: How much of it is pure misogyny — a problem in a race with not one but several high-profile female candidates who seem to be getting unequal treatment, where the “tough” male boss becomes “abusive” in a woman’s high heels, or a candidate’s mistaken over-valuation of her Native American heritage is more embarrassing than a man who exaggerated or made up “bone spurs” to avoid Vietnam.

Now, things are different. We have learned from 2016. We are #TheResistance; we’re awake, alive and well. We propelled the #BlueTsunami in 2018, and we’ll make sure that the Rethugs go down in 2020. Hard.

So let’s keep doing what we’re doing. It’s working! Don’t let the bastards get you down.

This is an open thread.



Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hillary, Hillary.

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hillary, Hillary.

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hillary, Hillary.

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hillary, Hillary.




Hillary at Code Conference May 2017


Good Morning Widdershins!


I’m writing this quick post because DYB’s post was soooo successful that it was taking time to load, at least for me.

I have a couple of links to share with just a taste of the articles.  I suggest you read the entire pieces to get the full story.


The People’s View had an article several days ago that goes into a discussion of the Unity Commission or whatever you want to call it that thing the DNC had.  Personally I call it a bunch of bullshit but that’s just me.  The gist of the meeting was about caucuses and “open” primaries.

This past weekend, the commission was scheduled to meet in Chicago and discuss the idea of creating a system that would move away from closed primaries and towards more open primaries and caucuses. This idea seems to have emanated from supporters of Bernie Sanders in the wake of his failed 2016 bid to become the 2016 Democratic nominee for president.

However, the article discusses how that’s not a good idea for the base.

And, most importantly, they vote. Every. Single. Time.

In order to have a reliable base, you need to know they are dependable. The Democratic Party is the party of historically underrepresented populations and because of that, they have to work harder to earn the vote of those populations through vigorous voter outreach that includes phone calls, voter registration, and canvassing efforts.

Read the rest of the article at the link.  It’s a good read.

Charles Pierce has a good article here on the DACA decision.  He says Undocumented Workers Will Help Rebuild Texas After Harvey and I’m sure he is totally correct in that statement.

Even though I was not there during the rebuilding after Katrina (I’ve explained the situation with the momster before) I know that Mexicans (no pun here) flooded into the nola area for the rebuild.  My neighbor from down there was the one who gutted our house but he told me that he hired two Mexican workers to help him with that and then the subsequent bleaching that had to be done with several treatments involved.  I had several friends who hired undocumented Mexican labor who did their tile floors, sheetrock and painting.  So yes, undocumenteds will be involved in the rebuilding.

And lastly, all of us Widdershins know how much tRump lies and has lied.  We can spot the lies just as easily as we can tell when there’s a used-car salesman desperate for that sale on the last sales day of the month.  However, WaPo has been cataloguing and counting them and tRump has crossed the 1k number back in August.  Of course the WaPo doesn’t say “lies”.  They say false or misleading claims.  Uh-huh, okay, whatever.

Says the WaPo:

At the president’s current pace, he averages nearly five claims a day. Many are repeats of claims that have been previously debunked. We also include statements that are unacknowledged flip-flops from previously held positions, such as touting new highs in a stock market that he previously derided as being a “big, fat bubble.”

More than 30 of the president’s misleading statements have been repeated three or more times.

And his biggest whopper is on, naturally, the ACA.

Trump’s most repeated claim, uttered 50 times, was some variation of the statement that the Affordable Care Act is dying and “essentially dead.” The Congressional Budget Office has said that the Obamacare exchanges, despite well-documented issues, are not imploding and are expected to remain stable for the foreseeable future.

Again, an interesting piece so go check it out.

That’s all I have for today.  Check out the links if you wish.  Naturally it’s an open thread.

Keep good thoughts going for the people in Florida as they deal with Irma.  Yeah I kid about them a lot but no kidding or joking for now.


* * * *

Bessie Smith can sing it like it is sometimes…










Policy? You want policy? Here’s your policies

Good Monday Widdershins!


This will be a quick post just to get us to the live-blogging which we’ll be doing tonight.  Mb is occupied right now with real world things so we’ll just make do with this post until this evening.

