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Happy Weekend Widdershins!

This past week saw some Twitter craziness as the world’s richest man – and one of its biggest social media trolls – Elon Musk announced that he’s buying Twitter. $44 billion was raised – much of it Musk leveraged his holdings in Tesla, which sent its stock plummeting. Whether the deal closes or not remains to be seen, but if it does Musk will turn Twitter into an incel-dominated (even more than it is now!) white supremacist neo-Nazi right-wing MAGA libertarian cesspool. In the past Musk supported Obama and HRC, but MAGA years brought out his libertarianism to the forefront. And all that is expected to happen right before the midterms! Funny that, isn’t it? The latest report is it was Peter Thiel and Twitter’s co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey who convinced Musk to make the bid. Talk about a deep state – billionaire tech-bros ravaging our social media landscape. We will have to wait and see how this all works out.

More Mark Meadows texts were released, including Maria Bartiromo of Faux News, hours before the insurrection, arranging with Meadows what questions she would ask Trump in an upcoming interview and giving Trump advice on how to handle himself. Nobody at Faux thinks this is problematic.

It also seems the January 6th Commission has announced that the first public hearings will be held June 9th. Fasten your seatbelts. Jamie Raskin says it will blow the lid off the House. I like Raskin’s enthusiasm, though I remain skeptical that anybody in the public cares about anything. Everybody knows what happened and none of it changed their minds. Kevin McCarthy has not been removed from his GOP leadership position.

Madison Cawthorn and staffer/possible cousin/housemate Stephen Smith

The only Republican being destroyed by his fellow Republicans is Madison Cawthorn. GOP didn’t care that he’s an insurrectionist racist neo-Nazi fascist. But they did get really mad when he said he knows Republican lawmakers having cocaine fueled sex parties. Boy did that unleash a storm of GOP condemnation and leaks of materials embarrassing to Cawthorn. Suggestive (and homoerotic) photos and videos suddenly began leaking. That’s in addition to accusations of potential insider trading and inappropriate use of funds because, it seems, he’s been paying the bills of his staffer (and housemate and, possibly cousin. This is the man in the photos and videos with Cawthorn behaving like Rudy Giuliani with his cousins. In one video Smith is seen briefly grabbing Cawthorn’s crotch). Cawthorn is laughing the images off, but we will see how his election goes. What’s interesting to me about this is that Cawthorn is a new member of the GOP delegation. And GOP had all this stuff on him, ready to go. Imagine what the GOP has on everyone else, that doesn’t leak. How big is their file on Lindsey Graham? Is this how GOP keeps their caucus so on-the-message?

This is an open thread.

Happy Saturday, Widdershins! I hope you all had a good week. The Mango Moron did not, “bless his heart.” Here are a few things that went wrong in the delusional world of The Former Guy.

The truth is coming out about the non-violent part of his coup attempt on January 6th. One of Drumpf’s attorneys, John Eastman, gave Mike Pence step-by-step instructions as to how to invalidate the electoral votes of the states that provided Biden his landslide victory, and then to throw the vote to the House, in which case the Republicans would prevail. Pence tried his darndest to obey those instructions, but since they came from the outer rim of Pluto and not the Constitution here on Earth, he was not legally able to do so. It doesn’t matter for Drumpf though – a plot to take over the government illegally is still a crime, even when it (BARELY) doesn’t succeed.

Speaking of January 6, the House Commission has issued its first subpoenas to a veritable who’s who of der Drumpfenfuhrer’s inner circle (including, finally, Steve Bannon). Per its chair, Bennie Thompson, it’s “just getting started.” These days, Merrick Garland is in charge of the DOJ, and not Satanic teddy bear Bill Barr, so a Congressional subpoena actually means something, and these people (and others to come) WILL be compelled to testify. Despite 45’s pathetic attempts to paint this commission’s finding’s as partisan hoo-ha, the Committee has prominent Republicans as members, and has even hired Republicans as attorneys and staff.

Trump and his allies have loved to paint the committee as just another partisan witch hunt. Congressional Republicans largely went along, fighting the panel’s formation as a bipartisan group. But the committee’s most prominent staff hires aren’t snowflaky lawyers from the bleeding-heart liberal bastions of America. They’re conservative Republicans to the core with backgrounds in the Air Force (Riggleman) and as a clerk for one of the most conservative members of the Supreme Court (Wood). They can’t credibly be accused as fake Republicans. Whatever the committee concludes will be presented by Democrats and Republicans. Arguments that this probe was motivated by Democratic partisanship just won’t stick in the same way.

