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Posted on: July 3, 2022

Former White House/Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson swearing in for testimony before House’s 1/6 Committee.

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A big week of 1/6 Committee hearings: former senior aide for Mark Meadows – former Republican Representative (and Freedom Caucus chief) who became Trump’s chief of staff 2020-21 – threw something of a nuke into the proceedings. Cassidy Hutchinson was one of Meadows’ most trusted deputy. A former intern for the likes of Ted Cruz she catapulted into the highest echelons of Republican power. A former staffer for Paul Ryan tweeted that Meadows always insisted that Hutchinson be present in every meeting. They didn’t think much of it at the time, he noted. Up until just a few weeks ago Hutchinson was being represented by a lawyer who was taking orders from Meadows and Trump. But she suddenly fired that attorney and hired her own. The information she provided – privately and in the public hearing – made a real impact. We learned that Meadows texted Hutchinson the day before the public testimony, warning her not to go through with it. (That’s illegal!) Perhaps one of the most consequential parts of Hutchinson’s testimony was her revealing that Donald Trump insisted on going to the Capitol right after his rally, just as his MAGAts began their march and Proud Boys were already on the premises. According to Hutchinson – who said she was told by people directly involved – Trump lunged for the wheel of his car and tried to choke the Secret Service agent, insisting he be taken to the Capitol. While SS (always appreciated that acronym) first insisted no such thing happened, within 24 hrs other people came forward – including from the SS – saying that it did. And a grainy video and photos appeared showing things getting wild inside Trump’s car. That video is now being examined like the Zapruder film.

The main take-away from this information isn’t that Trump was throwing a hissy fit and choked his Secret Service agent (who, incidentally, remains loyal to Trump.) That’s absurd and salacious. But the important part of that story is why Trump demanded to be taken to the Capitol, when you add the other known parts of the Insurrection. Trump continued to demand that Pence not certify the votes, and was pleased that Pence’s life was threatened. The Proud Boys had already arrived on the premises of the Capitol well ahead of the MAGAt rioters. The Proud Boys were organized. We know the Proud Boys were coordinating with Roger Stone, who was coordinating with Trump and Rudy Giuliani. We know that there are only a handful of unfortified windows in the Capitol and the Proud Boys knew exactly which ones. Why did Trump wanted to go to the Capitol so violently? Trump insisting to go the Capitol – combined with the other things – can only mean he intended to declare himself the winner of the election just as the votes were counted. The violence was the cover so he could declare martial law or something similar. Proud Boys were hunting for Pence and Pelosi. Just imagine the horrors if the rioters found them – and Trump arrived to declare himself the winner.

This is an open thread.

Image courtesy of the Sun-Sentinel

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –

And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –
And sore must be the storm –
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm –

I’ve heard it in the chillest land –
And on the strangest Sea –
Yet – never – in Extremity,
It asked a crumb – of me.

Emily Dickinson

Y’all know what to do.


We are less than a week away from the midterms. November 6, 2018 will be a red-letter day for America. History will be written with that day as the dividing line. What America was before 11/6/18 and what it will become after. It is impossible to really know what will happen. Predicting the outcome is an exercise in futility. We thought we knew what would happen on 11/8/16 and the electorate disappointed. Will the Blue Wave of the special elections become a tsunami of the midterms? Or will it subside and resemble only a small tide? Nobody can predict. Will people actually leave their homes and vote? Who knows. There are still an extraordinary amount of people who don’t plan to vote. New Yorker just had an article about some young people who don’t plan to vote because reasons. There are voters who still don’t feel inspired by anyone. And there are voters who just don’t think it’s a big deal. Will these people vote when it counts? Who knows… We can hope that someone, a friend, will make them see the light on the issue.

