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Have you written 2016 on anything yet?  Before trudging too deeply into this solar roundabout, I thought it might be cathartic to begin with an erasure of those things that last year assailed our sensibilities through no fault of our own other than being living, breathing, sensate beings.

For instance, on Twitter the top trending musical group for 2015 was One Direction and the top television show was the Kid’s Choice Awards.  I suddenly feel ancient.

The top two trending subjects under politics – I find this fascinating – were number one #tcot (top conservatives on Twitter) and number two #lovewins (marriage equality).  Go figure.

Here’s a Facebook video on its trending subjects that only takes two minutes.  That’s just about the longest time I’ve ever spent on the 365-day Christmas letter, a/k/a Facebook.

I'm so named its word of the year as “identity” – I can identify with that. Oxford chose an actual emoji as their word of the year, but it was only a couple of years ago the word emoji became a word.  I guess in both cases it’s progress over last year’s choices of “exposure” and “vape” as their respective words.

English dictionary Collins named “binge-watch” as its word of the year.  I sense there wasn’t any “binge-looking-up” around the Collins website thereby resulting in a little word envy.

I’d never heard of this, but Lake Superior State University in Michigan puts out an annual list of words and phrases that it says should be banished.  For instance, “break the internet” was one of the leading candidates for banishment to the bowels of pop culture.

Another on the list was “So” as in beginning sentences with “So, this is another senseless Prolix post.”  Among the other contenders for banishment were:  Problematic, Stakeholder (interested party as opposed to vampire slayer), Secret Sauce (nothing saucy or secret about it, just a way of exhibiting superiority), Walk it Back (as in I just lied so let’s moonwalk it to the point of being marginally true), and Manspreading (an urban public transportation problem for those sporting free-range danglies in their dungarees).   You can see the whole list here.

What happens when a man bites a spider -- spidey-sense turns to spiderspreading...

What happens when a man bites a spider — spidey-sense turns to spiderspreading…

So, unless you feel it would be problematic, as stakeholders of TW do you have a secret sauce for word elimination since there won’t be any recrimination for walking it back and for those wondering, manspreading is strictly forbidden.

What words or phrases would you like to see disappear in 2016?

Join the conversation (by the way, that’s another candidate for phrase banishment) or take the conversation in any other direction you might like.

Enjoy your Saturday my friends.



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