So have you ever asked “Gee I wonder if Hillary Clinton has a policy or position paper on (fill in the blank)?”.  On most likely any position that a voter might want to know where she stands, there is a position paper for that issue.  Paying for college education – check.  Something along the lines of helping to pay for childcare or rebuilding our infrastructure?  Check and check.

In fact, Hillary probably has more position papers than most of us would truly want to read. You say you haven’t heard about many or any of these policies?  Well that could partly be because of this bizarro-world election we’ve had.

Take the education policy she has devised.  Hillary came up with what the campaign called “The New College Compact”.

The goal, making public college debt-free, was simple. The mechanics were not. Families would pay “realistic” fees based on income, with poorer families paying nothing at all. Students would contribute directly through work-study programs. Washington would provide most of the money, but states would have to kick in some funds and hold the line on tuition increases. The feds would also crack down on for-profit colleges where too many students were getting substandard degrees and defaulting on their loans. All in all, the proposal would require some $350 billion in new spending over 10 years, which Clinton planned to pay for by raising taxes on the rich. James Kvaal, a former Obama administration adviser who consulted on the initiative, described it in an email as “a once-in-a-century change in the relationship between the federal government and colleges, on par with the Morrill Act (which created land grant colleges in the 19th Century) and the G.I. Bill.”

Hillary’s team of advisers and wonks was so excited about this and knew that when it was released there would be lots and lots of questions.

A few days before Clinton’s speech, O’Leary convened a final conference call to discuss media strategy. Anticipating a lot of attention, she instructed the team to be ready by the phones. Clinton delivered her address at a high school in Exeter, New Hampshire, and afterward, held a press conference in the gym. She got just one query about the plan.

And you know why she got exactly one question?  It was because of the talking yam having uttered his infamous comments about Megyn Kelly .

Earlier that week, Trump had described Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly as having “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever” during a debate, and so Clinton was grilled on whether Trump should apologize to Kelly, whether he had a problem with women, and what Clinton thought of the fact that Trump had retweeted someone who called Kelly a bimbo.

Yes, Trump’s description of Kelly and then what Hillary thought about it was all the media was interested in.  Hillary, her wonks, and advisers had come up with a policy and plan to relieve one of the most pressing issues for families trying to figure out how they will pay for their children’s college education.  And NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN all wanted to know her thoughts on Megyn Kelly’s degree of being a bimbo.

I mentioned earlier that Hillary had Seven Pillars of things she wanted to work on in her first term and here they are:

  • The Economy
  • Work and family
  • Education
  • Criminal Justice
  • Health care
  • Financial reform
  • Immigration

Will she be able to accomplish these things?  Will she be able to accomplish even one of these things?  Who knows right now.  As it’s stated in the article:

Clinton and her team are not delusional—they know that passing her agenda would get very messy, very fast. Even if she manages to pull off a decisive victory, Democrats almost certainly won’t take the House. They may not even regain the Senate.

So we know that she knows that, unlike Obama, she won’t walk into the White House and having eager and willing partners on Capitol Hill.  Still, she has made a jobs/infrastructure bill and immigration her two top priorities after she’s elected.

Okay I said this would be short.  The article is a great piece to read although it is longish.  Go take a look at it and by the time you’re finished we’ll be getting ready for the debate tonight.

One note:  It’s a HuffPo piece so save your time and don’t bother with the comments.

See y’all for the debate tonight!



Don't worry - I got this

Don’t worry – I got this


Good Friday to you Widdershins!

I titled this “Coasting into the weekend” but as I write this Thursday evening, Friday may bring fireworks when the RNC and Trump have what’s been described as a “Come to Jesus” meeting.  I’m hoping that there is lots of screaming and yelling and accusations flying back and forth and naturally that would just be from the Trump folks.  We’ll find out after the meeting when the details start leaking out as they inevitably do.

I’ve bookmarked a few items that caught my eye over the last several days and thought I’d share them with you in the event you had not seen these.

Could the race already be over?

It seems like that might be a possibility with results from this batch of polls that are in an article from Hillary-winnerVox.

  • A national Fox News poll released Wednesday evening shows Clinton beating Trump by 10 percentage points, 49 percent to 39 percent.
  • a McClatchy-Marist poll released Thursday shows Clinton ahead by a massive 15 points — real landslide territory and easily the best recent poll she’s gotten, with her at 48 percent compared to Trump’s 33 percent.
  • In Pennsylvania Franklin & Marshall has a new poll showing him trailing Clinton by 11 points — 49 percent to 38 percent.
  • In Florida a Suffolk poll found Clinton ahead of Trump in a head-to-head matchup by 6 points. (More about Florida below)

You can read more at the Vox link.