There is also the question of Trump voters: will they vote? Some argue that believing that everything on the news is Fake News makes them ignorant of the imminent blue wave. That may be true… but it’s also true that Trump and the entire GOP – now openly, proudly a party of Nazis, racists, anti-Semites, homophobes – are using every dirty trick in the book to steal the election: everything from purging voter rolls to shutting down voting stations so people can’t vote to sending out wrong voting information to leaving Democratic candidates off the ballot. We’ve seen all these things play out in real time and it terrifies me to say that I’ve seen very little reaction from Democrats. ACLU does what it can to file lawsuits, but the Democratic party leaders are mostly silent, letting the candidates – the vast majority of whom are new at this – find their own way. In North Dakota Republicans – after saying Native Americans must have IDs with an address they don’t have on reservations – are now rejecting ballots because the color of the ink is “wrong.” Election is being openly stolen in Georgia and the Democratic party – and the media – are looking at it as helpless spectators.

And we also don’t know what will happen on November 7th. Whether Democrats manage to win anything or if Republicans hold on to all of their power. What will Trump do? I think we can safely assume that if Democrats win the House – Trump will try to declare the election invalid. He is already floating ideas of rigging by Democrats. We know the GOP will back Trump 100%. What will Democrats do when that happens? I am not hopeful. If Republicans hold on to all of their power – things will go off the rails in a different way. GOP and Trump will declare a mandate and I really think that will be our last election. I am sorry to be this negative. I just want to make sure we are all prepared for November 7th. Because I think November 7th is going to be very bad, no matter how the vote goes.

Do you think I’m off my rocker?


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Good Sunday and weekend Widdershins!

Fredster here today for our GAgal; who needed to give her creative muse a rest.  She may need a while to let the muse have a break and that’s understandable. I thank her again for coming to my rescue so turnabout is fair, no?

So despite tRump’s success in getting Kavanaugh on the bench at the Supremes, it may cost him more than he or the Repub congress critters realize.  He and they have fired up not only women but other Democratic-friendly groups also and right.before.the.midterms.  From watching Maddow’s show this past week, early voting number have been staggering, in Georgia as well as other states.  Dare we have hope?  Perhaps even high hopes of capturing the House and maybe the Senate?  So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some songs about hopes.

* * * *

High Hopes (Sinatra version)

High Hopes – Pink Floyd

Dixie Chicks – I Hope

Mandy More – Only Hope

Phil Wickham – Living Hope

Ben Lee – We’re All In This Together

* * * *

So there’s a nice selection of songs and Fredster is going go rant online some more at various sports sites.  He was happy that LSU beat Moo U (Mississippi State) but is furious that the Tigers’ best defensive player got ejected in the second of the game for targeting the Moo U quarterback. Since the player, Devin White, was ejected in the second half of this game he will not be eligible to play for the first half of LSU’s next game, which happens to be Alabama.  The call on the field was reviewed at SEC conference headquarters and was upheld.  And where, you might ask is SEC conference headquarters?  Why in Birmingham Alabama.  As the Church Lady would say, “How conveeenient!”.  

Open thread of course.


Good Saturday and weekend Widdershins

We have a treat today in that our newest front-pager, DYB, has written this post.  DYB is no stranger as a guest poster here at TW, having done several in the past.  We decided to do this one as a guest post to allow D some time to get familiar with all of the mechanics of writing, editing and in general becoming familiar with the process of creating posts on WordPress.  You can tell from his post that he has gonne through all of the anger and hurt that we’ve all felt, and he lets it out!! Enjoy his post!



I’ve stopped counting the days since, well, you know what.  While we are told that human mind and body will get used to anything given enough time, I’m not sure “President Trump” is ever really going to sink in enough.  Everything in the mind and body rejects the idea, like a diseased organ.  As with diseased organs, the only way I think we can get through it is via medication.  I haven’t decided how much Xanax is too much before it’s considered a suicide attempt.  So I’ve been eating cake, pie, cookies and ice cream.