Not that surrounding himself by dyed-in-the-wool loyalists will keep The Former Guy safe from reality. Even the Arizona Frauditeers were forced to admit Biden won Arizona…by MORE than before! Same with Mark Kelly, the Democratic Senator who handily dispatched the unloved Martha McSally in 2020. Despite the results showing that the only errors were in allocating too many votes to him and Martha, Delusional Don still declared victory and tried to command that Arizona declare him the winner, same as he did with Georgia. If his mental illness and gaslighting weren’t so terrifying, it would be hilarious.

“There will be no decertification of the 2020 election – the audit does not call for one, and even if it had, there is no lawful way to decertify. As we have every step of the way, Arizona will follow the law,” the governor said.

This poisonous toad and all his enablers must and will be held accountable for their treasonous and criminal actions, and I cannot wait. Open thread, of course!

He cried in a whisper at some image, at some vision – he cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath – ‘The horror! The horror!’

–Joseph Conrad, The Heart of Darkness

Yesterday, in the U.S. Capitol, we witnessed horror that we have never seen in our lifetimes. The insane minions of our insane pResident*, invading the House and Senate and (I believe, although I haven’t seen this pointed out yet) trying to steal the ballots to stop the calling of the Electoral College votes that would end his Reign of Terror. This would not have stopped the count, but perhaps they were delusional enough to think it would.

While the horror of that invasion is still sinking in, the fact that Drumpf and his family planned it to the tee is not yet being surfaced enough. I saw this video on Twitter this morning: Drumpf and his family and enablers (Mark Meadows being one) were partying and watching the rally proudly, in a tent equipped with food, drink and the all-important video cameras to watch the “American carnage” they had wrought. “Gloria” was playing in the background as though this were a bad 80’s action movie. At one point Junior says “we’re about T-minus a few seconds now so everyone tune in, we’re livestreaming.” They knew EXACTLY when the insurrection was going to happen.

The horror of white supremacy has not been on such full and public display since the Civil War. The entitlement, the need to hurt and destroy those who would defy their will and elevate Black and Brown people to positions of power, was the root cause of the violent insurrection yesterday. This is what has given Drumpf his deep and horrifying hold over his cult followers. As the Confederate flag defiled the Capitol Dome yesterday, and the Capitol Police took selfies with the seditionists, we begin to truly understand and feel the reality of our beloved America for BIPOC. We see in full technicolor how armed seditionists and traitors can walk away scot-free from trying to overturn the government, whereas peaceful BLM protesters are greeted with an armed presence Kim-Jong Un would envy. We see how deeply this poisonous mindset has infected our democratic institutions, and how unsafe every BIPOC American must feel while watching those disturbed freaks trying to treasonously reinstate their mad king, after they had deposed him in Georgia, Arizona and the Rust Belt. As the excuses for the epic security fail came from the white media and Republicans who participated in the coup, the disbelief and denial of reality are becoming painfully clear.

The feeling I have is that we are not safe. No one is coming to help us. We can’t count on anyone or anything to come to our rescue. And it’s a horror I have rarely felt for myself. While like most of us I’ve been in a state of existential dread since 2016, I personally am not afraid of the police. I think the courts will decide in my favor if I am innocent. As a white person, I have a level of faith in our country that BIPOC Americans are denied, because it isn’t the same country for them. And we saw that on TeeVee, indelibly, as the ugliness of white supremacy has emerged in its whole horror in its most desperate hour.

We are all BIPOC Americans today. And we need to remember this feeling, keep this empathy and clarity close to our hearts, as we begin to hold the seditionists and traitors responsible for their heinous acts.

The horror. The horror.

Well hello there, Widdershins. Apologies for the long absence, and thanks to DYB and Fredster for keeping our posts going!

Am I the only one who heard about the New York Times’ report about the FBI investigation into Drumpf being a #RussianAsset last Friday and, far from being shocked or excited, could only ask, “And?”

As I have posted and commented repeatedly, there is no innocent explanation for what has happened in full view of the American people. None, zero, nada mucho. No other candidate has ever had contact with a hostile foreign government during an election; it has previously been unthinkable because all of our other candidates for President have been loyal to America. I mean, duh! That’s the lowest possible threshold to meet when running for a country’s Presidency! The Mango Moron, by contrast, is up to about 100 known contacts, folks. One. Hun. Dred. And it’s only now that the Times report came out (most likely based on leaks by Democrats, as House testimony from 2017 was quoted) that the media is starting to come around to a common sense point of view.

