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Good Tuesday Widdershins!

Yes, things are so bizarre, so out of the box, so batshit crazy that I thought we could take a look at how some of the cartoonists are seeing things.  Well that and to give us a new post since the Sunday thing was getting very long.


* * * *

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And the best for last:

Okay Widdershins, wide open thread and post for y’all to take wherever you want.




I tried using the royal purple up there.

Call it sick and tired or whatever you wish, but I am totally over discussing politics or politicians or their wives, children, their pets, their evil inlaws or anyone else associated with politics!  👿    Let us totally avoid the subject at least for this one lousy day.  I’m tired of making a comment and someone takes it the wrong way, gets offended or their feelings hurt and then has to go off in a huff but never lets you know what the problem or issue was.   I suggest we maybe, oh, put up perhaps our favorite funny commercials, a cartoon or a link to something hysterical with the only caveat being, don’t make it anything political.  God or Goddess only knows it will be a slight respite from what we are going to be exposed to from now until November.  This is an open thread with the exception of anything political.

Okay, I have always loved this commercial.  Leave it to the French.

Does anyone remember Speedy Alka Selzter?

I think I’ll continue with the oldies but goodies…
Who remembers the spicy meat-ah ball?

I think I’ll throw in one more Alka Selzter…

You might wonder where the yellow went but you’d never see it cuz the commercial was shot in black and white.

While we’re on the topic of toothpaste…brusha, brusha, brusha. Another oldie toothpaste commercial.

Moving along, let’s see what else is out there…
Yep, it was the age of sexist images in commercials back then. And my 7 copies a minute! Don Draper would be amazed!!

Lastly, isn’t it interesting how some old things are just new again? I swear I’ve seen some of these features advertised on new $2000 refrigerators!

Okay this is an open thread other than politics.  Let’s see what y’all can come up with that’s funny, will give us a laugh or maybe just a chuckle.

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