My mind has been lunging from one thought to another, stream of consciousness resembling a Mahler symphony.  I keep trying to find the words that might summarize the feelings, but like the Countess says at the end of Richard Strauss’ opera “Capriccio”: “What is an answer that is not trivial?”  (The answer to her question comes from her butler who walks in and says: “Madam, dinner is ready.”  Even Strauss thought food was the only answer.)  Though perhaps this dog sums things up more succinctly:


But we must face some facts: we are living in a new world.  I live just 2 blocks away from the Javits Center where Hillary Clinton was holding her election night rally.  That night I was a friends’ party, ready to celebrate.  By 8pm we were praying and trying to make deals with all the gods.  Alas, the gods were taking a nap.  As I finally gave up and walked home at 1:30am along 9th Ave, now surrounded by others fleeing the area, with the Javits Center – lit up blue – in view down every street, I saw a white man walk past Clyde Frazier’s restaurant and scream: “White power!”  And I thought: fasten your seatbelts folks, this is our new normal. 


What stings now – and I think what will never stop stinging – is what we lost.  We don’t know what is ahead of us.  Trump is …well, you know.  There are no words that are not trivial.  We are at a crossroads as a country and as a people.  We can go in one or several of millions of directions.  It’s impossible to know.  But we know what we have lost.  One of the most extraordinary public servants our country has ever seen has been kicked to the curb.  Who, how, why – we will discuss for many years to come.  “She just wasn’t a very good candidate” is the answer Bernie-bro types have been gleefully offering.  “You should have voted for Bernie.”


image-6After I collect what is left of my exploding head I respond: “Well, she ran against 30 years of right-wing propaganda, misogyny, every Republican, half of Democrats who couldn’t mute their Clinton Derangement Syndrome for a couple of months, the FBI, Putin and the KGB, Congressional committees, WikiHacks, Bernie and his Bros…and somehow she still managed to win the popular vote resoundingly.  So *(*%&^$&*()!”


I really don’t know how Hillary herself deals with this crap.  I’m going to digress again, Mahler style.  In Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro,” in the final scene, as the mean Count appears to have caught his adversaries lying to him and they beg for forgiveness he coldly responds to each one: “No, no, no!”  Whenimage-7 he is shocked to discover that the joke, is in fact, on him and he now faces his wife who will judge him, he says: “Forgive me.”  And she responds: “I am kinder than you.  I will say ‘Yes.’”  Rejoicing all around.  Well, I’m not that kind.   Where HRC can find the humility and optimism to keep going, I just want to burn the whole world down.  So the only solace I take at the moment is in the hope that the human centipedes known as Trump voters will eat every ounce of shit that comes out of Trump ass.  Forgive me my French.  Sometimes these words are necessary to keep my sanity.

I lunge between despair and hopelessness.  Richard Wagner was once asked why he only wrote one opera image-8with a happy ending.  He is said to have replied: “Because happiness is not interesting.”  He was right, and here we are, living in very interesting times.  The first vote I ever cast as a citizen of the USA was in 2000 for Al Gore for President and Hillary Clinton for NY Senate.  In 2016 I really was so thrilled to vote for her for President.  I wasn’t choosing a lesser of two evils.  I was genuinely happy to vote for Hillary Clinton and see one of the most accomplished human beings on the planet become President.   But angry, heterosexual white men in a handful of states decided to attach their mouths to Trump’s rectum.  (Sorry, more French.)  The only real glimmer of hope I currently have is that one day a woman will finally become President.  We don’t know who that will be.  She might be a grown woman now or she might be a child.  But some day she will be President.  And she will owe so much to Hillary Rodham Clinton.  As we all do and will.  Today, maybe we just didn’t actually deserve her.

For now, as I walk my dog every day, we walk past the Javits Center.  It is a painful sight.   Even more painful are the stamps of HRC on the concrete throughout the area.  They are now starting to fade from rain and traffic.  And as I look at each one I think: There really are no answers that are not trivial



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