From The Daily Beast comes this article by Michael Tomasky wondering whether Florida is even a swing state anymore.

You will also hear them say a kajillion times until Election Day that Florida is a swing state. Well, yes. It has been historically. But the combination of massive demographic changes since 2012 and Trump’s anorexic performance among college-educated whites makes me wonder if Florida is a swing state this year at all. And while the Republicans might nominate a normal candidate in 2020, the state’s demography is galloping away from the GOP.

Tomasky says there are a few reasons for this and primary is demography.

Florida’s minority population is now above 40 percent, with the Hispanic population at around 25 percent. In addition, Hispanics are registering to vote in large numbers, and they’re heavily Democratic.

Another factor in the demography matter in Florida is the large number of Puerto Ricans that are immigrating to the state:

the change is also because of a huge influx of Puerto Ricans into the state. There are now about 1 million Puerto Ricans in Florida. (Cubans, at 1.2 million, now barely outnumber Puerto Ricans.) And remember, Puerto Ricans are American citizens. They can vote quite easily. And they vote roughly 80 percent Democratic. Or against Trump, more.


One recent Florida poll put Trump at 13 percent among the state’s Hispanics. If that’s close to right, Clinton gets 80 to 85 percent of the fifth of the overall vote that’s Latino, and 95 percent of the 14 percent that’s African American. That’s 30 percent right there, and it would mean she’d need only around 35 percent of the white vote to win, maybe even a little less.


There is another good article about the Florida demographics that you can read here.  It’s from earlier this year but still worth a read.

So we can say “thanks” to SM and her group of Hillary supporters and volunteers.  They have taken care of Florida for us.

Politico had this article up earlier in the month concerning the Clinton campaign and Virginia. Apparently the campaign has cancelled a number of ad buys in the Old Dominion so does that mean the commonwealth is safely in the “D” column?  Maybe not.

POLITICO’s Battleground State polling average gives Clinton a 5.2 point lead in Virginia — with the two newest public surveys, conducted last month, before Clinton chose Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate, showing her with leads of 7 points and 9 points over Trump.

A Clinton campaign official, speaking on background to discuss campaign strategy, stressed that the campaign could return to the airwaves in both Virginia and Colorado at any moment. And the official added that voters in those two states may still see some Clinton spots on television: The campaign is advertising across the country on cable and on NBC’s Olympics telecasts over the next two weeks.

Obama carried the state in 2008 and 2012.  Let’s hope the streak continues.

Lastly in my list of links, there’s this article from Salon about the craziness and conspiracies just being the new norm in the Republican Party.    As an example:

“Red Eye,” the popular Fox News overnight show, had on as a guest one Mike Cernovich, a Men’s Rights Activist and well-known figure in the “alt-right,” the name with which society has rebranded the far-right collection of racists and white supremacists from which Trump draws a fair amount of his support. Cernovich has trafficked in conspiracy theories and his Twitter feed is a mass of rape apologia and paranoia that the Democratic Party is going to assassinate him.

Cernovich is so terrible that the producers of “Red Eye” felt compelled afterwards to say that they had made a mistake in booking him. But that doesn’t answer the question of how they found him in the first place. It’s simple, really: He swims in the same sewers as the rest of the eager up-and-coming right-wingers at Fox News.

There are a few other goodies in the Salon article including news about Patricia Smith, the mother of a Benghazi casualty who was sad to watch live at the Republican Convention.  She is suing Hillary in a wrongful death case and:

Smith is now being represented in her lawsuit by Larry Klayman, a prominent birther who has made a career out of hounding Democratic presidents and other party figures with nuisance lawsuits in between marching on the White House to demand Barack Obama resign over his alleged “eligibility fraud.” (Translation: the president wouldn’t show his birth certificate.)

* * * *

Lastly, R.I.P. Pete.  We know you’re making music up there with Professor Long Hair, Allen Toussaint, Al Hirt and so many others.

What’s on your minds today Widdershins?  Add your thoughts below.




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