What took them so long?

Let’s do a bit of a thought exercise, shall we? Imagine the 2016 election is reset, and the feces-throwing baboon doesn’t run. Instead of the Dicktater, we have a typically odious Republican nominee (like Ted Cruz) and Hillary Clinton is running against him. At the same time it’s becoming known that Russia is interfering in the election on her behalf, the FBI suddenly discovers that Our Girl had just ONE contact with ONE Russian during the 2016 campaign.

It would have been extremely suspicious, of course. Republicans and Democrats alike would have had meltdowns, and the media would have (rightfully) tried and convicted her of corruption and treason prior to the election. (We all know they spent every day hammering her for a faux national security scandal, so what would they have done with a real one?!) If this imagined contact were known before the nomination were decided, there is not a chance in hell she would have become the nominee. If she had become the nominee before the imagined contact were discovered, she would assuredly have lost the election, and the Democrats would be a disgraced Party for decades to come. “Democrats in disarray,” a constant Beltway narrative no matter what the circumstances actually are, would be playing on every channel. The follow-up questions would have been obvious. How could they have allowed this to happen? Who else in the Party knew, and when did they know it? How far into the Democratic Party has Russia reached?

Now let’s come back to reality. Up till now, despite mounds of publicly available evidence that Russians, Trump and the GOP are all hand in glove, der Drumpfenfuhrer has been given the benefit of the doubt to a degree that I, as a human being with a functioning brain, simply cannot understand. Trump admitted to obstruction of justice to Lester Holt on national TeeVee, I have always believed; and according to the story, the FBI thought so too.

Agents and senior F.B.I. officials had grown suspicious of Mr. Trump’s ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign but held off on opening an investigation into him, the people said, in part because they were uncertain how to proceed with an inquiry of such sensitivity and magnitude. But the president’s activities before and after Mr. Comey’s firing in May 2017, particularly two instances in which Mr. Trump tied the Comey dismissal to the Russia investigation, helped prompt the counterintelligence aspect of the inquiry, the people said.

Where has the media been? Why are they still inching up to the real questions that need to be asked…what did the GOP know about Trump’s being a #RussianAsset, and when did they know it?

Maybe because they already know the answer?

As the indispensable journalist Sarah Kendzior wrote in December of 2017, the GOP is not going to get electoral power from their support of the Siberian Candidate. Yet Lindsey Graham has become one of his strongest supporters. Why?

Given that some of Graham’s worst fears about Trump’s Kremlin ties and mental state have been legitimized, what accounts for the senator’s changed attitude toward the president? There are a variety of possible rationales available for conjecture, many of which apply to the GOP at large. Opportunism may play a role, as Graham complies with Trump in order to pursue right-wing extremist economic policies and war. Blackmail may also be an issue, given that Graham has admitted his email was hacked, as was the RNC’s, by Russia. Trump has derided and threatened members of Congress and private citizens, and it’s not a stretch to imagine him unleashing his fire– publicly or privately–on Graham.

Opportunism. Blackmail. Intimidation. Those are three good reasons. But what about corruption? The New Republic had the right take on this in May of 2017. Yes, they knew and they let it happen. They did. not. care.

The basic nature of the [Russian] pro-Trump subversion effort was known to GOP leaders before the parties’ conventions last year: The above conversation took place on June 15 [2016]. Several weeks after the GOP officially nominated Trump in mid-July, in a secure setting with Obama administration officials and other members who receive classified briefings, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed to politicize any effort on the part of the government to reveal that Russian intelligence was intervening in the election to help Trump. “According to several officials,” the Post reported, “McConnell raised doubts about the underlying intelligence and made clear to the administration that he would consider any effort by the White House to challenge the Russians publicly an act of partisan politics.”

Despite Ryan’s clear awareness of the truth, we can infer that he sided with McConnell, tacitly or otherwise, because the Obama administration backed down in the face of McConnell’s threat. An official government assessment that Russia was helping Trump in the election didn’t reach the public until after the election, as Trump was transitioning to the presidency.

