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Photo courtesy of The New York Times.

And now, it’s time for another episode of: As the Democrats Turn! So, so many questions…

  1. Who will Tulsi attack on behalf of Russia now? (Yes, she’s coming, of course. Such a drama queen!)
  2. Will Joe Biden offend women and/or POC?
  3. Will Yang continue to promise free money?
  4. Will Harris go back on the offensive?
  5. Will Warren sing a song about yellow children? (I wish I was kidding.)
  6. Will any of the others have a standout moment?
  7. And, most importantly: Will the moderators ask a single question about women’s rights? Cuz so far, nada mucho.

This is an open thread.


Dear, dear Debbie Wasserman-Schultz*

Thank you so very much for not scheduling this debate against a football game.  Perhaps someone pointed out that Democrats and leaning Indies watch football, too?  Anyhow, the grateful, Democratic, football-lovin’ portion of the nation salutes you, and we’ll back that up with a toast.

Just for variety, let’s play bingo tonight.  The rules are simple – you check off a box, you take a sip.  You get bingo, finish your drink.  Oh, and you might want to yell “bingo” first, depending on the size/contents of the aforementioned drink.  At the end, let’s all have a toast to DWS and the gift of better timing.

See you on the other side for an open comments thread.  Bottoms up, Widdershins!

*Full disclosure:  DWS is my Congressional Rep.

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