So where has the rest of the media been? Even after the massive trouncing at the mid-terms, the media has failed to pronounce the doom and disgrace of the GOP as a Party. “GOP in disarray” is not a narrative I hear or see. Steve Bannon, somehow, continues to escape all blame and scrutiny; the latest major stories on him are from a year ago. How is he not as guilty as Manafort? And although this has not been noted anywhere other than Twitter, there is evidence that Mueller is looking into the media as part of his investigation. For example: Faux News has not tweeted since 11/8/18. Seriously. Isn’t this big news?

As the inevitable downfall of Drumpf draws near, I hope the impending Mueller report includes some insight into why the media has been so reluctant to call out Drumpf for his treason, and the GOP for their knowledge of treason.

We deserve and need the truth about what has happened to the right-wing half of our two-party system. And one of the pieces of the puzzle is, what did the media know, when did they know it, and why are they still so unwilling to admit the truth?

This is an open thread.



Hello Widdershins! Whew, what a week already. As Drumpf admits to treason on Twitter, Republicans think Better Red than Dem, Rick Gates admits to crimes on the stand, and social media outrage finally shitcans right-wing terrorist Alex Jones, believe it or not, there’s a special election today in Ohio. And this one is a doozy!

The candidates are 31-year-old moderate Democrat Danny O’Connor and Republican Troy Balderson, who has just beaten a Trump-aligned candidate in a tough primary fight. Balderson is fighting for his electoral life in yet another supposedly safe Republican district, which went 11% for the Mango Moron in 2016. These days, however, 11% ain’t much – especially in suburban districts where ex-Republican soccer moms have had enough of the misogyny, vulgarity and violence of today’s GOP. We’ve seen districts Drumpf won by 20% plus, go blue in 2018. And indeed, Balderson and O’Connor are neck-and-neck in the latest polls, even after the national Republican Party has thrown millions of dollars into the race.

The feces-throwing baboon currently squatting in the White House has also descended upon Ohio, pushing hard for a candidate who doesn’t like him much. Why? Well, for the Orange Crusher, it’s all about him…the thought of Democrats with impeachment and subpoena power makes him shiver in his rubber sheets. (You know he has them.) But for some Republican strategists, this is the special election that, if won, will finally make the die-hards admit: The Blue Wave is real…and it’s a tsunami.

In the minds of many Republicans, Tuesday’s contest has emerged as a critical test of whether they can win over Trump supporters while keeping moderates in the fold — and whether Democrats can succeed in the type of suburban districts they need to win the House.

“Up until now, these special elections have been highly overhyped. This special [election] is different, it’s truly an accurate reflection of where both parties’ bases are, as we leave the calm and head into the general election storm,” said Nick Everhart, an Ohio-based GOP strategist who is working on races across the country but is not involved in this one. “This election outcome is not overhyped, and it matters maybe more than the hype.”

It’s a bit sad that this is the hill some people are choosing to die on…because as Steve Kornacke pointed out on MSNBC last night, districts like OH-12 are supposed to be safe Republican districts. The really competitive ones are the many that FLIPPED to Our Girl in 2016…and we haven’t seen a single special election in those districts yet.

Take, for example, these 7 districts in CA. You’ll notice some names of prominent Trumpian Republicans who, uh, are not very popular these days, like Darrell Issa and Dana Rohrabacher, aka “Russia’s favorite Congressman.” If Hillary carried these districts in 2016, does anyone think Democrats will have trouble carrying them in 2018, after the two years of hell we’ve been put through at the hands of these #GOPTraitors?

The larger point here is that Democrats are finally running in every state, in every district, in the most diverse and exciting group ever. Women are coming forward as never before, as are LGBTQ. This forces the GOP to compete fiercely, to spend money in areas they never anticipated (Alabama, anyone?), and it stretches their organizational ground game to the limit. Meanwhile, the #Resistance is getting people online to volunteer in many creative ways. This activism is free, and it’s amazingly effective. So much for government by rich white straight Christian men, for rich white straight Christian men!

A brief digression: I’ve signed up to write postcards to voters before the general mid-term election. Here’s a sample for you: “Vote Blue or Die in A Nuclear Apocalypse Because Trump Will Kill Us All.” Waddaya think? Too subtle?

Anywho…if you would like to see a really good in-depth analysis of the House races to watch, take a look at this story from ABC News. Meanwhile, my teevee will be tuned to MSNBC tonight to see how Danny O’Connor fares. Let’s hope our winning streak continues!

This is an open thread.

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